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Neighbor's initiation is about to begin.

Waves of pleasure ran through her body as Steph lightly kissed and caressed her skin, sending Sammy into a deep fantasy. Her breath was short as she bit her lower lip, guiding Steph's hands over her tits, down over her panties, rubbing and stroking in ways only a woman would know.

Sammy suddenly gasped as she felt a burst of pee squirt out of her pussy and into her panties, leaving a small yellowish stain. The fabric glistened slightly as Sammy's heart raced. She looked at herself in the mirror. The image of Steph was gone, but the butterflies and extreme sexual feelings still remained. Sammy began to wonder what exactly was happening, why her body was responding in this way. She continued to look at herself in the mirror, strands of hair sticking to her slightly sweaty forehead. Reaching down to her panties, Sammy began to slide them off, suddenly stopping. Her small patch of dark brown pubic hair was showing in the mirror as her panties hung halfway, her thumbs in the waistband.

What...what if? Sammy's mind started to race. Without even knowing what she was doing, she slid her panties back up, feeling the cool, damp spot against her already wet pussy. "Do it." Sammy looked around, instantly recognizing the soft, cool voice of Steph. Unfortunately, it was just a mirage, but still, she felt the desire, the need to follow Steph's voice, even though she was nowhere near.

"D-do what?" Sammy replied, knowing full way what she was about to do.

Steph's ethereal voice answered. "I want you to do it. Go potty in your pants." Sammy felt almost sick with nervousness. She had never done anything like this, and she knew that people would think she was insane. But somehow, someway, she knew that she must do this.

"I-I don't know if...if I can do that." Sammy looked down meekly at the floor, her body trembling, her bladder now aching, her stomach a flock of monarchs.

"Please Sammy. Please do it for me." She bit her lower lip as she nodded to her reflection, her big brown eyes sparkling like a doe's.

Sammy felt as if she was above herself looking down, completely not believing that this could possibly be happening, that she was truly about to do what she was. She stood tall, crossing her legs while standing, hands at her side. Moments passed, the room still, Sammy's breath held in anticipation. Slowly her hand went to her stomach as her lip trembled, her palms sweaty. Her eyes sprang open as another wave of pee spurted out, this time invited. Instinctively, her body clenched tight, holding the piss in. Sammy could feel a small dribble run down her right thigh, cooling in the air of her bedroom. "Don't worry Sammy. It's what we both want." Relaxing, Sammy started to feel the sharp pinch of her full bladder recede as her crotch instantly felt hot, followed immediately by the warm flowing wetness. Golden piss ran down both of her legs as her breathing became erratic, both of her hands now up to her tits, squeezing them, rubbing her nipples through the soft fabric of her bra. A deep hissing sound filled the air, reminiscent of a faucet that is only partly turned on. The piss pooled out from her feet, spreading in a puddle on the carpet immediately beneath her. Sammy knew she was making a mess, but at this point, it simply didn't matter.

Hot, yellow piss spread up in a half-moon pattern on the front of her panties and halfway across the back, causing the fabric to glisten as the pee soaked through.

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