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Becoming a criminal in the eyes of The Law.

The Kristen I took in for dinner was far from the baggy clothed woman I had taken to dinner a few years previously. Confident in her own skin now, she wore a tight green sweater that displayed her boobs admirably, a short green mini-skirt and thigh length black suede boots; underneath was some beautiful lingerie and a garter belt. She was also developing a very successful career for herself. I felt very proud of what we had accomplished together.

In bed afterwards she rolled on top of me and fucked me. Yes, fucked me. Her new lover had taught her how to use her pussy muscles in a way that I had never experienced before and she literally vacuumed me into her. It was a sensational experience, which we repeated early in the morning before we parted and I returned to Canada.

I never went back. We kept in touch for couple of months, but she was clearly turned on by her new lover and his cock. About a year later I heard from her briefly that their affair was over. A few years after that I discovered that she had become a very successful academic in Britain. I've always wondered what her sex life became after we parted, but this is not a relationship where I continue to wonder 'what if'?

One major reason why I never asked that question about Kristen was because by the time the relationship with Kristen ended I was already six months into a new relationship. On a whim, I had plucked up the courage to ask Meryl, the very formal, upstanding wife of one of my colleagues, out for lunch to our cottage, and she had accepted.

I had worked with Meryl for about fifteen years on a variety of projects. We had done some research together and co-authored a couple of monographs. She had also edited couple of books that I wrote. Up until my invitation our relationship , while friendly, had been quite formal. On a couple of occasions she and her husband, Dick had been at our parties and they had hosted us at a couple of theirs. But we could in no way be described as good friends.

Meryl was about forty-five at the time I asked her out, and quite beautiful in a British kind of way. She always dressed elegantly. Always wearing dresses that suited her figure and always high heeled shoes, never flats. Just occasionally she would ear a pair of leather pants to the office, which made me wonder about her other tastes.

She appeared to be the type who was totally loyal and faithful. As I learned very quickly she had never done anything behind Dick's back in almost 25 years of marriage. And looking at her, you would say that this was a very straight, almost prudish woman.

I had always found her attractive though. My sixth sense kept telling me that behind this very formal exterior there lay a very passionate woman, if only that steely exterior could be pierced. Passionate and dominant I felt, although maybe she herself did not realize it. So that's why I invited her for lunch, and she accepted.

I remember the lunch as if it were yesterday.

She arrived at the cottage wearing a beautiful cotton print dress and in her trademark high heeled shoes. She wore a perfume that I immediately recognized as Hermes Amazone, one of my favourites (I know my perfumes, especially Hermes). Over a bottle of champagne (she loves champagne) we talked in a way that we had never before. Yes, she was intensely loyal to Dick, but he had made a fatal mistake. After 25 years of marriage he was taking her for granted, and it rankled because she knew that she was still attractive and in a way, very sexy, as I was to find out over the next months.

She was very sympathetic as I told her that Alex was forty, going on sixty, and that my marriage was pretty stale as well.

Towards the end of lunch as I was taking her empty glass from her, on an impulse, I leaned forward and kissed her, full on the lips.

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