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It's their long-awaited first time.

Though, I should be getting home soon, with work in the morning.

I decided to turn at the next street, which is more like an alley and would take me straight to the catwalk that led to the street my house is on. What happened next, all took about five seconds.

I ran at full speed around the bend, not paying attention to my surroundings, and ran straight into a big, tall dark figure, knocking off my balance. I teetered backwards, and two arms reached out to catch me.

I couldn't make out the face on this person who was holding me with one large hand on my upper back, one on my lower. The hand resting on my lower back was slowing moving down, until it covered my right butt cheek and began squeezing it. Up until now, I was too terrified to move.

"Let me go!" I screamed. And he did, he let go and I fell backwards landing on my back.

"What do you got there, Paul?" I don't know what surprised me most. The fact that there was another person hidden in the dark alley, or that the person had called this man Paul.

"Paul?" I whispered, my voice shaking. He walked toward me so half his face was lit from the street light. He looked evil, all the dark memories of him flooded back to me at once and I had to look away from his menacing crooked smile.

"Hello, Brooke." He said. I looked behind him and noticed that not one, but three other men had appeared. All looked huge, compared to me being only 5'5". One of them was black. Suddenly, Paul's face was right beside my ear.

"You can never escape me." His voice made my stomach feel like it had knives bouncing around inside it.

He reached down and picked me up, and carried my deeper into the darkest part of the alley. I knew what was coming for me. No one was around to hear my screams for help- and I would have been outnumbered if it had been just Paul here, but there were three more!

He put me down on my feet against a brick wall, and stepped back to gaze at me with the other three.

"Fuck, I love it when bitches wear tight pants. I bet her pussy is already wet. Isn't it you little slut?" Said one of the other two white guys. I gasped when he called me a slut. No one ever called me that before.

"Please- Paul please leave me alone." Paul walked up to me and grabbed hold of my shoulders and slammed me into the wall twice. I screamed and he did it again.

"You will not speak unless spoken to. Understand, slut?" He said in a low, deep voice. I nodded my head, my back screaming in pain. "We are all going to fuck your tight virgin pussy."

Suddenly his big hand was down rubbing my pussy. His other roughly grabbed my breast and squeezed it, making me gasp. He tore off my tank top, and since it had a built in bra, my breasts were fully exposed.

Paul stopped rubbing my pussy and my boob, and slowing knelt down. He yanked down my cycling shorts, so all that covered my pussy were my small pink panties. I heard him moan; saying how he missed this, and suddenly his thick fingers were stroking the opening to my vagina. I bit my bottom lip, so afraid and embarrassed. My body was betraying me- I did not want this... and yet I screamed inside for Paul to rub harder, faster.

He pushed his finger inside me and my knees buckled, forcing his finger deeper. I felt his other hand begin to rub my clit in small round motions.

"You like this, don't you? Your pussy is dripping, you little whore." His motions grew faster and more forceful, I held back a cry. "Lie down." He said.

I lay down on the cold pavement, my pussy yearning for Paul's fingers to be inside me again. My head wishing none of this was happening. All four men stood around me- all four cocks were pulled out. Every single one was huge.

Paul knelt over my face and slapped my cheek with his cock, telling me to open up. I had given him a blow job only once- I hated it. I opened my mouth and he shoved it deep in my throat, making me gag.

He began fucking my face, while one of the other white guys crouched over my pussy and started suckin

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