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Emma needs cheering up.

in the locker room?"

Tom was delighted that she'd given in. "Oh, just that he's really hung. Definitely as big as me, and I think a little bigger."

"I'm done with high-school boys, Tom," Kathy said casually. It bothered her that her mind was already racing with thoughts of Arturo Sanders, and wondering whether she might really want a replacement for Tom. She'd have to check Arturo's file to make sure he was 18 years old.

Then a thought struck her. "My God, Tom! You haven't said anything to him, have you?"

"Not a word," he reassured her. "Not a word, not to a single soul." He grinned again. "I just wanted to give you a little heads-up, in case you find you miss me more than you think!" He stroked her breast and gave her another kiss.


That summer was wonderful and relaxing. Kathy felt more free, and closer to her husband, than she had the entire previous year. Tom was a happy memory, now safely in the past. She and Roger took a vacation to Montreal, where they stayed in an elegant old hotel and made love nearly every night. Back at home they worked in the garden, she helped him proofread his latest book, they took walks together-everything was perfect.

While she hadn't forgotten about Arturo Sanders, she had absolutely no intention of doing anything but tutoring him-doing the job she'd been hired to do. When September came she was polite but utterly professional with Arturo. She couldn't help notice what a great body he had, especially the way high school kids dressed in the warm weather, but she pushed her interest as far to the back of her mind as possible.

Imagine her shock, then, when Arturo came in the Tuesday after Homecoming Weekend, closed and locked the door behind him, walked straight up to her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. She pushed him away and glared at him.

"Arturo-what the hell are you doing?" she said in an angry voice.

He smiled, a lazy smile full of pleasure. "Tom Bjornsen told me to pass that along to you. I saw him at the Homecoming football game this weekend."

She was totally at a loss, and started to blush. "But he...but he...you had no right to do that!" she stammered uncertainly. Her nipples were tingling, and the feeling distracted her.

Arturo took her into his arms, pulling her close, sliding his large hands up and down her back, caressing her ass. He was much taller than Kathy-nearly 6'5"-and her face was pressed into his shoulder.

Before she had time to struggle or pull away, he quietly said, "just tell me to stop-tell me you don't like this, tell me you don't want me to do it-and I'll stop. I won't bother you again."

His hands kept moving over her, and as she opened her mouth to say, "stop it-now!", she found her hips starting to push against him.

"Arturo," she said unsteadily, "you really need to...you can't..."

Kathy didn't finish the sentence.




Roger rolled away from Melissa, who was cowering on the far side of the bed. He stood, unmindful of his nakedness, and walked towards the door where Kathy was still yelling, her face flushed bright red.

"What is that slut doing in our bed? OUR BED, you son-of-a-bitch!"

When he reached the door Roger said, "Kathy, we need to talk, but this is not a good time. I'll be downstairs in a little while."

Then he calmly shut the door in Kathy's face, locked it, and returned to the bed, where he took Melissa gently in his arms. Over the sounds of Kathy's screaming and pounding on the door with her fist, he quietly soothed his frightened lover.

"It's all right, baby, it's gonna be all right. Let's get dressed and I'll take you home. It's going to be fine, I promise."

Melissa looked at him uncertainly, her face streaked with tears. She trusted Roger, but she had never imagined a scene like this!




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