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Anal. It's not just for girls anymore.

She held out her hand and he took hold of it guiding her out of the car. He closed the door and they headed up onto the sidewalk.

"Step," he warned when they reached the curb.

He guided her into a building. She could sense that they were walking through a lobby of some sort. She could feel people staring at her. Remembering that she was in her nightgown she curled inward ever so slightly.

"It's ok my dear," he said knowing how uncomfortable she felt.

His gentle hand on the small of her back was reassuring. He directed her into an elevator pressing the button for the 6th floor. At the fourth floor another couple joined them. He moved her aside to allow room for the new passengers. At the 6th floor they got off and he led her to a room not too far down the hall. She heard the door open and he gently pushed her inside. The strong scent of vanilla hit her immediately.

She entered the room and he moved her so that her back was to the bed. Her hands rested at her side waiting for his next move. She could hear him undressing in the corner of the room and the padding of his bare feet as he walked back towards her. He stood there, not touching her, barely breathing, letting the anticipation grow. She could wait no longer; she started to reach out for him.

"No," he said firmly. She retracted, quickly putting her hand back at her side. He let her stay there for another minute then reached under the nightgown and began massaging her most intimate parts. She gasped. He continued to gently massage her until he could feel the juices building up. Her head lolled back and forth as her excitement grew. Then he stopped and pulled his hand away. She was disappointed but knew that something better would come soon enough. He placed his finger on her lips. It was still covered in her juices.

"Lick it clean my darling," he said. And she did very eagerly. He wiggled his finger inside her mouth tickling her tongue. She smiled and let out a little giggle. "That's a good girl," he praised.

He removed his fingers and placed his hands on her thighs moving them up slowly bringing the silky material with them. He held on to it and pulled it over her head as she lifted her arms. Now she stood completely naked. She felt vulnerable and uncomfortable.

The air was cool and her nipples hardened. He noticed and started teasing them, rubbing them between his index finger and thumb. One of his hands moved up to support her back as he kissed her neck and gently pushed her onto the bed. His kisses and caresses traveled down her body. Her skin tingled, her breathing slowed, she turned her head to the side and opened her mouth letting out a quiet breath of air. Finally he reached his destination and hovered above it. She could feel her pubic hairs stirring under his breath. He moved a little lower and touched his tongue to her slit. Oh the feeling was magnificent. He started licking and lapping. He teased her with varying speeds and strengths. Finally he moved his way to her clit and sucked on it. She moaned and writhed under his touch. She was about to cum. She begged him.

"Please master, please can I cum now?"

"No, my pet, don't you cum. Not now," he warned.

She held herself back as the pressure increased. He stopped and moved away leaving her panting on the bed. Taking her hand he helped her sit up and turn around so that she was kneeling on the bed.

"Rest your head on the pillow he said." She obediently followed his directions. Her ass was in the air with her cheeks spread. What was he doing? She could hear him behind her retrieving something from a drawer. Then she felt him open up her cheeks as something cold and wet touched her anus. He didn't leave it there long but slowly pushed it inside her. Her ass unwillingly opened up to the intruder. It didn't fill her up much and it wasn't very long. She didn't know what it was. Then suddenly the burning began. She gasped as it intensified. She started to lift her head.

"Stay down," he said firmly and she placed her head back on the pillow.

All senses were lost except for feeling.

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