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The aftermath.

She came like and explosion all over his face. She pushed his face deeper and made him suck her some more. He passed out two times but was awaking till she came.

1 Hour later

He was still at it. She drove there and she was a biker riding up. It was 2 women on the bike. There Cleary lovers by the way they were holding each other. The woman riding the back was a some what butch brunet with spiky hair but she had an attractive face. She had tattoos all over her body and big gigantic tits. She had nosed and tongue ear ring. The person riding next to her was blond in pig tails. She wore a short tank top and a tight little skirt. The blond girl had a collar on. She looked about 18.

Veronica slowed down "What's up." She said waving them down. The biker slowed down. The butch woman said. "Just riding."

"I am going to Vegas. My name is veronica." She said.

"My name is Ginger. The bitch holding on to me is Cathy. I see your handling you bitch pretty well" The spiky hair woman said.

Veronica lifted bitch's head up. Cum was dripping out of his mouth. His eyes wore close shut with cum "Yea keep him in his place"

"We having a party at a bar down here a couple of biker friends. It mostly a lesbian party but you can bring your bitch along." Ginger said.

"All right." Veronica said.


Bitch was embarrassed to be walking around in the g-string. There were woman everywhere. The place smelled like beer and pussy. It was all types of sex acts going all around. Veronica wasn't happy till she tasted every pussy in the place. She all ways carried a strap-on and had Ginger over the bar. She was plunging the huge dildo in the pussy doggy style. She had cupped ginger tits and was happily grinding into her. Ginger had a huge smile on her face. "Damm girl." Your good.

"So nice to fuck someone he can take it like a man unlike this bitch over here" Veronica said pointing at bitch.

Veronica kissed Ginger and played with her tits. She pinches her nipples and nibbles her neck. She fondles her tits roughly and then start fucking her with smooth strokes.

"Fuck me hard you old bitch mmmmm fuck me with that gray haired pussy" Ginger moan.

Veronica pulled her hair and slammed it hard into her. Ginger came like and explosion. Ginger kissed her and finger fucked Veronica's pussy as cum squirted out. "Let's see what our bitches are doing." She said.

Cathy was getting gang bang by a couple of girls. Veronica dragged her out and places her on the table. She bent Cathy over and shoved the dildo deep in her ass. She started finger her cunt. Veronica got her finger real wet.

"You got bang me with that big thing miss...I like it hard and rough" Cathy purred sucking her thumb "Ahhhh shit mmmmmm shit ohhhh your finger feel so goooood ohm shit mmmm have your hand ahhhh shittt mmmmmmm"

Cathy screamed with pleasure as Veronica pounded and pounded deep inside her stretch out hole. Veronica notices she had a flower tattoo on her butt and she slapped it. Cathy was crying as she was filled with a multiple orgasm. Veronica had her from both sides. Cum was drenching her fist as she pulled on her pig tails. Cathy body was shaking as both women were dripping with sweat. Cathy manages to grind back with her. Cum dripped down Veronica's fist

"You like that don't you..you spoiled little bitch" Veronica said pulling her hair

Ginger was on top of Bitch. His cock was half way in her pussy as she grinded on it. She was stroking what left of the shaft into her pussy. He hand tickled his cock as she stroked down it faster and faster. She drugged her nails into his gigantic balls as her pussy clench his dick. Her cum was dripping down on his cock as she slammed it in. Ounce she had she gripped him like a pit bull. His cock was being twisted in her pussy like a giant anaconda snake. All he could was hold on. She gripped his hands as he moan

"Damm thought this little bitch could pound but he sit here crying" Ginger said "(mocking his voice) oh Ginger you to much oh oh please stop I am just a little slut.

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