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Sun Suk once again experiences female love.

Lake must have been swimming in her pool that day as she was wearing a pink two-piece bikini with a lovely floral patune (Thai wrap worn like a skirt) over top and her hair was still wet. I invited her inside and welcomed her with a hug and kiss as always. Normally the kiss was simply a quick peck on the lips, but for some reason on this day it seemed almost electric.

Our kiss only lasted a few seconds longer than normal, but I guess due to my state of sexual arousal, I felt myself wanting to kiss longer. I sensed that Lake felt the same way and, of course, my thoughts quickly turned back to my time with Brenda a couple of years earlier. We looked at each other a few moments rather awkwardly, but then simply went over and sat on the couch to watch TV and talk.

It seemed crazy, but after all these years of being good friends, I found myself looking rather lustily over every inch of Lake's beautiful body as she spoke to me. When I came out of my daydream, I realized she was holding and asking me about my vibrator. Oh my God, I had forgotten to put it away. I quickly found myself blushing and trying to come up with some reason why it was on the couch and obviously wet. My head dropped almost in shame, but Lake pulled my chin up and she smiled at me.

"I guess you are a little aroused today just as I am. It is nothing to be ashamed of my good friend," she said. Lake was one of the shyest women I knew until you got to know her. Then she would say anything almost "matter of factly" at anytime and place. Sometimes it could be a little embarrassing at public places (smile).

She went on to tell me her husband was away again and would probably be gone for a few weeks this time. Then she said something I never knew before. Her and her husband rarely had sex anymore. Then she reached in her purse and pulled out her own vibrator and smiled. We had a good little laugh together as we checked out each others vibrator.

"I've been meaning to tell you something very personal for quite some time now," Lake said. She started to say something else, but then blushed and stopped. I told her to go ahead, that we had been friends for a long time, and that she could say or ask anything of me. I thought she was going to cry, but then she started talking about me and how our relationship had become so important to her. She said even though I was younger than her, she looked up to me in a lot of ways.

"You have been with five lovers and one was a woman, and now you even have a black boyfriend. I was a virgin when I met my husband, and he has to this day still been my only lover," Lake said. She also talked about my going on to college after high school and living on my own. She had moved out from her parent's home right into her husband's home. She even talked about how I dressed, and how I was some special, together woman of the 90s. I was speechless for a moment realizing she had just poured her heart out to me.

"I look up to you more than you will ever know," I began. "You have been and are like a sister, a mother, a special friend, and now the best friend I have. I could not handle college, living on my own, or any of this if you weren't a part of my life. You must know how much I love you Lake." Then I hugged her and we had a good cry together.

I don't remember who then kissed who first, but we were kissing. It was softly at first, but gradually it became harder, more passionate, and our tongues and bodies soon became intertwined the way paired ice skaters dance. Lake and I seemed to naturally sense what the other wanted as we made love. There was no awkward or shy feeling like I used to feel with Brenda a few years back.

I had always wanted to explore her enhanced breasts as the doctor had done such a wonderful job.

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