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The team wins, they lose and they do a photo shoot.

I let out a breath that was almost like a sigh, assuming she would now wrap the towel around her and I would go straight back inside.

But she didn't, she just held it for a moment, staring straight at me, then she smiled softly and handed it back, "Would you like to dry me off, Patrick?" she whispered, and without waiting for an answer, turned around, "After all I can't really reach my back can I?' she added.

My mind was in total confusion, but something much deeper and much more primitive was taking over, and even as I was telling myself this was crazy, this was stupid, this was just not right, I was lifting the towel and slowly rubbing her back dry ... her back, her beautiful ass cheeks and her gorgeous legs!

I was still on my knees finishing the back of her legs when she turned around. and I found my face inches from her beautiful almost hairless pussy! I heard her chuckle, "Do you think I'm beautiful, Patrick?" she asked, "or do you still think I'm a child?," another, even hotter, chuckle sounded, "I don't think you see me as a child anymore, Patrick, I saw how you reacted, how big you got, are you going to dry my front now?" and she spread her legs even wider.

I groaned as her young pussy opened up and I saw the tip of her pink clit peeking out, and I could feel my cock almost bursting through my bathers, then slowly, ever so slowly and gently I began to dry the front of her legs, her knees, her thighs, and I saw the slight shiver run through her. With great difficulty I ignored her inviting pussy and moved around her outer thighs and up over her stomach. Now I was looking up her body, up at those small, succulent breasts with their exciting nipples, and I knew I couldn't avoid them. I climbed slowly to my feet and our eyes met and held, and slowly, gently I lifted the towel and cupped her breasts, running the towel sensuously over them, sensing, rather than seeing the nipples swell and harden, and a shudder ran through her.

"Do you think I'm sexy, Patrick?" she murmured.

It was my turn to shudder, "Too damn sexy" I managed to stammer.

Her grin widened, "Does that mean you want me. Patrick?, want to make love to me?" she asked.

"You know I can't, Nikki, you're too ......." I groaned.

She reached up and took the towel from my hands, "Take off your bathers. Patrick, I want to see you like you're seeing me" she whispered.

I couldn't believe it! I found myself complying with her instructions! bending over and slipping off my bathers, allowing my rock hard cock to leap up and nearly brush against her.

She immediately dropped the towel and cupped her hand around my cock, "I knew it!" she said, with a note of triumph in her voice, "I knew you wanted me, and this proves it! Mmmmm, and it's so big and beautiful, too" she said, and grinned up at me.

How the hell could I get out of this, I mean it just wasn't right, perhaps I could shock her I thought, and with almost a snarl, I reached out and squeezed one hand around one of her hot little breasts and the other between her legs, stroking and rubbing my fingers over her pussy, "Oh yes, I want you" I said a little harshly, "I've wanted to fuck you since the moment I first realized your weren't wearing a bra, and your nipples were all hard and succulent and begging to be sucked"

For a moment I thought the plan had worked, her body stiffened and the smile slid from her face, and her hand dropped from my cock.

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