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A bride's awakening.

" He gently slapped my cheek. "Say it."

"I-I'm a little pussy," I mumbled -- my cheeks hot, my pale skin almost succubi red with a full body blush.

"I didn't hear that," Brek said. His hand glided up and down his shaft as he watched me. I quivered all over as Arou nibbled on my ear.

"I..." I gulped. "I'm a little pussy!" I almost shouted the words as I looked up at Brek.

Brek sighed and released. His hand slid to the base of his ridged dragoncock and his balls clenched. I could actually see them jerk slightly in the air as they clenched. Then the first stream of bright white dragon cum splashed across my face and into my mouth as I opened my lips wide, taking his seed into my mouth as he came and came and came. Seed spurted across my tits and some even splashed on my belly. A dollop hit my hair and more splashed on my cheeks. Arou leaned in and turned her head to face mine as she pressed against me -- fancy dress be damned -- and kissed me deeply. I pushed my tongue against hers and she moaned as she tasted the cum in my mouth.

Brek panted quietly. "Fuck."

I drew my mouth back, gasping. "R-Room done?" I asked, standing up shakily.

Brek nodded with a wry grin. "It is. I'm kinda curious to see how far you get, Tee." He smiled. "Want me to clean you?"

"N-No!" I squeaked. "I have my own magic!" I focused and drew energy into my body. What had once roared through me with the strength of the Lord of Pain was now a tiny trickle. But it was enough to scour away the cum that had glistened on me. I banished it with a pang of longing. It wouldn't have been that hard to port it into my mouth and drink more of him down. What little had landed in my mouth had hit me like a jolt of pure ambrosia.

Brek smiled. "Have fun, honey." He kissed his forehead.

I flushed. "Don't call me that!" I squirmed as he kissed my forehead, trying to resist the urge to lean in, hug him, and beg to stay. In the end, I half failed and leaned in to hug him tightly, squeezing his warm, muscular body. His wings folded around me and he whispered.

"You can tell me the truth here," he said.

I was silent for a long time.

"...I love it when you humiliate me..." I whispered, so softly that even I barely heard it.

"I know." He kissed my forehead. "Go on, get! And remember, you just need to get through five rooms!"

His wings opened and his hand cracked against my ass as I scampered for the doorway, which closed -- but not before I heard Arou grumble: "You're just spoiling her, Brekky."


I padded through the corridors of the palace, my arms crossed across my chest, and tried to not scream at every little noise. Five rooms, Brek had said. I could do five rooms. But wait, had he counted his first room? Well, there were only five dragons: Brek the blue, Lim the green, Ushu the white, Xarnak the red, and Ju'Yuen the gold. There had been others in the stables, but those had all gone on once the world had been conquered and turned into those five's personal playground. So, four rooms then, unless there was a sixth room that Brek was counting that I hadn't thought of.

The first I came too was Ushu's room. Now, if this had been an actual escape attempt -- as in, if I had been escaping with my own stealth and guile, and not because my draconic master was dangling it before me like sadistic (and entertaining) treat -- then I could have just walked right past.

Instead, Ushu's door opened and Gwindar emerged. She was one of the dragon knights who had changed the least. She had been dark skinned and muscular before she had been altered, and she was dark skinned and muscular now. Amazonian, even, with broad shoulders and breasts the size of melons. She had a pair of golden rings piercing each nipple, with a chain connecting the two of them. She grabbed my arm and grinned.

"Come on."

She dragged me and shoved me into a chair before a large table.

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