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Chad, Alex, and Ana from Birthday Night are back for part 2.

She was sexy without even trying, every move sensuous, an invitation to touch her, to take her. Her eyes traveled up to his face, met his eyes, and he gave her a wink. She smiled back, and slowly began to peel off her clothes.

"Hey, who said you were invited in?" he laughed. "You'll just hog all the hot water."

"Mmm. Probably," she replied, looking up at him from under her lashes. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

He pretended to consider her offer, then gave a heavy sigh. "Ok, fine. But it better be good."

She stepped into the shower, and slid her hands up his slick chest and into his hair. She licked her lips, then pulled his head down so she could reach his mouth. She ran her tongue around the edge of his lips, then leaned into him, pressing her lips lightly against his. His hands cupped her bottom, pulling her tightly against him as he deepened the kiss. His tongue slid into her mouth, and he felt her sigh against his lips. He loved all the little noises she made during sex, the sighs, the soft moans, he could swear he'd even heard her practically purring once or twice. His mouth left her lips, and he nibbled lightly along the side of her neck. Another sigh that turned a little deeper as he nipped at her neck a little harder. He picked up the soap, and worked a lather up in his hands. He ran his hands down her arms, and pulled back slightly from her. He lifted his hands to her full breasts, letting the soap make her skin slippery as he slid his fingers along the curve of her breast to her erect nipples. He circled them lazily, watching her eyes close as she lost herself in the sensations. He gently rolled her nipples between his fingers, then a little harder. Her breathing was coming a little faster, she liked it when he was a little rough with her. He leaned back, moving so the water would hit her breasts and rinse the soap away. He took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting gently. She cried out softly, then whispered his name.

"Please, now."

He slid his hands down across her stomach, and between her legs, She was slick and warm and ready for him. He again cupped her ass in his hands, lifting her and pinning her back against the cool shower tile wall. Her eyes flew open at the suddenness of the motion, then getting her bearings, she pulled him in again for another kiss. His cock slid into her as his tongue thrust into her mouth, and she responded with a long low moan from deep in her throat. She wiggled against him, trying to get every bit of him inside her, then tilted her hips slightly. He withdrew, then slid back into her again, feeling her muscles gripping his cock in a hot velvet hold. Her head fell back as he continued to slide in and out of her, and his teeth nipped her neck again.

She felt him increase his pace slightly, and used the leverage of the wall behind her back to push her hips out to meet his thrusts. His cock filled her up, it was thick and long, and right now it was pushing her to the edge. His fingers tightened their hold on her, digging into her tender flesh, but it only turned her on more. She loved being possessed by him, feeling his power and strength. He was pushing into her more forcefully now, each stroke filling her completely. She felt the tightness that began in her belly, and spread thru her whole body, leaving her tightly wound. He felt it too, felt her body tighten as her breath came in fast little gasps. He slid a finger into her ass as her continued to rock into her body steadily.

The finger sliding into her sent her over the edge, her body moving desperately against his as she came.

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