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Dan had never been to this place before.

But Candy turned to look at him over her shoulder.

"Follow me, rich boy. Mine's the white Honda by the door to the bar." Dan hopped in his car and found Candy backing hers out of a stall, and followed her a few miles down the road that ran along the lake. Candy turned into a parking that sat in front of four or five identical apartment buildings, all painted some odd peach color. He pulled into a stall a few down from Candy, and followed her up a walkway. He caught up with her before they approached one of the cookie-cutter buildings. "Do this often?" she asked.

"What's that?"

"Try to pick up married women for a quick one-nighter?"

"Here and there. When the mood strikes me, and the opportunity presents itself."

"Well, you could have a field day out here. A few field days." Dan and Candy entered her building and walked a flight of stairs. "They call me the town slut, but I know for a fact that some of these bitches put out, too. It's just that I got caught. That's the only difference between me and them."

"In that case, maybe I should visit more often."

"Yeah, well," she started, keying her door open, "visit me. The other hypocritical sluts around here may cheat on their husbands, but none of them are as good as me," she finished. Candy shut the door behind Dan after he had entered, and pushed him against it. Lowering herself into a catcher's squat, she looked up at him with her grey-blue eyes sparkling. "Or as filthy and slutty as me," she hissed, the long, red nails of one hand grasping at Dan's belt, then button, then zipper. The other hand had roughly pulled the knit top down, causing her silicone-injected tits to pop into the open.

Candy ripped Dan's pants and boxers down his legs as he quickly kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head. As her long fingers closed around his now-exposed cock, Dan leaned his body back against the door and moaned as she began to stroke him. "Feel good, rich boy?" Dan could only grown as he felt the warmth of Candy's mouth engulf the head of his cock, her hand still stroking his shaft. "Getting what you came here for? A nasty old whore? How old are you, rich boy? Twenty-four? Twenty-five?" Dan nodded his head, eyes screwed shut. "Know how old I am?" she continued, swiping her wet, pink tongue across the tip of Dan's head. "Forty-eight, rich boy. Old enough to be your mom, Dan."

"Oohh, ffuucckk," Dan groaned, his hands finding Candy's head, gripping her hair between his fingers.

"That's right, rich boy. I've got a son your age, and you're gonna fuck his mom's face, aren'tcha?" Dan's grip in Candy's hair increased, and he pulled her slutty mouth towards his purple cockhead. She eagerly opened her mouth and let the tip of Dan's cock pass through her hot pink lips. He maintained his grip on her hair, and kept sliding more of his cock between her wet lips.

When about four inches or so had penetrated the nasty mom's mouth, Dan felt her hands on his hips, her long nails digging into his flesh, as she attempted to push him back a little. But Dan continued to drive his throbbing cock forward; he felt the head being forced slightly downward as it hit the back of Candy's throat. Candy suddenly gagged, and Dan pulled his shaft from her throat and out of her mouth.

"Asshole," she said, coughing. But one of her hands replaced her mouth and was busy stroking the young cock before her. She leaned back towards him, and again wrapped her lips around the head, staring up at him.

Dan had opened his eyes and looked down when he heard Candy gag.

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