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Two rivalry twins learn the importance of love and family.


Vicki just looked back at me like a little kid who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Help me push her into place," Shirley said, and we pushed the chair out into the center of the stage just behind the curtain.

We were just in time because I heard the Beat Girl theme start to play. Tommy had a video that was supposed to play on all the screens that had the intro to Beat Girl. The crowd was shouting along with the music, "dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, Beat Girl!" Then everyone screamed "WHAP!"

The music repeated and so did the insane chanting of the crowd. They screamed out "Beat Girl," and then "KA-POW!"

Everything repeated for a third time with everyone screaming even louder, "ZAP!"

The music started again and the curtain opened rapidly as I ran toward it. I was afraid my timing would be off, but I got to the very front of the stage and spun around to show my ass to the crowd just as they yelled "Beat Girl."

I stood there, bent over slightly, showing everything I had to the crowd in the room as Shirley slowly sashayed on stage and out to the front. It was like watching a cat walk across a field with its body down low as it sneaks up on its prey. She was wearing an absolutely skin tight, black, full-body cat suit that hid everything but left nothing to the imagination. It was so tight that you could tell that she was completely shaven between her legs. Something as small as the hair of a landing strip would have shown clearly.

She raised the microphone in her hand and began. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen," she said. "We have a very special show for you tonight. For the first time EVER, Beat Girl is appearing live." There was thunderous applause and a lot of whooping and hollering.

"And joining Beat Girl tonight is Nubbin!" Shirley thundered. She sounded a lot like one of those ring announcers on the wrestling channel. Well, there were a lot of similarities in the programming.

Vicki's chair had been more or less in the dark until then, but now a bright spotlight illuminated her bound figure. There were actually two lights. One lit up the entire chair and showed her whole body. The other, much brighter, was concentrated on her slit. The moisture glistened in that very bright light.

You could see that her eyes were wild behind the mask and she was shaking her head from side to side and trying to scream through the ball gag. I think she was acting, but I wasn't sure. She might have just lost it when the curtain opened and she saw 300 peoples staring at her open crotch.

Shirley walked over to Vicki and stood beside her. "Care to guess why they call her 'Nubbin'?" she asked with a laugh. Then she reached down and flicked Vicki's clit hard with her gloved fingertip. Vicki screamed and thrashed and the crowd roared with laughter.

Shirley looked out over the crowd and said, "I am Beat Cat and I will be your host for the evening." Then she walked along the front of the stage, teasing the audience with what was almost a bump and grind walk. By the time she stopped next to me, she had everyone's attention.

"Tonight we are going to start with a little contest," she said. "Those of you who follow Beat Girl on the web know that she is turned on by pain." There were a couple of whoops and yelps in response to that statement.

Looking back over at Vicki, she purred out, "Care to guess what turns Nubbin on?"

There was some murmuring from the crowd and Shirley leaned down slightly and spoke directly to a girl in the front row. "You ever given a blow job... ... to a girl?" She asked. The crowd roared once again with laughter. Shirley turned and started walking once again across the front of the stage.

"Of course not," she said.

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