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Mom and son share cookies.

As she writhed under him he plunged in and out with steady thrusts. He wasn't very big but he felt welcome inside her.

"Delicious, How am I doing? Should I go fast or slow?"

The bastard was doing things to her, nice things, she liked it damn him!

"Faster you devil! Fuck me fast!"

Surprised by her own voice Emma blushed as he hammered into her deep, his balls slapped her upturned butt. His face leered at her close, still masked to keep his identity.

She looked at him with big brown eyes and licked her lips. Her pussy swallowed him up and she loved it. His hands caressed her body at leisure, there was no way she could touch him which was how he liked it. He liked to dominate women.

"Please untie me? Let ME pleasure YOU."

He paused and gave shallow strokes then pulled out. He rested his length on her belly and squinted at her. This was a twist, what did she have in mind?


"I'm known by many to be very good at blowjobs. Let me suck that juicy cock of yours"

"Really? You would do that?"

He stood and untied her feet and she flexed her calves before they cramped. Then he got her arms undone and she rubbed tired muscles.

Her hand went to her swollen cunt and made a soothing movement with her palm.

"Lets do it." She said in a firm voice.

They both sat on the bondage table and Emma bent over and took his cock in her hands and rolled the thick shaft like she was rolling dough.

All the time their eyes locked. She found his mask sort of romantic.

Then she opened her lips and clamped them on his tip and sucked hard. Her cheeks hollowed out and The Pistol threw his head back and groaned.

Her mouth was hot and he loved the feel of his knob down her throat. Her head bobbed on him fast and he held her long hair up above her.

As she went up and down she scraped her teeth along his flesh, then licked the same way to sooth the skin. She spent minutes just on the crown, her long tongue drove the villian crazy.

"You're pretty good at that Mrs. Peel. I I might have to cum now."

Emma blew him even faster and he came loudly. She pulled her head up and watched him erupt in a fountain of sperm that shot out nearly two feet ahead of him.

He gripped his cock tight as he continued to spurt and she sat by him amused.

"So, that's why they call you Pistol." She shrugged then stood up and put her hands on her hips and stared at the exhausted man.

She looked around the room and smiled and took hold of the bomber, crept behind the spent villain and gave him an almighty whack on the back of the head. He dropped like a stone onto the floor.



Laid out on her bed, Emma Peel was totally naked and her head was pushed back into the pillows as she rubbed the vibrator over her pussy. She slid back and forth against her hard clit and moaned softly.

Her thoughts went to her recent encounter with The Pistol and his loathsome dildo machine, then her mind wandered to Steed and his gorgeous cock and she slipped the buzzing toy inside her.

Her long lithe legs raised up and shuddered as the plastic vibrator delved in deeper. She grew ever wetter and it pushed in easily and she wished it was he and his stiff prick thrusting up her. His strong muscled body that pinned her to the bed. His hot lips on hers.

Emma let out deep moans from deep in her bosom, her hands wandered over her 34D breasts and caressed the firm round globes. As she fucked herself faster and faster she brought about her orgasm and she let out a whine and jerked off the bed as her body spasmed. As she relaxed she panted hard and pulled the toy from her leaking pussy. She turned over on her side with her hand between her closed thighs and counted the hours till Steed would be here.


Emma bathed and then dressed in a loose scarlet dress over her black lace panties.

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