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Besides she was nearly 15 years older than him and it was only natural that Tim would want a girlfriend of a similar age. In fact he had slept with loads of girls throughout their relationship, but to Tim, this new girl Steph must be different.

"You love her then?" asked Jane and Tim nodded his head slowly. "Can we say goodbye properly?" continued Jane more in hope than in expectation of Tim agreeing to it.

"You want my cock in you one last time?" asked Tim with a grin that gave Jane some hope.


Holding out a hand towards Jane, Tim smiled "any special requests?"

"Yes," said Jane as she took hold of Tim's hand and stood up so that their bodies almost touched. Leaning forward she whispered into Tim's ear "follow me."

Guiding Tim down the garden and away from the house Jane headed for the hot tub that Rob had installed at the start of the summer. It was large enough for 6 people and was sheltered under a large roof that was designed to look like a bamboo shack. Stepping up into the hot tub, Jane let the water wash over her body as she beckoned Tim to join her. As he stripped naked and climbed into the water Jane watched his body, her eyes full of lust. Taking a moment as Tim settled into the water, Jane also glanced up at her neighbour's house and her hopes and dreams were rewarded.

There, in the rear bedroom window, hiding partially behind the curtains stood a young black man who was watching the events unfold. Jane had been thinking about seducing her voyeur ever since his 18th birthday just before Christmas but she only had room for one regular in her life and that had been Tim. It was true that Jane could have had him on a one-night stand but that would have been awkward with him living next door. Now Jane wondered if showing her neighbour what she got up to with the BBC in her life might entice him to become Tim's replacement.

As Tim slipped beneath the water, Jane moved over towards him reaching with her hand under the surface to take hold of his cock. She was unsurprised to find that it was already growing and Tim was clearly eager to enjoy his plaything one last time. Sliding her hand up and down the length of Tim's cock, Jane reached down with the other and slowly removed the bottoms of her bikini. As she got them free of the last of her feet Jane lifted herself up so that she could straddle Tim. At the same time she held the bikini bottoms over the side of the hot tub. Looking up to check her neighbour was still watching Jane stretched out her arm before dropping them onto the floor. It got the response she wanted as she noticed her neighbour trying to discreetly free his own member so he could wank as he watched.

Jane sunk herself down onto Tim's cock and groaned as each inch fed itself into her pussy. "It's not going to be the same without you," she gasped.

Reaching down into the water Tim grabbed hold of Jane by the hips and helped her work herself back and fore on his shaft. "You'll always be the slut who opened my mind to white girls who devote themselves to black cock," he grunted. Turned on even more by the chat Jane threw her head forward and pushed down with her pelvis to ground Tim as deep into her as she could possibly manage. The sensation was enough for her to suddenly and unexpectedly orgasm. Jane arched her back and head as she did so, making a keening sound as she tried to smother a loud scream.

When her body finally relaxed Jane's head fell forward again as she gasped for breath. "Wow, that was unexpected," she said, her eyes wide as she looked into Tim's face. Lifting her hands she undid her bikini top and removed it, exposing her large breasts and pierced nipple to the air. Rising up, she allowed her tits to engulf Tim's face as she again extended an arm seductively to allow the bikini top to drop to the floor.

Tim looked at Jane's pierced nipple and the Q contained within a spade that hung from it. "I asked Steph to get a Queen of Spades," he said with a smile.

"And did she?" asked Jane wh

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