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Jay and The Final Gangbang.

"Wow you sure do have nice firm tits' Wendy." Ken said as he had Mike's mother pinned up against the sink.

"Please Ken, just grab a quick feel and get back to the game." She moaned.

The man gave them a quick squeeze through the sweater and then grabbed the chips, he passed by Mike who now entered the kitchen. His mother looked relieved and shocked by his arrival, but he couldn't believe he had just witnessed his mother getting her tits fondled by one of Dad's friends. He made the excuse that he wanted more mixed nuts and then he got out of the kitchen.

Sure enough when he got back the porn was out of the player and the game was getting ready to start the second half. His mother was still out in the kitchen, when Frank and Tony claimed they were going to go get more beer so they would have enough for the second half. Mike was hoping this was going to be a lie just like before with Ken, he waited a minute and wandered out to the kitchen. Once again he stayed in the door way out of sight again and listened to what was going on.

"So tell us Wendy, did Louie's little movie get you all wet?" Asked Tony trying to undo her jeans.

"It was very disgusting." She said reaching down to stop him.

"Not so fast." Said Frank holding onto her hands.

"Let's see what we got here Frank." Tony said as he successfully undid her jeans and sliding his hand down the front of them. "Damn Wendy your pussy is sopping wet."

"Let me feel." Said Frank.

Tony reluctantly took his hand out and licked his fingers off, then he held her arms so Frank could have a turn. Only Frank pulled her jeans down a couple of inches got his hand inside of them and began to rub her pussy. Mike could his mother still struggle to get her hands free, yet her pussy was betraying her as it was humping against his hand.

"Damn Wendy, you sure did get horny watching that movie." He said aloud.

"Please, please stop." She begged.

Then Mike decided to let his mother off the hook, he came in the kitchen loudly, the two men jumped and moved quickly to the fridge. His mother rearranged herself quickly and turned around so her son would not see the shame on her face. The two guys grabbed a few six packs and went back to the game.

"Mike would tell your Dad that I think I've had enough for one night and I'm going to bed." She said.

"Sure Mom." He said.

He went back in and told his Dad and continued to watch the game until the end, the guys all had either their wives or taxis come to pick them up. When them all left Mike began to take some of the dirty dishes out to the kitchen, when he came back in his father was passed out drunk.

Mike shut off all of the lights, the television and then he locked the door, he made his way upstairs and went to his room. He stripped his clothes off and climbed into bed to watch some television and then go to sleep. His mother came to his door and knocked, she asked if she could come in and sit up with him for a while.

"I'm sorry you saw what you saw in the kitchen tonight." She said aloud.

"Don't worry about it Mom, I don't feel any less of you." He said sitting up and putting an arm around her. "You are a beautiful woman Mom, I can't blame them too much for what they did."

"You still think you old. Mom is beautiful." She laughed.

"Mom, you aged very well, Dad didn't, I was both jealous of those drunken slobs and pissed off at the same time." He explained.

"I can understand you being mad, but jealous?" She asked.

"Well sure, a bunch of losers like them getting to touch the most beautiful woman I know in a sexual way, I wished I was they." He admitted.

"All of this flattering, I'm not used to all of these compliments." She laughed.

Mike took a chance and pulled himself closer to his mother, he used one arm to wrap around and the other to caress her beautiful shapely leg.

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