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The generals plan.

"Fuck, Beck!" I grunted and she pulled away enough to look down.

She squealed as my seed ejected through the tip of my painfully hard cock. She continued to stroke me and I continued to shoot. After a few, I don't know how many, spasms, I stopped firing and she slowed her stroking. "Oh, my god, that was a lot of cum."

"That felt so good, Becks." I rolled onto my back, my arm flopping out to the side. I was sweating from the heat, from my effort, and from the sexual excitement. "Holy cow," I sighed, trying to catch my breath.

She sat up. "I am absolutely covered, Stevie."

I looked up and she had her left arm held out in front of her. Her hand and forearm were coated, her stomach and thigh were spattered all the way up to the underside of her perfect right tit, and she had a delighted look on her face as she examined herself.

Becky looked past me at the clock on my nightstand and said, "It's only 8:30. Plenty of time." She turned and bounced up off the bed. "Come on, let's go get cleaned up." She walked out of my room and I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom at the end of the hall. I tiredly turned to sit on the side of the bed and noticed that my dick was hanging low and swollen, but soft, the end slick with my own cum. I snickered and shook my head before standing up. I walked out the door and saw Becky walking down the hall toward me, my seed still sliding down her stomach. "There you are," she smiled. "Come on." She took my hand and led me into the shower before closing the door behind her.

We spent the next few minutes soaping each other up and rubbing on each other's slick, wet bodies. We were not ashamed to explore, groping and squeezing as we kissed. Her hand quickly brought me back to maximum hardness and I brought her to another orgasm with my fingers, my mouth on her nipple.

As we recovered and rinsed off, Becky stroked my cock and said, "I guess we should get some supper, huh?"


She turned off the water and grabbed a towel. "You pick a movie on demand and I'll order us some Chinese." I agreed and we dried off.

As Becky dried her hair with a towel, gripping the wet strands and squeezing them through the soft, blue towel she said, "Don't put on any underwear. Just some shorts. I want access." She winked.

"What are you going to wear?" I asked.

"A t-shirt," she smiled. She opened the door, hung up her towel and walked naked to the guest room. I followed her in and leaned against the doorframe, my dick swollen with excitement as I watched her tits sway while she pulled out an oversized t-shirt with "My finger, pull" printed on it, Yoda in profile, his crooked finger extended in invitation. I laughed at her shirt and she said, "You like it? DJ brought it back from Disney when he ran the marathon there."

"That's awesome," I laughed.

She walked toward me and kissed me on the lips, giving me a single stroke. "You'd better cover this thing up or you'll make the delivery guy jealous."

"When he sees you, he'll already be jealous of me."

"You're sweet," she said, kissing me again before walking past me to pick up her cell phone so she could order the food. I slid on my soccer shorts and followed Becky to the living room. As she placed the order, I scrolled through the selection of movies. I snapped my fingers at her as she spoke, and when she looked at me, I pointed to the screen with the highlighted teen comedy bar in bright yellow against a field of blue. She gave me a thumb's up and continued to verify our address. She plopped down on the couch, sitting on one foot while the other swung freely, bumping the couch on every return.

"He said 30-40 minutes," she answered before I could ask.

"That gives us some time," I said.

"I don't want to be interrupted," she smiled. "Besides," she traced my calf with her toe, "I promise to make it worth the wait."

"How so?"

"There's two things I've always wanted to do with a boyfriend besides just sex."

"What would that be?"

She slid onto the floor between me knees and rested

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