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supposedly MATURE YOUNGER MAN, and still wind up not getting dick from any body? And you can take that literally if you want to, too! Because when I say I am not getting DICK from any body, I mean I am not getting any cock at all -- as in NO SEX! Because guys are still standing me up or canceling out on and breaking every single goddam fucking date they ever make with me!

So... Am I disappointed in all of my guys out there? Those who profess to be so highly interested in getting to know me, so they can meet me in person, because supposedly I am so sexy and I seem to have a great knack for being able to turn guys on so much and make my guys all feel so highly sexually aroused by me, that they cannot wait to meet me and ultimately, hopefully, wind up having some wonderfully erotic and fantastically fabulous sex with me? Am I fed up with every last one, and totally disgusted with all of them, so much so, that I have now reached the point where I could care less if any one ever messages me anymore, to chat sexy chat with me, under the guise and outright LIE of wanting to make a real-time date with me, to come here to my apartment and meet me and have me, in the Biblical sense, that is -- IN THE FLESH? You bet I am!

And not only have my guys got me totally disgusted and disappointed in all of them, but they have also pissed me off to my limit of being pissed off, and they have done it so much, so that I no longer give a flying fuck about any of them. I really mean that, because they have all let me down so goddam badly that I have actually gone and lost my faith in the human race as a whole and in its entirety! lol hehehe

Yes, I am feeling that down and that rotten and that angry and that disappointed in all of them... All and each and every one... That is, EXCEPT for ONE and ONLY ONE! And that one and only guy who has not now and never has disappointed me -- not ever and not in any way -- is none other than, of course, who else could it be, but my handsome, sexy, affectionate, sexy, funny, sexy, intelligent (oh, and did I mention SEXY? hehehe) YOUNG RON!

Since the day I met him online here, now more than two whole years ago, Ron has never ever once come close to standing me up for a date that he made with me. And as far as canceling out on or breaking any, I can just barely now remember once a long time ago, when he felt guilty and sorry and horrible for having to tell me that he could not make it down here one weekend, because he was flat on his back, burning up in his bed with 102 fever from a case of pneumonia! He even felt so badly about breaking that date with me, that he made it up to me, by calling in sick to his work two days in a row the following week, just so he could come here and spend the whole morning, afternoon and evening with me, making mad, passionate love to me just about the entire time he was here -- except for the few minutes that we stopped to eat dinner, and then again for a few minutes more, when it was I who fell asleep in a nap on my sofa, because I was so totally exhausted from his sweet and perfect pounding of my pussy so wonderfully and lovingly the whole day long! lol hehehe

And speaking of PERFECT, that reminds me that not only has my young Ron never let me down in any way, nor has he ever disappointed me at all -- but he is SO GOOD with me, in being exactly the opposite of disappointing -- especially when I compare him to each and every other guy out there -- that I have to say he almost appears pretty close to being PERFECT to me! And the closer I look at him through these baby blue eyes of mine -- I have to admit that as I see him right now, he is, indeed, PERFECT to me and for me, and in more ways than one!

He is perfect in the way that he treats me like a lady, which makes him the perfect gentleman.

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