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Megan's bet with Rob takes a twisted turn.

r $200?"

"No, no. I went to prom with him for $200. I let him fuck me for free." Nicole looked over at the red-faced waitress who had come by to refill water glasses, but kept walking. Clearly she had overheard. "But even if I had slept with him for the money - who cares? It's $200 and I had fun. And so did he."

"Nic, that's prostitution! You're not a whore. Well...not a professional one." Jamie threw in the dig at her friend at the end.

Nicole rolled her eyes. "Whatever, if I'm gonna get called a whore I might as well get paid, right? It's the only thing I'm good at."

Jamie made a sad face at Nicole. "I thought we were going to go to GCC together? Don't you want to go to college?"

Nicole stood up to leave. "I'm not going to stand on street corners, Jamie. It's just for fun and extra cash. Relax. I can still room with you next year. But I need to buy myself a car, if my dad won't. Are you going to Kevin's party tonight?"

"I wasn't planning on it," Jamie said as she stood up to leave, picking up her purse.

"Be ready by 8. Wear something that shows off your tits."

Jamie shook her head as the pair walked back towards their houses.


Nicole stood outside Jamie's house shivering, wearing her shortest shorts that accentuate her long, cross country team toned legs, and a casual shirt. She tapped her foot while she waited impatiently. "C'mon Jamie..."

After a few minutes her friend emerged, fulfilling her promise - she wore a loose fitting sundress with no bra. "Atta girl, Jamie. Let the beasts roam free."

Jamie punched her friend on the arm as they started walking towards the house party. "Do you think Ryan will be there?"

"No idea. Why?" Nicole asked as they walked briskly.

"Just wondering. Tim usually hangs out with him." Jamie said, slightly red faced.

"Has he called since the morning after?" she asked with a concerned tone.

Jamie looked sad and didn't respond, so Nicole changed the subject as they continued to walk to the party.


Nicole walked through the hazy crowded room to refill her beer cup when she bumped into Tim. He was tall and lanky, and rough around the edges, but he was nice enough to Nicole and Jamie really liked him. "Oh hey Tim, I think Jamie is looking for you." She said, as she filled her beer at the keg.

"Oh uh, yeah don't tell her I'm here." He said looking around.

Confused, Nicole turned to face him. "What do you mean? Didn't you guys have fun on prom night?"

"Not really," he said, still avoiding eye contact with Nicole. "She's, ah... Not very forthcoming."

Nicole smiled and nodded. "Wouldn't let you fuck 'em?"

Tim chuckled and shrugged, now eyeing up Nicole. "Yeah, pretty much. Or anything else for that matter. Graduation is weeks away. I'm not going to college a virgin and I don't see Jamie giving it up any time soon. Hey... Ryan said he had a lot of fun with you."

Nicole grabbed her boobs through her shirt. "I thought you were a tit man."

"I'm an admirer or all things beautiful." Tim explained, slurring his words slightly.

Nicole rolled her eyes at his attempt at a pick up line. "Nice try Tim." She started to turn and find Jamie when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

"I've got the $200 on me right now." He said calmly as he leaned in close to her ear. "Ryan told me he had a LOT of fun." He repeated his earlier sentence.

Nicole turned around and gave him a dirty look, but Tim didn't back down. Her anger quickly faded as she contemplated the situation, taken off guard by Tim's sudden turn into a heel. She nodded and looked over towards the bedrooms in the house. "Find an empty room, I'll follow you in a minute."

Tim practically lost his cool when he turned and almost ran to the bedrooms. His power walking caused Nicole to laugh as she chugged her second beer of the night. She watched him enter one of the bedrooms, counted to 10 and followed him inside, closing the door behind her.

She smiled as Tim laid back on the bed.

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