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Tragedy struck when Prince Xander began to choke while eating a soup made from the belly of the fel beast. All attempts to save him failed, and when he passed from this realm a black onyx stone was found lodged in his throat.

After Xander's death, his son Andarrion ascended to the throne. Andarrion had been fascinated with sorcery from a young age, and with the Eye he felt he finally found the reagent needed to make his magic work for real. Though many were outraged that he would not only keep, but prize the stone that killed his father, Andarrion ignored such criticism. It is said he used the stone in alchemical experiments, trying to turn lead into gold and increase the wealth of the city. Stories quickly circulated of the Prince's treasure, which was said to be hidden in the castle, city, or surrounding countryside. Even to this day, many commoners go in search for Andarrion's lost treasure.

In later years, many would credit the wealth of Ruar to his alchemy, though the truth is that Ruar's prosperity started with the first of Andarrion's calumnies. The Prince had never been renown as a warrior, but after setting the Eye into the hilt of his sword, he became a demon in battle. After entering into an alliance with the City-States of Fullorm and Haverset, the three armies launched a joint attack against Swetford. Despite the latter's wealth, the Prince of Swetford was unable to withstand the might of the alliance, and his forces were soon routed and scattered.

The three Princes demanded a quarter of Swetford's wealth each in annual tribute for a period of twenty years. In addition, Andarrion demanded the Golden Mask of Swetford, an ancient idol used in the worship of a since forgotten deity. Although no longer in use, the loss of the idol was a huge insult to Swetford, and drove the City-State into an even closer alliance with the City-State of Braden and the other peoples of what is now Heste.

Andarrion then proved himself to be a demon in truth, when he earned damnation for the first time. While the three princes were celebrating their victory, his army set upon his allies, massacring their forces and seizing the Princes of Fullorm and Haverset as hostages. Not only did he confiscate their shares of the tribute from Swetford, but demanded additional tribute from them as well.

After the war, the Prince set the stone into an ivory ring which he wore constantly. Pleased with how the stone had furthered his desires so far, Andarrion was resolved to further increase his power. He began to sacrifice animals in an attempt to summon demons with whom he hoped to bargain with for magical power. While many of the stories surrounding the stone are legend, this one is fairly well known, as the increasingly unstable Andarrion made no secret of his intentions, and was known to threaten his courtiers with Abyssal damnation when his deal was made.

The Prince also began to kidnap young women, whom he would whip in order to please a dark and previously unknown Goddess, Lomestra. Today, it is assumed that Lomestra was an invention of his own madness, as no other mention of such a Goddess can be found in any historical record or legend. Many were alarmed at his increasing insanity, but feared to take action, as the Prince was still popular with the army, whom he had led to a great victory. However, when the Prince began to sacrifice humans in an attempt to awaken the stone's power to summon demons, the Lord Mayor of Ruar and a company of knights resolved to take action.

The Lord Mayor, Feson Aerwith, planned to sneak into the castle and take the Prince into custody and install his young son as Prince with a council of Regents.

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