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Husband finds out about his family.

Josie was starting to feel a little warm. Her intent had been to explain to her son about incest and how what they did was wrong. He needed to understand that his mother was not some college girl he could feel up at will. But now she was getting warm and she felt that wetness between her legs. She took the wine Jack brought her. As she sipped it, she saw the bulge in his jeans.

"Dear god he was big!"

Without her being aware of it her legs opened slightly. From where Jack sat he could see well up her thigh. He turned to face her on the couch. His cock was rigid and captured down his pant leg. It was agony. He knew had to go relieve the pressure. But mom wanted to talk.

"Mom, look....."

She tried to talk over him. He raised his hand and forged on.

"I have to change! These pants are very uncomfortable and I have had them on all day"

Jack stood to leave the room.

Josie stared at the huge bulge in her son's jeans. A part of her wondered if she was going to soak the couch with her wetness. Why was she so aroused?

"Then change, young man, but hurry back!"

Jack ran up the steps. He grabbed some jersey shorts and a tee shirt from his knapsack. He needed a shower but that would have to wait.

Josie gobbled down another cookie; she had six since she came back down. She felt light headed, almost out of body. She gulped down some wine. Her head spun lightly. Almost absent mindly her hand trailed down to her crotch. The panties were soaked straight through. She glanced down. And yes, there was a wet spot on the couch! Dam!

From the top of the stairs, Jack watched his mother touch her pussy. He felt his cock grow.

"Jesus, that was hot!"

Josie tried to look stern as Jack sat down at the other end of the couch.

"You must understand, Jack, she said haltingly, you must understand what I am saying!"

"Yes, mom, Jack said quietly, I understand."

"Squeezing your mother's ass is just sick behavior!

Josie munched on a cookie while she tried to collect her thoughts. Why was she so aroused?? It had been years since she was this wet!

"It can never happen again! Do you understand me?"

Jack nodded his head and stood to go to bed. He had really fucked up! She might forgive him one day__ but now was no time to bring up the cookies. He walked between the coffee table and the couch, moving toward the stairs. The cannabis laced cookies had his cock semi hard. He hoped his mom wouldn't notice it.

Josie watched as her son stood and moved toward her. She moved her legs over so he could get passed. She was so light headed she thought she might pass out. She could see her son's enormous cock straining against his shorts. She reached out to balance herself. In her altered state, her hand ended up resting on her son's crotch.

They both froze. Josie wanted to move her hand but time seemed to slow. She looked at the fat little hand that was resting on her son's cock. She realized it was hers. She knew she needed to move it. She was going to move it. She watched the hand flex and close around Jack's cock.

Jack closed his eyes. The feeling of mom's hand on his dick was incredible. It took all the control he could muster to keep from cumming. Through slitted eyes he watched her nibble on yet another cookie. She seemed to be almost in a trance. Jack knew she was high on marijuana. All her inhibitions were suppressed. He had been there many times. He knew.

Josie watched the fat little hand flex on her son's cock. From the deep recesses of her mind a voice screamed stop. The hand tightened. The cock grew. Part of her wondered how big it would get. Part of her was horrified at what the hand was doing.

Jack's cock was growing down the leg of his shorts. The head was starting to peek out. Cautiously, jack pulled that pant leg up. He watched as his mom's hand slid down to his exposed cock. She had this dreamy look on her face. She swayed back and forth.

Josie watched the hand slide up and down her son's cock.

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