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Two college students come to terms with their needs.

I was able to save myself from shooting my load just yet.

I laid Maggie down on the couch next to me, lowered my head between her legs and began to suck her juices that had seeped into the tops of her stockings. I rolled each stocking down the entire length of her leg, kissing every inch along the way, eventually returning to her waiting pussy. I tickled around the outside of her outer lips with the tip of my tongue before plunging it fully into her lathered hole. I could feel her juices splatter out onto my chin and drip down to the couch cushions.

I then positioned my body over top of Maggie's. She pulled my face close to hers so that she could lick all her cum from my lips and chin. My throbbing cock had no problem gliding all the way into her slick cunt. My wife's pussy had never felt so hot and wet before. I could feel her inside spasm and tighten around my dick with each powerful pump. It wasn't much longer before I felt that tension return to my nuts. I pushed my cock as deep into Maggie as I could get and shot like a fire hose trying to put out a fire in her womb.

All of the sudden, the sky outside the windows lit up with beautiful explosions of red, yellow and green. It was exactly midnight.

I looked into my wife's sparkling eyes and whispered "Happy New Year baby."

Out of breath, Maggie only replied with a big smile as we laid there in each other's arms, watching the fireworks show. After the finale, Maggie looked into my face and said, "Sauna time."

She wrapped her legs tight around my waist, I lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. I held my dick in place that entire time, corking her opening from leaking my seed. The motion of walking made Maggie bounce a bit on my hips, causing my cock to become completely hard again inside her.

Still holding her tight, I set the controls for 120 degrees and we entered the sauna. I was unaware that it was necessary to preheat a sauna for a while to get it up to temperature. It didn't matter to us much, we were creating our own heat. I laid Maggie flat on the bench and again started to pound her pussy with long, hard strokes.

After about ten minutes of heavy, aggressive fucking, the sauna heat began to rise rapidly. The steam seemed to stimulate every inch of my skin and my entire body started to tingle. The heat was so intense that it felt like my ball sack was hanging all the way to the floor. I could feel it sway back between my legs with each pull, then smash onto Maggie's damp ass with each push. The added sensation became too much. My body froze and my dick began to spew more and more cum into Maggie's womb.

As I removed my spent cock from inside her, the cum coating all over my crotch caught her eye. She slid to her knees in front of me and began to lick and suck every bit of mine and her cum from my dick and nut sack.

Afterward, we relaxed and enjoyed the sauna for about another half an hour, until the timer went off. I led Maggie to the master bedroom so that we could both change into our overnight clothes. I forgot to pack a bra for her, but did include panties, a white t-shirt, socks and a pair of satin shorts. We returned to the main area of the suite, poured some more champagne and relaxed while we waited for our guests to arrive.

Around 2:30am, I received a call from the front desk, to inform me that there were seven guests instead of six, and that they were on their way up. Within a few minutes, there was a knock at the suite door. As I opened the door, the security guard had me verify that they were the visitors that I was expecting. I greeted everyone as they rushed into the suite with amazed and drunken looks on their faces.

Tim was the last to enter, but had a woman on his arm that certainly wasn't his wife, nor did I recognize her.

"Paul this is Ginger. Ginger, Paul."

I extended my hand as a greeting while I looked her over from head to toe.

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