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He had a past he wanted left there.

"One of them guys from Evendale was picking on him when you weren't here yesterday," Joe informed me.

I winked at Joe and said, "Thanks man---thanks for telling me." When, I looked back at Wetzel he was still looking scared and dejected. "That's cool, that's cool----THAT'S FUCKIN' COOL---he's fuckin' dead!" I yelled, and still setting in my seat I kicked three chairs and a table, at one time----twelve feet into the blackboard at the front of the room----no one looked at me---they were use to me fighting someone everyday and they knew Wetzel was my friend.

This is where it gets weird, try to follow me here okay? I knew that whoever had done this was already going to get there ass kicked in but, I also thought because I got mad, that Wetzel would be even more scared than he was which subconsciously that's probably what I was trying to do--which was fine with me because I knew no one was going to hurt him as long as I was around, not even me but, that was just the thing that gave me a hard on----and I liked! having a hard on, especially around Wetzel.

When I was done ranting and raving, I looked over at Wetzel to see his reaction; more like to see if he understood that whoever did this to him, was just as good as finished. I thought he'd be shaking in his seat. Quite the contrary, he looked relieved, smiling almost, happy it seemed. And no matter how much I loved it when he was scared or needed my protection, I was glad to see he was ok.

For the first, time and almost immediately after I let him know he had nothing to worry about, that he was ok----he placed his hand on my inner thigh, his palm touching my cock and balls and squeezing gently, looked at me licking his tender lips and went "mmmmmuh!"

Yes, Wetzel was a paradox, scared to death of a bully and yet! had the nerve and courage to grab one of the biggest rednecks in the schools cock!-----gotta love'im.

Soon after that someone pointed the guy out to me that fucked with Wetzel and I beat him down! in the hallway.

Now, that I knew how to get a sexual response out of Wetzel, I couldn't wait for someone to fuck with him. They would fuck with him, I'd fuck with them and Wetzel would "fuck," with me---almost, every ones happy.

Knowing what I know now, after that first time Wetzel grabbed my dick, I see that I should've taken him out and got him real horny and introduced him to my cock---head to head. I'm almost positive he would've went down on me if I had only ask him to. But, that was back in the day when things weren't so open----that's a shame, people need to do that when they're young. No, I had to figure a way that not only was he playing with me but, I could make an advance on him and feel his wonderful body too.

One day, we were sitting in a lab class at one of those tables that hide your lower half and Wetzel wasn't paying attention to me and I got pissed and I directed my anger at him, "what the fucks wrong with you Wetzel?' I said, angrily. And, that was all it took to wake his ass up.

"What do you mean?" Wetzel replied, wide eyed and scared.

"Well, I'm sittin' here talking to you and you're acting like you're a thousand miles away!" I said, more angry than before. Wetzel's face and neck were turning red, he started getting nervous then, he laid his hand on my knee because he knew how to calm me down when I was mad at someone else----he knew that when I was mad all he had to do was touch me and look at me with that good looking face with that worried look and I'd calm right down----I was whooped.

Thing about it was, I had him going and I knew it and he had never saw me mad at him! I was going to parlay this situation right into----- "you owe me a good feel of your cock for not paying attention," I thought.

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