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Reaching over, you slip a finger into her cunt. Her pussy lips are spread wide, they're glistening and you immediately add two more fingers. You finger her for a minute, adding a 4th then remove your hand and present it to me, I lick her juices off it.

You pick up the flashlight and spit on it then place it at the entrance of her pussy. It's huge. 18" long and something like 6" around. She looks a little apprehensive but you don't pay any attention and she doesn't move to stop you. You slowly begin to work it into her. I go back to sucking your cock so I can watch the big black shaft disappear between her pussy lips, pulling at them.

You look down, see me watching with your cock down my throat and shoot me a smile. "Ride me." I give you one last good suck and stand up to pull my undies down, kicking them off. I slip up the bed, get on top of you, my knees on either side of your hips and line your cock up. I'm dripping wet, I can't wait to get you inside me. When I sink down on your fat cock I squeeze my eyes shut and let out a gasp, then flex the walls of my pussy around you. I'm packed full, it's my favorite feeling, this first stroke. I open my eyes and meet yours, then begin to ride you, hand on my knees, my hips moving back, then up and around and back down again, moving slowly, gently, knowing you have other things to concentrate on. Holly has been watching us, the flashlight paused with only a few inches inside.

You turn back to her and start to push the flashlight in more forcefully, not caring, just wanting to fuck her with it. She lets out a yelp and backs up a little, involuntarily. You grab her leg to hold her still and really get going, pumping her with it, just the first five or six inches at first but continually driving more and more into her until she has to be taking between 8 and 9 inches, you are pounding it into her, your other hand on her abdomen, pushing down. She's yelling, a mix of pain and pleasure, she tries to grab hold of it, to slow it down or stop it but you swat her hand away and keep slamming it into her.

I know you love this, stretching out a pussy with foreign objects, we've tried but you aren't patient enough with me and I can't take the bigger objects like bottles without a lot of work, a lot of time. I can see why you like fucking her and I'm glad you can get that somewhere. I'm still riding you slowly, steadily moving my hips at about half the speed or less that you are fucking her with. I'm staring transfixed at the giant black shaft disappearing into her cunt. She tries to grab your hand but you slap it away again. Her chest heaving, her eyes closed.

All of a sudden she cries out and a torrent of liquid squirts around the flashlight, you pull it out of her. Still pushing down on her abdomen you turn to look at me as she squirts again. Liquid sprays out like she's a fucking fire hose. My mouth is hanging open, I've never seen that before. You love it and you're laughing at the expression on my face. "I want to get you to do that sometime," you say with a smirk. I'm speechless and just nod my head, still looking I realize you'd put a towel down in preparation, it's soaked through. You push the flashlight back inside her and she begins to protest but you tell her to just leave it like that for a minute and watch us.

You lie flat, put your hands on my hips and flex your pelvic muscles, I feel your cock jump inside me and realize I'd stopped moving. I'd just been sitting on your cock, watching, my pussy contracting with excitement at what I'd just seen. I lean down and begin to ride you in earnest, you take a nipple into your mouth and bite it, I let out a moan and start moving faster. I'm so hot after watching you with her.

You reach a hand up, wrapping it around my throat, "Choke yourself," you growl.

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