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Yellow Panties.

She had ice blue eyes that seemed completely innocent and a smattering of freckles over her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She was undeniably a woman from head to toe but slender like he liked his girls. She wasn't particularly well endowed at any point of her body, just smooth and well formed. It didn't help that she liked to dress like she was Daisy Duke in shorts that could have passed as panties and half tops that showed off her smooth belly.

"Where is she?"

Xander opened his mouth to reply but there was no point. "I like you. You're so sexy!" Jessica drawled. She'd apparently shown up to the party in a red sundress that wouldn't have quite been ladylike in a pair of sensible shoes instead of her strapped high heels that stretched her already impossibly long legs. The strapless dress was really designed for a woman with more cleavage than Jessica had. The result was that she was slipping out of the dress every time she moved. It wasn't accidental, she meant to give the boys around her a glimpse but if she'd been bigger on top it would have been more difficult. At least it made it possible for the boys to keep forcing her into her clothing which had to be harder than it looked. Derrick admitted silently that he might not have tried as hard as they seemed to be if she was coming on to him and that was with her being his cousin. If she was just some drunk chick at a Barn Party she'd already be covered in hay.

"Jessica come here right now we're leaving." Derrick said pushing his way forward. That close to her he could tell not only that she'd been drinking, that much was obvious just by the way her eyes were hooded over, he could tell that she wasn't drinking beer like the rest. She had gotten into the rum.

"Who are you? You're kinda handsome too with your nice big muscley chest." She fell against him and ran her fingers down the crease of Derrick's pecs.

"Whoa there Jess. I'm cousin Derrick and I'm just getting you home before you embarrass yourself." Derrick carefully put his arm around her careful to avoid anything that could be interpreted as naughty. Jessica's eyes widened slightly when he mentioned his name and she theatrically shut her mouth and clung to him.

A minute later they were in the Jeep and heading back. "You're not my cousin Derrick. You know how I know?" Jessica slurred.

The danger had passed and most of the anger that Derrick had felt rushing over here was gone. It was just his little cousin, his stupid little drunk cousin. She was kinda cute in the way that drunk people can be. "How do you know I'm not Derrick?"

"Derrick is sexy." She stated. "I mean you're good looking and all but Derrick." She ran her hands down her torso pulling the dress down beneath her breasts. Her hands stopped between her thighs while her hips rocked back and forth. "Derrick is. . ." Jessica squeezed her hands between her thighs as she searched for a word. "sexy. I want to have sex with him. I know I know I'm a horrible person but. . ." She trailed off again looking over at Derrick. Her cousin was flabbergasted. He wasn't sure if what to do. Jessica didn't give him much time to think about it either.

"You'll do." Jessica whispered. She unclasped her seatbelt and leaned over the center console unzipping Derrick's pants and quickly fishing his soft cock out. "You're not hard yet?" She pouted.

"Jessica! Stop that! I'm your cousin Derrick!" Derrick shouted squirming as much as he could without losing control of the vehicle.

"You are. . .not. Hush." Jessica's words stumbled out of her lips just before she wrapped them around Derrick's flaccid cock.

"Stop!" Derrick hissed through clenched teeth. His first instinct was to close his eyes and think of anything else to keep himself from getting hard but he was driving. The next thought was to stop the car but there was no backseat in his Jeep, he'd replaced it with a speaker years ago and he wasn't going to leave his cousin here. The sooner he got her home the better it would be for everybody.

Derrick's cock lurched to life between her Jes

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