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Dealing with terrorist, Senators, and the press.

you not see how good I would be to you? Can you not see why I need you in my mouth?"

You look down at me with gorgeous blue eyes, down the length of your beautiful patrician nose, and sneer...., "MY SLUT, my good girl, you should be on all fours to better serve me. Get on all fours and take that pretty little dildo and show me where my cock belongs. Show me why you deserve me..."

You lay on my bed and open your legs wide. I look up at you from the floor and see your cock jutting proudly from your flat belly, your puckered ass open for me to savor.

I take the dildo and shove it in my tight hot wet pussy. I feel the joy. I know the pleasure, but it pales in comparison to you.

I stammer, "Sir, it slides right out because I am so, so wet and ready for you.....I need your cock...."

You chuckle softly and say, "Oh no, my good girl, I do not want your pussy or mouth. You know EXACTLY what I want. GIVE IT TO ME NOW. Give me what I want, what I demand of you....."

Your hands furiously stroking your cock up and down, your tongue licks your lips in anticipation, your legs wide open, your moans and groans falling free in urgency.....

I take the dildo and slowly place it at the tip of my asshole.

I whimper, "Sir, please..... Sir, I can't. I can't do this...It hurts..."

You look at me and say, "My good girl, I never said I would be easy on you, but I am good to you. Come here and let me help you."

You look at me gently and pat your side. Your smile so kind, inviting me into bed with you. You ask me to kneel with my back to you. You look at my long hair cascading down in waves, down to the swell of my ass, to the small of my back.

You have always loved my ass, shaped like an upside down heart, so full so soft so ready to be spanked and handle roughly. My ass is close...oh so close to your cock. I look back at you and my hair falls forward covering my proud breasts. You gasp when you notice my large soft pink areolas framing my hard jutting nipples. It is then that I take notice of just how naked I am in front of you....so vulnerable. I reach out and hand you my toy, like a good girl asking for approval.

You laugh and say, "Oh my silly girl, my good little slut, I don't want your toy. I have no need for such playthings. I am going to give you what you wanted. I am going to let you have me. ALL OF ME."

I shiver in anticipation. You reach out for my waist your large strong hands roughly grab me before I can get away. You pull me back down. You pull my ass back down to your large rock hard cock which glistens and shines with your pre-cum.

Your hand finds its way to your cock, you stroke it. With the other you roughly yank my hair and pull my ass closer, closer, oh so close to your cock....I feel your cock on the small of my back, then in between my ass cheeks, closer to my pink tight puckered asshole, and I know you are struggling to enter me. Your cock angrily poking my ass....

I whimper, "Please Sir....please let me go...I don't want to do this... I don't want to play."

Your determination wavers, you're uncertain....do you dare continue? You have never hurt me before. You value your treasure too much to damage it. You hesitate...but then you notice my fingers, slowly circling my clit, my little gem, my clit so hard, so exposed in all its glory. Peaking out from behind its little hood, so pink and juicy and wet....ready for your tongue.

You know, you smile because your good girl wants you, needs you. Your mouth waters and you roughly turn me over and force me to lay on the bed.

"Bring up your knees girl...." you hoarsely demand. "Bring them up wide my slut...I'm going to eat you...."

You lie between my legs, and oh so slowly lick my thighs.

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