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Amber gets her first taste of oral sex.

Once their Megan slowly removed her dress and massive bra and stood there. She could feel his eyes all over her body but could not see him. "I hope you're not disappointed." She asked hopefully.

"Close your eyes and put your hands over your head." He commanded.

Megan did as she was told and started to shiver. She was already wet and wondered if he could smell her.

Megan felt his rough hands come up from behind her and bind her hands. She knew he was using duct tape, just as he had told her he would. Her hands were bound above her head now. Next he placed a cloth over her eyes and wrapped the duct tape around her head keeping the cloth in place. With one movement he picked her up and carried her to a back room. He placed her what felt like a beanbag chair, but she couldn't be sure if that's what it was. Megan was breathing hard and started to ask him a question. Her words were cut off as he stuffed a surprisingly large cock in her mouth. Megan started to suck and run her lips up and down the shaft. She was sad that she couldn't touch it with her hands. Her lover started to thrust his cock deep in her mouth.

Megan was in heaven. She had always fantasized about bondage, but she was also afraid. Without warning he pumped a hot load of cum in her mouth and left his cock stuffed in her mouth. Megan started to gag, but managed to swallow every last drop. Her lover removed his cock.

Megan could here what sounded like muffled whispering. Was there another person in the room? Was that person watching the whole time?

As Megan was thinking about being watched and savoring the taste of her lovers cum on her tongue, she was dragged roughly to the floor. She felt something warm and wet pressed against her mouth. She knew instinctively that it was another woman. The other woman grinded her pussy onto Megan's mouth. Megan started to kiss and lick the other woman. This was better than her fantasies. Megan felt the other woman lean forward and start to lick her. The two women were now in a sixty-nine postion lapping at each other and moaning in ecstasy. Megan had never been in a more erotic situation in her life.

The other woman had really large breasts. Megan could feel them crushed between them. It wasn't long before both woman started to cum together. After their orgasms had subsided the other woman got up and leaned down to kiss Megan on her lips. Megan simply loved the taste. "We'll do this again soon." The woman told her. Megan heard the other woman leave. How many fantasies would Megan get to fulfill tonight?

Megan was suddenly hoisted to her feet. "Sit down slowly baby." She heard her lover tell her.

Megan started to squat down and felt a cock pushing up to meet her. Megan was still sopping wet from her encounter with the other lady and impaled herself on his cock easily. Megan started to fuck herself on his monster cock. She loved it and couldn't get enough. She was just starting to get a good groove going when another man's hands grabbed her head.

Megan stopped her fucking and opened her mouth. She was hoping she would get another load of cum tonight. She wasn't disappointed as the second mans cock entered her mouth. Megan resumed riding up and down the shaft of her lover on the floor and started to suck the cock in her mouth. Megan had always fantasies about having two men at once.

Megan was slamming up and down on the cock beneath her as the other man started fucking her mouth in earnest. Megan started to suck harder on the cock, as it fucked her mouth with more force. She knew he was about to cum and wasn't disappointed as seconds later, he erupted in her mouth. The man below her came at nearly the same time, shooting deep inside her. "That's it baby." She told him. And rode him until he was dry and she had her own orgasm.

Megan awoke a short time later. She must have passed out. She noticed that she could see and that her hands were free. She was lying naked on a carpeted floor. Still in her lovers shop she thought? "I thought you'd never wake up." He said from behind her.

"Well, you and you

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