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Werewolf? I dunno, you had her last.

It was...Intimidating. He reached out, and grabbed my right hand, and pulled out my index finger, and slowly he traced it from the bottom to the tip and around and back again. I found myself staring intently and stepping closer as he did this, until eventually he let go of my hand and I found myself tracing on my own. One finger turned to two; turned to three, until eventually I was holding all of him in my hand.
My body, mind, and soul were accustomed to that body part feeling a certain way, weighing a certain way, and looking a certain way in my hand. I could cradle my husbands in the palm of one of my hands. My mind could not comprehend how heavy it was...how much weight...how much girth, and how my hand looked so tiny. I was becoming weak in the knees again, but David caught me and protected me.

David caught me by my shoulders as my knees started to weaken. He asked if I was ok, and I wasn't sure what happened. As the sudden feeling started to wash away, I looked down and noticed that I never let go of him. He was still in my right hand. I couldn't stop staring at the size difference between him and my hand, and I couldn't stop looking despite my light headed state. I started to reach out with my left hand, moved my right hand down to the base and grabbed hold. Both my hands fit. I was shocked. Like a lost girl I looked up at him flabbergasted. He gave me an approving kiss on the forehead. Told me it was ok, and encouraged me to explore. I turned my attention back to it.

It was a being unto itself. The tip resembled the top of a very large mushroom and had well defined ridges, not something you notice about the tip unless you're up close or it's large enough be discernible from a distance. It was a comforting warm, vibrating with energy and strength. It was heavy, heavier than my senses and mind attributed to that body part, and it was intimidating. It dwarfed BOTH my hands and was as solid and hard as a rock. Really stiff and firm, it wouldn't move without effort on my part. I'd move it to the left, and it would just snap back into place.

I was startled when he spoke. I almost forgot he was in the room, and more importantly I forgot that I had undressed him. We both stood there, completely naked in his bedroom. I never felt so vulnerable. He took my face in his hands and kissed me very, very passionately. It was like we'd been doing this for years. I couldn't believe how natural it felt to kiss him, how involved I was. At the same time, there was a twinge of disbelief that I was doing this at all and NOT kissing my husband. This is not the man I gave vows to, yet here I am standing in his bedroom, my clothes scattered on the floor like pieces of me that had to be removed to let the real me out. I began to meet his passion in the kisses with my passion. He was pulling me in deeper and deeper, and I knew it.

I'm not sure how long we kissed, but it was quite a while. We stood there kissing, his arms wrapped around me, my hands wrapped around "him." The only reason we stopped is because I was startled when his toes touched my toes; all the things to get startled about this deep into what was unfolding. I looked down and smiled. There was something very intimate, seeing my feet next to his feet. I never saw my feet as sexual instruments. I played soccer, walked around barefoot, they were just feet. But when my toes disappeared into David's mouth they became something more...a path to euphoria. And now seeing my toes touching his toes made what was happening that much more real...that much more...sexual.

He asked me sit down on the bed for a minute. I did. As I sat there, on the edge of his bed, nude, I wondered "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SUSAN?!" I was silent, just me and thoughts for what seemed an eternity. It was weird seeing my friend walk around nude, so confident in his walk. "I'm seeing DAVID NAKED?!!?" He reached out for my hand, as if I was walking off a stagecoach, and led me into his bathroom where he had a hot shower running. He led me into the bath stall.

Our time in the sh

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