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An accidental slip while arguing.

She looked up at Tommy with hate in her eyes. Her mouth moved closer to his dick, now just an inch from his cock. Tommy was desperate for her to start blowing him.

Power Girl suddenly jerked her head away. "I can't do it!" She shouted. "I won't let you dominate me like this. You'd have to take me by force somehow to get me to suck your cock."

Tommy looked down sadly. 'Wait, is she not going to suck my dick?' He thought. He thought it was impossible for him to be sadder than he already was but somehow...

Power Girl looked at him impatiently. "I SAID you'd have to take me by force somehow."

It clicked in Tommy's head. "Oh, shit, got it. Uh... I'm going to get what I want from you, Power Girl, one way or the other!" Tommy grabbed Power Girl by the head and moved her towards his dick. She yelped and opened her mouth wide. Tommy's dick slid easily inside.

Tommy groaned. Power Girl took his entire dick in her mouth on the first push, lowering herself to the ground so that Tommy's dick could slide deep down her throat. Tommy held her head in place and began to pump his dick in her mouth. He did it slowly, pulling his dick out of her mouth so that the bottom of his head rested on her tongue. Then he slid it slowly all the way into her mouth, her nostrils getting a healthy dose of his pubic hair as his entire massive cock filled her mouth.

Tommy pulled her closer to him so that she dropped to her hands and knees. He craned her neck high and pumped his cock down into it. He began pumping faster, fucking her throat. Power Girl sounded like she was gurgling as Tommy's dick violated her. His hands were full of her blonde hair and he gripped it tightly, pulling at it as he brought his dick out of her mouth.

Tommy rammed his dick down Power Girl's throat and held it there, causing Power Girl's eyes to strain. She coughed slightly on his dick but otherwise her super throat took him without too much trouble.

Tommy pulled his dick from her mouth. Power Girl tried to regain her breath and looked at Tommy from her knees, her eyes tearing up.

"You bastard," She said breathlessly. "I can't believe you're violating me like this. Down on my knees, completely helpless, at the mercy of a villain like you..." Tommy noticed that Power Girl's nipples were hard. She was really into this.

"Stick out your tongue," Tommy ordered. Power Girl did it immediately. Tommy slapped his cock against Power Girl's tongue multiple times. She affected a high yelp as his meaty cock slapped her. Then he grabbed his dick and started jerking it, bringing his dick above her and sticking his balls in her face. She sucked on them greedily, popping one ball and then the other in her mouth. She sucked Tommy with a ferocity that he had never experienced before; he thought he might burst. He could feel his balls become wet with her spit.

Tommy stopped jerking his cock and let it go, his wet dick falling onto Power Girl's forehead. He dragged it down her face, her saliva creating a trail down her forehead and nose. Tommy stopped his dick and rubbed it against her lips, bits of precum sticking to them. She opened her mouth and Tommy put his dick back into her warm mouth.

"That's it, you little whore, suck my evil cock," Tommy said, trying to get into the scenario. It wasn't very hard to do so. Power Girl moaned on his dick in response. Tommy saw a hand of hers fall between her legs. She started masturbating as she sucked Tommy's dick.

"You like being my fuck toy? I think you do," Tommy told Power Girl. She shook her head no but began working her hand faster on her pussy. Tommy grabbed Power Girl's head and began fucking her mouth once again, faster than before. His cock pounded the back of her throat.

"I'm in complete control of you, Power Girl.

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