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Belly dancer seduces an old friend.

The entire restaurant seems deserted now as many of the patrons left to go back to their workplaces. John casually mentions to Ashley that he has the entire afternoon off to spend time with his new PA. Ashley snapped herself out of her daydream, taking a deep breath and answered, "That's great. What do we do now?"

With that, the lights dimmed, the doors locked and the tables and chairs were cleared away in an instant. Soft music came wafting through the speakers as John moves to Ashley's side and extends his hand. She gingerly puts her hand in his and stands up. Their table and chairs were then swiftly removed and the entire restaurant was now one empty room with beautiful music and soft, warm lights. John pulls Ashley close to him, slowly moving to the music. Their eyes locked in a hypnotic, intimate gaze with only one conclusion.

Their lips soon touched. Their bodies melting into each other. Their breathing quickens as they continue to savor their romantic embrace. Ashley's hands start to wander. Grasping, gripping, grabbing tightly onto John as their kissing increased in fervor. John reaches down to her butt cheeks with both hands and pulls her closer to him. So close that she could feel his manhood underneath his well-styled suit and pants. Her eyes flew open wide as she felt the size of his package rubbing up against her. She positions her leg to one side, allowing it to rub more directly against her now excited pussy.

Her mind is racing. Thoughts of large cocks she had seen in pornographic movies came to mind. She never had the opportunity to have something of such size pleasure her. Her previous lovers were mostly average with the exception of one but even that one could not compare to what John is packing. Grinding herself even harder onto him, she found that he isn't even hard yet. Looking at him now, with lustful and longing eyes, he simply smiled back. His handsome face disarms her completely.

John turns Ashley gently around and pulls her to him again, this time rubbing her ass with his generously sized manhood. His hands begin to explore her other erogenous zones. One delves downwards, slipping past the waistband of her business skirt. His other hand moves slowly upwards, cupping gently, and relishing the feel of her breasts through her clothes and underwear. Expertly, he removes her bra and panties in one deft move, dropping them uselessly to the floor. His middle finger snakes up into Ashley's now sodden cunt causing her to moan out loud while his other hand expertly manipulates her nipples, one after the other, causing her to grind her hips backwards into his hardon.

Ashley could feel John getting harder and bigger with each of her sexy move. Her cunt is aflame from the wild thrusting of his single middle finger. His other hand's thumb and forefinger is tweaking and pinching her nipples at just the right intensity and frequency, causing the fires in her loins to flare up each time he teases them.

Standing in the middle of the now empty restaurant, Ashley lets herself go ... John continues his expert manipulation of her most sensitive spots, eliciting pleasure, pain and frequent loud moans from Ashley. She needs it now. She reaches back, unzips his pants and releases his monster from its confines. She isn't surprised that he has no underwear on. She lovingly strokes his long cock, trying to measure it in her mind. Could be a good 9 inches at least. Perhaps a little more, perhaps a little less. Doesn't really matter. What surprises her is that she could hardly get her hand around it. It's girth is simply out of this world.

She closes her eyes and grinds her pussy lips against his throbbing cock head as she moans in pleasure from his continued expert manipulations of her sexy, responsive body.

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