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Continuation from Zorro.


'Seems that you know all about me! Lol!'

'Well, not that much. Just how Natalie met you and that you are very nice. And yes, Natalie has such beautiful girls, so sexy.'

'I saw some photos - lucky mum! I would love to roll in the sheets with them!'

'Her girls are so beautiful, especially the youngest. She could be in Playboy.'

'Have you had sexy fun with the daughters?'

'Yes, Maddy. Did Natalie say I did?'

'Can't remember to tell you the truth. It all gets rather complex! Lol.'

'Well yes, I did, but don't like to talk about it, not sure if Natalie wants anyone to know about that.'

'May I give you a kiss?'

'Oh yes. Of course. That would be nice.'

'A soft meeting of lips - a French kiss, mouth half open ... lightly chewing your bottom lip as I caress your shoulder with my finger tips.'

'Ooooooooooooooooo, feels so nice.'

'You have lovely silky skin.'

'Oh yes.'

'Smooth and soft. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can't resist slipping my hand into your bra. If you're wearing one.'

'I am.'

'Exploring a new body is so wonderful - so exciting - so erotic.'

'Oh yes.'

'Smelling a new woman.'


'Getting my face into her hair - tasting her lips - nibbling her ears and kissing the nape of her neck. Then fingering her hardened nipple - stroking a new breast for the first time.'

'Oooo - that's exciting. I think I might cum at the thought!! Oh my!'

'Hand straying down the belly, though the close-cropped pubic hair, into the panties. Fingers searching for the clitoral hood. Mmm you're swollen and hard there!'

'Ooooooooooooooooooooo. That's not surprising.'

'Very sexy. Fingers eagerly exploring in the crevices, finding the little button.'

'Your making me so hot, Sarah. Oh my god!'

'It's so hard. Fizzing as well!'

'Ooooh Sarah.'

'If I sneak my fingers a little bit further between your soft silky thighs, I can feel the warmth of your body.'


'Slipping a finger between the soft wet pussy lips - gosh Dora - your vagina is sloppy with lovely warm juices. Your very special secret nectar. Feels so wonderful.'

'Oh please... go on. Feels so good.'

'I LOVE it! I think I shall get my head down there, between your thighs, to inhale the heady scent. The scent of Dora. And taste the juice - your own delicious nectar.'

'Ooooohhhhhhhh. OMG.'

'Mmm my nose rubs along the gash - smelling your special scent.'

'Oh Sarah...'

'Wow Dora - you smell terrific - so sweet and delicious - gorgeous.'

'Feels so good.'

'I shall slip two fingers deep inside you.'


'Mmm so easy and deep!! And hot!'

'Oh god.'

'Perhaps three ... nice and slow.'

'Yes. I'm gasping here!'

'My other hand prodding your rosebud - the other secret passage.'

'Ooooooooooooooooooo. Yes please! I love that.'

'My lips sucking your clit.'


'Fingers driving in and out - finger prodding your bum.'


'I can feel the trembling in your thighs. Your belly is shuddering. The buzzing in your clit.'


'The shaking loins. Turmoil in your belly. The fizzing - arched back - tense and stiff.'


'Waiting for the explosion coming from deep inside your belly. The secret center of you. There. It's coming!'


'I felt that. Lovely darling.'


'Shaking and trembling .'


'I'M FEELING DORA'S PUSSY. There I've shouted it to the world!!'


'I feel so privileged to be finger-fucking you. Come for me Dora. Come come come.'


'And feeling your shaking and hearing your moans. SO MUCH. Wow - you cum very hard Dora. So very hard. Pushing onto my hand.'


'Body still trembling. What an explosive orgasm!! I'm so impressed. And it goes on and on. Limbs thrashing - eyes shut tight - mouth open - gasping - gasping - moaning - moaning.'


'My fingers are covered in your cum.

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