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He agrees to allow her to pee on him in return for a fuck.

They aren't always afraid to come closer, but tonights the full moon, so that's probably why you got away. Of course, that doesn't mean you're safe he-" Lycea cut off, doubling over.

"Are you okay?" Valda asked, "Is it starting?"

Lycea nodded before getting hit with another wave of pain. Her back arched and she moaned pitifully as the sound of popping bones echoed through the room. She began to grow in size, grunting and snarling, reaching the barbarian's size, and then growing even more.

She looked back up at Valda with lupine eyes, growled, and lunged for the barbarian's throat.

Valda caught her mid-air, grabbing her bulging neck and shoulder, but the force of the leap threw the barbarian backwards, crashing her back into a dresser and almost making her release the monster in the painful impact. That was enough for Valda to give up on curing her and try to slay the werewolf to protect herself, but there was no hope of reaching her sword now. Valda would have to stall until Corella came back, or be ripped apart by this monster.

They tumbled to the floor, the werewolf still snapping at Valda's throat while the amazon held her away by her neck, foamy spit and hot air landing on the barbarian's flushed cheek. Quickly being overpowered, Valda used her experience to her advantage, wrapping both legs around one of the werewolf's and maneuvering herself back on top. Her knowledge as a fighter allowed her to twist around and wrap the monster up, Valda's legs around its waist, an arm under each armpit and her hand held together behind its neck. But as the beast rolled around and scratched at her arms, she found that outsmarting it was easy enough, but holding it was another matter entirely--her unmatched strength couldn't even compare to the monster's.

Lycea yelped as she suffered another abrupt change, sprouting claws and a tail, yowling madly in pain and rage as more bones popped, and her body and muscles grew yet again. She now had at least a foot on the barbarian and showed no signs of stopping.

With sheer strength, the werewolf threw Valda off of her back and over her shoulders onto the bed like a ragdoll. She turned and snarled, baring her claws and nasty, growing canines as Valda rolled onto all fours and braced for the next attack. Valda could have sworn she had seen a few cuts on the werewolf's face, but they were all gone now, just about all she'd need was fur and there'd be no Lycea left.

When Lycea came in for her next lunge, Valda was prepared, rolling with it and coming out on the werewolf's back again, the barbarian flat on the bed with her arms and knees pressing up on her foe. The werewolf was writhing in the air, the barbarian desperately trying to deny it anywhere to grab a foothold from to prevent it from using its strength. The werewolf squirmed and shook, trying to get free of Valda, but the barbarian had a good hold of her and had no intention of letting go.

Suddenly, Corella burst into the room. The tiefling stood proud and naked with a pearlescent strap-on, made entirely of magic fastened tight and standing at attention.

"You're serious." Valda said out loud, concerned at how unsurprised she was by this.

"Get her ready for me!" Corella said, striding forward.

Valda did her best to move Lycea around, her skill just barely winning out over the brute force of the werewolf. She held her positioned with her ass in the air, her claws clutching at the bed. She took one look at Corella with her lupine eyes, golden orbs falling down to her crotch as the werewolf whimpered.
The tiefling came up behind Lycea, a hand laying on her hips and the other holding the shaft of the dildo. Slowly, but surely, she moved the werewoman's tail out of the way and pressed it to the werewolf's opening, Lycea whimpering as it put pressure on her womanhood.

The werewolf was still mostly human.

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