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His chatter was challenging her thoughts and she enjoyed the constant war of words. As they sat chatting she could feel his eyes on her and liked it. No one had made Jamie feel this special for a very long time and she was enjoying every fleeting moment.

Jamie's flat was a sparsely furnished bachelor apartment so after they had cleaned up and had coffee they were forced to share the only couch in the apartment. Since it was still quite chilly she got a blanket and they sat under it slowly warming up. Sitting so close to David and smelling his scent was turning Jamie on but she didn't want to do anything to hurt or scare him. They were chatting happily when she realised by his eyes closing just how exhausted he was.

"David, I only have a double bed to sleep on, will you be comfortable sleeping in the bed with me or would you prefer to sleep on the couch?"

Jamie's heart leapt when he said he was comfortable to share her bed.

Lying in the dark next to him she felt him reach out for her hand and she sensed he needed to be nearer her so she pulled him into her embrace. She felt his body relax as they lay there. This was much harder than she thought but she didn't want to disturb him by moving. Jamie lay there all night in wonder that a chance meeting with David had awoken such intense feelings in such a short time especially after the scene with on the phone with Keith earlier in the evening.

She felt him stir and noticed the clock said 5am, he rubbed his nose against her neck in waking and once again she was surprised at how quickly her body was responding to this him. For a moment he looked surprised to find himself in bed with a woman then the events of the previous few hours came back to him and he smiled at her and said,

"Good morning Jamie, I hope you slept as well as I did."

Jamie couldn't help but smile at the cheeky look on his face.

Jamie excused herself to go to the bathroom and when she came back he insisted she get back into bed so he could bring her coffee. David went padding into the bathroom and Jamie from her horizontal position noticed just how nice his legs are so she whistled. She was still giggling when he came out the bathroom so instead of heading into the kitchen area, he approached her and sat on the edge of the bed.

"I'd like another hug please," he said and Jamie opened her arms to him and there they lay, entwined and feeling that for the first time in their lives they were at home.

Over coffee David told her all about his life back in Port Elizabeth and his plans for when he finished his education. David whispered that he wanted to stay with her but Jamie knew she had to let him go back to his family and continue the education course he had set out for himself.

Jamie eventually asked him if he wanted to continue being pen pals and David quickly answered,

"Yes, of course."

They spent the next while planning letters, phone calls and even Jamie's trip to his home town in December. All too soon it was time to shower and leave for David to meet up with his group which was filling them both with dread. They decided to write every day and post the letter once a week. Jamie would phone him every Wednesday so they could be in constant contact. Jamie knew her feelings for him was going well beyond friendship but she had to let him live his life until they were certain what they felt was real. They said their goodbyes in the privacy of her apartment and David kissed her fleetingly on her lips.

Back out in the street people were going about their normal early morning bustle but for David and Jamie time was standing still.

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