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Just the usual characters hanging out and having drinks.

He hopes nobody notices, and he can sneak it through. With the drugs I use to knock him out so I can tie him to the chair, we figured that he should be careful with the alcohol."

Diane and Jill joined us, and brought another round of drinks with them. Diane was dressed casually in jeans and a sweatshirt. She didn't look a day over eighteen, and was always stuck in the role of babysitter, niece, daughter, or soon-to-be-deflowered-next-door-neighbor. Jill was in a nicely tailored black silk suit that emphasized her pale skin and bright red lips. She looked at me, then Mary, then Mary's tits. "Mind if we join you, or would the four of you like to be alone?"

I shot her a sarcastic glance, which she was fully prepared for and returned. Mary ignored the comment and piped up. "Wait, wait! Don't tell me - Jill, you are playing the 'mysterious woman in the bar who turns out to be a vampire, and..."


"Okay, Succubus. Toh-may-toh, toh-mah-toh. I was close. And Diane, you are... 'the best friend'? Or maybe 'the woman the husband hooks up with when he discovers his wife is having an affair'?"

"Both," Diane replied. "And I have to give him my anal cherry, too. Again. You'd think some people never heard of straight coitus. It's always amazed me that anybody has any kids, what with all the anal sex people have. At least it's Dave this time, and we make love instead of the 'revenge fuck'. I always have a problem walking the day after those. Speaking of walking - Jeez, Mary, how do you stay balanced in those boots with tits like that? You need a license to carry those?"

"Gee, Di, I wouldn't know," Mary sniped back, looking at the 'innocent' girl. "If you want, I'm sure I could get you written in as the 'stripper with a heart of gold', and we could get you a set of your own."

Diane ignored the reference to her short term in the 'fetish' section, when she did a series of foot fetish stories. Everybody knew she couldn't walk correctly for a week after wearing those heels. She turned back to Bob. "How 'bout you, Bob. Anything going?"

"I've got a 'common man hero' gig coming up, where I am doing a lawyer bit to Dave's computer geek revenge fantasy, and next week I play the husband who was actually an ex-special forces trooper, but kept the fact hidden from his wife for twenty years. That one was in rough draft this morning. There is a possibility I might end up being a wimp, though, and take it in the ass from another guy."

Jill smiled at the lawyer comment. "I did the lawyer thing last week. I'd never remember the whole list of things you have to go through now if I hadn't written them down. Videotapes and pictures to everybody, credit cards, bank accounts, lawsuits for alienation of affection, does your state do 'adultery' as a cause for divorce, yadda yadda yadda. I still have the notes if you want them."

"That would be great. Thanks. I think my writer is lifting the plot from somebody else, but a little help wouldn't hurt."

"What's the discovery motif?" she asked, as she reached for one of the recently delivered hot wings.

"Nosey neighbor sees the lover naked by the pool while I am out of town, and emails me pictures."

"Ooh, haven't seen the neighbor bit in a while," she said, excitedly. "Who's the lover? And has the wife been cast? And I thought you weren't in to other guys?"

"Nothing on the wife, yet. We are still working out the background paragraphs; my ex-college roommate seduces my wife while I am away, so we have to establish the whole 'college days' experience. I'm trying to get a stand-in from the Gay section for the anal scene, if it comes down to that, but they got a new union rep over there they call 'the professor' and she's being a bitch. 'Nobody' she says,'gets to give it to one of my guys unless he is willing to take it himself.' And I don't mean a strapon. As it isn't part of the storyline that the Bull gets it, too, I don't see the point, and the negotiations aren't going well."

Diane's ears pricked up at the mention of the open role. "So, the roommate has been picked?"


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