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They didn't speak until he had his clothes on.

This elven beauty, despite being cultured at court, was still a woman. And her lover's direct, talented ministrations had her squirming and panting. Her hips bucked against that long hard shaft; they remembered how good it felt inside her.

"Please..." she begged, her voice moaning in carnal frustration. Her hands pulled Mule's face up to hers, and she kissed him passionately. It hadn't taken very long once she felt him grind against her womanhood, the swaying action of their mount's steps added a pleasurable undulation to it. That throbbing shaft of flesh had made itself slick from rubbing up and down her waiting folds, and the resulting friction had driven her into an immediate frenzy. She kissed Mule feverishly to show him how badly she wanted him.

He broke away from her, his breath heavy and hot on her cheek and ear. Mule moved his hips away and the head of his erect cock pressed against the opening to her pussy. Riyarra braced herself for what was to come and held onto him firmly as he slowly pushed forward. The slick shaft slid in slowly, parting her folds and stretching her from his immense girth. She whimpered. The mix of pleasure and pain from being penetrated by someone so much larger than the typical Eltharian made her breath catch in her throat and her body tense up. Her arms clung to him tightly. Mule kissed her ears and ran the tip of his tongue down the elongated tips; it was an erogenous zone that sent shivers down her spine and distracted her from the discomfort below. Slowly she got used to his size and her tensed muscles relaxed. She found his neck and locked her lips on his taught muscles.

Mule slowly rocked back and forth, grinding his hard cock inside her. It was a pleasurable motion that gave her time to adjust to him while electrifying her nerves and sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. The slow sensual gyrations picked up that fevered passion where it left off.

"Yes..." she whimpered, feeling him stir her inside. "Please..." she panted, as her eyes closed and she let herself go to the pleasurable waves that ran through her body. Her arms barely held onto him as her mind was washed away in sensations of love and pleasure. Now that she could let herself go and be free in the moment, she was truly caught in the throes of passion. Her hips started to buck and meet his slow deliberate thrusts with force - she was ready for more.

Mule was all too ready to oblige her. His back arched up, and his hands came to rest under her lower back as he lifted her waist up gently. She was now under his power, and he controlled their movements as he started to thrust into her.

Powerful corded muscles worked in unison keeping his elven beauty supported, while pumping his rigid cock into her. He kept his motions forceful, coming all the way out before penetrating her completely. Yet he maintained an even pace, and did not let the frantic throes of his lover dictate his speed - he wanted this to last, and he wanted her to enjoy every second of it.

"yeSS!!" Riyarra squealed, as she succumbed to his talents. Every muscle in her body tensed suddenly and a wave of intense spasms ripped through her body. Both hands dug their nails into Mule's chest, and raked his flesh. The muscles of her vagina suddenly constricted around his rigid shaft, causing her feel each forceful thrust even more and adding fuel to her powerful orgasm.

"Oh! Mule!" she panted. Her lover lowered her waist back onto the saddle blanket. He seemed finished, yet remained hard inside her. Her eyes fluttered open when she felt his warm mouth on her breast, kissing a path to a pert nipple. He held it between his teeth, and flicked the tip of his tongue over it. Riyarra purred pleasantly as the afterglow mixed with his tonguing attention.

"Don't stop." She breathed. "Please, don't stop. I want to feel you..." she was going to say more, but a quick thrust by her lover cut the words short.

"As you command, your highness," he replied coyly,

"roll over.

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