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kitty and Master talk more and go out to eat in public.

fee pot bubbled away, I turned and looked at Sharon's expectant face: "I think the coffee can wait a while, don't you, Sharon?"

No words from her, but a quick nod of the head so I held out my hand and walked her into the large bedroom, dominated by a large, old-fashioned bedstead, with a metal, cage-like bedhead.

Sharon stood facing the bed and I stepped behind her, and unclipped her bikini bra, pulling it away and tossing it on the polished wooden floor. My hands then reached up and cupped her heavy young breasts, fondling them, my fingers flicking over her hardening nipples.

"Lovely breasts," I whispered, kissing her gently on her ear, nibbling at the lobe.

An almost inaudible whisper carried back to me: "36ers, Mistress Darla!"

My hands now went lower, to the lovely little red thong-style bikini bottom. I hooked my thumbs into the straps across her firm, slender hips and pushed it down from her pussy and buttocks. It fell to the floor and Sharon kicked it away.

This time the fingers of my right hand explored her pussy, shaved save for a small, slender strip of hair above her clit, while the fingers of my left probed her backside, pressing against her anus.

"Lovely pussy, lovely arse," I whispered, licking my tongue into her salty-tasting ear.

"They belong to you, Mistress Darla," came the slightly louder response.

My hands now left her achingly gorgeous young body and in a flash I was out of my bra and bikini bottom and nude behind her. I spun her around and stepped a pace back, giving her an opportunity to drink in my naked presence.

Sharon's gaze was first transfixed on my heavy breasts, lovely handfuls, big brown nipples, erect and inviting. She stepped towards me and lowered her face to my boobs. I could feel her breath, hot and panting on my cool flesh. The only sound in the bedroom was the low hum of the air conditioning.

Then she opened her mouth and her lovely little tongue traced around the areola of my right nipple, teasing and exploring. Then she sucked on my nipple itself, finally bestowing a tiny little nibble with her lovely white teeth on the nubbin. Next she switched her attentions to my opposite breast, kissing and sucking there as she stroked my right breast with her left hand.

Taking her by the shoulders, I took charge and moved her towards the bed, half lifting her, half pushing her onto the black satin sheets. Sharon lay on her back and raised her hands up to the metal posts at the head of the bed, grasping them in a position of submission.

I climbed onto the bed, knelt so my knees were brushing her hairless armpits and felt her hands cup my buttocks as I settled into position above her.

I heard a husky, thrill-throbbing voice which I realised was mine, croak: "Do I still look menacing, darling?"

Her response was no reply, but a long, lingering kiss on my piss flaps, then her tiny tongue was lapping at my dripping wet cunt, then at my labia lips, then my clit. It was a wild thing, its attentions switching from cunt to labia to clit, as if it wanted to devour them all, but couldn't decide which treat to gorge on first.

I groaned as she laved at my pussy, sending little shocks of delight through me.

Suddenly, she pulled back and for an awful moment I was afraid she was going to stop! But then came some wonderful words. "You're so fucking tasty, mistress." And she went back to work.

I grabbed the top metal pole running across the bed head for some purchase and rocked my crotch against her sweet little mouth, thrilling in her kissing, sucking and licking until, much to my delight but also my disappointment, because I didn't want the pleasure to end, I bucked and tossed to an exciting climax on her mouth.

She still gently kissed and licked me as I descended from the plateau of pleasure and then, when I was calm again, I lowered myself, first to kiss her juice-stained mouth - such a sweet-tasting mouth - then her lovely boobs, with their cherry red nipples, then her taut, toned abdomen. And finally, her pussy!

My nostrils inhaled a heady aroma of female sex fluid, then I could

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