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Josh makes a promise.

Randy knew some people would love to have some private time with her, himself included.


Randy Smith and his boss, the mysterious Mr. Thompson, watched Sarah through a one way mirror at the Ring base. Mr. Thompson was the leader of the Ring operations at this particular base, which also happened to be one of the major ones in the Ring organization. They had extensive resources allocated to R&D particularly within the area of medical research and mind control. Randy had discovered the CIA drug in Sarah's purse while clearing out the hotel room and decided to have it tested. To his and Mr. Thompson's great surprise, this drug proved highly effective at clouding a person's recent memories and also made them highly susceptive to suggestions especially shortly after the drug was administered. This would ensure complete loyalty, at least in the short term. They understood why the CIA wanted to test this on Peter. Peter had surrendered pretty much immediately and was now hard at work in the Ring's computer science department. The grand prize for the Ring, however, would be turning Sarah's allegiance away from the CIA and make her start working for the Ring instead. Mr. Thompson looked at the sleeping Sarah and couldn't help admiring her beauty. "If only I were 40 years younger", he thought. Then again, a woman like Sarah Walker could easily make him hard again.

"So what do we do with her," Randy asked looking at his boss intently.

Randy Smith was Mr. Thompson's top agent and he trusted him with his own life. He had recruited him at a young age keeping the young boy under his wing after rescuing him from an abusive father. He had personally showed up, smacked the father around a bit until he had literally started begging for his life. Mr. Thompson made him confess to everything he had done while recording everything. He later posted the video online for everyone to see. Thompson later learnt that Randy's father took the easy way out and put a bullet in his head as he couldn't live with the disgrace. Now Randy was a bit older and wiser, about 40 years old, built like a football player and massive in size.

"Give her the drug. I want you to be with her the moment she wakes up. Make her feel safe. Tell her that she is working for us, and that her last mission failed after the CIA intervened. Explain to her that's why she may experience some degree of amnesia. Also tell her that you and she were very close. Assume the role of a listening and caring friend in need, while slowly gaining her trust," he continued in his normal scheming fashion.

"Of course Sir", Randy said grinning.

He looked at her again, looking forwards to this task. Randy ordered the doctor attending her to administer the drug. The doctor removed a syringe from one of the shelves, filled it with the liquid drug and injected it into Sarah's arm. Randy noticed an uneasy look on Sarah's face as the needle penetrated her skin, but she quickly calmed down again.

"She will wake up in an hour or two. I suggest you be here when that happens", the doctor said.

"I will," Randy answered.


Meanwhile, Morgan was at home watching Star Wars on blu-ray in Chuck's and his apartment. He felt lonely as Chuck had been sent to New York on some sort of mission with Beckman and Casey was trying to spend more time with his daughter. He wondered where Sarah had gone though. She had insisted on doing this mission solo just saying it was a routine operation. Since she was only to recruit a young boy she should have been back by now. There could have been unforeseen circumstances, but then she would have called or sent him a message. He got worried when he considered the possibility that she had somehow been captured. CIA agents were trained to resist various interrogation techniques and a few drugs designed to make you talk, but everybody had their limits, including Sarah. Given the sensitive nature on everything stored at the CIA base he decided to revoke Sarah's access until he knew exactly what had happened.


Sarah was opening her eyelids fe

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