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Married woman lusts for a co-worker.

Callie had been happily married and sexually satisfied for over six years, now. But after that dream, her thoughts kept returning to the adolescent fantasies of her teenage, overly-hormonal years. And they all involved Adan. They became masturbation fodder -- more and more she was looking forward to being alone with her toys on the nights that her husband had work or meetings.

She imagined Adan in her bedroom, holding her down as he seduced her, whispering that he was going to make her cum until she was in danger of passing out. As Callie used her silver bullet on her clit, she felt his fingers palming her breasts -- the C cups nestled in his hands, and her nipples rubbed insistently against the palms of his hands. He took one hand and forced it under her head and neck, bringing her mouth to his as he opened her lips with his tongue. At her whimper at the welcome intrusion, he rumbled into her mouth in satisfaction. As Callie opened her legs, seeking more sensation through her silky panties against her dripping pussy, he trapped her hips against the bed and pushed his flesh against her. The pressure was intoxicating, and Callie couldn't help but hump up against the firm length of him. She was getting so wet that his cock was sliding swiftly across the saturated fabric. The simulated fucking was driving her crazy -- she needed to be filled up and stretched and hurt in a delicious way, but she couldn't gather the self-control to push him up off of her and slide off her panties in order to get him in properly. Callie was realizing that Adan was in control. It infuriated her, but it was also just what she wanted. She was submissive to his greater size and his sexual agenda. This was new, and this was arousing to no end. Was it wrong to be lusting after a co-worker (a co-worker who might even be offended if he even knew what she was thinking!)? Was it evil to objectify this man that she didn't know outside of the office? Was it wrong to want to be pursued? Was it wrong to need this body of this man who she was not married to, and to need it so much that her sexual fantasies became so easily interwoven around him?

Imagining his body over hers, dry-humping her into submission, made her spasm and cum all over her bullet. But even though the orgasm was painfully strong, she still longed for more. Her nipples were still begging for abuse, and her pussy needed to be filled with thick, warm male flesh. Shit. This was not good. She didn't want to hurt her husband...but she had this new, scary need to sample someone else. Not just anyone, but this coworker. Someone who she had a physical, lustful connection towards. But was it mutual, at all?

As the days passed, she would see Adan walk past her office. Occasionally he would stop and say hi, sometimes he would wave a hello as he walked by, and other times he would remain in conversation with his associate as he passed through the hallway. Twice Callie saw him peek into her office when she was with other people, and then move on. Always eye contact. Was this Adan being friendly? Was he just an extrovert? Did he just want to say hello like co-workers do? So confusing...Callie tried to put it on the back burner (it's just a crush, he's just a nice guy, don't be a fool, you're both married to other people...) but she would look out the window of her office and see him walking outside...or hear him talking down the hall...or read his words as he responded to a group email about their project. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing unexpected or inappropriate...but. Callie longed and lusted. "Stupid girl," she thought. "You don't need an office romance, you're married, he's married, and not to each other lol. Just refocus your energy to your husband. It's just a hormonal quirk. You'll get over it."

Right after Christmas, Callie went off of her birth control.

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