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A family visit brings unexpected erotic pleasure.

It was the first time I had set eyes on her vagina and I couldn't believe how pink it was.

The colour of it really stood out amongst her dark pubic hair. It wasn't a big opening but she had quite thick flaps which was a huge turn on. I licked her thoroughly that night for about 15 minutes by which time I had a really strong taste of her very unique pussy glue in my mouth.

This was really private business since officially we were still work colleagues but now also intimate lovers. Her private secrets were definitely worth the wait.

I was so turned on and into Rebecca that I asked for a 69 (my favourite position).

That day in the bathroom had stayed with me and turned me on ever since and I desperately wanted to explore her pretty bodily openings further.

Rebecca wasn't 100% convinced but I promised to be gentle and respectful.

She slowly turned around and positioned her beautiful wide buttocks, brown bottom crack and hairy private parts over my face, her bright pink vagina lips spreading and parting as she squatted carefully over my mouth. I immediately applied my mouth to her vagina and inserted my tongue deeply into her moist pinkness.

This was also the first time I had seen her bare anus and there it was now, moist and puckered and hairy within centimetres of my nose and mouth.

It was easily the prettiest and most "perfect" anus I had ever seen in the flesh. It was perfectly round and raised, very deeply purple and pink in colour surrounded by poo-stained wrinkles and some lovely dark brown pubic hairs.

I didn't want to spoil the occasion by giving Rebecca analingus straight away; it was such a beautiful opening I just wanted to inspect it and savour it before going any further.

Sticking your tongue into someone's anus can be shocking and disgusting for someone if there are not expecting it, but knowing she would probably go to jelly if I did it right and the at the right time, I was happy to build up to it.

After all, it was just as much fun inspecting and sniffing her anus first.

It was so purple and moist looking that I didn't know how long I could resist.

But first, with my tongue deeply within her vagina and my nose hard pressed against her poo sphincter, I licked, sucked and sniffed to maximise the experience.

Rebecca was moaning in her lovely Rebecca way as I sucked on her vagina and labia minora, flicking my tongue onto her clitoris with every circuit of my mouth.

I would pause to pull her anus apart and inspect the inner sphincter. It was a deep pink colour on the inside and it made me want to inspect as far into her rectum as possible.

With a couple more rounds of deep tongue penetration into her vag, I sniffed hard trying to get some poo odour into my nose. It wasn't quite happening.

I then started pulling my tongue out of her hairy baby hole and licking upwards, flicking my tongue across her perineum. She continued to moan and quietly gasp as my tongue was getting ever so closer to her holy grail.

I had also started gently massaging my thumb around the wrinkled sphincter at which Rebecca flinched.

At that point I stopped, even though I felt so turned on and I just wanted to go further -- such a bold move was one for which I felt it best to ask permission.

"Oh Rebecca, I really want to lick you in there!! It's so beautiful!!" I offered.

She paused and I began to worry that this was anus interruptus.

"Hmmm. Only if you want to! It's kind of dirty in there..." she responded.

"It's OK. I don't mind getting your germs on my tongue!!" I reassured her.

I spread her anus wide once again and with one final inspection of the purple and pink crater, I gave it a few good flicks with my tongue.

Pausing and inspecting again, I then applied my pointed tongue for a bit longer, holding it against the rim for several seconds. Repeating this, I then gave a few decent pushes against the anus.

I could feel the crater tightening against the point of my tongue as Rebecca gasped louder than she had been previously.


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