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Affair with my Married Neighbor.

I wanted it too. The kiss led to a love scene. He took each sentence slowly and with infinite care.

"Gary took Tess by her shoulders and pressed her against the wall. "Now, Tess. I want you now." He took her mouth with his and kissed the protest on her lips, turning her heart over in her chest. She wanted him too."

The man moved his legs under the table and our knees brushed delicately, sending sensations all over my skin. As our eyes locked again, he continued the words as if he already knew them, as if he read the story a million times, as if he was Gary and knew each move. I rested my leg next to his, keeping the touch close and testing the waters. He smiled and moved his leg closer. Biting my bottom lip, I soaked in every word he said and experienced each feeling that passed through Tess. I wanted this man with a fever I've never had before. And I wanted him to read to me until eternity closes over us. But most of all, I wanted to feel those hands on my skin in the way Gary took hold of Tess, in an animal-like manor, hungry for every inch of flesh that was exposed. I listened to the man's voice and imagined me as Tess, and him as Gary.

"Gary ripped her shirt down the front and took her breasts in his hands. They felt like silk under his touch but he wasn't gentle and savoring; Gary was hungry and desperate. His mouth sucked on her skin hard and Tess moaned from each act. Her body was pressing hard against Gary, as Gary grew hard in response.

He couldn't take it anymore. He opened the snap of her jeans and dove his unsteady hand in to find her hot and wet, meeting her eyes and lips together with his. Throwing her over her first peak, Gary groaned in mutual delight as his pants went down as well."

My leg was rubbing the man's through his jeans and I wanted to hold him. I wanted to feel him. He tossed his hair out of his eyes and continued reading in his sensual whisper that I know I'm going to hear in my sleep. His voice was mesmerizing and I wanted to grab each word and taste each phrase that left his moist lips. I felt my body responding to his words and I sighed. I sighed like a woman on a cover of a supermarket romance novel, but the sigh caught his attention. He smiled and his voice grew heavier and the gleam in his eyes was wild.

"Tess screamed for him, 'Gary, oh. Gary, I want you so bad.'"

His hand slipped beneath the table and rested on my thigh. After that, I forget the next three or so lines he read. His hand held my leg and the fingers were kneading into my skin. As my breath resumed in starts and gasps, he laid the book down and met my eyes. The only thing keeping our desires apart was the wooden corner of the table. It took me a moment to realize he stopped talking and was now looking at me with a strong stare.

The book was face down on the table and saved at the page we stopped. I looked at the book, currently forming a teepee but all thoughts were lost as his hand moved up my leg. He shifted his chair closer to me and I saw the hunger in his dark eyes. I know it was hunger. One recognizes a like, and I was famished.

The man moved both hands under the table and titled his head in a teasing gesture. It asked me "Do you want me to go on?". It asked me "What do you want?". And it told me, "I want you. But you know that, don't you?"

He moved his chair so close now that he was sitting on the side with me, his legs pressed hard against mine. He brought his mouth close to my face and I felt his breath cruise over my skin. It brought ripples through my body and I suppressed a delicate shudder. His voice traveled to my ear and he said, "Why don't you finish the scene. It gets better." With my lobe caught between his teeth, I was surprised I could still remember to breath, let alone read. But I found my thighs being massaged and my mouth moving to form the words that were written on the pages.

"Tess was scratching her nails down Gary's bare back as he bit the soft skin of her inner thigh.

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