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Orally addicted wife saga continues.

Jason and Rebecca stopped, turned around and Jason said, look I am going to be blunt, we find you both attractive and would like to fuck you! Of course my face went red but my pussy betrayed me by immediately getting so wet that it started to ache with the need to have something inside filling it up.

After Tristan and I having went a short distance away and talked it over and both agreeing that we too would like to fuck them, we walked back to Jason and Rebecca to find Rebecca on her knees with Jason's cock buried to his balls down her throat.

I decided that this would be a great way for us to start also so getting down on my knees I took Tristan's cock into my mouth, I have always loved giving head so to try and get over my nervousness I sucked his cock, like I was a woman possessed.

Suddenly I feel the rest of my swimmers being removed and I felt a finger running over the outer edge of my pussy and knowing it wasn't Tristan my pussy immediately started gushing knowing that a complete stranger was playing with me, I don't quite know who it was at that stage but whoever it was must have decided that I was wet enough and inserted a finger into my streaming pussy, which of course made me go harder and shoving Tristan's cock down my throat so far I could feel him hitting the back of my throat, I looked up to see Rebecca bending over in front on me and Brandon with at least three fingers buried in her dripping pussy, I felt myself wishing I could lick the juices off her lovely well formed clit. Surmising that It must be Jason with his fingers in my pussy I pushed back against his hand trying to get his finger buried in me as deep as possible.

All of a sudden Tristan was pulled out of my mouth and I watched as he laid down on the sand and positioned Rebecca on his face so he could eat her gorgeous pussy, His rock solid cock pointing skyward. By this time I am on all fours and I feel Jason pull his finger out of me only to be replaced by I think about 4 fingers he started moving them in and out of my pussy, occasionally being replaced by his tongue, after a while he gave up on the fingers and just started licking my pussy it felt so good having his tongue flicking my clit and darting in and out of my pussy.

I then feel the head of his cock at the opening of my slit as I moan with pleasure I look up and see Rebecca straddling herself on top of Tristan's hard cock and I catch Tristan's eye , without exchanging a word we silently make sure each other is happy with what is taking place as I feel Jason's cock sliding into my hot and eager pussy.

My Hands dug into the sand as Jason slammed his hard cock into me and I looked over to see Rebecca bouncing up and down on Tristan's cock, Tristan with his hands running over her curvy hips trying to slam her down on his cock harder, I have always loved to watch Tristan fucking other women.

I moan as Jason slams away into my pussy and I feel his cock jerking and know he is ready to blow, he quickly pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over my well rounded ass.

I look over at Tristan and Rebecca and can tell by the look on his face that he is not far off blowing his load either, after two more hard pumps into her steaming pussy Tristan pulls her off his cock and shoots his load all over her stomach and tits.

As the two boys move aside to get their breath and their second wind, Rebecca and I look at each other with lust in our eyes, obviously although satisfied with having our pussies fucked, neither of us were going to be happy until we tasted each others juices.

I laid Rebecca down on the warm sand and took one of her hard pink nipples into my mouth and she groaned.

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