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Watching Davi enjoy all three girls.

"Martha you bitch," Judith growled, thinking that two-faced cow had promised her she'd stay away from Harry. "And you Harry are dead on the water."

She waited a few minutes and then drove in quietly. Harry was on the bed asleep, unzipped and a hand around his flaccid dick. She shook him awake and smiled.

"Hi. We had a great time on the water and now I feel like sex."

Harry pushed his flaccid dick back through his zip. "I er am tired after golf."

"Just a five minute fuck," she whined. "I was so looking forward to it."

"Um later."

She went into the dressing room and pulled out a pair of fresh panties and in the bathroom took a condom from the cabinet, filled it with water to stretch it and then tipped almost all of the water out."

"Harry!" she yelled and marched into the bedroom. "What the hell are these?"

Harry looked bewildered. "We didn't use condoms and she arrived without panties."

"Who is she?" Judith yelled murderously.

"Only Martha," he cried defensively.

"I saw her leaving," Judith said quietly. "Harry move into the guestroom and I want you out of this house tomorrow and to advise your attorney I am commencing divorce proceedings."

"Oh honey, let's talk this through."

"No the most I can forgive anyone is once and you've had that Harry. Now get out of my bedroom."

She cried as she watched him leave and heard him snarl, "Bitch."

She felt much better knowing she'd got through to him. She changed and then went out to make dinner and prepare for the arrival home of the children.

She then called Arnold Buchanan.

"Hi Arnold. Your wife is back to having sex with my husband. I almost caught them at it and tricked Harry into admitting it."

"Oh damn, just when I thought we had it sorted. Um would you like to do it with me?"

"No thanks Arnold, you're too short for me. I mean in height. I'm divorcing my treacherous husband."

"Good move. With him gone from the neighborhood I'll have no one sharing my wife."

"Dream on Arnold," Judith said smiling in the hope she'd planted doubt in his head. That bitch ought to be taught a real lesson.

Johnny came in half an hour after Trudy. Judith sat them down and told them she would be divorcing their father and why.

"It was just a fuck mom, don't be too hard on dad."

Judith fumed and told Trudy not to use that word in front of her.

"Sorry mom. What will happen to us?" she asked.

"You'll have the choice of living with either one of us or perhaps you could live with Grandma Jean."

"I'll stay with you. Can we continue living in this house?"

"I should think so darling. But don't rush your decision."

Johnny scowled, "I really should live with dad but he's been such a jerk to you mom and that means he's also let us down. I'm only fifteen and need a mom. Dad will be too busy chasing after women to find someone to cook for him than to bother with me."

That was probably right, Judith thought, and urged Johnny to take his time to think about it.

This wasn't really about adultery," she thought, calling Micki early evening to get her but didn't get through. No it was about lost respect for each other. The signs had been there for some years but they had both ignored them and now she was also an adulterer.

Micki who'd been on another call phoned. She listened without any adverse comment or indeed any comment apart from the occasional neutral "I see."


"No one can accuse you of not trying to hold your family together mom. I'm pleased you had the courage to do this."

"You are pleased?"

"Yes mom. I wanted to suggest you do it but then felt it wasn't my place to break up my own family. What do the kids think?"

"You wanted to urge me to do it."

"Yes mom. And all but said it in my 'get a life speech' if you care to remember."

"Well you set me thinking."

"I decided that's as far as I could go."

"What do the kids think?"

"Trudy appears pro me at the moment and Johnny thinks it could be his best option as he needs a mother."

"He's not waiting for the best offer mom.

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