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Carl satisfies Nicola's needs.

She braced for him to tease her again as she came close to the edge but instead of the pain of his teeth she felt his finger dip deep into her unexplored depths. As her moans became more desperate he added a second finger, and then a third. Her hips humped into his face as her orgasm grew from her core and spread to her fingers and toes before crashing over her.

Xena's warrior felt her tight pussy spasming around his fingers and couldn't hold back any more. He took his fingers away and, before she could protest, replaced them with his cock. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him as he thrust into her repeatedly, reveling in the way she begged him to keep going. She was cumming so hard he couldn't tell if it was one long orgasm or multiple strung together. She didn't stop milking his cock with her spasms even after she had passed out. He hadn't noticed and continued driving into her until he coated her insides with cum.

When he was spent he panicked, realizing that she had went limp, but he calmed down when he noticed her breasts still rose and fell with her breathing. He cleaned their bodies once again and secured a robe around himself before putting her in one and taking her to find her hand maiden. He easily slung her over his shoulder and opened the door to see Tilly standing on the other side, visibly fuming at him.


"Are you out of your mind???" Tilly fussed as she watched her friend's unconscious body bounce on his shoulder.

"Hey! She came after me. Well, technically she came before me," Sebastian chuckled at his joke. He laughed even harder as Tilly smacked him, easily grabbing both of her wrists in one of his large hands. "Stop before you make me drop her. She is pleased with the way her evening turned out I'm sure. The way I see it, I did everyone a favor. Any longer and she would have murdered every person here."

Tilly knew he was right but that didn't mean she had to like it. She pouted as she opened the door for Sebastian and helped him put Xena to bed. She was livid with her friend for being impulsive, yet she felt relieved that she had finally let someone take her frustrations away. She worried for what would happen when Xena woke up and realized what she had done. Tilly observed the way Sebastian looked at Xena and was glad it had been him and not Akio to claim her. Sebastian felt Tilly looking at him and she smirked to tell him she knew what he was feeling.

"Get out of my mind, Tilly."

"Get out of Xena's room, Sebastian." Tilly mocked as she pushed the large warrior from the room, playfully untying the belt on his robe and making him scramble to close it again. "I'll have to see to it that the pools get cleaned. Was a bed too good for you?"


Xena groaned as she woke up. She had been on a rampage for so long that she had ignored the pain that sparring caused her, and now that she had a clear head she would need to take care of her injuries. She closed her eyes, focusing in on her pain and trying to assess what hurt the most. With all the hits that she did take, her pussy hurt the most. She racked her brain trying to think of what douchebag had hit her hard enough between her legs that it hurt more than the rest of her body.

Xena gasped and sat up bone straight in bed as the memories of the previous day came flooding back to her. She held back tears as she thought of Gareth's betrayal and then her face grew hot as she thought about how she had promptly seduced someone after sending him away. She bit her lip, thinking about the warrior who had broken through her rampage.

"I would have thought you would have picked a more arrogant man, but I can't say I'm not disappointed in the one you chose.

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