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A two-time murderess is cruelly abused by her prison guards.

She went to the fridge, bent down from her hips, her legs straight. The skirt rode up and the blue panties shone on her white body.

There she goes again...

Riya never left any chance of teasing him. Always wearing skimpy skirts around him, she was in a habit of finding excuses to bend down in front of him, sometimes from her waist, sometimes on all her four.

She took out a water bottle and started drinking from it, her lips around the top of it, sucking it a bit. Joginder gulped.

I have to talk to her. This must stop.

After putting the bottle away she came up to him and plopped beside him on the couch. At least she didn't sit on my lap this time! "What are you watching, Uncle?" God, her voice!!

Joginder forced himself to talk to her about her teasing. "Riya I've something important to talk about."

"Yes?" She scooted closer, if one can, and batted her eyelashes, sexily.

"This must stop."


"This..." He stood up and gestured vaguely. "You should stop doing this. You should stop teasing me. You should stop wearing such short skirts. Half of your butt was visible! Your-"

"Were you checking out my butt?!" Her eyes got big!

Joginder was at a loss of words. It was one of that what-the-fuck moments! Does she know? She had used the exact same words that Jasmeet told when she was the one teasing and seducing him. He couldn't reply then, and he couldn't reply now. He just sat back on the couch, his head hung low. At least his hard on was gone!

"Oh, c'mon, cheer up, Uncle. It's alright." She kissed on his cheek. "It's OK!"

He just nodded, his mind completely numb.

"Off-ohh..." She stood up and sat on his lap.


"It's alright, Uncle. Don't think about it. OK? Now just... let's watch some TV, huh?" She sounded as if she was an adult and he was a kid! She picked up the remote and started surfing. "Oh! Tom & Jerry! I just love the show!"

He was too blank and scared to even react. He kept thinking about that sentence. Does she know? Have they told her? Shit, it's so embarrassing! He fished for his phone and sent a message: Have you two told Riya anything about us? 'Daddy and his princesses' was the name of the WhatsApp group. His two daughters were giggling in the DP. Shit, man!

Nobody responded. Maybe the two girls were busy. Or maybe their phones were on silent. Or maybe...

Jasmeet was more mature of the two. More outspoken, more adventurous and bolder. She was the older one too, full thirty-three minutes older. Smart and witty, she can never let you win an argument. Jasmine was more of a kid, child-like. Though she was 18, she still needed her teddy bear to go to sleep! And that's what turned Joginder on like some mad man! Watching his younger daughter naked, clutching her brown teddy bear excited him much more than any aphrodisiac could. She was clutching it even when he entered her for the first time. She almost tore Mr. Teddy out of pain when he deflowered her.

Oh, fuck!

That's when he realized that he was hard once again. Not only that, Riya was grinding her buttock, very slowly, on his hard on. She was sitting directly on his crotch, his penis sticking directly to her pussy, through layers of clothes.

"Riyaaa..." He couldn't say more. It was too pleasurable! Riya turned towards him and kissed his lips without any warning. He pulled back, surprised. And she looked into his eyes. Her eyes were full of lust. The kohl-lined fuck-me eyes begged Joginder to fuck her. And Joginder decided to oblige. He pounced on her lips.

He kissed her lips as if there was no tomorrow. He sucked her lips, bit them even. He licked them with his tongue, inserting his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues met and Riya moaned. He started kissing her neck, her shoulders, back to her chin and lips.

She got off his lap and sat on the ground, between his legs.

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