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Kaylee's sex addiction grows even stronger!

She drew a breath to protest and then remembered that he already had footage of her laying in her bed with panties around her knees, and also of her crawling across the floor naked, with her panties in her mouth, as he had ordered her to do.

"There's my little girl," he said, interrupting her train of thought, as he motioned for her to sit on the coffee table before him. She sat on the coffee table, facing him, and closed her legs like a little lady.

"No, no." he told her waving his finger in her face. He placed his hands on the insides of her knees and spread her legs wide, pushing her dress back slightly, so that he could glimpse her little girl panties.

He took a deep breath as he drank her in with his eyes, then he looked into her eyes and asked her, "Do you now why you are in trouble?"

"I'm in trouble because I'm a naughty little girl, Daddy," she answered him, lowering her eyes from his.

"Tell me why you are a naughty girl."

"I'm a naughty girl because I talked back to you, Daddy, when you were setting up the camera in the window."

"That's right. Now what else did you do?"

"I got my panties dirty, Daddy."

"Yes, you did!" he grumbled, as he felt his adrenaline begin to surge. "How did you get your panties dirty?"

"I got my panties dirty when you came all over me, Daddy."

"And why did I come all over you?"

"You came on me because I am a nasty whore, Daddy."

He sneered at her, never letting her eyes leave his as he reached into his pocket and withdrew the dirty pair of panties with his dried cum on them. He opened the panties and placed them over her head. "Now lay face down on the coffee table and prepare for your spanking."

She could not see with the panties on her head and she shuddered, wondering what he might do to her while she was so blinded. She slowly laid down on the table and turned on her stomach.

"Pull your dress up above your waist," he ordered.

She reached down and moved her dress into the position he had ordered. He stood above her and looked at her there - the pink dress now raised to fully reveal the teddy bear panties, her shiny patent leather shoes hanging in the air as her legs stretched past the edge of the small table. He removed the camera from the tripod and filmed close-ups of her in this position - first of the tiny pink bows in her hair, then lower down her back until he reached her panties. He zoomed in on them, capturing the wet area of material directly between her thighs.

"Now you're getting your new panties dirty!" He growled at her as he returned the camera to its position in the corner of the room. "You will never learn. Pull down your panties."

She complied with his order, setting up on her knees for a moment as she pulled her panties to her knees, where he liked them. As she began to return to her position, she felt her hand at her head, pushing her down faster than she was moving, forcing her to lose her balance and fall forward on the table. His voice became angry again and he walked around the table observing that her ass was red and marked from the spanking he had given her earlier. He made a complete circle around her and when he returned to her head, he yanked the panties off of her head and snapped at her, "Get up on your elbows - rest your face between your hands and look at the television.

She did as she was told, but was confused by his request.

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