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Straight woman leaves husband & falls for her trainer.


Sue became terrified as she felt Scott's finger enter her ass. "Please Scott, it's going to hurt." Sue whimpered as the thought of what Scott was going to do. "Please Scott!"

Scott had an evil grin as he lined the head of his cock at Sue's virgin ass. "Bitch, I'm going to put you in your place for good. After tonight you'll quit going to the gym and Karate. You will stay home and be a good wife and I even have another woman at work that I'm going have her fuck you as well and you're going to let her."

Sue stopped struggling for moment and realized that he had been having an affair with another woman and now she wanted to get free and kick Scott's ass. "You asshole, is it the woman that called this morning!" Now anger had replaced her fear but before she could say anymore she felt Scott force his cock in her ass. She let out a scream as the pain burned through her ass and all she wanted now was the pain to stop. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as he thrust repeatedly into her.

Sue felt like her entire bottom was on fire from the pain. She screamed and then felt Scott slapping her ass telling her to shut up. She was crying as Scott ravaged her ass for what seemed an eternity. She finally blacked out from all the pain.

Scott felt Sue go limp. He pulled his still hard cock out of Sue's still body and then finished jacking off letting his sperm rain all over her nude body. He smiled and couldn't wait to get his secretary to come over and fuck his wife. He could video tape it and sell the video on the Internet. He had been blackmailing his secretary the last two years and he had used her for his own pleasure as well as some clients, not to mention the money had made selling the videos of his secretary. Sue had been so na__ve to what had been going at work but now it was time to make sure that she understood where her place was in his life. She was to serve him and who ever he decided she needed to serve. He picked up her lifeless body and took it upstairs to the spare bedroom where she was going to be tied while he was gone for the next few days. He was already formulating a plan so when her mother called he could say that she had changed her mind and was not coming, as for the black bitch from the gym, he could get rid of her easily in the morning.

Janet looked at her watch for the millionth time to check it. In a few minutes she would leave to pick up Sue for her imaginary trip to Maine, Janet had a feeling that something was wrong. She grabbed her keys and headed over to Sue's.

Sue woke up in a foggy state and couldn't move. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in the spare bedroom spread-eagled face down tied up with a towel wrapped around her mouth acting like a gag. She felt the dried sperm on her back and the sticky feeling of KY Jelly on her ass. To make matters worse her ass was hurting from the beating and rape of it by Scott.

She tried moving but found that she was tightly bound and no matter how hard she tried to get free the ropes seemed to get tighter. She stopped struggling and let her body relax while she tried to think of a way to get loose and out of the house. After last night there was going to be no way Scott would ever let her leave the house alone.

Janet called Sue's house as she drove over and heard Scott pick up the phone. "Good morning Scott, this is Janet. I don't know whether Sue had told you last night but I'm giving her a ride to the airport this morning."

"Janet I'm sorry but Sue left on a red eye flight to Maine because her Mom I guess got worse and they wanted Sue there as soon as possible." Scott said in an apologetic tone. "She was in a hurry I guess and didn't want to wake you up."

Janet heard the alarms go off in her head. Scott must really think that Sue's mom was ill. "Okay Scott, I guess she won't need a ride. How about letting her know that if she needs a ride when she gets back have her call me." Janet said playing along with Scott.

Scott smiled as Janet accepted the story.

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