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A lonely business man helps out with a quick revenge fuck.

" I said to her as she rested her chest against my back. I could feel her breath on the side of my neck. I was quite comfortable with her lying on me. She wrapped her arms around me and we were still for a few moments. I kissed her arms, and she slid off of me and lay next to me on the bed. I continued to kiss her arms and her fingertips. She moved quickly and kissed my lips. Our kiss was passionate, and soft. Our tongues gently touching and massaging each other's.

As we kissed I could feel Megan's hands wandering. She moved closer to me and began to rub my thighs, up my side and across my tummy. She moved even higher to my tits, and erect nipples. Before she could get the upper hand, I grabbed hold of her wrists and held them above her head. I saw her crooked smile, and knew she wouldn't protest too much.

"You will listen to me and do exactly as I say," I whispered into Megan's ear. "You will not say a word unless asked to. Do you understand?"

"Yes... I understand," Megan said as she nodded her head.

I smirked. "Good."

I remembered how much Megan enjoyed having her pussy spanked, and I figured now that she's found a new sexual toy to enjoy, I thought I'd take advantage of the situation.

I helped her up from the bed and led her back to the bathroom. I kissed her cheek and nodded to the toilet, and the shower then closed the door. I heard the water in the shower running again after a few moments, then heard the curtain. I quietly opened the door as I saw her stepping into the tub. I heard her humming softly. I wanted to join her so bad, but knew if I waited I'd enjoy her that much more.

As I stepped into the room, I knocked on the door, and said, "Take your time. I'll be waiting in the bedroom." I did not wait for a response, and would have been disappointed if I had heard one. I took an extra towel and set it outside of the tub, then walked out and closed the door.

I walked to the kitchen, picked up three tall bottles of water and brought them, and a few extra towels back to the bedroom. I set the towels on the bed and the water on the night stand and waited for Megan to get finished in the bathroom.

Megan entered the bedroom naked and still dripping with water. I quickly wrapped her up in a large towel and began to dry her off. I wrapped up her hair first, and made sure she wasn't getting too cold. I noticed her nipples were erect, but that was a mix of excitement and cool air. I dried her off as best i could and had her lie on the bed.

"Lie down on your back." I told Megan. She quickly plopped down on the bed and waited. "Raise your arms above your head, interlocking your fingers." She pressed her hands together and did as she was told, keeping her hands above her head. I was almost surprised how quick and how quiet she was doing all of this. I guess the last visit we had together stuck with her. I was quite pleased, I wanted her even more.

I said, "It's my turn to clean up and shower, please wait here. I'll be back shortly." Megan nodded silently. I stepped back slightly from the bed, taking in her full beauty. Her arms resting above her head, her gorgious eyes watching me, her mouth shaped into that crooked smile, and I watched her steady pulse in her neck. My eyes slowly traveled down her body, taking in her breasts, with her perky little nipples, her belly, slowly rising as she breathed. Then I saw her hips and lower, her nicely trimmed and soft hair, ever so short. Her legs were spread, and I could see her mons, nice and pink from earlier... and still damp. I gazed at her beautiful strong legs, remembering the stride that keeps me fasinated. I watched her stretch out her feet and relaxing them, as she knew I was looking.

I turned back to look in her eyes, and they caught me for a moment.

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