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Older male academic meets unusual female student.

They'd better impress, cost me $46.50 at the local lingerie boutique. True lust, I've found, doesn't come cheap.

Grabbing my purse, glancing in the mirror and it's time to go. I lock the door and run to Brendan's sleek, eco-friendly mobile and jump in. T-minus 3 hours and counting!

"You seem a little on edge tonight. Anything I should know about or is the usual UC bureaucracy getting you down?" Brendan leaned over and stroked my arm, looking concerned.

Damn. Too perceptive by half. I was a little bit nervous. "Nothings up, just something that T told me. Listen, Brendan, why don't we just skip dessert and head over to your place. I'd really like some us time." I wagged my eyebrows naughtily as I said the last part. No risk in letting him know I was interested. It wouldn't ruin my surprise, as we'd certainly gotten hot and heavy before tonight.

Brendan smiled. "I'd like that. In fact, I was just contemplating some us time." Clasping my hand, he ran it over a rather prominent bulge near the zipper of his perfectly tailored slacks. "I'm ready when you are." He leaned down and kissed me - with tongue!

My eyes glazed over and I hardly remembered Brendan taking my arm and leading me back to the car. Looking back on it, I really can't believe Brendan was as oblivious to my plans as he let on. I must have positively exuded lust.

When we reached his house I at least had the presence of mind to call a time out and rush to the bathroom, where I reapplied makeup, flossed and brushed, and adjusted my lingerie.

Emerging from the bathroom I saw that Brendan had gauged my mood correctly. He was pouring a bottle of rather expensive wine into two large wine glasses. "Ok, Andrea, take this and then remove your dress, Doctor's orders." Smiling darkly he held out the blood-red concoction.

I rolled my eyes, "Gee, you definitely know the way to a girl's heart. How suave does it get?"

He grinned and replied, "Bond. James Bond."

After I had taken the glass, Brendan shrugged out of his sports jacket. Mmmmm, I thought as I sipped the wine. Brendan was well-muscled and trim. His dark hair and hazel eyes emphasized one of the most handsome faces I'd ever seen. Still, it was really his self-assured and intelligent manner that had drawn me to him in the first place. But, at the risk of sounding shallow, the whole package was quite a bonus. It just screamed powerful.

In record time I finished the wine (which, thank the lord, had cooled my nerves and filled me with sexual confidence). Slipping sexily out of the dress was a challenge but I handled it quite well, turning so my back faced Brendan and carefully undoing the side zipper to let the dress pool about my feet. The feel of the sheath dress slipping down my body and the cool air caressing my skin made me shiver with anticipation.

The view I presented Brendan with, I must say, was quite stunning. Long legs, a trim waist and a round derriere clothed only in strips of green silk greeted his eyes.

Turning, I let my full breasts thrust forward enticingly, my pink nipples peaking over the top of the bra. Feeling giddy, I approached Brendan, swinging my hips in that age old way women do, and finally going down onto my knees in front of him. By this time Brendan was sprawled out on the couch, arms akimbo, near to panting as my body teased his eyes.

Eyeing his grey slacks, I reached for the zipper and began to draw it down. Thankfully, he'd already removed his belt so I didn't have to fumble around and ruin the mood.

As my small hand worked the zipper, Brendan looked at me and asked, "Are you sure about this?" I nodded, only slightly timid. We hadn't done this before and, in fact, this would be my first time doing anything like it, as I'd never felt like bestowing this particular gift on my previous boyfriends.

The zipper was completely undone and I reached in, unbuttoning his boxers as I went, and pulling out his fully erect penis.

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