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Charlotte gets cornered in the lift.

For the moment, he was content to watch her dance solo, but she sensed a presence, and startled briefly until she saw it was him. She then smiled and stared directly into his eyes, laser-locking their gazes together. Leigh opened her mouth and drew her hand from her crotch, the elastic band of her panties snapping shut against her soft belly. With her eyes never leaving his penetrating gaze, she drew her hand up to her open mouth and sucked in her cream-coated fingers. Kyle could see her tongue working as she licked her musky fingers clean.

"Ummm, Kyle, I taste good today! Want to try some?"

"Squeeze your breasts for me, baby" Kyle said, deflecting her question for the moment.

Leigh, pouting slightly, whined "They're pretty tender, honey, and full. I usually feed.."

"Show me how full and ripe you are, Leigh. I promise you won't be disappointed later."

Leigh gave him a slightly embarrassed smile, but brought both hands to the front closure of her bra. Popping the clasp, she released her full breasts from the confining cups. Tossing the bra aside, she was soon cupping both swollen breasts in her own grip. From her earlier fondling, she knew it wouldn't take much kneading to get her milk flowing freely, especially with how engorged she was. A few soft rhythmic contractions of her tits from base to nipple brought forth the expected white explosion from the darkened dimples of her round areoles. She heard sensuous moaning, and was startled to realize it was coming from her own throat. Kyle watched, fascinated, while she self-manipulated her heavy jugs, gently grunting each time a new milk gland erupted. He unzipped the heavy fur costume and stepped out of it, quickly losing his soaked T-shirt and boxers in the process. He was swollen to full hardness and beginning to leak clear pre-cum from his hyper-inflated glans.

Kyle said, " Leigh, look what you've created, baby."

Leigh opened her eyes and stared at Kyle's crotch. Her eyes registered disbelief before traveling up his hairy chest to lock with his own deep blue orbs. He stared back intently and smiled easily at her.

Her belly rippled and she groaned deeply one last time as her manipulated nipples' floodgates burst open and warm streams of her thin milk shot across the space separating them, splattering Kyle from his navel to his knees.

Kyle felt his groin muscles contract at the sensation of the warm milk hitting his crotch. His cock surged to full length, and a huge blob of clear seminal fluid bubbled from the head of his dick. He watched in amazement as the pre-cum blossomed, elongated, and then finally hung from the end of his cock in a long viscous string.

Leigh hadn't missed the effect her milk shower had on Kyle either. She scooted her ass forward on the bench, and dropped to her knees directly in front of Kyle's throbbing shaft and bloated balls. Dipping her head, she opened her mouth wide and climbed his thighs with her hands as her mouth devoured the suspended seminal offering. She completed the sensuous act by engulfing his glans in the warm confines of her cheek. Her tongue swirled around his shaft, making sure the nerve endings in his cockhead stayed on fire.

Kyle placed his hands on the sides of her head and backed himself out of her sucking mouth. Looking down at her, he began to slide downward towards the floor. Leigh stopped him by exerting pressure on his muscular thighs with her gripping hands.

"I want to taste you, baby, lick your swollen little clit until you scream for mercy" Kyle told her.

"Later, stud...you're going to fuck me, right? I mean, here, now"

"You bet, hon! Are you OK, having second thoughts?"

"Shit, no, Kyle! It's just....I better suck your most fertile load out with my mouth and not my..."

"Ahhh, you're not on any birth control right now. I see what.."

Leigh interrupted him, "Haven't had any need lately, but I'm not going to let it stop what we've started here. I just want to lower the odds a little further"
"No problem, honey, now let's put that pretty mouth of your

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