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Crossing the line with the sister-in-law.

He could smell the light scent of the lavender soap she had showered with above the sweet, inviting smell of her wetness. Her skin was like the softest, whitest cream; liquid silk under his roaming hands. When she bent into him to nibble his earlobe her breath was like a hurricane. He ran his fingers through her hair, leaning forward to kiss her neck while his hands slid over her body, from her shoulders, to the mounds of her breasts, down her back to grip her plump ass. The moist heat of her womanhood was grinding against his hard-on through his pants.

They kissed; slowly at first, their mouths brushing lightly, testing the waters. She parted her tender lips and their tongues meet for the first time -- a kiss nearly twenty years in the making. The passion was building and their kissing became feverish, almost desperate. Her hands were on the back of his head, gripping his hair and holding his lips tight to hers. The kissing continued for sometime before their mouths finally parted. Kristen's lips were red and puffy.

She looked at Kevin, her eyes asking if he wanted to go on without saying a word. He wouldn't - couldn't - stop now. Not even if Misty or Jim walked in on them. From that point on there was no turning back.

He answered her by reaching up to unlace her bustier. She arched her back, pushing her chest out. As the lacings came free she pulled the fabric to the sides and her heavy round globes came spilling out. The soft white skin was capped by darker, salami sized areolas surrounding her erect eraser-like nipples. He dipped his head to nuzzle into the deep cleft of her cleavage, breathing in her scent and kissing the soft tissue of her tits. His mouth searched for the hard buds of her nipples and she moaned as he sucked one into his mouth and lightly nibbled it, his tongue flicking the little ring as he suckled. She took one large mound in each hand and lifted them away, up to her mouth. Her tongue slipped out to slide over each rock hard nipple before sucking them each into her mouth in turn.

His cock was harder than it had ever been, throbbing and straining against fabric of his jeans. Kristen reached down and rubbed the bulge she had been grinding on.

"Yeah, you like that don't you." She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "You like playing with your wife's big sis? I know you've wanted me for a long time. I've wanted you too, so bad. I thought I had missed my chance."

Hearing his sister-in-law confess that she had been lusting for him as well nearly drives Kevin insane. He reached between her legs to rub her soaked panties against her pussy. She let him continue for a second and then pushed his hand firmly away.

"Uh-uh. You don't get that just yet baby." She teased. "First I want to suck that nice hard dick you've got. Do you mind?"

"I thought you didn't give head." It was all his jumbled mind could think to say.

She leveled her gaze at him. "I say that because I don't want to suck Jim's, but I would love to suck you." She explained smiling.

Kristen slid to her knees in front of the couch and unbuttoned his jeans. Reaching inside, she grabbed his hard cock and pulled it free of its denim prison. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she ran her hand over the thick seven inch long shaft.

"Mmm, just the way I like it." She confessed as she pulled his pants the rest of the way off, "Thick, cut and shaved."

She looked up at her lover as her tongue slid from his smoothly shaven balls all the way to the swollen head of his member.

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