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Camping trip comes to an end.


"Oh, that will be 34D. You're a bonny girl. My waist is my attribute," said the assistant. As she walked away she said over her shoulder in Walt's direction, "It emphasizes my ass."

Right then Walt was not far from blowing a load.

Back at the apartment, Mira paraded her new clothes for Walt, and he loved it, and his interest excited her. The more she strutted her stuff the harder he got until eventually he just had to go to the bathroom and attend to it.

Later when Mira was on the massage table Walt sniffed her pussy. It smelt beautiful as she'd earlier had bathed and had powdered herself as he'd shown her.

"Are you going to lick it?"

He was tempted but decided to work her up a notch.

"Let's do it when you've had a bath after coming home from work tomorrow."

"Ooooh. I look forward to that."

Mira met her mother for lunch and later phoned Walt, very excited.

"Mother said I look great and is pleased at the difference you've made in me. Daddy had told her I look much better but she said he'd not been accurate enough. She says keep on with the improvements."

Mira was beside herself when she arrived home.

"I'm so excited, oh I'm so excited."

Walt offered to undress her for her bath. She accepted and he took a long time, stroking her body softly and they kissed - their first kiss. They kissed again, this time for much longer.

Her breasts looked beautiful in her new bra. He got that off and she wanted him to suck her breasts but he declined, so she put on a breast sucking demo that he found very erotic.

As he bent to pull her panties off she swung a hand forward and said he was very hard.

"Get into the bath, you sexy young bitch," he laughed. She ran off squealing.

On the massage table he made her wait, beginning the normal routine with her stretched out on her front. He opened her legs and found more moisture than usual. Sniffing he found the normal odor of cunt juice.

He rubbed her ass cheeks harder than usual. She squirmed in delight when he had both palms round the chubby little folds at the bottom of her cheeks and squeezed.

Working on her feet her marveled at the loveliness of her calves and her thighs were pretty damn good as well.

Mira became impatient and turned over. He 'punished' for that, standing behind her head taking a long time working on her neck; but she loved that and appeared almost dozing off.

Walt worked the nipples up and also spent time on her shoulders, stroked around her belly briefly then walked to the end of the bench and worked on her feet.

Progressing to her knees he could smell her cunt juices up ahead so decided to leave the knees, do some quick finger pressing on the thighs and then pull her along the bench into a better position for access.

Walt rubbed oil into her mons and she moaned and as he bent down and flicked his tongue along her slit, she moaned louder.

Slowly he inserted his tongue, tasting her juices. She tasted little different to any other women he'd been with, as far as he could recall, and she certainly tasted 'fresh'.

The tongue went deeper and her hands thudded on to the side of his head, grasping big handfuls of hair.

He licked and licked and got two fingers working on her clit.

"Mrrrrr, Mmmmmmh, Maaaaah,' she went, shuddering and lay very still as he pulled away. Her eyes were big, and watching him. Here she was, almost young enough to be his daughter; he saw affection in those eyes.

As a graduate specialist in sports medicine, Walt was used to young women patients falling in love with him after they demanded that their remedial massaging extend into vaginal massaging. He loved the extra work as much as they did.

His present client lunged: moving quicker than he was able to defend, Mira had his track suit pants pulled down enough to bring out his very erect dick and she cried, "Wow, it's thick!"

Walt was aroused enough to let her have her way.

She had rolled on to her side and was pulling his cock towards her mouth so he moved into position to make it easier for her, stroking

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