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Rain reveals her secrets and Marcello learns a hurtful truth.

"So, what are we all going to do until six?" said Brad

"Just get comfortable and dig in, man!" his friend replied. "It's only a few hours, maybe the boss-bitch here can entertain us a little!"

Jamie waved the gun casually in Jasmin's direction, a wicked grin spreading over his dark skinned face.

"No fucking way!" shouted Jasmin, already aware of what the raider had in his mind. "That's just not going to happen!"

"Oh no?" Brad interrupted, also realising what his partner meant. He pointed his own pistol directly at Ben. "You better do as you're told, bitch, or your old man here will be sorry!"

Jasmin wondered how this situation had turned so quickly. She looked down at herself. Shit!, She thought. She suddenly realised that she had forgotten to fully button her blouse after her and Ben were interrupted. The silky white material of her bra was nearly transparent and the dark red outline of her nipples were clearly visible. She groaned inwardly. She knew that the two thieves were not going to leave and that the situation could get worse if she didn't act quickly.

So, you two think you can handle a woman like me, do you?" she was immediately on the offensive. "How do you like these, then!"

Jasmin stood up from behind her desk and ripped the expensive blouse down the middle. Buttons flew in all directions as the garment shredded and she threw it to the floor. Standing in front of the two gawking youths in her black skirt and bra, she knew she looked quite formidable. She put her hands on her hips and eyed the men.

"You want to see my tits as well? Think you can cope?"

Jamie and Brad looked on in awe. They had never dreamed she would react like this, they expected to have to force her and deal with her husband at the same time - this was much easier. They nodded eagerly.

With a deft movement, Jasmin reached behind her and quickly unclasped the bra catch. Her large breasts tumbled free and she could hear both men gasp as they saw her top-less. She looked over at Ben and smiled. She knew that he would be cool with this situation; Ben had always wanted to watch her in action and now, it looked like he was going to get his wish.

"You've seen me," said Jasmin with a smile at the two robbers. "Now, lets see you - come on, get your cocks out!"

"Come on, man!" cried Jamie. "If she wants it, lets show the bitch some prime, black meat!"

Ben Lacey had been standing in the doorway hardly daring to move. The situation had developed quickly, but now, under the control of his dominant wife, he knew it was fairly safe. The two robbers had put their guns away and now, obviously had other things on their minds. So did Lacey. For years he had been the submissive partner to his wife: At work he was her secretary and at home her sex slave. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for her, but he had always harboured a desire to watch another man fuck her. He smiled as he watched the reaction of the young men as Jasmin's tits fell free and swung in front of them.

Jasmin had laid down a challenge and Lacey could see that the Brad and Jamie had no intentions of backing down. Both men's pants were around their ankles in a matter of seconds and they brandished their large, black cocks proudly. Although Brad was slightly shorter than his friend, he made up for it downstairs. His penis was already hard and looked at least ten inches long. Jamie's tool was only slightly shorter, Ben realised, but a little thicker around the girth. Jamie too, was as hard as a rock and stroking his meat from the balls to the tip. Jasmin still retained her arrogant pose in front of them and licked her lips. She looked to Lacey like a bitch in heat.

"Come on then guys!" she cried. "You gonna stand there all day and jerk off, or are you gonna fuck this bargain basement bitch!"

The two lads needed no second invitation and both virtually leapt on Jasmin.

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