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He catches fiancée with her ex-lover & enjoys the show.

As we relaxed his phone started to continually bleep with a text messages and he smiled as he read them and replied.

"You're the popular one?" I asked curious about what he was up to.

"It's Peter and Stevie texting, they want to know how the rest of the night was."

"I'll get us a drink while you're busy texting." I said.

"They were very impressed by you and both want to fuck you."

Before I could say anything Jason's phone bleeped again and he laughed out loud. I thought about what he had just said and went into the kitchen for some more beers where I could hear him talking on the phone but so softly I only made out a few words and occasional laughing before it went quiet. I went back into the lounge and sat with Jason on the settee.

"We're getting together with them later Jayne, I have told them to come around at 9pm. Put your new dress on, they are coming round for a drink and to get to know you much better!"

"Jason, it's more suitable for a swingers club, I'll look like a right slut."

Jason handed me his phone. "It's from Peter, have a read of this." I took his phone and read the text. 'Get Jayne dressed up nice and slutty for u she can give Stevie a birthday present.'

My heart thumped as I realised what he had set up.

"I want to show you off, do it Jayne, don't be shy. You said you're ready for a real adventure Jayne and I bought it for you so put it on. Do as you're told." He said his eyes boring into me. "Remember you said you were game for anything and I want my friends to see what a sexy hotwife that I'm fucking. Peter and Stevie both wanted you as soon as they saw you."

"You've already told them they can fuck me haven't you?"

He nodded and then went over to the TV and slotted a DVD into the side. It was the scene again with the brunette getting used really hard by three black guys and we sat together quietly watching for a moment.

"You know Peter likes to really dominate women and that's perfect for a submissive slut like you Jayne. He has lots of bondage stuff too he is bringing over."

I hesitated for a moment before speaking. "I'm not sure about bondage and Peter makes me nervous, I am wary about being tied up and I don't even know Stevie!"

"It'll be fun and I'll look after you, now go and get changed because they will be here soon."

Jason grabbed me and with one hand fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples while his other hand slipped between my legs. I moaned quietly, closed my eyes and leaned back.

It was a thrill being dominated by my young lover but my heart was thumping at the thought of his friends joining in. I drank my beer and looked at Jason straight in his eyes hoping I looked more confident than I really felt as I went into the bedroom to get ready. I showered again and then sorted my stockings and nice underwear. It was quick and easy to put on the dress and as I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew what I was wearing was outrageous. The dress clung very tightly, perhaps a size too small, with a deep V at the front showing my cleavage and so short it only just covered my stocking tops as I walked, a proper 'fuck me' dress. I finished the look with my matching gold 'Hotwife' necklace and ankle chain. I checked my makeup in the mirror and took a deep breath and went back in the lounge.

"You look amazing Jayne, very sexy."

"Thank you Jason, you are very generous and this dress is lovely but I was going to save it for next time at the club."

I stood and looked out of the window to check my car was ok and Jason stood behind me stroking my bum easing my dress higher. I noticed a Silver Range Rover pull up and I realised it was Peter's car as Stevie got out of the passenger side and a few moments later Peter got out carrying a large drawstring bag.

"Your friends have arrived Jason." I whispered.

Jason smiled and nodded, "You're gonna be a good slut aren't you? You said you're mine for the weekend so let's really push the boundaries and anyway you've done three men in one go a few times before."

"But I don't know Stevie at all and Pete

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