Further modeling nude for an artist.

" I try to do a drawing of myself almost every day. I keep a sketchbook, sort of a diary of my visual self. Mostly they are mundane studies just slices of my life."

"Really, that is an interesting concept. Did you do a sketch today??"

She looked hesitant and after a moment replied. "Yes I did in fact".

I was now very curious.

"May I see it?"

"I suppose you can as you have been so open with me posing. Bear in mind that this is a personal thing and I don't share it with anyone usually."

She went over to a cabinet and took a leather bound sketchbook out opening it to the sketch that she had done this morning. It was more of a close up view of her pelvic area. She was seated and her legs opened toward the viewer so that her vulva was in full view. The drawing was in detail so that all the folds and shapes were visible. There was no pubic hair in this drawing and the folds of the labia were drawn with care. Her inner labia were sensuously protruding shaped like delicate petals and the folds of her hood above it were swollen. It was a very personal view and I found it so erotic that she would share it with me.

"I am very pleased to have you share this with me. You are very beautiful there."

"I am going through a discovery period about my sexuality now. I like to record my body as it changes although a woman's body does not show the physical changes during arousal that a man's body does. The changes are subtle and more difficult to record. You have been so open with me I just wanted to return the favor. It is nice to have someone to share with. I will share some of the others with you another time. Well.... shall we continue the drawing now."

I moved to the platform and resumed my pose. I had no problem finding the same state of arousal after viewing her sketch. She became absorbed in her drawing once again and I lost myself in my thoughts.

I was imagining her eyes concentrating on my cock now, tracing the contours of the head and shaft, moving over my sack exploring the shapes and details of it. I felt very aroused now and was more rigid than I had been with her earlier. My cock was arched straight upward curving gently towards my stomach and the veins were very prominent. I felt as though I could cum just standing there posing for her without even a touch. But I was used to staying on the edge.

"I don't think I have ever seen you this aroused before. I hope it is not too uncomfortable. Just hold this pose for me for another 5 minutes, O.k.?"

She reached over and got her camera and took some other photos of the pose. My position had changed especially the position of my erection.

"That's good now. Your were wonderful Robert."

Now the session of posing was over.

"Let's unwind with some wine."

We shared a bottle of white wine and our conversation went back to the posing.

" I am fascinated by the way you are able to go with the stages of arousal and continue the pose. Didn't you feel a strong urge to touch your self and orgasm?"

"Yes I did feel that urge but I also enjoy most of all staying on the edge of orgasm. It is like a whole state of mind, a sort of nirvana. And I did want you to finish your drawing."

I smiled as I said that.

"You must come back and pose again for me."

We seated ourselves on a couple of chairs and sipped on the wine. Lucy wanted to know more about my practice of edging.

"How long can you stay erect like that, you know fully hard ?"

" I don't know. I like to stay aroused and on the verge of cumming for as long as I can. It is a great feeling."

She looked at me curiously. "Are you still hard now?"

"Sort of......well yes but not totally hard. I stay in some state of arousal when I have been on the edge like I was with you posing until I reach orgasm."

She asked " Like how aroused are you now ...........show me what you look like now"

I pulled my robe back and showed her. My cock was elongated, pointed outward and semi erect. She commented,

"Your not as hard as you were during that last pose. But you still need to orgasm for relief now?"

"Well for some reli

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