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The Total Moron's Guide to SAME-SEX MARRIAGE.

"But, uh...they're gonna meet me somewhere else, instead."


As Lucas started forward, Tristan stood his ground, not moving even an inch from the spot which he was rooted. Perhaps taking note of the way Tristan's feet were firmly planted, Lucas came to a halt, and with his face positioned directly above Tristan's, stared right into his eyes.

"You're still a little shit and I don't like you very much, but since you apologized I guess I can't hate you anymore."

"Okay," Tristan said while staring up at the taller teen. "Well I don't hate you anymore, either."

Fully expecting Lucas to continue on his way, Tristan waited for him to move along. But after nearly half a minute of Lucas just stubbornly standing there, Tristan realized that his schoolmate was attempting to establish supremacy.

Not one to punk out, Tristan stolidly remained in place, and like two bucks engaged in a display of aggression, the teen boys remained motionless. With no antlers to lock, they used their eyes to intimidate, but neither got the chance to establish their dominance over the other, because a female voice suddenly sliced through the air.

"So I hear there's a grad party tonight. Do either of you guys know where it is?"

Spurred by curiosity, both Lucas and Tristan turned their heads, and on noticing the pretty girl who was standing right near them, they offered her an imploring look.

"Yeah there's a party," Lucas responded. "But aren't you a junior? It's for seniors only."

"Are you sure?" Slipping her fingers through her long wavy hair, she flipped it over her shoulder. "Because I was told that if I talked to you, you could *definitely* get me in."

Now turning his body towards the petite girl, Lucas unabashedly checked out her cleavage.

"Well if that's what you heard, then I guess it must be true."

"Right on." She flirtatiously licked her glossed lips. "I've got a couple of friends who wanna go, too. Can they come along?"

"That depends," he responded. "Do they look anything like you?"

She giggled, then fluttered her lashes before running a palm along his shoulder. "Follow me, and you'll find out."

As she slowly walked away, Lucas's gaze lowered to her ass and healthily built thighs, which were prominently outlined by the fabric of her skin tight leggings. With his ego effectively boosted, he stood especially tall and proud, and with a look that was brief but just long enough to establish eye contact, Lucas offered Tristan a few words in parting.

"See you around, Whitefeather."

"Yeah, later," Tristan said, and after watching Lucas follow the girl, he headed in the opposite direction.

Five minutes later he was on the patio, and after spotting Claudia and Kimi who were excitedly chatting with a group of their classmates, he headed straight for them. Upon joining Claudia's side, she excitedly greeted him, then pressed her thumb against a stray eyelash that had fallen against his cheek.

"Make a wish," she said while holding out her finger so he could see the eyelash.


"Because that's what you do when you lose an eyelash. It's a tradition."

Glancing down at her finger, Tristan gave pause, as if uncertain of what exactly it was that he wanted to wish for. But with the suddenness of someone who had been stricken with inspiration, he closed his eyes and made a wish. When he opened them again, Claudia gave him a smile, then offered a response that urged him to continue.

"If you want the wish to come true, you have to blow the eyelash from my finger."

"You do it instead," Tristan suggested, and on noting the curious look that she gave him, he elaborated on his statement. "You were part of my wish, so you have to be involved."

"Oh..." A fluttering began to pass through her stomach, but as Tristan looped his arms around her waist and pulled her even closer, the quivering in her tummy increased two-fold.

"Go ahead," he said while looking deep into her eyes. "Complete the wish."

Needing no further encouragement, Claudia eagerly leaned forward, then pursed her lips and blew the eyelash from the tip of her

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