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Luke's search for answers stirs up more questions.

'It was Shep,' she thought as her heart began racing. 'That Little Bastard is coming crawling back,' she thought as she grabbed her wrap. She walked toward the door when again the doorbell rang. She crossed her arms and thought about how she would greet Shep when she answered his ring. 'And just what do YOU want!' she thought sarcastically as she opened the door. Her mouth fell open as she said, "Billy?!"

Billy was Shep's younger brother. "Hi Marla," he said as he kissed her cheek and came in past her. "Where's that big brother of mine? Still sleeping?"

"Billy," Marla replied. "Shep left two weeks ago and hasn't been back since." 'I bet Shep sent him over here,' she thought to herself.

"Marla, I'm sorry to hear that," Billy replied sincerely.

'I bet!,' she thought. "Come on Billy!" she said in a cynical tone. "I know Shep sent you over here tonight. Didn't he!" Marla's tone had changed and she was accusing young Bill of some kind of ploy.

"What do you mean?" Bill replied.

"You mean to tell me that Shep didn't send you over here to see if I would come across for you?" Marla had fire in her eyes as she spoke. "Now come on, Billy. Tell the truth."

"Marla, so help me God," he replied as he raised his hand to his heart.

'Hmm,' Marla thought. 'I'm going to have to try something different,' she thought. "Want a coffee Billy?" she asked with a different tone than before. Marla made the coffee and set it on the kitchen table. Billy joined her and took a sip on his hot coffee, lightly burning his lips. He looked up at Marla and she had let her wrap open completely at the front. She made no effort to cover up, so Billy looked at what his big brother has been fucking for the last two years. He could see her large breast overflowing from the confines of the lingerie she wore. She sat with her legs slightly parted as he looked down between her thighs and saw the crotch of her panties. Marla was staring at Billy the whole time.

'How do you like that?' she thought as she widened her legs. "Now Billy," she started. "Tell me. Tell me that Shep sent you here tonight." She lowered her hands onto her breast and started to rub her nipples. "Tell me and maybe I'll let you feel these," she said as she exposed one of her large, hard nipple to him.

Billy looked on in amazement, totally bewildered as to what she was talking about. He could feel his cock start to stiffen.

"Why would Shep do that, Marla?" Billy questioned as he looked on.

"So he could have something to hang over my head until eternity!" she replied. "Now tell me and maybe I'll let you see this," she said as she pulled her panties to one side totally exposing her wet pussy. She slowly dragged her finger up between the lips of her pussy. Billy was totally aroused. "Tell me Billy!" she continued as she raised her finger to Billy's nose.

"Tell me and maybe I'll let you have a taste," she said as she forced her finger into Billy's mouth. 'I'll break this little bastard down,' she thought.

Billy just stared at Marla. He wasn't going to say nothing about nothing, if he knew nothing. Marla had now lost the wrap and had removed her lingerie. She continued to pet her hot pussy and purred to Billy, "Come on. Please tell me the truth. Please!" She slowly slid her panties down her thighs. Her scent was driving Billy crazy as she stepped out of her panties and tossed them to him.

"Billy!" she demanded. "Tell me the truth. And maybe, just maybe, I'll let you in here!" she said in a softer voice as she spread her legs still wider and pulled the lips of her pussy apart. Billy could see her juices running out of her shaven crack as he undid his pants and took out his hardened cock. 'Now I've got him,' Marla thought as she pulled him close. "Well Billy?," she question him as she started to stroke his manhood. "What will it be?" she continued as Billy lowered her to the floor.

Billy knew that if he said nothing then maybe he would get everything so he kept mum. Marla guided Billy's hard cock toward her pussy and lingered around the opening.

"Billy, tell me t

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