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Long time girlfriends finally meet.

The last two seemed to volunteer to open, we all, including the clothes, wanted her to succeed. She pulled the fabric apart now, she could see a lot of the skin at the center of my chest, and almost to my slight cleavage, and leaned in and kissed me there, her breath warm and moist on my breasts. I sighed. I'd never been touched in that way before.

My hand still on her vee, my other went to her rear, cupping each full, warm, soft globe in turn. Her perfect, woman's ass alive in my hand, the soft fabric keeping me from her full intimacy. But we had all night, we could take it slow, and we would. I took her more fully into my arms, holding her with a strong, firm grip, and she melted in my arms, loving a strong embrace. Her arms yet again around my neck, we kissed yet again.

Our tongues met and danced together, our breathing clashed, breath into breath, then we synced, and breathed each other's breath, one inhaling as the other exhaled. She shivered in my arms, the tenderness and the rightness of the moment bringing her to a small orgasm, tendrils of ecstasy touching her down, then up, her entire body. Her breathing became ragged, but we adapted and stayed together, still sharing our breathing.

Her breath, our breath, was sweet, and warm. We broke our joined kiss, and warm breath raced over cheeks, as we rested together, heads bowed, temples touching. We became acutely aware of each part of the other's body, where we touched. Her cheek was soft against mine, her smell feminine. Her breasts were full and excited, long nipples poking me gently. Our bellies rested together, occasionally quivering against the other's, a slight nervousness from us both. Our hips had a magnetic attraction for each other, both of us still panty clad, hers in satin, mine in cotton, both warm and bulging at the crotch, as our labia were swollen, turgid with excited blood, our bodies preparing for sex.

She giggled nervously, softly, as our mons pressed together, then moaned, her mouth briefly seeking out mine as she felt immense pleasure from the feel of another woman's pussy against hers. Her kiss expressed her feeling, her tongue taking the lead as she fucked my mouth, teasing me, goading me into fucking her soon, and hard.

But we had all night, we could take it slow. I so wanted this to be the greatest fuck of her life. To make love to her slowly, and teasingly, until she thought it might never end. To never LET it end, to make her happy always, to show her my love for her.

I pushed her jeans further down her thighs, tanned and lovely. The rough denim fabric slumped in defeat below her knees. She lifted her feet, first one, then the other, shaking off the encumbrance of clothing. Now she had on just her bikini panties, and her blouse, fully unbuttoned, her breasts pushing it open. I stood back, but still with her in my arms. I looked her up and down, drinking in her long, lovely and wavy brown hair, framing her heart shaped face, to her slim neck, creamy complexioned chest and full, ripe breasts, to her, yes, plump belly, so extremely beautiful to me, to wide hips covered in white satin, enticing moist vee of panties, her slim, girlish thighs and nicely shaped calves and petite feet, bare now.

Her gaze into my eyes, uncertain, knowing she was being evaluated. But she was not being judged - I found her perfect, but it was a pre-ordained conclusion. I had found her perfect the moment she laughed at my coffee joke in a windswept parking lot in faraway Kingman, Arizona.

"I love you," I said, tears in my eyes. Her eyes were shining too.

"Oh, I love you so much, Linda," she whispered. "Please make love to me," she said.

I shrugged my top off over my head, and tossed it to the side.

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