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Sarah learns the rules of her new life.

"You're a doll Max and I really like you; you're so innocent. Perhaps I need to teach you how to have sex with all stops pulled out."

Max looked close to experiencing lockjaw. But he freed up his mouth and said, "You know Cass for a girl you really have depth in what you say compared with most other females, er younger ones."

"Are you saying I'm sophisticated for my age?"


"My mum would have liked hearing you say that."

"No way, I'm not getting close to her."

"Why ever not?"

Max hesitated and said she would not like hearing what he had to say.

"Go on."

"Your mum might move to jerk my dick; you mentioned women were like that."

She giggled.

"Wow you think this that and I'd earlier called you innocent. Yes Max and rather than just jerk it she'd want to gobble it and some women have a bent on creaming young blond guys like you with your dick in their mouth."


"Give it a rest Max; I was pulling your leg although women like Mrs Page would jump at the opportunity."

"What Mrs Page three or four houses down from you? She's ugly."

"Well Max how do you think ugly women get sex?"

Max thought on that one and wondered why Cassidy was smiling.

Cassidy casually dropped a hand over his groin and gripped his package.

"Cassidy," he squawked and looked around nervously and she lifted her hand away.

"What?" she pretended to complain. "Is your mind set now on doing it only with older women?"

He protested and Cassidy was smiling again.

"Your piece felt bigger than what I remember."

He pushed that last piece of his burger back in the box.

She asked what wrong with it and he said the conversation had become too much for him, putting him off his tucker.

"You should eat. You'll need all the energy you can muster when I put you through the hoops when we do it in Kings Park."

Max grabbed his burger and dispatched it in two bites and then eyed the piece Cassidy still had to eat. She sighed and handed it over giggling and called him her hottie.

* * *

Cassidy, leading Max by the hand, hauled him off a pathway into a wilderness area where some illumination penetrated from a pole light.

"Um snakes?"

"If they've seen me I've never seen them," Cassidy said. "Let's remove our clothes and we can form them into a ground blanket. Oh please get that snake in your pants into my hand pretty damn quickly.'

"Gosh Cassidy, you're all woman and yet you're not much older than me."

"I think I know why I like you Max," she cooed, leaving him none the wiser.

"Come to mummy you lovely boy."

Max appealed to Cassidy because she could manipulate him freely and her teasing piss him off like most other guys she dated who of course arrogantly believed it was their right to control the relationship.

Tonight was the night for Cassidy who intended to use nice-guy Max to take her anal virginity. Docile Max of course wouldn't have a clue about backdoor sex.

Nude, they kissed while still standing.

In the glorious summer night she frowned because she couldn't feel any hardness against her groin.

Cassidy grabbed his ass cheeks and squeezed hard and penetrated his mouth delicately with her tongue and pulled him onto their clothing when feeling the growing erection above her public bone.

"Oooh," she purred, taking the first lick of his cock that was continui9ng to firm in her hand.

"This is the best cock I've ever had exposed to me," she lied outrageously.

"What including your father's?"

"What?" she yelled.

"Cass I'm sorry. You tease me and I thought you'd appreciate me giving you a little wind-up."

"That wasn't funny Max. In fact it was disgusting."

"You're right, I guess I should go," he said attempting to stand.

"Stay where you are buster. Just promise you'll never again repeat that disgusting comment you just made."

"I promise. I guess I got a whiff of pussy juice and that pushed me over the top."

Cass resumed licking his cock after saying yes he was right, she'd felt a damp patch forming just before they began to undress.

"Some guys dislike the odour."

"I find i

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