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Four women begin to discover each other.


"Fuck." The man said, turning back to look at the screen to watch the young woman squirm and moan. "She's hot. Young, too. How old?"

"Just turned 18 last week. She wore this little sundress that day. She bent over right in front of my desk and I could see down it. She wasn't wearing a bra, but her tits were all pushed together and up. Her little pink nipple was showing. Got me so hard I almost fucked her right there in front of everyone. Instead I went and fucked the shit out of Meg that day." The men laughed, both with their eyes still on the screen. Lia was moaning and struggling against her binds. The both watched the screen for a while longer before the new man said, "Ok, let's go down. I need to fuck that hot little mouth of hers."

The men walked downstairs. They could hear her cries before they saw her. She didn't notice them at first as they both stood over her, watching. Mr. Ryan finally reached over and pulled the dildo out. She sighed in relief and disappointment. Her eyes opened slowly. She focused on him and smiled. Then she turned when she heard someone else in the room. Her eyes flew open the rest of the way and she shrieked, "Dr. Scott!" She struggled against the ropes frantically, wanting to cover herself. She finally stopped as she saw that both of the men wouldn't help and were enjoying it. They were eyes her naked, struggling body with admiration.

Dr. Scott was the principal at her school and was a tall man, the same build as Mr. Ryan. All the girls in school spoke about how hot he was, even though he was old enough to be their father. Usually he was a friendly man but right now he was looking at her like she was an object.

"Hello, Lia. Mr. Ryan called me over. He said that you agreed to come home with him. We tend to share women that we fuck. Do you understand?" He leaned forward and brushed a hand against her cheek. She closed her eyes and moaned. She didn't answer and he brought his hand lowered to her throat and gently squeezed. "Answer me. Now."

"Yes!" He squeezed a bit harder, tilting her chin up with one finger at the same time. Her frightened green eyes met his.

"Yes what?" He prodded, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, sir!" She whimpered, frightened of him. She looked at Mr. Ryan and saw he would do nothing.

"Look at me!" Dr. Scott ordered. Her eyes jumped back to his.

"Good girl." He smiled and let go. He trailed his hand lower on her body, down to her hip. "I heard you've been punished already. I need to see." With that he flipped her around, her wrists and ankles twisting as they were tied. He chuckled as the sight of the red marks all over her ass. He stroked her. "So pretty." He brought his hand down and spanked her. She cried out. "So beautiful." He spanked her again. "I recall you were in my office last week. Wearing a tight little dress. You wanted this, didn't you?" He spanked her again, this time harder. "Didn't you? Did you want me to look at you? To admire your tits and your ass? Did you?" She moaned, but didn't answer. "Answer me, Lia. Do you like it when men look at you and want you? Does it turn you on to be the teasing whore?" He bent down and bit her ass hard, he then sucked. Lia screamed. "Answer!" Dr. Scott yelled, bringing his mouth away from her ass.

"Yes! Yes, sir!" She obediently said.

"Yes, sir what?" He spanked her again.

"Yes, sir. I like teasing. I knew you were watching me. I knew you were looking at my tits. I liked it." She was sobbing, willing to admit anything to stop the punishment.

"Good girl." He finally stopped spanking her and stroked her pussy instead in reward. Lia moaned, bucking against his hand. "Now, I'll reward you." With that he pushed a finger inside of her. She moaned, arching towards his hand. He continued to pleasure her and finger fucked her until she came, screaming against his hand.

Mr. Ryan stood watching just a few feet away, enjoying the show.


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