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She was just supposed to kill him.

He felt like 'the one.'

# # #

It was the summer of my thirteenth birthday I found out about sex.

No it wasn't out behind the barn with one of the neighbor boys, it was walking unexpected into the living room at Gram and Gramps'.

Gram and Gramps, my great grandparents on my mothers' side. They were both in their early eighties, but they both were active on the farm and actually looked younger than my grandparents on dad's side.

I was the favorite of both of them, and took full advantage. For my birthday I wanted a horse. I had been riding for as long as I could remember, but mom thought I needed to start out with a pony.

"Pony's are for little kids, I want a real horse."

Mom rolled her eyes, and dad just shrugged when she looked at him. But come my party, there was a card from Gram and Gramps with the picture of a horse. She was at their farm, and I would have to come out and take care of her, but if I kept it up and proved I could then she would be mine for keeps on my next birthday.

So most days after school I would hop on my bike and ride out to take care of Clarabelle, and all weekend. Now weekends were a pain, in addition to feeding, there was mucking out the stall and combing and brushing. But then we would take a ride out by the creek. Giving her her reigns and letting her run. Leaning down and wrapping my arms as far as they would go around her neck feeling her leaning into her run.

Grams was wonderful, I could talk to her about everything, even boys. Some of the stupid things they did to get attention, and even a few of the things they said to me. You see even at thirteen I was developing. Mom had bought me a few plain cotton bras to go with my plain cotton panties. But I couldn't talk to her about the way the boys were looking at my boobs.

By mid summer I was outgrowing my A cup bras and I was doing my best to hide them. And then came my plunge into sex education, Grams style.

I was goofing around in the city park, me and Carol and Carla, when Bobbie Martin came up with his 'crew'.

He started making comments on my legs and butt and boobs. I tried, but I couldn't take it and hopped on my bike crying and riding as fast as I could. On auto pilot I headed for Grams, she would know what to do.

I came through the front door, froze, then turned and ran for the barn. I didn't even bother with a saddle and halter, I just threw the gate open and hauled myself up on Clarabelle's back and we hauled butt for the creek.

We rode and we rode. Clarabelle enjoying her run and me clinging to her like a life saver. Eventually we ran out of steam and stopped beside the creek at her favorite patch of grass.

I sat there against the tree trying to take it all in. The teasing from the boys no longer on my mind. Grams and Gramps were... doing it... on the couch! I mean they are in their eighties! And they are still... doing it!

Gramps was scooted forward with his butt on the edge of the couch, and Grams was straddling his legs with her boobs out of her dress bouncing up and down on him screaming his name! AT EIGHTY!

I must have fallen asleep, the next thing I knew Clarabelle was nudging me, she wanted to go back for her oats. I climbed back aboard, and we headed back at a fast walk. Just enough to make my little boobs bounce and remind me why I was headed to Grams in the first place.

Grams was leaning on the fence when we came over the rise, but she didn't move, she just watched us go into the barn. I got Clarabelle her oats, and Grams was standing in the doorway. I tried to say something, but it was just huffs and noises. She held her arms out and I ran to her and had a good cry.

When I settled down we went up to our spot in the hayloft looking out over the pasture.

"Bit of a shock huh?"

I just looked at the floor, "Um, Grams. I'm sorry, I should have knocked or..."

Grams chuckled and put her arm around my shoulder. "And maybe I should have tried to fend Gramps off until we got upstairs. He can get a bit frisky at times."

I hung my head and wanted to curl up in a ball with Grams talking about se

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