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es he have to humiliate them so?"

"Celia, if you're referring to the panty gags, that is easily explained. Ken has learned from an early age how to turn a girl or woman on. He knows instinctively how to press her buttons to make her juices flow. Unfortunately, her very smell of arousal nauseates and disgusts him. Instead of reveling in that aroma of her femaleness, he is sickened by it. He knows that the scent will not stimulate him to sexual activity. And because he can't stimulate her orally because of that scent, he needs another woman to provide cunnilingus in his place. Then he must punish the women by increasing that odor as much as possible. It's an ever-increasing upward spiral.

If you mean why he puts foreign objects into their vaginas and plugs into their anuses, it's rather obvious. Since the women aren't stimulating him to erection, those objects are a substitute for his penis, and he wants them as large as will fit into the women's orifices.

As far as sending them home naked, he finds it necessary to have the women feel his power even after they have left him to go home. Naked, they are still aware of his influence over them. Ken doesn't think up these cruelties out of a clear blue sky. They are manifestations of his innermost needs.

The reason I had to speak with you is that Ken has reached his boiling point. You and other women he has in his grasp are in imminent danger. He doesn't think: "I'm going to damage or kill someone." However, he has come close to doing just that and one of these days, he will go over the edge. You really have only two choices. Allow him to use the sjambok, his substitute penis, which will only delay the inevitable, or you must get far away from him. Well, you can see where he is headed, can't you?"

"Yes Doctor, thank you for the warning. I realize that must have been very difficult for you do."

Celia drives home and repeats to Karla what the psychiatrist had told her. Karla tells Celia not to feel guilty about marrying Ken and that she has actually saved Karla from making a similar mistake.
The Friday night witches' covens continue for some weeks while Celia and Karla struggle to come up with a plan to stop them and remove Ken from their lives. In a twist of fate, Ken, himself, provides the answer.

Ken's Saturday night drinking has reached the point where he comes home staggering drunk. One night, the two women hear his car pull into the driveway, but after a half hour, he still hasn't entered the house. Karla goes to the door, opens it, and looks toward the garage. Ken's car headlights are illuminating the garage door, but that door is closed. Karla sees Ken lying face down in the freezing snow and calls Celia. The two women go back in the house and Celia picks up the phone to call 911. Karla puts her hand over Celia's and pushes the handset back on the cradle. They stand there for a few minutes without speaking. Then Karla leads Celia to their bedroom and turns on the TV. They lie on the bed watching the late night show until they fall asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, a sheriff's deputy knocks on the door, and when Celia opens it, he tells her that neighbors reported seeing someone lying in the driveway. He says he's sorry to inform her that her husband has frozen to death in the snow. Celia gasps and thanks him. He asks if she wants someone to come stay with her, but she says that she has a houseguest. He leaves and a few minutes later, the paramedics who have been checking Ken's body, place it in an emergency vehicle and drive off.

Ken's funeral is attended by Celia, Karla, Joanna, some distant relatives, a few close friends, and managers of the family's business enterprises. The interment is attended by these same individuals and by forty-one weeping townswomen. No other men have attended. Ken is buried along with his unsavory reputation.

Ken's Wicca and his Wicked Witches no longer exist.

Celia now finds herself a very wealthy widow.

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