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Caught by a friend dressed in lingerie.

Oh God forgive me for using that word."

"Oh Jack can you forgive me I let him ... Oh Jack I'm such a bad wife."

"I've been unfaithful to you as well, Ellen. There is nothing we can do."

The young couple sat up for hours talking about but never finding a solution to their problem. At last they went to bed. Ellen and Jack snuggled. They kissed deeply. Jack opened Ellen's pajama top and began nuzzling her breasts. Ellen got that look in her eyes that always meant that she was ready for intimacy. Simultaneously they remembered their chastity devices.

"Oh Jack, We can't even be a normal couple." She looked at her left hand and said "What will we tell the church when they notice that our wedding rings are missing? They will assume that we took them off ourselves. Maybe they are being cleaned this week , we can tell them that. We better get to sleep we have church tomorrow."

The next morning a bleary eyed Jack and Ellen made their way down the aisle of their church. The noticed that the Hart's took a seat where they could watch the young couple stew. Blair was dressed impeccably, stylish but modest. Richard wore a tie and dress slacks. They smiled throughout the service especially when the pastor talked about the dangers of pornography and adultery. Richard had to practically stifle a laugh when the pastor said, "The best defense against adultery and perversion is a wedding ring."

On hearing that Ellen blushed over her entire body. The Hart's stayed just out of the periphery of the conversations that The Howard's had after church. They made their presence obvious and flashed knowing winks and nods. Ellen told all the women who asked that her wedding rings were being cleaned. She hated lying to her friends, especially in church.

The Monday through Friday crawled along. Jack spent the first few days of the week in desperate fear that the guys he worked with would discover the secret of his chastity device. By mid week he relaxed a bit and was more like his old self. He really hated sitting to pee it took longer and was messier. Blair had said part of being locked away was to learn humility. He had to admit that he had a renewed respect for his wife having to sit every time she went to the bathroom. "It must not be easy to be woman." He thought.

For Ellen It was a week of skirts. He underwear went over the chastity belt fine but she was paranoid that it would show, to ensure that it did not she wore her widest skirts and dowdiest dresses. Ellen was a conservative dresser by nature but even the other teachers in her preschool noticed her new wardrobe choices. A few asked if she was in mourning. She told them no but in a very real sense she was.

Large shorts hid the device from view at the gym but now she always dressed and showered at home, even if it meant smelling bad for a while. On days when she had to do strait to the gym she wore her workout clothes under her dress. She never took off all her clothes at the gym now.

Throughout the week Jack and Ellen were constantly frustrated by their chastity devices. Until their dinner with the Hart's they had a very active sex life. They even had pet names for each others genitalia Now "Little Jack" and "Eden" were imprisoned and had to live apart. Kissing. nibbling each others breasts and embracing was simply not enough.

"I miss little Jack " Pouted Ellen.

"He misses Eden as well," sighed Jack

On Friday after work Jack showered.

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