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Wishing Tina a happy Thanksgiving.

Travis had his chest on the bed with his head turned to one side. Rick could see the expression of ecstasy on the pretty gay's face. Rick was in no hurry and felt he could fuck the incredible ass all night. In seemed like hours before he finally came and flooded the contracting rectum. It was another sizeable load and his seed escaped along his shaft still embedded in the sweet ass. Travis flattened his body to be prone on the bed and Rick moved with him keeping his cock buried in deep.

Sensitive to crushing the slender body, Rick rolled them to their sides. They cuddled in the spoon position and Rick remained hard in the warm sheath. Travis guided Rick's hand to the smaller erection and Rick stroked the stiff dick. It was something that he had become accustomed to doing. Within minutes, Travis ejaculated and Rick could feel the surge of semen rush through the slender shaft. He actually liked the sensation of feeling another cock shoot.

With his cock still buried inside the lovey ass, Rick began to move again fucking his effeminate gay lover. His hand grasped the smaller cock again and he masturbated Travis as he fucked him. They both came again with Travis cumming first shooting his seed onto the bed covers. Rick liked the way the sphincter grasped his cock during his lover's ejaculation. He then came and shot more cum into the receptive bottom. Minutes later they separated and Travis went to the bathroom to douche his rectum. Rick learned that night that Travis kept his ass super clean by douching before and after anal sex.

Rick also cleaned up and they returned to bed and cuddled in a spoon position again. They stayed that way until they fell asleep. By morning they had separated and they slept in longer than expected. They didn't care as they really had no interest in the morning speaker. In fact, they didn't care much for the breakout sessions. Instead they stayed in bed and rested missing the last half-day of the conference.


On Thursday morning Travis got up first and began to take a shower. Rick heard and decided to join him. He entered the bathroom and joined the pretty gay in the shower. Rick washed Travis's body and paid particular attention to the curvy ass. He stood behind the slender beauty and washed his chest and abs. His hands eventually made their way down to shapely bottom. He cupped the luscious buttocks in his hands as he soaped up the irresistible ass. The he fingered the snug anus and soaped up his own cock. Travis leaned forward slightly placing his hands on the shower wall and arched his back so that his ass pushed back toward his muscular lover. Rick eased his cock into the soapy anus as he held onto the slim hips.

Travis groaned seductively as the big dick entered his ass. Rick fucked him slowly and watched his cock slide in and out of the hot ass. He was so turned on that he felt his orgasm building quicker then he planned. There was no stopping him and his balls tightened as he unloaded into that sweet ass yet again. Rick held onto Travis's hips and drove his cock deep. Travis felt the molten sperm fill his rectum to overflowing and instinctively used the sphincter to milk the big cock.

"Oh Rick I feel it! I feel you cumming in me. It feels so good keep fucking me."

Rick stayed hard and kept fucking the sweet gay. He could feel his semen surround his cock as he continued to fuck the receptive ass. Rick knew that he could stay hard and he was pleased that he could continue to fuck the sweet ass. Travis realized that Rick would fuck him until he ejaculated a second time, so he began to stroke his own cock. Travis asked Rick to jerk him off while he fucked his ass.

"Rick play with me. Play with my cock. Stroke it for me just like you did before."

Rick honored Travis's request and grabbed a hold of the smaller erect cock and jerked him off.

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