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Bree's mother can't help her growing obsession.

She giggled and tucked her breast back in the cup. "Guess I shouldn't do that out here. Just wanted you to see. I love the way you draw. Feel free to draw me anytime."

She gave my bulge another squeeze. "Thank you for this, by the way. That's some compliment."

"M-m-my pleasure," I managed to stammer.

She giggled again. She had a very musical laugh that came from somewhere in the back of her throat. We were sitting close on the bench and the sun was beginning to set, but I didn't want her to leave.

She surprised me again. Leaning closer, she pressed her lips to mine. She gently massaged my cock and I lowered the sketch book to try to cover what she was doing. Her tongue pressed between my lips and I let mine dance against it. She tasted like strawberries. I didn't know if it was her lip gloss or just her natural flavor.

She broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and giggled. She looked around as if checking the proximity of people in our immediate area. Then I felt her hand unzipping my jeans. She watched my face intently as she pulled my hard cock out into the evening air and began pumping me with long, leisurely strokes. "God, you are so fucking turned on," she said. She seemed to like watching my face as she gave me a handjob right there in the park.

"Mmmmm, do you like that?" She was smiling and I was sure anyone who got within a few feet of us would know what she was doing. I also didn't care at that point. Throw my ass in jail. It would be worth it.

She expertly manipulated my cock until she got my precum flowing and then massaged it back into my prick like the natural lubricant that it is.

She started looking at the sketchbook and pointing with her free hand like we were discussing the intricacies of my artistic talent. She lifted the sketch book away from my lap, peeked under it and made a sound like, "Whoo." Her cheeks flushed. "That's as impressive as your talent," she said.

She kissed me again and I put my hand on her cheek and slid it down her neck. I wanted so badly to feel those full, natural melons in my hand, to run my tongue over the sexy tattoo on her breast tops. But there was no way to do it out here.

She was breathing heavy when our lips parted. "Listen," she confessed, "I thought you were cute when I saw you here drawing and getting aroused looking at me. I thought I'd come over, give you a quickie handjob, and that would be the end of it."

She sneaked another peek under the sketch book. "Whoo. I'm so fucking wet right now. I would love to feel that inside me."

"My Jeep's right over there," I told her. She followed my pointing finger with her head to look at my Grand Cherokee.

"That'll do nicely," she said.

I started to tuck myself back in my jeans but she said, "No, leave it out. Cover it with the sketch pad."

I admit, I felt a little silly walking to my car with my dong hanging out. But I also felt incredibly aroused. The breeze was blowing over my hard, sticky flesh and it made me feel so fucking horny that I couldn't wait to bury it in the pussy of this unconventional little tattooed vixen.

I opened the door for her and she climbed into the passenger seat. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I chucked my sketch book into the back seat and walked around to my side of the car with my cock sticking proudly out and up.

As I slid into the driver's seat, my tattooed beauty giggled again. "Find us a place a little more out of the way," she suggested. As I pulled out onto the street, she leaned over and took my hard pole into her mouth.

It was difficult to keep my eyes on the road with that beautiful brassy-black head of hair bouncing on my cock. As she went up and down, her tongue went around and around and the sensation was better than anything I've ever felt before. There was only so much of my cock that she could get to with it sticking out of my jeans like that, but she took all of it deep into her throat and held it there as she swallowed, letting the back of her throat massage the head.

She slid the entire len

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