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Liana loves the taste of men in uniform.

There were six girls in this group. They stood looking at me expectantly, and I suddenly remembered what else I was expected to do. I turned to the nearest girl, and asked if she was a pledge or a Sister. She told me they were all Sisters, so I knelt and asked them if I could please kiss their asses in welcome to my Mistresses home. They began giggling wildly.

"I'll be damned," one of them exclaimed "I didn't believe it until this moment. Are you really going to pucker up and kiss my ass?"

I wanted to scratch her eyes out. I wanted to knock that superior smirk right off her face. This girl had been a bad student, and a disruptive presence in my class. Instead I had no choice but to respond

"Yes, Ma'am, I am the slave of my Mistresses, and I have been ordered to kiss your ass."

"I remember you. You were my English teacher in eighth grade and you gave me a 'D'. The twins must really have the goods on you to have a woman your age standing in their foyer, bare-assed, asking girls our age if she can kiss their ass."

So they all knew I was being black-mailed into this, and they didn't care. They were still going to take advantage of the situation. They each turned, one at a time, and presented their butts to my lips as the others watched and howled with laughter. One of them, the one who had been in my class, decided to be cute. Before I leaned forward, she lifted her dress, exposing her tight young butt and a tiny thong. I knew I had best not hesitate, as Raven and Rose would be furious, so I pressed my lips to her bare cheeks as the others watched in delight. As my lips pressed against her skin, she told the others

"She may have given me a 'D' in English, but she gets an 'A' for being an ass-kissing slut."

My face burned in anger and degradation, but I could do nothing but accept their abuse. Just as I finished and got off my knees the bell rang again. I answered the door to a larger group, maybe twelve girls. This was a mixed group of Sisters and pledges, so I kissed five more asses and offered my own ass to be spanked seven times. Two more groups arrived over the next twenty minutes or so. By now, there were about forty girls present. My butt was becoming red and sore from the slaps it had received.

Mistress Rose came to collect me and led me back to take drink orders. Each girl had been given a piece of paper to write their order down on. I was required to go to each girl, turn, spread my cheeks, and allow her to insert her drink order. Then I had to take the order to the bartenders, and let them remove it from between my cheeks. I had forgotten the bartenders were males, and everyone got a good look at my ass and pussy. When I had finished delivering the drinks and snacks Mistress Raven announced it was time for business.

She shot me a hard glance, and I headed to my pad. As I reached it, I removed the remainder of my lingerie, leaving me nude except for my shoes. I knelt on the pad, and placed my head on the floor between their seats, leaving my hips up and my ass in the air. I had, at last, learned my place, and would never disobey my Mistresses again.
Before they began their business Mistress Raven reached over from her seat beside me. She placed her hand on my ass. I noticed it was soft and cool, and I felt goose bumps rise on my skin. She asked the girls

"What do you think of our centerpiece, Ladies?"

There were murmurs and a few giggles from her audience, but Mistress Rose said "I don't know, I feel something is missing..."

From the audience, I heard a voice call out "If she is the centerpiece, shouldn't she be decorated?"

The whole exchange sounded rehearsed, and I realized that it was a set up. I didn't know where they were going with this, but I knew I was not going to like it, not one bit. Mistress Rose stood suddenly and told Mistress Raven

"I know just the thing, come and help me."

They hurried from the room, and returned seconds later, confirming my suspicion that this had been planned. Mistress Raven addressed me.

"Look, Princess, we found you a decoration."

I crane

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