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A down-and-out youth is taken in by a lady of the night.

Then we decided to go to the sauna, we went to the sauna rooms, and immediately noticed that most people were walking naked in the brightly lit sauna hallway or just with their towel, this turned us on a bit, seeing cocks and tits of all sizes.

All sauna were separated and small, they probably fit 3-4 people maximum each and they each had a shower on their right.

Stacey chose a room and she immediately undressed to take a shower, I loved seeing her tits bounce when she removed the top of her swimsuit and watching her shower her whole body. And then some of the men were looking at her exiting the shower, I couldn't blame them as she was an amazing sight to see all wet, naked.

I removed my speedo, put it in the locker and took a quick shower before grabbing my towel and we then entered the sauna with Stacey.

Setting the temp at 180F, it was slowly rising. I poured some water on the hot rocks to create a bit of steam but not too much.

We put our towels on the bench and sat on them next to each other. Stacey was sitting nude, I couldn't help but notice the sweat on Stacey breasts making them look really sexy, my cock was slowly growing and she was giggling.

Suddenly a man around 50 years old enters our room, just with a towel around his waist. He just greeted us politely and then removed his towel to sit on it.

When he removed his towel me and Stacey had to look at his penis, it was quite thick even flaccid, thicker than mine and it had a certain room presence, the 50 year old man was slightly athletic and shaved so it definitely helped make his big cock stand out more.

He sat down at the other edge but as the room was very small he felt very close to us.

Then he started staring at Stacey's naked body shamelessly, he had a good look at her breasts and was also looking down at the trimmed hair of her pussy, that's when his cock started to grow and Stacey had her eyes locked on his growing cock in shock. I also had to look as it was getting big.

The man smiled still looking at my wife's tits and started to slowly masturbate completely ignoring my presence.

Stacey gave me a quick glance and didn't know how to react but it made her really aroused as her eyes quickly went back to the man stroking his cock.

I didn't know how to react either so I just tried to ignore it all.

The man noticed that Stacey liked what she was seeing and that's when he asked her "Do you want to touch it?" in a proud manner.

Stacey looked at me I shook my head like i was saying I don't know to her, so she looked back at the man and timidly nodded.

The stranger slid closer to her as she was sitting between me and him and she started touching his penis, slowly caressing it until she grabbed it with her full hand grip. The stranger liked it a lot and started rubbing my wife's pussy with 2 fingers, gently penetrating her.

This was getting really hot and I was also getting a hard on, but at the same time I thought it was not ok, it was weird but very intense.

He then grabbed Stacey's head from the back and made her lie down on her side while putting his shaft in her mouth. She started sucking his big cock like it was her duty, the man moaned and his legs were shaking from the pleasure.

He didn't let her suck his cock very long as it seemed too intense for him, he suddenly went on his knees on the ground and started licking my wife's pussy with his cock rock hard between his legs. She loved it as she grabbed him behind his head holding him close.

After about a min, he decided to stand up and I saw him lift Stacey's leg up, I knew what was going to happen, should I let it happen or not? I always fantasized of a situation like this though, so I decided that I wasn't going to say anything even if I felt like I should stop this but it made it more exciting.

Stacey was looking at him in the eye while he slowly penetrated her pussy with his thick cock, it made her shake a little bit and he grunted immediately while going deeper and deeper and said in a whisper tone "ooh you're tight" Yes my wife's pussy feels marvelous.

He st

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