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Then she smiled as she remembered how gentle Marie had been with her nearly broken body. The miniature waterfall Marie had taken her into had been amazing. Still, she never wanted a master or mistress again, not now after she and her sisters were together again.

"Good," Marie told her, "for now you will rest in the other room. You will not leave that room 'til such time as I call you. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress Marie," Nuha said trying her best to resist. "I will do as you command."

Marie licked her lips as she stared at Nuha's bowed head. Now that was more like it! Soon she thought with a wicked mile crossing her lips. Soon the whole damn world would be hers, and then all men and women would be hers. Ah so delicious the women pleasuring her, the males hers to torture to her every whim! Marie's body was shaking with excitement.


Jake thinly smiled as he was talking to his Jinns. This plan he had hatched was really damn dangerous. One wrong move would blow the plan possibly getting him and his Jinns destroyed.

"Master Jake, I still feel that what you want to do is far too dangerous. Both the human mistress and the elite Jinn that she commands have far more power than you realize." King Al-Mazhab told Jake again a look of great concern on his face.

Jake turned to the king nodding, "I do realize that King Al-Mazhab. But I also feel that this may be the only way that we can defeat Zahra thereby defeating Marie. I just hope that she doesn't have more Jinns she hasn't released yet. As you said there are a great many that are still sealed in their bottles."

The king was nodding as were the council standing not far off. "You do realize that if this plan of yours doesn't work Master Jake, we all are doomed. You are one of the only humans I have ever seen resist the love magic. I don't feel good about you trying to do it multiple times." Rasmir told Jake a look of concern on his face also.

Jake was nodding his agreement, this plan had to work, and it was all he could see to do. After running through all that he could against fighting this magic only this had any positive outcome. 'At least I hope,' Jake thought, 'he'd never been that brave in his life though for his four Jinns he felt more courage than he ever had.'

Sighing Jake knew he needed to get this started, taking a step he almost collapsed. Several pairs of arms caught him lowering him to a pallet. "It appears I am far more tired than I thought." Jake told all present.

All four of Jake's Jinns and the king's daughter turned to the king. "I've called the doctor. I hope it isn't the dark magic again." Gen said fearfully.

A moment later the Doctor appeared then gasp when he saw Jake lying on the pallet. All five of the Jinns moved away as the Doctor dropped to the ground beside Jake.

"I know of this plan that you are wishing to try Master Jake. Though I really have no say in it, I too don't like this plan of yours. Now I need to see what is wrong," The Doctor said as he grasped Jake's arm.

Again a gasp arose from the Doctor as he stared hard at Jake. Then the Doctor's mouth dropped open as he looked at first Rasmir, then the King. "It's alright Doctor, this is all part of the plan."

The Doctor's face frowned as he snapped his head back to Jake. "It was part of your plan to get this weak? That you are close to death? Master Jake I know you have a great many things on you, you must stop and rest at times."

Jake smiled somewhat weakly at the Doctor, "I am resting, see? I am on a pallet, resting."

"You, as well as I, know what I am talking of Master Jake. The last time I saw your energy this depleted was before the fight with the Queen." The Doctor told Jake looking as closely at him as he could. 'Why,' the Doctor thought, 'do I feel that master Jake and the others are hiding something from me?'

Shaking his head the Doctor arose moving away, even as the five female Jinns again descended on Jake.

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