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Coming of age for a young man in 1979.

He was careful to go slow and be gentle. He pressed and prodded, spending a short time rubbing upward, against her G-spot. He felt her cringe and another slight moan escaped her lips as she tossed her head to the other side.

Lisa was feeling so hot! His fingers felt better than she anticipated. Her cunt was full of sexy male fingers, gently massaging her insides. She couldn't help but squeeze and flex her pussy against them. She wondered if his cock could feel any better that his fingers.

"Feels good," the doctor said after a full 5 minutes of internal exploration. "I have to press against your ovaries. Try to relax."

She didn't enjoy this part, but knew it was necessary. After he pressed a few times to feel each one, he reached back for the speculum. Michael, who had been just standing there, watching the doctor manipulate (and stimulate) his patient, handed over the instrument. Lisa had almost forgotten that she had an audience!

"Now I have to insert this to look at your cervix"

Lisa was ready for this. Although the ovary palpitation took the edge off her growing excitement, she knew inserting the speculum would bring her right back to the edge. The doctor eased the tip into her vagina. Lisa squeezed and pushed out. She wanted to feel the speculum completely, making it spread her muscles to force its way inside.

Dr. Johnson held it firmly and slowly pushed it into her body. He knew what she was doing and didn't want to rush anything. She was being such a wonderful patient that he wanted her to enjoy every second of this. He, of course, felt a stirring in his balls as Lisa parted her lips and moaned again, louder this time. He also noticed that his student was completely mesmerized by this patient and had to shift his weight and lab coat - no doubt to make his own growing excitement more comfortable.

When the speculum was inside, he turned it and locked it in place. "What a sight", he thought. A beautiful woman, very excited, legs spread, completely hairless, with hard nipples and wet pussy, completely entranced in feelings of sexual excitement with a speculum opening up her pussy for me to look at! And I can't believe they pay me to do this! He began to crank on the speculum to spread her wider.
Lisa shifted a bit. He pussy was full! The speculum was spreading her wide, stretching her pussy, putting pressure on her entire vulva. And it felt SO good!!! Her lips were parting, her hood had been pulled back, exposing her clitoris to the cool air. She couldn't keep from moaning softly, even though she tried. She pulsed her vaginal muscles, squeezing the instrument that was opening her. With every flex she could feel an orgasm building.

Dr. Johnson looked inside her hole. Absolutely beautiful! He reached in and gently rubbed her cervix with the tip of his finger. He hated the idea of having to scrape it, but knew he had to.

"Lisa, I have to take a scraping. I'll try to be gentle."

Lisa heard him but couldn't respond. She was very excited, but knew the scrape would be uncomfortable. She felt the tip against her cervix and a slight pinch. Not too bad, but it did bring her back to reality. She thought about regaining her composure - after all, this IS a doctors office. She knew she'd have masturbate furiously when she got home, but for now, the edge was off. Of course, the doctor had other ideas...

"OK we're just about done", Dr. Johnson said as he loosened the speculum. "I just have to do the digital rectal exam."

As he gently pulled the wet speculum out of her still pulsing vagina, Lisa knew she was in trouble. Although she had calmed down a bit, a finger probing her anus would bring her right back up there.

She opened her eyes to watch the doctor get some more KY. Michael handed him the tube and continued to stand, watching her pussy. Her lips were flushed red and full, juices had run out of her hole and glistened around her ass hole. He wondered is the doctor even needed KY, since Lisa was so completely lubricated with her own sexy wetness.

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