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Starting at Amy's right foot, Char undraped the leg and tucked the sheet so nothing was exposed as state law required. She began to work on the foot, trying hard not to stare between Amy's legs. She massaged the calf and moved to the thigh. She realized that the drape had come loose. That had never happened during one of her massages before. Char could nearly see all the way up Amy's thighs. She shook her head and decided just to get through the legs as fast as possible. She began her compressions and deep tissue gliding and tried not to notice how soft and pillow-like Amy's thighs were. Next, she began petrisage, which is lifting and kneading the muscles. When she moved to the inner thigh, Amy moved her other leg outwardly giving Char free access all the way up. Char licked her lips. All she could think about was sliding her hand up Amy's thigh and touching the lovely waiting pussy which seemed to be calling to her.

She had never even wondered what another woman's pussy felt like, but now she could barely keep her hand off one. She forced herself to think of the sections of the ethics code she'd be shredding if she did that. She could lose her license. Still, she couldn't think of anything else. It would be soft and wet. I wonder if she shaves? Char wondered idly.

Char noticed where her hands were and gasped, Oh my God. While she was spacing out, Char had worked up the inner thigh much further than she was supposed to. She was nearly at Amy's pussy. One slight movement would move the drape and Char would be able to see everything. Quickly Char recovered the entire leg.

She moved to the left leg and raced through the foot and calf. She meant to race through the thigh, too, but the drape had come loose again and Char could see even further up this time. Again, Charlene couldn't help, but stare underneath it. Without realizing it, she massaged Amy's inner thigh over and over again. It wasn't until her fingertips brushed he edge of Amy's pussy that she realized how far she'd gone. She waited for the outraged reaction which should follow such a gross violation of professional conduct, but all Amy did was sigh and ease her legs further open.

Charlene licked her lips. She wanted nothing more than to slide her fingers up those soft thighs, under the drape to see how wet and velvety that pussy was. Instead, she slowly recovered the leg and asked Amy to turn over.

Charlene decided to work arms next. Nice, safe, non-sexual arms. She moved to Amy's left arm and began the joint mobilization stretches. Amy's eyes were closed and her face peaceful, but through the light summer drape, Charlene could see her dark stiff nipples and her tiny quarter-sized areolas. She massaged the left hand, forearm and arm. Next she had to stretch the pectoral muscles above the breasts. Pressing against Amy's chest just above her beautiful, cupcake sized breasts, Charlene stretched Amy's arm back stretch her chest muscles. Even working through the drape, touching so close to Amy's breasts got Charlene incredibly excited. She fought to control herself, but was getting the to point where she didn't care anymore. She was in the grip of unbridled lust and as soon as the session was over, she was going to lock herself in the bathroom and masturbate until she rubbed herself raw. She just had to finish the fucking massage without losing her license.

Charlene moved to the other arm and worked the whole arm and pectorals without losing control. She moved to the head, neck and shoulders. Head work done sitting down so she snagged her stool and sat.

God, she's beautiful! Charlene thought gazing at the relaxed face.

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