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She also brought in a finger in his arse to lubricate his inside.

Finally she used a lot of the lubrication on the dildo.

She stood for his body and slowly guided the strap-on to the inside of his arse. Very gently and slowly, with fractions of an inch, she pushed the top of the dildo in. Suddenly she felt that she passed the closing-muscle. Slightly she pushed back and then forward again, deeper. Back and deeper, back and deeper and then she was all in. Rob was moaning all the time, from pain and pleasure.

"Big girls first have to learn the pain, later on they get much pleasure out of this," and she trusted the dildo forward and backward in a faster rate.

Jenny had soothed Rob, again by holding his dick and sliding it up and down through her fist.

Then Jenny brought her body over Rob towards Marion. She sat with her bum over Rob's face, so he could lick her cunt and while she kept stroking his dick. Every time Marion pushed her strap-on in Rob's arse, her breast touched those of Jenny. Jenny pushed her body back and forth over his mouth and rubbing her clit. Rob tried as much as possible with his tongue, but Jenny just went faster and faster. Rob was the one who got fucked now and he loved it. He couldn't hold much longer, his dick was throbbing and he tried to pull back his hips in order to delay his coming.

"Stop a moment, stop a moment please," he asked. Marion withdrew her dildo with a sucking noise from his arse and Jenny stopped stroking him.

"What is the matter," Marion asked "do I push too deep?"

"No, but I'm almost coming and I want to come within you or Jenny," Rob said.

"It's okay," Marion said "We'll do as you ask, but tomorrow evening I'm going to fuck your arse again until I come, and I don't care whether you came or not. The day after you only will walk astride, I reckon," she promised him.

She took off her strap-on, untied his ankles and mounted his dick. Jenny turned so she sat with her cunt right before Rob's mouth. Now he really could eat her out. In a slow cadence Marion fucked Rob and he tried to postpone his coming. He licked and slurped Jenny juices, she became wetter and wetter.

Jenny leaned forward and Rob circled with his tongue around her clit, his hands were still tied, thus his tongue was the only thing he could use, apart from his dick. Then he started pushing his tongue as hard as possible against her clit, it was more rather rubbing than licking and Jenny juices drooled over his chin.

Marion went up and down, faster and faster, holding herself in position with the ropes she earlier had used to tie Rob. Faster and faster, and Rob thrust his hips high and also nearly came. Then he felt Marion's inner muscles tighten and she yelled "I'm coming, oh, I'm coming."

Rob couldn't hold his orgasm any longer and he forgot to lick Jenny, but she rubbed her clit against his mouth and nose and moaned "I'm coming also" and her sweaty body quivered.

Marion still held Rob dick in her pussy, enjoying the feeling as long as possible. Jenny rolled of Rob and went to the bathroom and took a towel. She cleaned her cunt and then Rob's face. Marion slowly unmounted Rob, put her fingers in her pussy and then in her mouth and tasted his cum.

"Hmm, you taste good. We relax a bit and we will repeat it, but then we switch places. And after that, if you still have some power, I will give you a blowjob and then I want all your cum," Marion said horny.

"I think we will leave you there, you are for us to use," Jenny grinned, but she still untied his hands.

Then Rob stood up also and walked to the door. "Can I bring you girls some drinks?" he asked.

"Sure," Marion said, "I would like some more wine."

"I'll be right back," Rob said, still wearing his stockings and corset.

"He has such a nice arse," Marion sighed, "I like women, but when I saw his arse, I only want one thing: to fuck him right there and now."

"I know," Jenny said, "I also like butts. Funny how us women always look at behinds, while men usually look at breasts and legs."

"I will train his arse some more, until he ca

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