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Granddaughter makes the rules.

Barely giving me time to breathe, Lindsay took me over yet again, spanking me more softly now, but continuously. My ass rose up as I half knelt on the bed, legs apart and my sex thrust to her mouth and fingers. Her lips left my star and softly sucked in my clit, pressing to it and gently running her tongue around and around. I was calling her name, telling her I loved her, lost in sensation as I came again.

Oh, it was magical. I eased my body back onto the mattress, lifting the now untucked sheet under my fingers simply for something to hold onto with the pent up energy that ran out of me. I breathed, deeply, slowly, recovering myself after the heights she had taken me to, gentling down again, and being soft. I simply lay there for a moment.

Twisting around, I struggled to get my arms around her. Lindsay came up to me as we lay together, her warm skin skimming over mine. I felt a sheen coating me, feeling slightly slippery as we moved together. We kissed, long and deeply, our tongues running over one another as I laid one hand over her breast and fondled her. Her breasts are bigger than mine, not huge, but plump and round. Her nipples are different too, and my fingertips curled around each one as I moved from breast to breast as she rolled over onto her back.

Lindsay got up on her elbows and reached for the water on the night table. She took a long drink, then gave it to me. I sipped, glad of it after coming so. Our eyes met over the brim of the bottle.

Lindsay took the bottle back and set it down before lying on her back once again, one arm draped over her forehead. I rose above her as she did, dipping my head to use my lips and tongue on her nipples. I smiled to myself. I really liked sucking on her boobs. Six months ago, I would never have imagined how much this simple, endearing thing could make me so happy. Even in my most secret, forbidden bi-curious fantasies, and there weren't many, licking nipples had not played a very big part. I love having my own teased and played with, and, I had recently discovered, hurt, but I hadn't focused on playing with another girl's ever. While self-conscious in some ways, being small-breasted does have advantages: I rarely wear a bra; I can get away with wearing lots of styles that more endowed girls would not look good in. (Okay, so I don't fill out a tight top. I wish I did, but I don't.) Tom told me he really liked my breasts and would fondle me under my clothes in public when we were dating. One of the nicer things about not needing a bra.

I adored Lindsay's breasts. I eased over her body and between her legs, which she opened for me and let me slide between. I felt the closeness of her thighs around my ribs as I dipped my head to her boobs and ran my tongue around and around each stiff nipple, closing my lips over them to suck, pressing with my lips. I ran the tip of my tongue around the edge of each wide areola. Oooo la la, I was sucking another girl's nipples. I wanted to shout out with glee and let everyone know how much I loved it. Kelly McGillycuddy likes boobs.

Lindsay's fingers played in my drying hair. She lifted a tress here and there and let it fall, gently massaging my scalp as I just licked and sucked on her breasts. Soft mews filled the air. She is not nearly as noisy as I am when excited. Or she hadn't been. As I loved her breasts, she seemed to let go a little. I wondered if groups intimidated her. So far, they hadn't seemed to inhibit me at all. Funny about that.

Sighing happily, I finally left her breasts and moved down her body. The soft curve of her tummy came up, and I kissed her navel, trailing my lips lower. My hands fluttered over her body, touching here and there. I moved them over the swell of her hips, around her ribs. I just touched her. Pursing my lips, I laid kisses across her mound, her short hair there almost prickling. It reminded me of the suggestion they both had made that I should take away all of my hair down there. I wondered how I would look.

Lindsay's pussy is also very different from mine.

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