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She picked out a tight black strapless top with a built in bra. Below the bra, the material was sheer and clung to my body leaving my midriff exposed. She had taken the liberty to attach a pair of fake breasts to the bra so that they wouldn't fall out. The top was paired with a floral print chiffon skirt that ended several inches above my knees, a bright red belt, and a pair of bright red high heels. After getting dressed I went down to my mom's room to do my makeup and found her waiting for me.

"What do you think?"

"I like it, but you didn't give me any panties."

"I almost forgot, why don't you wear these?" My mother, who was still wearing the same pink babydoll lifted up the hem and slipped out of her panties before signaling me to come over to her. She knelt before me as I stepped into her panties. She slid them up my legs and tucked my cock into the front panel. I had never worn a thong before and at first it was a little uncomfortable, but I quickly adapted to having something pressed between my ass cheeks. After she took her hand out of the panties and straightened my skirt I could still feel the warmth of her body from her panties pressed against my cock. She sat me down and instead of the pink lipstick applied a hot red color that matched the outfit and showed me how to style my hair up. After she finished I looked at the clock and realized that I had to run in order to make it to class on time. My mom offered me a ride so I grabbed my books and we headed to campus in a hurry. I was getting very confident walking in heels and enjoyed the attention that my new look was receiving. Other guys were openly leering at me as I walked to class. I loved every second of it.

In class I took a seat at the back of the room and tried to draw as little attention to myself as possible. I noticed that the guy next to me was spending more time looking at me than at the professor. One time I caught him looking and he flashed me a quick smile before turning away. He wrote something on a slip of paper and pushed it towards me. The note said that his name was Tom and asked what mine was. Up until this point I hadn't given any thought to coming up with a name for myself and wrote Alicia. He passed it back a minute later. It said that I was very pretty and asked if I wanted to get a coffee after class. Even though I felt pretty, I was taken by surprise to have someone else tell me that. I was flattered and felt my face get flush. I pushed back the note saying yes. Another minute passed when I felt his hand touching mine. He took my hand in his opened it up placing the piece of paper in my palm before folding my hand over it. He held my hand in his for what felt like an eternity. His hands were warm and strong against my soft skin. For some reason my heart was beating faster and I felt my penis respond to his touch. While I loved the feeling of dressing up like a woman I never entertained the thought of being with a guy. Suddenly my head was swimming with a combination of lust and confusion. I turned to Tom and looked into his eyes. I had never thought to consider if another guy was good looking or not before, but I decided that Tom was cute and smiled at him. I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. After a few more minutes I looked down at the note in my hand and read it. It said that her couldn't wait to have coffee with the most beautiful girl on campus. My head swooned.

Class went on for another 15 minutes and Tom took me to the only coffee shop on campus.

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