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It felt warmer now than it did in the lab, but maybe it was just her. Either way, though, it had definitely changed. The surface seemed less like enamel, and somehow softer. It was still shiny, but it had a give to it more like patent leather. Wendy nearly panted as she turned the case around in her hands, looking for the crack she'd spotted moments earlier in the lab.

She had another flash of recollection when she found it, something she read about ending the dormant period of the spores. "Heat and moisture," she thought feverishly, and then with a gasp raised the spore to her mouth and extended her tongue.

The taste was strong, and spicy, and she shuddered through a min-orgasm when she considered how much it tasted like pussy. "More like Amy than Kelly," she thought, thinking fondly about the more overt lovemaking she shared from time to time with her college girlfriends.

When she went back to lick the crack again, she felt the skin of the case shudder just a bit under her tongue, which startled Wendy enough she nearly dropped it.

Staring intently at the spot she just licked, Wendy noticed the skin of the pod unmistakably cracking open a little. Leaning in for a really close look, Wendy noticed that the swirls just underneath the enamel were actually leaves -- leaves which were sliding apart from each other and spreading open ever so slowly.

She reached down to touch herself for a moment, shuddering as she wet her fingertips in the puddle between her legs and then brought those fingers back up to gently caress the broadening gaps in the outer layers of the pod.

It jumped again when her dripping fingers made contact, and then began a subtle, rythmic pulsing from base to top. Wendy watched, fascinated, as each pulse steadily opened up the pod like a blooming flower. There were more delicate petals just underneath the larger, tougher leaves on the surface, and with a quick glance down Wendy's lust surged even higher as she watched the petals of her pussy spread wider and thicker, mirroring the petals she held in her hands.

She gasped again when the very tip of the stamen -- the dick-shaped sex organ Professor Walters had illustrated to Amy's fascination just hours earlier -- revealed itself between the innermost labia of the pod.

It raised up steadily and inexorably under her gentle caresses, growing up and out towards full erection like a slow motion hard-on. "This can't be random," she thought, "it's like this was intentionally molded to appeal specifically to humans..."

It really did look incredibly similar to a human penis, but it wasn't identical. It was pale purple, for one thing, with very fine, dark green and red ridges like the underside of a leaf. And as it stretched out of the pod and she reached out to wrap her fingers around it, she realized that as cocks go, this one would have been a monster.

It also had its own kind of a flower just at the very top, which steadily spread back over itself as the stalk grew higher and thicker. The outer petals soon folded back over the end and capped the gray-ish/purplish stalk with a pale yellow head.

Some kind of thick sap oozed from the tip -- like pre-come, she figured. This was more viscous, and there were lots of stringy little jet-black streaks in it, but just like pre-come it was delightfully slippery. It felt wonderful, in fact, and allowed her fingers and hand to slide easily and smoothly up and down the stalk as she gently jacked it like she would a boyfriend. It even smelled nice, Wendy thought, just before she licked her lips and bent forward for a quick suck.

The sap had a very hard, almost chemical taste, and Wendy moaned loudly as a wave of sensation rushed from her tongue throughout her body and mind. She could feel herself getting hotter and hornier as she greedily licked at it.

And licking it was hot enough that she just had to go a little further.

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