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Jaren gets ready.


'Do I get to make a call?

He gave me a look that he meant business and was not to be upset.

The door was shut tight. The cell was sparce with nothing but a bed. I sat nervously awaiting his return. Hours passed and it was now dark when I heard the key enter the lock as he returned.

"Mr Smith it is simple you will do what you are told and you won't be hurt" If you don't then you will suffer do you understand?

"Yes I replied'

"Now you will take a shower" as he pointed to the bucket in the corner.

"And you will then dress in something from your case"

'Do you understand"

"Yes "

"And it should be something sexy"


My mind was in a panic as I found myself washing my self then going through my things. I selected a short grey skirt and white blouse with sheer stockings and white heels under it a white lace bra and panties and red wig, I nervously applied my makeup of foundation, blue eye shadow and red lipstick then some perfume.

I sat on the edge of the bed and awaited their return.

Two men entered the cell one carrying a camera. I was told to stand and the one with the camera took photos. I was photographed sitting and standing and was told to squat, bend and stand with my legs apart. The camera flashed until the roll was finished and a new one inserted.

"So Mr Smith you like being a woman/

'Yes " I again found myself answering.

"Well again it is simple"

"You do what you are told and you won't get hurt understand?


"Now you are Christine Smith"

"Good now come over here and get on your knees"

It was like I was remotely controlled as I made my way to him stopping within inches of his short fat body. I moved down onto my knees on the cold hard cell floor.

"Now slut unzip me"

My heart raced as my fingers fumble with the zipper on his uniform. His trousers were now unzipped and I awaited my next command.

"Put your hand inside and take out my cock my little slut"

I slide my hand inside and pushed past his shorts where taking his warm cock in my hand I withdrew it.

His cock was short and thick and I could feel it begin to grow hard in my hand.

"Now use you tongue"

"Lick it, lick my cock you dirty whore'

I opened my lips and my tongue darted out like a snake. I began to run my tongue over the head of his fat cock. I could smell him a musty smell of urine mixed with sweat and a little precum. It was putrid and I found it difficult to breath. The camera flashed away as the other guard captured every bit of the oral attention I was paying his cock.

I had never done this type of thing before and I knew that I would soon learn what being a woman was all about. I continued to lick his head then moved my tongue along the shaft of his stiffened prick. He undid his trousers and let them fall to the ground along with his shorts. My hand cupped his balls and I worked hard to please him.

"Oh yes my little cock sucker do it do it good"

"Yes that it lick my balls"

I did what I was told not wanting to make him be forced to punish me. I worked on his balls as I stroked his cock and used my tongue.

"Put it in your mouth now"

I opened my mouth wide and took his cock inside. I felt him hold my head tight and push it deeper inside me. I fought to take it all along with trying to breath and not be repulsed by the smell. His balls soon slapped my chin and I could feel his pubic hair brush my nostrils.

I was now his cock-sucking bitch there on my knees like some cheap slut servicing here man. The camera captured everything as I continued to lubricate his cock.

"Lift your dress I want to see your panties"

My skirt was soon around my waist and my white lace panties and stocking encased thighs were now exposed.

"Play with yourself for me"

My hand slid into my panties and I touched my hardening clitty as I continued to service him.

"Pull it bitch," he hissed.

"Pull that boy clit for me"

I stroked myself through my panties and my body now betrayed me as I felt myself starting to enjoy what I was being forced to do.

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