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Jackie gets ready for her new job.

"Maybe they just don't realize what they've got at home," I said. "Heck, those four spend so much time together, they might as well all turn gay and marry each other."

"Ughh! Now you've put a picture in my mind of Ringo sucking Paul's dick, and it ain't pretty!" We all laughed out loud at that one.

"What, you think they're all out on the course, playing with each other's golf balls?" I had to tease out that one, and more laughter ensued, followed by more wine being quaffed.

"Think Richard would even care if he knew that a guy made a huge pass at me yesterday?" That was Gail.

"Really? What happened?" Of course, Gail had all of our attention!

"Cheryl and I were on lunch break, at Alfalfa's, yesterday, and these two guys came in. Turned out they were both police officers, working out of the downtown station, and taking their lunch breaks as well. They were both tall and really dreamy, and I guess they spotted Cheryl checking them out, because instead of waiting for the hostess to seat them, one of them ribbed the other, and they just walked over to our table, cocky as could be, and sat down. This one, his name was Bill, decided that he was my lunch date, while the other guy, can't remember what he said his name was, took up with Cheryl. They just started up, talking like they really were our dates, flirting confidently, like they'd pulled this stunt before.

"And they were good at it, too. Bill, he was tall, good looking, rocking really short hair, you know, that kind of military haircut a lot of police officers get, and in really good shape. The guy hitting on Cheryl was a bit shorter, but just as hot, really handsome, broad shouldered. You could tell: they both hitting on us, and fully expected to be getting into our pants."

"Well, did they?" That was Linda.

"Obviously they couldn't, not right then, because we both had to get back to the office. But they made sure that we had their numbers, and told us to call them after we got off work."

"Did you tell this guy that you were married?"

"I did more than just tell him, but put up my left hand, showing him my wedding set. All he did was smile, and then he took my hand and kissed it. He was so fucking suave, and he didn't care one bit that I'm married."

"He married?"

"Well, he wasn't wearing a ring, anyway, but I didn't ask him and he never said one way or the other."

"So, did you call him?"

"No, of course not, I'm married! Richard's a good husband; why would I want to fuck that up?"

"Why would that fuck up your marriage?" Linda again. "You have some extra fun, and don't let Ringo know about it." All of us called Gail's husband Ringo, but she never did.

"Oh, come on, Linda, how can you keep something like that a secret? Why would I want to cheat on Richard?"

"Hey, why are we all sitting around the pool, drinking, while the Beatles are out playing golf on a perfect day to get laid?"

"Linda, I just can't do that! Richard would be devastated if he ever found out."

"Listen, sweetie, it's not like you'd be somehow taking something away from your husband. If he isn't around to screw you, there's nothing wrong with you giving it up to some hot stud who wants it."

"What the Hell do you mean by that?"

"Listen, Gail, pussy just doesn't wear out! As long as you aren't bringing home sloppy seconds, Ringo would never know if you fucked some other guy. If Ringo fucks you a thousand times, your pussy won't be any different if some other stud gets you a dozen."

We were all just looking at Linda, flabbergasted. "What the Hell, Linda? You know how men are, they'd think you'd stolen something from them, besmirched their honor or something."

"Oh, yeah, sure, that's what they think, 'cause men are fucking stupid.

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