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They use his sweet young little wife.

Jim moaned at the sensation of his cock engulfed in the softness of my breasts. Continuing upwards, I straddled his hips and felt his hardness come to rest against my still wet pussy.

"Let me help you out here," Sharon said and her fingers once again gripped her husband's thick cock and with the fingers of her other hand she spread my labia. The mushroom shaped head of his cock was quickly deposited at the gates of my wet pussy. Sharon moved it back and forth between my labia, coating its mushroom shaped head with my juices.

"He's all yours," she said with a smirk on her face.

I sat up a little straighter and let me weight settle so that Jim's cock slid into my pussy slowly. His girth spread and stretched me like I rarely, if ever, had been stretched before. I reveled in the glorious sensation of him opening my pussy. I continued to lower myself until I felt my ass settle on his thighs and I groaned with contentment. His hard, wonderful shaft was fully buried, deep in me. I simply sat there for a moment, absorbing the feelings and getting accustomed to his velvety thickness. I quickly reflected on the fact that as satisfying as Sharon's mouth had been, there was nothing that could compare to the feeling of having a hard cock filling my chasm. It seemed to complete me and strike at a deep primal need within me.

Increasingly impatient, I started to rock my hips and slowly begin to fuck myself up the gorgeous organ that filled me so completely. I could feel my labia stretched around him as I moved and I occasionally changed the angle so that its base rubbed against my very swollen clit. I was in heaven.

Somewhere, as if from a far distance, I heard myself groan with pleasure. I set up a slow steady pace, occasionally grinding myself into Jim's pubic bone.

"It seems like you enjoy my husbands cock stretching that tight little pussy of yours," I heard Sharon say. I looked to my side and saw her kneeling there beside me, watching with rapt attention.

"Yes, it's wonderful. I'm so fucking full," I replied.

"Now you know why I cut him out of herd," she said with a giggle.

I felt Sharon's hands on me, slowly and deliberately caressing me as I continued to fuck her husband. They slid over my back, ass, and belly as I continued to pick up my pace. The feeling of her hands was electric as I shared in their intimacy with me.

The hunger was back with a vengeance. It had simmered, but was now at a full boil within my body and mind. My need to fuck this man was like an overwhelming desire that simply had to be fulfilled. I had no free will. The hunger had robbed me of it. It was if the hunger had taken over control and my whole essence was devoted to slaking this thirst for pleasure.

My slow canter on top of Jim had accelerated into a full blown gallop. Sparks of pleasure and pain shot through my chest as Sharon clamped her fingers on my turgid nipples. This only added to my desire. Jim lay there, thrusting back up at me as best he could, smiling, as he watched me please myself. It was clear that he was no where near to cumming himself, and I got some satisfaction from knowing that I could concentrate on my own pleasure for the time being. I changed the angle of Jim's cock once again and felt it rub against my G-spot. This elicited another heady groan from me and I began to rhythmically clasp his cock with my vaginal muscles. That in turn resulted in a groan from Jim, as he felt his cock being clasped by the velvety walls of my pussy.

"How is she?" Sharon asked.

"Wonderful, simply wonderful," he replied. "She has a very talented pussy, a snapping pussy."

Jim's hands grasped my ass cheeks and he began to help push and pull me faster and harder onto his cock.

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