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The result of an interesting internet convo Pt. 2.

" She locked eyes with Lilian as she said this. The older woman groaned in response.

Lilian could feel her body getting hotter by the second. Her daughter had her on fire, but she was still paralyzed with shame. Bree lowered her lips to her mother's neck and started to kiss her way down. She kissed the tops of the older woman's tits, and Lilian moaned, her breathing becoming laboured.

Bree ran her tongue over the swell of Lilian's breast, dragging it slowly towards her nipple. She latched on to the throbbing nub with her lips and sucked it eagerly. Lilian pushed her chest up excitedly into Bree's face and squealed with desperation.

The sensations Bree's lips were causing drove Lilian wild. Her body trembled with desire. Her pussy was drenched, and desperate for some much needed attention. She started to imagine her daughter's face between her legs, lapping at her pussy like a kitten, and it made her melt.

"Ok! Do it! You can do it!" she wailed.

"Do what, Mommy. What do you want?"

"Lick Mama's pussy, Darling. Please! Lick your mother's pussy!"

A wide grin spread across Bree's face and she started to slide herself down her mother's body. She lay down between her open thighs and gazed at the moist slit that boiled between them.

Bree licked her lips, glancing back up at her mom's face, and lowered her head. She held Lilian's gaze, and her wet tongue swiped slowly through the moist folds of the woman's pussy.

Lilian gasped, her body wrenching with pleasure, and she reached down, digging her fingers in her daughter's hair. Bree smiled brightly, even as she licked her tongue eagerly through her mom's cunt.

She devoured the older woman's flesh, gorging on her flowing juices. She was drowning in her mom's taste and loved every perverted moment of it.

Lilian bucked her hips wildly as her daughter ate her. Her body was on fire, cascading with pleasure. She closed her eyes tightly and her mouth hung open, her breath coming in quick, shallow gasps.

Her conscience still struggled to justify what she was doing. 'I'm just a sick pervert, that's all.' she told herself. 'No wonder my daughters ended up being a couple of hoodlums... If I'm their role model, we should all be locked up, with the key thrown out the window!'

Bree's lips clamped around her clit, and the younger girl started to hum, causing powerful vibrations against the sensitive button. She poked at it with her tongue through pursed lips, and Lilian jolted with every touch.

"Yes!" the older woman cried. "Oh, Baby, I'm so close! I'm gonna cum in your hot little mouth!! Lick Mama's pussy! Lick it!!"

Bree licked faster. Her face was covered in her mother's cream. Lilian clamped her thighs around her daughter's face and pushed her hips up off he mattress. Bree held her tightly, her lips enveloping her weeping cunt.

Lilian cried out one last time, her body thrusting hard off the bed, and her cum poured out into her daughter's mouth. Bree squealed and struggled to keep herself clamped over her mom's gushing hole.

Lilian's fingers dug hard into Bree's hair, pulling her in forcefully against her pussy. Her hips convulsed wildly, her body shining with sweat. She strained herself up one final time, holding her lower body in the air with her feet, then collapsed back to the mattress, completely spent.

Bree sat back on her knees with a wide grin on her face. Her cheeks and chin were dripping with cum, and she scooped it eagerly into her mouth. "Fuck, you taste SO GOOD, Mommy!" she said with a giggle.

Lilian stared incredulously up at her daughter. She had never been so thoroughly fucked in all her life. Something had snapped inside her. She usually felt guilt or shame after cumming with Breanna, but now all she could think was how desperate she was to lick her daughter's pussy, too!

She surprised Bree by suddenly lunging forward and grabbing her by the shoulders. She pushed the girl onto her back, her head hanging over the foot of the bed.

"Mom?!?" Bree shouted in bewilderment.

Lilian leaned over bet

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