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Curiosity exposes her to another young man.


"You know what, Brad? You'll probably hate me for admitting this, but…"

"I don't think I could ever hate you. You're a beautiful young woman, you're intelligent and we just seem to gel. So what's to hate?"

"…I was starting to say that I realise now that I should have invited you up to my place tonight, that's why you'll hate me."

"That would have been nice, but I'm not going to hate you for not inviting me."

"Even when I admit to you that at this very moment you could have been making love to me. Brad, I was so close to saying come on up. I just wasn't sure then. But I've thought about it for the last hour and now I wish your body was next to me … on top of me … and a part of you was inside of me."

My cock had sprung to life, pushing the sheet up as she sensually whispered her desires to me.

"Wow, I feel exactly the same, Jacqueline, I wish I could be there right now."

"Help me feel that you are here with me, Brad. Tell me, have you got any clothes on?"

"Yes … yes, I have!"

"What are you wearing?"

"I've just got an undershirt and boxers on, and a light sheet over me."

"Get rid of the undershirt, that's not very sexy. What about the boxers … are they silk boxers?"

"Yes they are," I answered as I struggled to hold the phone while getting the undershirt off over my head.

"I like silk, Brad … I've got some silk underthings that I think you'd like to see me in … you know, some silk panties and a silk teddy. I'd really like you to touch me while I'm wearing some of my silky things. Would you like to do that?"

Boy, this woman was hot. Who would have believed? We had only had two dates and here she was having phone sex with me … she truly was going to be the woman of my dreams.

"Yes, I'd love to touch you in silk … I'd just love to touch you anyway."

"I hoped that you might, do you want to touch me naked?"

"Yes!" My hand slipped down to touch the tip of my cock that was tenting up my silk boxers.

"You should be here now then, Brad … you should be here in the dark beside me, in my bed … because I'm naked, Brad. Totally naked, not even a sheet over me. Would you like to be here with me, touching me?"

My voice broke as I answered her, "Yes!"

"Not very talkative, Brad. You haven't started without me, have you? You're not touching your … your thing?" She seemed to be hesitant about what to call my cock.

Sprung … I pulled my hand back as if she could really see me. "No … no I haven't, Jacqueline."

"That's good, because if I find that you've already started, I'll have to hang up."

"No … no, don't do that!"

"Okay then, where were we? Oh, that's right, I was just telling you that I was naked. I've had a shower, so I'm nice and clean all over … I'm squeaky clean wherever you would want to touch me … or kiss me. There might be certain parts where you'd prefer to kiss … would that be right, Brad?"

"Oh yes, there is, Jacqueline … touch first, then kiss." I was getting into it too, with this incredibly sensual woman who had revealed none of this overtly sexual side through the two dinner dates we had enjoyed.

"Good Brad … that's very good. I'll tell you what I'm going to do … since I'm naked and there's no clothes to push out of the way, I'll just move my hand over my body and I'll tell you what part of me I'm touching … and you tell me what you would do with it."

"Sounds good to me, I'm ready to play."

"Remember, don't touch your … your thingy, you know what, until I tell you to."

"What do you mean, Jacqueline? Are you talking about my cock?"

"I knew you'd call it that … I just don't like some of those words. I had a very strict upbringing … a good family, but they never swore and never used those sort of words to describe their body parts."

"Jacqueline, I don't like things, it seems impersonal. Can we compromise, how about penis?"

"It sounds a bit clinical, but that's better. I think I could handle penis."


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