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You take me deeper still into the sissy life.

Tailia moaned louder and shut her eyes tightly, concentrating on the new pleasure building inside her. When Shandia touched a finger to her daughter's pulsing clit Tailia gasped in pleasure and then grunted as her first climax took her. Tailia's body spasmed and she shook from head to toe as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. Her mother watched with love filled eyes as the beauty of her daughter's first orgasm shown into her eyes. Finally it was over and Tailia lay still, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

"Have you never had one before?" Shandia asked when she knew that Tailia could speak again.

"Never mother, what was it?"

"A gift that Ellandra gave us in the beginning of time. We call it 'orgasm'. Tomorrow you will have many more."

"I would like that very much. Will I have one when Endolan and I consummate our mating?"

"I certainly hope so, but if not then you will later at the party."

"I will have them at the party?"

"Yes dear, but I cannot tell you more, tradition forbids it."

"Can you give me another now?"

Shandia smiled at her daughter and her fears about having been over-protective faded. "Yes dear, I will show you another way."

Shandia leaned down and extended her tongue, touching her daughter's small pink bud softly. Tailia shuddered and moaned as her mother's gentle tongue danced over her engorged clit. Shandia sucked it into her mouth and gently held it with her teeth, letting her tongue flick back and forth across it. Tailia moaned louder, feeling the newly discovered sensation of orgasm begin to build between her legs again. Shandia let go of Tailia's clit and let her tongue dip down and slide between the soft folds of her daughter's sex, tasting the young elf's juices and spreading her lips gently. She pulled back and blew her warm breath across Tailia's wet slit.

"You taste divine, my daughter. Your nectar is as sweet as virgin honey."

"It feels very nice, mother, please don't stop now."

Shandia bent back down and let her tongue lave from near her daughter's puckered anus, up and over her soft pink folds until it reached her hard nub. She licked back down, pressing her tongue between Tailia's folds and deep into her sweet slit. Slowly, tenderly, she made love to her daughter, bringing her finally to a powerful orgasm. Tailia writhed on the bed, thrashing her head back and forth and moaning loudly as the pleasure swept away her inhibitions and freed her mind and soul. Involuntarily her hands when to her mother's head and held her between her legs as she ground her pelvis up, pressing the center of her universe onto Shandia's eager mouth. Tailia grunted and her breath quickened as she gasped and moaned at once in her ecstasy.

When, at last, Tailia was once again breathing normally Shandia slid up the bed to lie beside her and let her fingers gently trace their way up to her daughter's budding breasts and still erect nipples. She bent over and took one nipple into her mouth and suckled for a few minutes, savoring the texture and warmth then she leaned up and looked into her daughter's eyes.

"You know that you will become with child tomorrow night?"

"I know that every elf who is deflowered has a baby soon after," Tailia said still feeling the glow of orgasm.

"Yes, Elvin maidens are most fertile when the moon is full. That is why the ceremony is always held then. Endolan has been kept celibate since he proposed." Shandia studied her daughter's face as she spoke. "So he should be ready for you as well. All become with child at deflowering, unless they are barren but it is rare for women to have another child soon after. I have been blessed with three children in my one hundred and seven years of being mated with your father. That is more than most other elves in our village."

"Yes, the men speak of how lucky father is to have such a wife as you, and my sisters and I are honored to have you as our mother."

"So does it not make you wonder how the deflowering always results in pregnancy?"

"I assumed it w

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