Her honeymoon has more adventure than planned.

Absolutely feral.

And just as a hungry lion that must feed, will attack anything, so it was with men. They only needed to be hungry enough and have the opportunity.

Kings had given up their thrones for one quick sortie in the hay with a woman.

The boy would give up any thought of compensation to his poor family, now that the sergeant had made it clear to him what he wanted to do to her.

His only thought now, would be to take her and relieve his burning desire to fill her with his seed.

Even now, she thought, he no longer looks me in the eye. His gaze is locked on my bosom. He imagines them naked.

She sighed.

From now on, she was dealing with two animals, not just one. And if she weren't quick at resolving the dilemma, maybe she would be subject to many more before they disposed of her.

Once inside the shack Amelia got straight to the business at hand and addressed them in her best British accent.

"If you release my husband, I am willing to perform fellatio on you, then you let us go.

The soldiers looked at her blankly. Their grasp of English was limited.

They knew the swear words though, she thought. And how to demand sex.

Amelia changed her tack with them. She was nothing, if she wasn't versatile.

She didn't get to be head of the committees at home by being indecisive.

She took a deep breath, lowered her voice and spoke (slowly, so they could understand) in a more conciliatory tone.

Time was of the essence.

"Suck you off." She waited.

"I am willing to go as far as suck you off."

" Not more than that."

Surely they understood the vulgar terms. They were vulgar peasants.

They looked at her blankly.

"No?" she said. "Still don't understand? "

"Ok," Amelia said. . She had to work quickly.

There was no guarantee that these vile men would honour their promise of freedom after they took what they wanted from her.

Amelia knew that. But the alternatives were not looking good either.

In the distance, she could hear gunfire and it seemed to be getting closer.

If she was to leave, it had to be soon.

She sighed again, and quickly moved to the sergeant and putting her hand on the bulge in his trousers, said, "THIS in my mouth" she pointed to her mouth."

"NO more than that. Is it a deal?"

"Then you promise to let us go away from here."


"Do you understand me?"

"Yes? No?"

"...And it must be done in here. Inside the shack...You understand?"

"I will do it in here, now. Ok?"

The soldiers seemed to finally comprehend. They looked at each other and nodded.

The sergeant went to a chair and brought back the dusty old cushion.

"Oh Dear," thought Amelia, "Now what?"

Before she realised what happened, they grabbed either side of Amelia and marched her out to where her husband was still struggling with his ropes.

The sergeant stood on the mat and slowly pulled down his raggedy trousers exposing an erect cock.

He threw the cushion on the mat and sat on it in front of the Count.

"I told you," Amelia scolded the soldiers for their lack of understanding, "I refuse to do it in front of my husband."

"We make the rules lady," the sergeant smiled.

" Bring her over here."

Amelia felt herself gently propelled forward and the sergeant from his sitting position, turned her to face her captive husband, shoved his hands up her dress and in one practised movement ripped her panties down to her ankles, then pulled them till she stumbled out of them.

The young soldier stepped forward, put both hands on Amelia's bodice and ripped it open so that her white breasts broke loose and her deep red nipples sprung up from the rush of cold air.

Her husband was going mad and Amelia was in total shock.


The sergeant spat on his hand and shoved it back up Amelia's dress.

"I oil your cunt...you very dry."

He hiked her dress up around her waist exposing her nut-brown pubes and her crimson lips covered in spit.

He lay back, pulled the protesting woman down and with a little bit of moving around, he forcefully entered h

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