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Angela practices topping from the bottom.

Breathing hard, he watched her, clearly uncertain what he was supposed to be doing while she ministered to him. Kissing back up to his neck, she put her weight into her legs, freeing her hands to skillfully untie his breeches.

Again, his hands came to block her advances. Carefully, he grasped her shoulders, pushing her into a sitting position away from him. Before she could become abashed, he removed his breeches and small clothes in one sweep. He then knelt before her, his manhood standing proudly before him, larger than any she had ever seen, one glistening tear adorning its purple head. On his hands and knees, he crawled toward her, forcing her to lean until her back touched the furs and her legs were spread before him. But he didn't stop there. His hands came to rest on either side of her shoulders, bracing himself as he wholly rested his hips against hers. She sucked in a breath as the fullness of him pressed into her belly. He gave a distinctly masculine chuckle despite his inexperience.

Turn about being fair play, she lifted her hips to his, grinding in a circular motion before lowering her buttocks back to the furs, causing his eyes to roll back and his fingers to grip the furs, his arm muscles bunching. He groaned again from deep in his chest. She moved, intending to guide him to her opening, but the moment her hand touched his erection, he sucked in a great breath, head going back making the tendons in his neck stand out as his whole body quaked. Recalling his innocence, she deftly moved him to her opening and pushed with her hips. As he slipped partway in, his whole body shuddered again, his breathing quick and hard. Shifting his hips he pulled away briefly, and as he entered her fully he came undone. A mixed gasp, groan, and sigh escaped his lips as his hips jerked spasmodically, his seed spilling into her in pulses. She pulled him to her just before he collapsed, his great strength abandoning him. He lay against her, shivering and panting as his first climax ran its course through him.

Recovering, he gave a nervous laugh while lifting himself off of her, not quite able to look her in the eyes. Before he could hide behind a joke or flee from her, she kissed him. Deepening the kiss desperately, she leaned him to the side, forcing him to roll onto his back, taking her with him. Soft, he slipped out from within her as she straddled his hips, kissing him for all she was worth. Thankfully, he kissed her back, tongue exploring all previously missed crevasses. She broke their kiss to lightly kiss along his cheek, to his neck, his shoulders. She used her hands to lift his right hand, calloused from years of sword work yet gentle, tempered by his kind heart. She kissed from his shoulder down his enormous biceps, his muscular forearm, to the inside of his steady wrist. His breath caught as she kissed from his wrist to the palm of his hand. Then she took the first finger of his hand and placed it between her lips, twirling her tongue and suckling the digit.

"Oh, Maker." His utterance was low and deep as if dragged from his very depths. She serenely removed his finger from her mouth, placing a small kiss upon the tip before smiling down at him. She had his attention now, no longer abashed and fearful but fascinated. Keeping a hold on his right hand, she reached for his left hand. She placed a kiss on the palm of his left hand before moving his hands to rest upon her ample breasts. Assigning one breast to each hand, she leaned back, bracing her arms on his well-built thighs.

He caught on quickly, losing his timidity and becoming bolder as the night went on.

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