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Nice guy Mark gets rewarded for not choosing.

" She paused as if observing my reaction. "Then it was easy to ensure a meeting...all I had to do was go to Starbuck's any weekday at around 5pm."

"How did you know I'd come over and say something..?"

"Ah now, that's a secret of the feminine kind.....perhaps you'll learn it someday."

"Well I know one thing... you must be attracted to me in some way, probably have erotic adventures in mind - And I do admit I'm feelin' lucky."

"Oh, lucky you are, sweet boy! However, I must caution you... this will not be like any experience you're familiar with - it will be very demanding. In the first place, you will have to pass inspection... then even if you do, the task will be great. My advice to you is to leave your ego at the door, and meet the challenge head on. I can be a real martinet at times, and the main objective here is my own selfish gratification... But if I am pleased with your performance, and if I see fit, I guarantee you rewards beyond your wildest dreams."

Her eyes sparkled as she said this. She winked slyly and pinched me with a giggle. It hurt and thrilled me at the same time.

'Ding' - the elevator stopped at 19, we headed down the corridor to the Executive Suite.

"Room 1943, that's the year I was born," she said, pushing the door open. "I'm sixty two... does that scare you, or turn you on?"

"A little of both." I swallowed, looking around. "Nice pad... this where you do your dirty work..?"

"Har har!... Yes, some may think it dirty. Sanctimonious morons - but you and I know better."

She moved over to the desk, laying down her purse and picking up an official looking file folder and a clipboard.

"Before we go any further, I must have you sign a release..... Not to worry, it's just a formality - to be sure everything is legal and consentual."

I looked over the document, a standard contract for the purpose of verifying mutual consent. General agreement, no details. The letterhead had her business logo, and for the first time I learned her name - Diana Finch-Hatton.

"Never knew anybody with a hyphenated name... You rich..?"

"Let's just say I don't have to worry... But I do have to be discreet. Now, are you gonna sign or not?"

I pondered, trying to be cautious. But the whole thing sounded so preposterous, so outrageously fun... Besides, at this point I would've done most anything to be with this woman. Feigning reluctance I scribbled my name.

"Very good then. Now let's get to your physical exam.."

"Me, doctor??" I recited dramatically.

"Oh you are a card!" she laughed, "No, ME doctor, YOU patient." "Just step over here and remove all your clothes, please."

She then disappeared into a large expansive bathroom area. I could hear water running and what sounded like medical equipment being gathered and shuffled around.

"I'll be a minute... when you're finished undressing you can wait by the exam table - okay, hon'..?"

The table was the real thing. Recline-adjustable, and fully outfitted with stirrups, restraints, as well as attachments I didn't recognize. I sat down on the paper cover (just like the doctor's office) and waited pensively, trying to conceal my excitement.

She came out wearing a nurses apron tied around her dress, carrying a large doctors bag and some other items which she set on a medical cart nearby. I couldn't forget the fact she had nothing on underneath that flimsy summer dress.

While I was sitting on the table, she did the routine taking of my vital signs - blood pressure, heart rate, ears, nose, eyes, reflexes, etc. Then it was over to the scale for height and weight. As I stood there with her taking careful readings, I felt very naked - exposed and vulnerable.

"Okay, now I want you to stand facing the table, spread your feet apart, and bend forward... that's it, rest your arms on the table."

I did as I was told but oh my God, she was putting on a surgical glove and reaching for the K-Y jelly!

"It's most important that I check your prostate.

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