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His dark past catches up with him.

Her creamy white skin is like whip cream, absent of imperfections, except for a vertical scar running from the bottom of her bellybutton all the way to her pubic bone where it disappears into a bright thatch of red pubic fur. At that moment there is no doubting that she was a natural redhead.

You watch as she straddles my middle. She bends over and you get a wonderful view of upraised buttocks. Also, from underneath her you can finally see my ravaged sex, slick with my juices of arousal and wet with Rachael's saliva. The lips of my pussy hanging slack and open for your viewing pleasure.

You want me desperately; you wish to go over and ravish me with your tongue as Rachael has down with hers. There is one thing that you knew Rachael couldn't do and that is to satisfy me with her cock as you would. You actually feel pride at having that one thing that Rachael cannot do and you know that no facsimile will do the trick, only a flesh and blood throbbing male member. This thought you cling to, knowing I won't leave you for Rachael, despite her tongue talents, because she is missing that one important thing, a cock.

Your eyes are plastered to the action occurring in front of them, even if your mind chooses to go elsewhere, since it kind of has to so you could keep your sanity while you watch two beautiful women making love right in front of you and resist the urge to neither join in nor beat your meat off in that dark corner. You transfix all of your being back to the current events. You already know the view down south is awe-inspiring, but you decide to crane your neck a bit and see what is going on up north.

You are immensely glad for your little strain of physical exertion, because it grants a spectacular view. You see Rachael using her tongue and mouth talents on my hardened nipples. My chest is thrust forward pushing my breast closer to her awaiting mouth. Her tongue flicks tantalizing licks around the areola and teases the tip to the point of causing me to moan and squirm underneath her. You enjoy this little performance being played out in front of you.

You begin to take mental notes as to exactly what Rachael does to make me scream in excitement so that you will be able to create the same excited scream for yourself. You watch her quick pink tongue lave sensual circles around my dusky, erect nipples and suddenly your throat becomes very dry. You don't need a glass of water, but you are yearning for the sweet taste of my wonderful nipples.

Suddenly you notice that something else has happened while you were paying so close attention to what was going on with my chest area. You nearly miss the fact that my hand had ventured downward and my fingers are now rubbing vigorously in Rachael's overexcited pussy. You see my hand work with an expertise that only a woman who has touched herself many times would know. As my hand nimbly rubs her sweet spot, she stops and sits upright. Her chest arches forward, pointing her beautiful, full breasts toward the ceiling.

A cry of passionate release escapes from her lips as her body ripples with orgasmic tremors. Her body shakes with a force that is as if she has been struck by lightening. Then a beautiful thing occurs; suddenly her muscles tighten and from the core of her is a release of a great gush of wonderful feminine nectar. It is truly an amazing site to see. You've seen me ejaculate a million times, squirting gallon after gallon of my erotic juices, but to watch another woman do it in the flesh was something extraordinary. Plus, the fact that Rachael's nectar explodes because of my hand, your girlfriend's hand, is something even more amazing and exciting.

Next, Rachael's hand moves down between my legs, and even though her mouth and tongue have already given me so much pleasure she begins to work diligently at pleasing me once more with the vigorous movements of her fingers.

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