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Julie's hubby discovers her with her black lover.


Julie's heart was racing at the thought of being with her handsome black lover in a little under two weeks. Her panties were soaked now as she anticipated having her black Adonis's cock, hard as granite, as she squeezed it tightly with her soaking pussy. She felt herself about ready to cum as these thoughts played through her mind. "Jas, I'd love that, let's figure out what's good. Matt leaves here on Sunday of that weekend, do you want to come by late Sunday, and we can do dinner at my place?"

"She's wasting not a precious moment." Jason thought. "Sure, that's perfect. I might have to have my friend drive me up there, but he's'll like him. And, he's cool, so he can find something to do with himself."

The two weeks went by slowly for Julie and Jason. But Julie dropped Matt at Logan for his flight and raced home to get ready for Jason's arrival. At about five, Julie saw a car pull up in front of their townhouse. She saw that Jason had come with his friend, who was also a young black stud who looked to be around Jason's age. Julie watched Jason walk toward the front door with his friend, and she felt her vagina and her whole body in fact, hot and burning in anticipation. She just wanted to jump right into bed with Jason. She hoped his buddy would only stay for a few minutes.

Opening the door, Julie's heart beat even faster as she was confronted by her handsome lover and his equally handsome friend. She and Jason embraced politely and kissed lightly, and Jason introduced his former college room mate, Lamar. Lamar also embraced Julie lightly and gave her a peck on the cheek. She realized that he had the same interests in body sculpting that Jason did. He looked absolutely sexy in every way. Her eyes lingered on Lamar, and this was not lost on either Jason or Lamar.

Once she had her guests inside, Julie offered them drinks which they immediately accepted. Jason went into the kitchen to help with the drinks and said: "Lamar was good enough to bring me here, because as I expected, my company won't pay for me to have a car here until tomorrow afternoon. But, I wanted to see you right away Babe."

"Thank God for Lamar," Julie said smiling.

The three of them talked for about an hour or so about all sorts of stuff, and they were on their second and third drinks in no time. Julie's eyes kept wandering to Lamar's face and body which, like Jason's, looked incredible. She thought the two of them must have been the hottest studs on campus in college.

"Julie, I think you've given Lamar the once over, once too often. Don't be getting any ideas about him. He's just transportation." Jason said with a smile, causing Julie to blush in embarrassment.

"I can look if I want." She shot back good naturedly with her beautiful smile.

"That's right; she can do what she wants to do." Lamar inserted in the conversation, also flashing his handsome smile.

"Babe, why don't you show me the upstairs while Lamar finishes his drink. I think he needs to be somewhere." Jason continued.

"Sure Jas...Lamar, do you want to see the upstairs as well?" Julie asked, teasing Jason.

"Maybe later, Julie." He smiled in response.

On the landing at the top of the stairs, Julie turned and embraced Jason, who she could feel was already bursting out of his pants.

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