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A long weekend getaway full of new and exotic experience.

" She then moved behind him cut the ropes and removed the gag.

She returned to the desk set the knife back down then sat on the edge with her legs slightly spread. He looked at her as he rubbed the circulation back into his wrists. While he did that she reached between her legs and began to stroke herself. She kept her eyes trained on him and saw desire spark in them.

His mind told him to stay put where he was. Yet his body had other things in mind, and before he realized it he had crawled to her and attempted to push her hand aside with his nose. When she let her hand fall away he buried his face there, running his tongue over her clit then dipping it into her hole. He found she tasted very sweet and wanted more. He really got into it and the next thing he knew she pressed his face to her as she began to wiggle on his face then he felt her juices gush at his tongue. He lapped up as much as he could before she shoved him back and told him to remove his clothes. He quickly complied not getting off his knees to do so.

She had planned to take him upstairs first but after seeing him again she just could not wait that long. She had waited long enough in her mind, and she had wanted just him the past few months so she had not been with anyone in some time. Once he was naked she pushed him back down onto the thick carpet and climbed onto his lap wasting no time before slipping him into her.

She moaned as she sank down on him, he groaned and thrust up into her. She did not begin slow just rode him hard and in no time she clenched around him and came. He thrust up harder urging her on his hands settled on her belly and he groaned "Cum for me again my Goddess."

She heard the words he uttered and it triggered an immediate response and she shuddered, clenched and came hard on him. No sooner had she finished she felt the spurt of his own and came again promptly. When he finished she leaned down and whispered "You will not always be able to cum when you want to this weekend pet." she said and rocked against him.

She retrieved a key and came back to where he remained looked down at him and said get up and carry me to the third floor. He simply looked up at her, as he was sure that was where he had been the last time. He stood slowly lifting her easily into his arms. Took her to the door letting her open it and then to the stairs and up them. Once at the top he noticed the room was far bigger with many new things in it. He went to the bed and set her down on it. Not sure what to do he just stood there looking at her.

"Get onto the bed pet on all fours."

He heard the words but was frozen to the spot. Memories of the last time still lingered in his mind. He looked around to see if there were others hiding in the room. He heard her chuckle and say "Only us pet." she then climbed off the bed swatting his ass as she went across the room. He slowly climbed on to the bed nervously.

He heard her rummage through things from somewhere in the room. He waited nervously, thinking of his fate. Just a few hours ago he had wanted to forget her, now here he was wanting to please her. He wondered if in his search that this was not the reason he had wanted to find her rather than trying to put it behind him.

He heard her walk back to the bed and around in front of him. His eyes went round as saucers as he saw what was now poking out from the skirt. "Suck it pet. Bite it all you want." With that that she chuckled. With no qualms he leaned forward and took it into his mouth. He sucked on it until she pulled it from his mouth. She then climbed onto the bed behind him; he tensed but did not expect the flogger across his back.

She used the paddle flogger and cat on him before she spread him wide, she had told him no Cumming.

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