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Mondays should be illegal.

I had to eat her pussy, the sight of all her hair running down her inner thighs and up towards her belly button drove me crazy with desire.

I held her darker colored outer lips open and licked her slippery slit, Aunt Jean cried out as my tongue hit her thick clit. The hair tickled my face as I inhaled the musky fragrance of her pussy, she always smelled so good and tasted even better. Her creamy salty flavored juices soon covered my face as I licked her pussy. Her tan hands clung to my head trying to get my face to her clit as her hips bucked. I felt her as her orgasm hit and I gave her clit a light bite, causing her to scream out.

"Oh Yes, suck my pussy, Oh Fuck I'm cumming. Don't stop, Please don't stop!"

I wrapped my hand around my hard cock, and when I jacked it off my hand got slick from the precum leaking from its head. Making it easier to jack off. But I was not going to waste this hard on in my hand. I moved up between her lags, sticking my cock between her hairy thighs I slapped her pussy with it.

"Do you want this? Do you want me to fuck you Aunt Jean?"

"Oh God yes, Please don't tease me, please let me have it!"

I speared her with my hard cock, it slid in with ease from her being so wet. I felt it hit the back of her pussy and she cried out.

"Oh yes, Oh, Oh, yes fuck me baby, give it all to me. Fuck me hard. Oh you feel so good in me."

Her hips moved in unison with the thrust of my thick cock as I was soon fucking her hard and fast, wanting to fill my nasty Aunt with my hot thick cum as soon as I possibly could. Her hot hairy pussy gripped my cock as I pounded her, her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me to her while she was fucking me back.

"Fuck me you nasty whore, fuck me like the nasty bitch you are!"

It drove her wild me telling her that and she was fucking me like she was 20 not in her mid-60's. I was too hot and horny to play the Master/Slave game now, I just had the need to fucking cum in my Aunt's hot wet hairy pussy.

"Oh yes Aunt Jean, fuck me now, make me cum in you Aunt Jean!"

We fucked like rabbits, fast and furious! Every nerve in my body sensitive to her touch, as her fingernails raked my back and her legs pulled me deeper in her hairy gash. Her thick pussy juices sloshing when my thick cock slammed into her, her hips working as she tried to suck my cum out of my balls with her tight pussy. Aunt Jean cried out again, when she had the most powerful orgasm she had ever had with me, and it made me cum. I shot my thick load in her, shot after shot of my spunk filled her and I felt our cum make her even slicker and it oozed out while I continued to fuck her.

My pleasure was to great to want to stop fucking her and hers equal to my own her hips kept working in time with mine.

"Don't stop yet!" she said, "I'm cumming again baby, don't stop fucking me yet!"

I had no intentions of stopping, I wanted to fuck this woman all day and night. Her pussy seemed to get a little loose after her last orgasm but it didn't matter, she was still the best fuck I had ever had. I got off of her after she came again and rolled her on her side, I wanted to fuck her like I had the first time we had sex two days ago, from behind. She just wanted me to fuck her!

My dick stayed hard from my desire for her, and her hand reached between her legs and aimed my hard on at her cum filled pussy. I felt the thick hair an inch before I felt her wet slit, I put my arm around her and her tit filled my hand. The thick tipped nipple poked my palm, I gave it a firm squeeze. Her breath left her at the feeling of me filling her with my dick again. Her large tit was hot in my hand, I pulled her back to me with it and started to move my hips in her.

This was going to go slow, having quenched my desire for the fast fuck we had.

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