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He was sure he was about to begin laughing hysterically; not a laugh that you let out when something is funny, but a laugh you utter right after they shut the door to the padded room behind you.

"What?" he repeated ineptly.

She blushed even more fiercely and coughed.

"Your story was, um, well written," she said as her throat appeared to be closing down on her. "There were a lot of words in there that I wouldn't use, but, um, you seem to be good at, um, composition."

Brian looked at her as his confusion suddenly began to dissipate.

"Are you saying," he said carefully, "You liked it?"

She pressed her lips tightly together for a moment and shifted from foot to foot again.

"I thought it was," she paused for a second or two which felt like hours to Brian, "you have a talent for writing," she said and then expelled a large breath.

Brian was dumbfounded. He stood staring at her, trying to find the words to say; something he was having a lot of difficulty with these past few minutes.

"Hello!" Serena said as she entered the room.

Serena was the girl who worked with Evelyn. She too was Chinese but slightly younger and much skinnier than her.

"See you later," Evelyn said to Brian, and then squeezed past him through the door and returned to her desk.

Brian tried not to stare after her, instead nodding and smiling at Serena before going back to his own desk.


Working for the rest of that day was impossible. He was no longer worried about being reported for writing erotic stories at work. Instead his mind was working overtime trying to work out his conversation with Evelyn.

"She said she liked it!" he thought. "Did she like it because the writing was good, or did she like it because she thought it was hot?"

"Or maybe," the thought process continued, "she liked it because she knew it was about her."

Over and over these contemplations flitted back and forth all day. By quitting time he realized he hadn't accomplished a single thing.

He went home and tried his best to forget about the events of the day. That night in his dreams he had the same conversation with Evelyn in the kitchen, only this time she was completely naked throughout. He kept trying to speak with her but every time he opened his mouth he could do nothing but stammer as he was overwhelmed with the sight of her unclothed body.


Friday was the longest day he could remember in a long time.

He kept trying to get glimpses of Evelyn all day, but she seemed to be chained to her desk; she didn't come out once.

Still, her comments about his story continued to fill his mind as her tried to work. By the end of the day he still hadn't accomplished much. He was becoming obsessed.

He was about to shut down his computer when a new email popped up on his screen.

-Do you think I could read a copy of your story? Send it to my personal email.


There was a link to a Gmail account below the signature.

Brian studied the message and looked up in time to see Evelyn delivering a file to his boss's desk. She looked straight at him as she approached the desk and smiled.

He watched her with wide eyes as she turned to his boss, dropped off the file and walked away. As always he couldn't help but stare at her hips. Her short skirt didn't do much to hide anything as her bum swayed from side to side. She turned and looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled more broadly as she saw him checking her out.

He watched the doorway long after she disappeared through it and then hastily opened his own personal email. He copied the link to her account into the send line and then dragged and dropped the Word document into it. He hit send before he could change his mind.

He then went home with visions of Evelyn dancing around his brain.

Saturday came and Brian woke up after a restless night's sleep. He sat up in bed and blinked tiredly.

His sleep had been fitful and he woke with

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