Alegra gives into fantasy with her mystery lover.

He traced the indent of her belly button before moving further down, pleased that she spread her legs to allow him to move lower. He ran his tongue along her hip, the top of her thighs and into the valley between her legs. He could smell the sweet muskiness of her arousal and could see the wetness glistening on the outside of her pussy. He touched her softly with his finger and spread the lips open to give him full access to the center of her pleasure.

He touched her clit with just the tip of his tongue and he heard her muffle a scream. Pressing his tongue firmly against the button, he began to lick her, feeling the velvety softness and tasting her with each stroke. She pushed herself up further, pressing herself against his tongue so that it was buried deep inside her pussy. Cautiously, he inserted his finger inside of her, pressing as deep as he could, feeling the tight wetness of her wrapping around it. Keeping his tongue pressed firmly on her clit, but not moving, he began to fuck her softly with his finger. He could feel her getting wetter with each thrust, feel her opening up to him, and feel her thrust her hips back against him. She pulled his head tighter against her with her hands, twisting her fingers in his hair. He slid another finger deep inside of her, faster, harder. Her hips were bucking wildly and she was moaning constantly as she grew closer to orgasm.

Increasing his pace, the man began to lick her with frenzied speed, and Alegra felt the relieving first twinge of orgasm rocking through her body. Every inch of her body was on alert, seemingly on fire. Her orgasm was wild. With his fingers buried deep inside of her and his tongue lapping wildly on her clit, she bucked her hips forward to meet every thrust of his fingers. She pulled his head tighter to her as she climaxed and her juices drenched his fingers as he pulled them out of her tight pussy.

Without warning, he took his soaked fingers and placed them against her lips. She sucked them furiously, taking them deep into her throat as if she were sucking his cock. She swirled her tongue along his skin and tasted herself on him. He leaned in and kissed her. Thier tongues tangled together, tasting her and each other as their lips met for the first time.

With the blindfold still in place, Alegra reached for him and pulled him to a standing position beside her. She located the buttons on his pants and opened them, desperately searching for his cock. Pulling his jeans and boxer briefs down, Alegra stood up beside him, and pressed her lips to his. Blindly she groped for his hardness and began to stroke him. Her tongue did not leave his mouth as she massaged his rock hard cock.

It was so big and hard, that he definitely outsized all of Alegra's past lovers. Her knees grew weak as she fantasized about having something so big buried deep inside of her, thrusting, pounding. Dropping to her knees in front of him, Alegra put her lips to the tip of his cock. She loved the feel of the head as he began to slide it into her mouth. He pressed the back of her head forward, thrusting himself deep inside her mouth and down her throat. Alega tightened her lips around his shaft and felt him thrusting in and out of her mouth. She flicked her tongue along the tip as he withdrew it from her mouth, and she moaned again. She longed to tell him how good her felt, how hot he made her and how much she wanted him to FUCK HER NOW! But instead, she remained quiet, fearful that if she did not continue to follow the man's rules that everything would end, and she would never experience the pleasures that they had talked about for so long.

The man continued to plunge deep into her mouth, his cock touching the back of her throat with each thrust.

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