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Kim makes Darnell's dream come true.

"I'm home baby, I love you." She whispers softly, as she wraps her arm around him.

Slowly she feels him snuggle in closer to her, resting his head now on her breasts gently she slides her fingers into his hair, running them through it ever so gently.

"That's right baby, mommies right here."

Softly he moaned a couple times almost in a soft sexy sort of whine as he nestled into her chest like a baby would at that point she knew he was content.

"I miss you so much every minute that I have to be away from you, I love you more than you may ever truly know." She whispered as she drifted off to sleep, feeling and listening to him breathe.

A little while later she awakens to the feeling of him sucking on her nipple ever so gently, she had no idea that he had even unhooked the hook on the front of her bra, when she looked at him he had what looked like apparently drifted back off to sleep but she was curious to know.

"You enjoy that don't you baby?" she asks softly as she stroked the back of his hair gently.

He didn't answer in a word, he just moaned softly in agreement, as his head moves ever so slowly taking her other nipple into his mouth his hand comes to rest on the other breast massaging it gently, she moans softly gripping onto the back of his hair as her back arches.

Stopping for a moment he looks up at her, smiling the sexiest smile, she could see all the love and desire in his eyes as she lightly ran the backs of her fingers over his cheek.

"It's ok mommy, just relax for me, let me take your body to a whole new world with me, and you know I can."

"Oh god yes I know, no one knows that better than me, but before you do there's a little surprise that I promised you but you have to close your eyes until I tell you to open them." She whispers softly.

"Ok I think I can do that, although taking my eyes off you isn't going to be easy." He replies.

"I know baby I know, but it's only for a minute I promise."

He closes his eyes as she gets off the bed, taking her little package into the bathroom with her as she closes the door, she changes into the outfit that she had bought, getting herself together she even proceeded to wet her hair down.

"Don't open your eyes baby." She says as she walks out of the bathroom.

Walking over in front of him, wearing the baby blue satin crotchless body suit that he had so badly wanted to see her in, she leans in kissing ever so softly at his ear.

"Open your eyes daddy." She whispers in her sexy little voice.

Opening his eyes the look on his face was priceless as he just sat there staring at her, almost like he was in shock.

"What's the matter daddy?" she asks.

"Jesus baby girl, do you have any idea how many times I have dreamt about you wearing that very outfit, oh my god you are such a naughty girl aren't you?"

"Oh yes I am; now the question is what is my daddy going to do about my being so naughty?"

He stands up with her, taking her into his arms, his hand working its way into the back of her hair, taking a handful of it into his hand he pulls her head back, making her look at him.

"What am I going to do about it? Is that what I heard you ask me?"

"Oh yes that's exactly what I asked you, what are you going to do about it daddy?" she answers, in her what he likes to call her little smart-ass sort of tone.

"First things first, daddy is going to feel every inch of your body in this outfit, then your going to get on that bed, and then your mine, you want to be naughty and tease your daddy, and backtalk me, oh yeah baby your mine, Don't you move till I tell you to, do you understand me."

"I am a good girl daddy I won't move."

Slowly he runs his hands from her shoulders, down her arms, ever so slowly down her sides, over onto her breasts, over her belly, over her hips over her ass, slipping his hands between her legs, pushing her legs apart slightly as her p

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