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Final chapters.

I avoid it?"

It took a moment for me to understand what she meant. "Avoid... being frigid?" I asked.

"Yes. How do I stop myself from becoming like my mum? I don't want to lose a husband because I'm not interested in sex, and then have all my friends know that I'm frigid." Her gorgeous eyes were pleading with me, and her mouth open in a pout that sent my pulse racing.

"You just have to enjoy sex, that's all." I said. Yes, I know that was a useless thing to say, but you try thinking sensibly in a situation like that.

"Enjoy sex," she spat. "Do you have any idea how useless at sex boys my age are?" I was going to defend all men at this point, but memory got the better of me.

"To be fair, we really enjoy it," I said. "Even if we do get overexcited and finish too early."

"And that's my experience of sex," she said. "Boys who get overexcited. I'm lucky if they manage to get it inside me before they come. It's not exactly fun."

"I can't blame them," I said without thinking. "You are incredibly sexy." The look on her face didn't stop me, so like a complete idiot I carried on. "By the time any man has got you naked, he's probably so aroused he can't help it."

Her smile was gone, but her eye contact was unwavering. She licked her lips before speaking.

"I bet you know what you are doing," she said. "I bet you know how to satisfy a woman." This time I was sensible enough to think before answering, but still said something stupid:

"My divorce wasn't because I was crap in bed, if that's what you mean." For some reason, the look on her face told me that it was the right thing to say.

"I want to enjoy sex, Chris. I want to experience a proper orgasm, given to me by a man who cares that a fuck is good for me, too." This time I was completely incapable of speaking. She stood up, took my drink from my hand and dropped it on the grass, and then pulled me out of my chair and led me onto the boat, through to the bedroom at the front.

In the pale light from the windows in my bedroom she reached up and kissed me. I put my arms round her and grabbed her bum, enjoying her tongue in my mouth and the grinding of her groin against mine. Her hands reached down to my bum and then round to the fastening at the front of my trousers, which she started to unfasten.

"Talk to me," she breathed between kisses. "Tell me what to do. Be disgusting," she said, licking my lips. "Be explicit. Be really dirty."

I unfastened the front of her trousers and pushed my hand into her panties. "Grab my cock while I finger your cunt," I said while sliding my fingers through her hair and into her hot, wet, tight slit. I felt her fingers wrap themselves around my swelling cock while my fingertips found the lump of her clitoris, a tiny gasp sounding from her mouth into my ear. I gripped one of her buttocks in one hand while stroking her clitoris with two fingers of the other, her moans and gasps loud in my ear.

"Grab my balls with your other hand," I said, "and wank my cock as tight as you can." She moaned as she did this, turning her head to kiss me again, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. We stayed locked together like that for long moments, using our hands to lift each other higher and higher while we kissed and licked each other's tongues.

Eventually we released each other. "I want to see your tits," I said, lifting her t-shirt over her breasts and unfastening her bra. Her perfect tits bounced, nipples pointing hard upwards, and I licked at them greedily, grasping her buttocks with both hands. She wrapped her arms round my head and laughed while I reached down between her thighs and fingered her cunt again. Locked together like this, we fell into the bed.

After a long moment licking each other's tongues and fingering her clit while she wanked me, I rolled her onto her back and lifted myself up.

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