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Bride quenches her sensual thirst.

..and they all turned their heads in the direction of his gaze....

The long legs swung from behind the wheel and out the coupe's door pivoting on glutes that made the most well-developed among them cry....

She stood up straight, smoothed the white knit mini down over her hips and ass, but made no attempt to pull it any lower than it had been 'engineered' to go....she knew what she was wearing...and she was quite clear on WHO she was as she leaned back into the cockpit to retrieve her bag ....the hem rode up once more over her hips to reveal the crack of her ass and string of thong that sought to protect it....

She looked as if she had been poured into it-the dress....it was night and she was the color of twilight, dazzling in that little white scrap of cloth-as nicely cut as it was, struggling to contained twin orbs whose nipples violated its fabric....short, nappy blonde head, cobalt-blue lenses that appeared when she swung the oversize sunglasses to the top of her head....the mouth-the lips-had started a process that meant most of them would be closing their jackets until they got into the club: rich, full, succulent, scarlet invitations to oblivion....

In short, the mythic creature your mamma told you to stay away from....

She spun on the four-inch heel of a white stiletto sandal whose straps snaked their way up to her knee....she tossed her keys to the valet and as he drew near passed him a five with one hand and firmly squeezed his ass-cheek with the other...and in the space of seconds, possibly whispered in his ear-the grin split his face....

For the first time that night, the cab of the Hummer was silent....


They fell over themselves trying to get out...he brought up the rear as usual.... Then, the 'bouncer' stopped them in their tracks: 'Sorry gentlemen,' he began-short, the girth four fireplugs, his huge hand squarely in Taylor's chest, the biggest of the crew-'membership only'....

Just as someone among them was about to make the loud and fatal 'Muthafuka' protest, the doorman's eye was caught, he nodded and passed them through....

They caught it too...the flick of her lash was almost imperceptible, but enough to give the crew admission....who the fuck was she?...


As they fumbled around trying to find a table-in spite of the assistance of the maitre d'-they lost sight of her....when they did spy her again, she had poured herself into the far corner of the bar just as coolly as you might pour her drink, and there, she and the bartender chatted and traded jokes....

Like a bunch of pre-pubescent schoolgirls his crew broke into a whispered gaggle arguing among themselves about 'approach': who would make it, and who should benefit most from it....'rule of the jungle', so-to-speak, 'survival of the fittest'-the biggest cock was to rule the roost-or so that was the logic....but in a gang of self-declared HUGE cocks. To be sure, there were some big dicks in this group-both literally and figuratively-but no one had balls big enough to make the approach.... So, it fell to him....


Wordlessly she sized him up as he stood there nervously, shifting from side to side, fumbling with something invisible...she simply watched...and waited....

Then, he finally found the words-something-lame: 'My friends'-he gestured behind him to the 'circus troupe'-'were wondering if they might buy you a drink...?'

She pierced him with the blues... dazzled him with her smile, all caught in the smooth obsidian of that face. Then she said softly but cuttingly-with the precision of a surgeon with her scapel-'Only one drink? I count five of them-six if we include you.... Tell them... 'Thank you...but...no...thank you....'

Crushed, he turned to walk away, it was then that she gently put a hand to his sleeve, stopped him in mid swing....

'But here's what you can do-two things'-as she handed him a card in full view of the others.

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