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Bad night to be working late.

Either she was playing hard to get, or i was a one-time type.

I had done some research on fairies, and even some summoning techniques, yet i still got nothing. Believe me, I tried everything i could, but still no sound nor sight of her. I had given up hope.

My thoughts were interrupted by the mark on my chest. It was passed stinging, and now felt more like a throbbing pain. I tried to stand to check on it, but the pain was so unbearable. I grabbed my phone to maybe try to call for some help, but i dropped the phone. I attempted to reach for it, but i fell over, my whole body on the ground going numb.

This was new. Maybe the fairy poisoned me, and now it was taking me over. Hey, when you fucked a being that's not human, but not really an animal either, you would be thinking the same thing, especially if you're on the floor, going totally numb.


I heard her. So now she shows up. What a surprise, she's come to watch me in pain, or die.

"Jason, hang on dear."

Her voice sounded urgent, like she was scared for me. Maybe she didn't poison me after all! Well great, but what the hell was the mark for, and why is it causing me body numbing pain?

Well turns out I blacked out before i could think of a reasonable (if you can call it that) answer. I woke up on my bed, not really able to move. My eyes were closed, like they had been glued shut. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I felt a soft hand touch my cheek.

"Shh Jason, just relax."

I felt her soft lips touch my forehead, and I instantly was relaxed. I could feel strength return to my eyelids, and i opened them. There she was, Same silver hair, and eyes, same body, and same cloth covering her up.

"You will be fine. I apologize, i did not think my mark would hurt you. The mark I left is a sign of passion and content with their partner. In my culture, we actually use this mark to decide our love. I was never content with any of our male fairies, but I felt a strong presence with you, and I was ready to make my life with you possible."

Did you catch all that? Answer some of your questions? Not in the slightest for me. What the hell did she just say?

I managed to sit up, and look at her in the eyes.

"I have many questions um..."

"Mary." she said to me. "And you get only one question a day... that was your question for the day." She gave me a teasing yet seductive look. "I can tell you you'll be seeing more of me from now on."

I was starting to get angry with this girl. One question a day? I was about to tell her off when Mary pulled me into a deep kiss. I suddenly forgot why I was angry with her.

She straddled me, and kissed me deeply, pulling her cloth off which covered her breasts. I bent down to suck on her left breast and she moaned loudly.

"Yes Jason, yes mmmm..."

I went for her other one, and she started grinding against me. She was already wet. Wait how did i know she was wet? Turns out i was naked this entire time, and i didn't notice. Well if you were in a room with a fairy who was hot, would you really notice if you were naked?

I could feel her wanting me inside her, but not just yet. I pushed her down and stuck my tongue out into her sweet pussy. I let my tongue flick up and down her clit. God her moans were fantastic, she was writhing in extreme pleasure. Her juices were beyond anything i had ever tasted, and i couldn't get enough of it. I can't put down into words what the scent, or taste was like. It was all brand new, other worldly. I dove straight into it, eating her out completely. Her body shook as she came in my mouth, me furiously lapping up her juices.

She pulled on my hair, bringing me up to her mouth, and us kissing deeply. She reached down to grab my cock, and stroke it, making it instantly hard to a point, that it was throbbing. I slowly slid into her, and the noise she made when i entered almost made me cum right there and then. I managed to not, and began pounding into her pussy, and dear lord, it was tight, the tightest I've ever felt.

She made sure to keep kissing me while we fucked

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