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What will come of a servant’s love for his master?

Alfred was pleased when she did not take his head off with a spin kick at his uninvited touch and, instead, leaned into his hand. There was an unfamiliar, albeit welcome, stiffening in his trousers as she relaxed and he stepped into the curve of her hip and took in the expanse of The Cave with her. As the two of them stood together Alfred was further delighted when Ms. Brown dropped a hand from the top of her utility belt and grasped lightly at the rising tent of his trousers.

"Been awhile, has it Al", she teased even as her hand began kneading his fast stiffening member.

"There are only so many hours in a day Ms. Brown, and when one spends them tending to the every need of a crime fighter and his associates, there is precious little left for seeing to one's own wants or needs."

That was the closest thing Stephanie had ever heard Alfred utter to an actual complaint and it made her realize that the poor guy did spend almost every waking hour seeing to the Batman and his extended 'family'. When he was not occupied doing that then it was organizing the few public appearances of Bruce Wayne in order to shore up his public face and secret identity to the paparazzi and the public that always seemed to hunger for one more sound bite or picture from Gotham City's most eligible bachelor and billionaire. Feeling a little guilty for her part, Stephanie kneaded the growing stiffness in Alfred's trousers a little more intently and began to feel the first stirrings of her own arousal even as she did so. . .

Alfred stood to one side of the surgical bed and allowed the talented lips and tongue of Batgirl to work him to a mammoth erection! He was certain that he did not have the physical gifts of Master Timothy to offer to her, but that did not seem to slow her any. It had been her idea to adjourn here - out of the immediate sight of anyone else entering the Cave - and she had insisted that he allow her to do this for him even as she had crawled onto the table and laid herself out as though she were on display.

"Mmm . . . Mph . . . Mmm . . . Mph . . . Mmm," came the noises from her eager young mouth as Stephanie swallowed Alfred down to his root and allowed his head and shaft to come to a rest on her tongue. She had not had the opportunity on that rooftop to do this for Tim, but she was certain that he was better endowed than Alfred. Still, there were things that recommended a smaller penis when it came to oral sex and she had always been an aficionado of the art of giving good head.

For his part Alfred stood still and allowed her to work him instead of trying to thrust into her mouth as some younger guys might. It was a curtesy for which she was grateful. Even as Alfred was feeding inches of stiffening dick into her mouth, Stephanie was taking advantage of having already opened the seals on her armor and slipped one hand down the front of her costume's leggings until those searching digits found the building heat and growing damp between her legs. As Alfred was surrendering to the pleasure she could give him with her mouth, her fingers were beginning to brush over and explore the outer lips of her own vagina. True, the confines of the armor did not give her much room in which to work but she was skilled enough to make do with what there was. . .

Stephanie had one finger sunk deep inside of her vagina and continued sucking on Alfred's cock as she shamelessly pumped that in and out of herself.

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