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An unorthodox competition for the Queen's hand, and bed.

And I want to make it permanent. Would you marry me?"

To Glen, the expression that bloomed on Jill's face was like a spring sunrise after a pre-morning rain, her joy marked by her ear-to-ear smile and the tears coursing down her cheeks. "Yes, oh, yes," she sobbed softly, throwing her arms around him and thanking God up above for blessing her with another chance at love.

~ ~ ~

JD parked on the street in front of his parents' house. Now that they were here, he felt too unsettled to even park in the driveway. Such was his restlessness that he wasn't even sure of all its causes. And besides, he was still distracted by the dried cum residue on the speedometer.

"Well, um , we're here," he intoned extraneously, uncomfortable with any length of silence since the rest stop.

Running her hand over JD's right thigh, Hannah leaned over and breathily whispered in his ear, "It was definitely worth the trip." Then, straightening up with a wink, she continued in a more normal tone, "Come on, I can't wait to meet your folks - almost as much as I can't wait for you to meet mine."

Seeing his hesitancy, she kissed him softly on the cheek. "It'll work out fine. You'll see."

As he was walking up the front sidewalk, JD felt like a novice rafter being swept down a rock-strewn river canyon - completely out of control. First the emotional turmoil over being told that his dad really wasn't his dad, and now the relationship that he had held comfortably at arm's length suddenly wrenched to a level he couldn't deny wanting, but for which he still wasn't sure he was ready.

Asking Hannah to come with him to lend moral support had been an impulse he hadn't known he was going to blurt out even a second before he did. He knew she was a flirt, but the concern and compassion she'd shown him made him feel like maybe she really did care about him as a friend, and that maybe there was something special they could build together. But the feelings swirling around inside him were all so new, so seemingly conflicting, and oh man he just didn't know how to reconcile them or even get his mind around it all.

He was, in a word, vulnerable. And that was something he definitely did not like.

What he couldn't sort out was whether Hannah had taken advantage of it or whether she'd given him just what he had most needed.

They'd made mostly small talk on the way from University to JD's hometown, which he learned was only fifteen miles or so from where Hannah had grown up. But small talk is, well, small, and doesn't last for long, even when you have a lot in common. After the first sustained awkward silence - JD found it awkward, anyway - Hannah asked him about his love life.

"What love life?" Jim replied with a crooked smile and a lopsided shrug.

"Well, I'm just curious if you're seeing anyone, or just playing the field."

JD shook his head. "I don't know whether to lie and brag or tell you to mind your own business."

Hannah looked back impishly. "Wouldn't matter - I could figure out the truth either way."

"And why, " he replied with scraped-together dignity, "do you wish to possess this classified information?"

"Because," she continued softly, "if it is unoccupied, I'd like to interview for the job."

Jim started to turn and gape at Hannah until he realized that he was still on the freeway and was bounded on either side by a semi and the median ditch. Hastily seeing a rest stop sign up ahead, he took the next exit and parked the car in order to give this spitfire of a woman his undivided attention.

"Surprised?" Hannah deadpanned.

"Well, I, well" Jim stammered. Stopping to collect himself, he began again, "No, I guess I'm not. After all, now that I come to think about it, I am taking you home to meet my parents. I guess I can be as oblivious as...well, as they were when they were courting. Which my mom is certain to explain in enthusiastic detail, if my brother-in-law's experience was any indication," he added with a chuckle.

"His taste must be as good as mine," Hannah cooed.

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