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Dean and Calla try to get onto the same page.

" I replied.

"Fine but you're eating breakfast tomorrow." she declared. "Have a good first day of school you two."

We waved and headed out the door to my Jeep. The town was so small that there was only one high school in the entire county. We made the fifteen minute trek up the county in comfortable silence, both of us nervous of our new lives. Reaching the parking lot I thought about how small the school was. Coming from a school where I had 300 kids in my grade, to this school that looked like it held 300 kids total, it was going to be different.

We checked in the office and picked up our schedules and locker assignments. "I'll meet you at the car to go home." Emily nodded and walked off to find her locker in the sophomore hall. I made my way down the hall to find my locker. I got there and looked at my slip of paper for the combo and was twisting the last number when I heard an annoyingly sweet giggle. I turned around and to my right was one of the giggle girls opening her locker. She smiled at me as I put my sunglasses in the top of my empty locker, just so I wouldn't look weird opening and closing my locker for no reason. I smiled and headed off to find my first period Honors English class.

I found the room as the bell was ringing. I was apparently the last one in the room as all of the seats, except for the one right in front of the teacher's desk were occupied. I hastily mumbled an apology to the teacher as I tried to reach my seat with as little embarrassment as possible as all of the kids stopped chatting and stared at me. Right before I sat down I caught a glimpse of eyes that looked remarkably the same color as my green shirt a row to the left and two seats behind me. I tossed my backpack under my desk and sat down.

"Robert Thompson." The teacher spoke and I nodded adding, "I go by Bobby."

"It's nice to meet you Bobby; I hope you will enjoy your new school."

"Thank you." Was all I could get out before she started handing out syllabi and talking about what she wanted us to accomplish this year. I wanted desperately to turn around and catch a glimpse of the guy who I couldn't wash off of my mind. I got my chance when a stack of papers landed on my desk and I turned around to pass them back. I grinned when he smiled at me and faced forward as I felt heat rushing to my face and I knew I would be blushing.

Nothing eventful happened in second or third period, as he wasn't in either of those classes. Forth period I had elected to take gym, because I didn't want to take another year of French, and that was the only thing that would fit in my schedule. I headed to the locker rooms which were smaller than I was used to, and changed into my gym shorts and t-shirt. There were only 12 or so guys in the locker room so I figured this must be a small class. I kept my head down, but almost let out an audible gasp when I saw him pulling off his shirt and replacing it with a t-shirt. I tried not to look but it was like my gaze was drawn to him as he pulled down his shorts exposing his gorgeous thighs and as he turned around I got a glorious view of a mouth-watering bubble butt trapped beneath black tight boxer briefs. I knew I had to get out of the locker room before I got caught staring. I headed out into the gym; I would tie my shoes once I got there.

The gym teacher was an older man with a slight gut in his mid 50's. He had probably been in good shape when he was younger. There were another eight or so girls in the class and he said we were going outside to run on the track today. I was in good shape, but I was a swimmer, not a runner. I was disappointed to hear that this school didn't have a swim team, let alone a pool. Guess I was going to be pretty free this year without a sport to keep me occupied.

I ran around the track at a decent clip, only a handful of kids passed me and I assumed they were on the track team, or just liked running.

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