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Ebony babe takes on blonde beauty.

Summer found herself pushing back against Sgt. Owens' cock as she felt it stiffening against her ass. Summer suddenly felt his hands move to the front of her bra because her blouse was completely unbuttoned at the instruction of her young Master. Summer became slightly light headed and small drops of sweat began to form under her nose and across her forehead.

Sgt. Owens' hands found Summer's nipples straining against the material of the bra. His fingers grazed each nipple which is when he felt something hard on each nipple. Suddenly, Sgt. Owens grasped each nipple between his thumb and index finger and pulled each nipple by the gold bar nipple piercings. Summer winced in pain, drove her ass back against the crotch of her tormentor and let out a loud, but audible moan of pleasure.

While pulling just a little harder on each nipple, Sgt. Owens then asked Summer, "What do we have here Mrs. Wayne?"

As Summer heard the question, she could only bite her upper lip and try to conceal the excruciating pain and pleasure being forced on her by the policeman's control of her body by manipulating her nipples. With all of her self control, Summer was able to say to her new tormentor, "I had my nipples pierced recently as a surprise to my husband."

Suddenly, Sgt. Owens released his grip on each nipple, grabbed Summer by her shoulders and quickly spun her around. Sgt. Owens forced Summer backwards against the trunk and then demanded that Summer show him and Corporal Stevens the supposed piercings. Placing his hand on his gun handle Sgt. Owens said, "Very slowly remove your bra and show me what you have attached to your breasts." Then Owens said to Stevens, "Please watch to make sure there are no sudden movements."

Summer started to stand, but she was forced back down onto the trunk top. Uncomfortably, Summer, with tears of fear and submission reached behind and unclasped the yellow bra. As she drew away the garment, Summer heard both officers' low whistles. As had been the plan all along, Marcos' piercings were done in such a way as to cause the nipples to always stand erect.

Summer remained lying against the trunk lid as she was being ogled by both officers. She could see her reflection in Sgt. Owens' glasses and she was quite uncomfortable because she could not see his eyes.

Sgt. Owens continued with his examination and asked, "Mrs. Wayne those are very erotic piercings and they make your nipples stand out quite proudly. Do you have any other piercings that would be discovered in a further search of your body?"

Summer hesitated because she did not want to tell these two strangers, police officers, that she had piercings of her pussy lips. She did not know how to tell them and what might happen if she did not tell them. Summoning all of her remaining strength Summer told the officers that she had also had her private area pierced and that she preferred that she not be examined there.

Both of the officers looked at one another and smiled evilly while looking down at the stretched out woman. Corporal Stevens was the first to speak, "Ma'am, I am afraid that you do not have any rights at this point. You have already admitted to not paying attention to your rate of speed and the reckless manner in which you had been driving. Then your body contained what we initially thought to be an illegal substance."

Sgt. Owens then instructed his new toy, "Mrs. Wayne, please pull your panties aside and show us your piercings. We need to know that they are not any kind of weaponry."

Summer began to cry uncontrollably as her situation keeps getting worse and worse.

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