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A night out turns into so much more.

My tongue moves to lick every part of your balls, I realize I am moaning as my mouth is hungry for you. I give each one the attention they deserve. I feel your cock growing harder and harder with each flick of my tongue.

I then turn my attention to your hard throbbing cock. I slowly take you back into my mouth forcing myself as far as I can go, not quite taking all of you, but so wanting to. As my mouth lifts back towards the head, I hear you let out a groan as your body shifts as if to not let my mouth go. I continue moving my mouth up and down your length, letting my tongue glide along the underside which makes your whole body respond.

My cunt is dripping knowing the pleasure that I am giving you at this very moment, knowing that for this moment only you are giving me full control of your pleasure. That control is short lived, because I feel your hand move around the back of my neck. You force me down on your cock until I feel you hit the back of my throat and the initial intrusion causes me to gag, which again, brings a moan from you. You have my hair in your hand and bring my head back up and allow me to come up for air, but then quickly force me back down until your entire cock is in my mouth and down into my throat and hold my head down on you.

My eyes move to yours with that look of panic that I can't breathe and gag again causing my eyes to water and your mouth forms into a smile. Yes, my false sense of control I initially had has vanished. You stand up and put your hands on each side of my head. When I look up at you from my knees, you look down at me and say, "I am going to fuck my baby's mouth and feed you my cum." No mercy is shown, you own my mouth and you abuse it like you love to do.

You start off going fast and hard, hitting the back of my throat causing me to gag with every thrust. Then you slow your pace, but when you push back into my wet and ready mouth you hold my head to your stomach, robbing me of my breath. I manage to move my tongue to where I can lick your balls at the same time, your body jerking again in response. You pull my mouth off of you and the spit in my mouth forms a string to the tip of your cock. You hold me there for a moment taking it all in and allow me to catch my breath.

I look right into your eyes seeing your pleasure in this raw desire that is indescribable. You are my Master in this moment...completely owned, mind and body, all Yours. My mouth is still open, hungry for you and you feed my hunger again, guiding my mouth back onto your length lying on my tongue. I don't have time to close my mouth back around you because you pull it out again completely, causing my mouth to water even more. You do this multiple times...enter my mouth, stroking my tongue to the back of my throat and then completely out again, I am drooling all over you.

You ask me, "Do you want Daddy's cum baby?" My only response is my open mouth and my tongue out for you. You begin fucking my face again in a fury. I can feel your urgency now. When I begin to gag again from you forcing me back down on your cock, I feel your whole body shudder at the same time your cum begins to fill my throat. This forces me to swallow quickly to be able to breathe.

Your cum tastes and feels so good as I swallow every drop. I hear you moan as you watch me clean your cock to perfection. The moment ends perfectly, when you pull me up to you and you tell me, "Daddy is proud of you baby girl," and you kiss me passionately, tasting the last of you in my mouth.

You tell me to get on the bed and to lie on my back.

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