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A young maid finally gets her huntsman.

He taught me about the things that men like him liked and wanted from a woman. So I became his in every way. I do not regret one moment or feel bad in any way about the things he did to me and allowed others to do with me, it was what I craved and still do."

"After you came to work for him he told me about you, but not just how efficient you were at performing your duties, but how he wanted to bring you out to Henley and for me to meet you. He told me he wanted to see me with you because you were my age, and of course all of his male friends are much older than I am. Not that it bothers me for they all bring me pleasure as I submit to them in whatever way they desire. So Jack he wants to watch you taking me, plunging into me, doing whatever you want to me no matter how lewd or even sadistic it may be. Would you like me to service your secret desires while he watches us?"

"I want you badly right now, and I would willingly have sex with you anyway at all, even though he was watching us."

"I am pleased about that Jack, because I want to submit to your every demand, I want you to come and visit each weekend...will you do that for me Jack...will you?"

"Yes I would love to be with you every weekend, but what about the servants?"

She laughed and said, "We only employ our cook and maid and a cleaner on a Monday to Friday basis, so that we have weekends free to indulge our sexual desires as and when we want. They are all gone by eleven am each Friday but get paid for the full day."

"By the way Jack I forgot to tell you that Millie is not really a maid, she is in fact James's niece, does that shock you?"

"Surprise me yes, but no I don't feel shocked by hearing that."

"Perhaps this might shock you then. Millie was sodomized by her father when she was twenty-one here at Henley although he had been fucking her since she was eighteen. She is a real daddy's girl as you will find out when her father visits. She loves to have him fuck her or use her in other ways while others watch them, she is as much an exhibitionist as she is a submissive slut. But who am I to talk for I am no different to her in many ways. I am a slut a whore but I enjoy my life and would love to be your slut, your whore Jack, if you will accept me in that way. I won't be faithful to you nor do I expect you to be faithful to me. Will you accept me for what and who I am?"

I pulled her to me and kissed her, a long deep passionate sexual kiss before I said, "Yes Andrea I will accept you for who and what you are, just so long as I can be with you, make love to you."

I did not realise to what depths of depravity my commitment to her would lead me. If I had realised would I have acted differently, knowing that I wanted to posses her to know her carnally. I cannot say I would have. I should have had an inkling of the road I was setting out on when she responded to me saying about making love to her.

"No never make love to me Jack...just fuck me...use me in whatever way you want. Love is for romantic people, not for people like me who are really sluts and whores. Who derive their sexual pleasure from being used and abused, allowing men or women to gratify their darkest desires as they use us for their pleasure."

I pulled her to me wanting to kiss her and start on the road to sexual pleasure. She pushed me away saying, "Not now Jack we must wait till James is able to watch, tomorrow you and I will share each others wants and needs.

"Her hand came down and she stroked my erection through my pants again as she said, "But you shall have your relief while I watch you take your pleasure from Millie."

How could I refuse when my body was demanding that I release all the sexual tension that had built up right from the moment that I had first met Andrea, and after witnessing James using Millie and listening to Andrea's explanation.

I released Andrea who went over to the wall and pressed a button, which obviously connected to a bell in another room.

She smiled at me as she walked back to sit with me, and sitting down said, "I must tell you that Millie

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