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Ella decides to make her fantasy a reality.

eturn the favor?"

I most certainly did. My cock was so hard you could have cut glass with it, but inspiration struck and I came up with a better idea than swapping head in a small public bathroom and decided to see if he was down for it.

"You can, but how about, in stead, you come with me to my place and we can pick things up there?

Dave thought about it for a moment and then said "Sure, let's do that."

"Fuck yeah!" I thought to myself but said "Cool." instead and then grabbed a few paper towels for Dave to clean himself up with.

I told him to follow me and the whole way home I was so fucking excited. And horny! All I could think about was Dave's jumbo dick and hoping he was going to fuck me silly with it. The thought of his meaty rod hammering my little ass kept me hard almost the whole way home and it was all I could do to keep from playing with myself and driving straight off the road.

We got back to my place and we were both still pretty sweaty and dirty so I told him that if he wanted to use the shower to go ahead.

"Only if you join me." he said with a naughty little smirk.

I couldn't hardly say no to that so we got in together and rinsed of under the hot water. He pulled me close and started to kiss me tenderly and both of our cocks began to grow as they mashed together.

After making out a bit I grabbed the bar of soap and commenced to bathe him. I first went to his broad chest and slowly washed all over his muscular pecs, shoulders and arms and then moved south. I scrubbed all over his nether regions building up a good lather, put the soap down, and gently washed and massaged his ass, taint, and balls with my soapy hand.

"That feels so good." sighed Dave as I moved up and began stroking his now hard prick.

It felt remarkable in my hand being all slippery and wet and I started to pull on it harder.

"Mmm..." I groaned as I fondled him "Your cock is incredible."

"Glad you like it." he replied and picked the soap back up, "But now I thinks it your turn."

He then spun me around and pulled me close to him squeezing my back tight to his chest and I could feel his slick hard on pressing against me.

He bathed me all over while planting hot kisses on my neck, scrubbing me with the soap in one hand and caressing me with the other. When he finally went down and began to tenderly wash my balls and aching cock I thought I was going to explode.

Luckily he stopped rather quickly (maybe he knew) and instead gave my ass a good lathering.

"There," he whispered in my ear "nice and clean.", and then, with a slight giggle added, "I might want to make sure though."

He pushed me a little forward and told me to lean against the shower wall with my hands. Then, after crouching down, he proceeded to rub my ass with his strong hands. It felt unbelievable as he massaged my butt cheeks and I couldn't help but growl with pleasure when he pulled them apart and drove his face between them.

Dave rimmed me like no other. He would give my ass long licks up and then down, and then would flick his hot tongue on and around my supple hole before driving it in deep. I grunted and groaned telling him how good it felt and started moving my back-end up and down loving the feeling of his face sliding across my crack.

"Fuck yes!" I whimpered with each lash and poke of his tongue.

He ate my butt for what seemed like forever and finally pulled away and stood up and just rubbed my button with his fingers as I stood there panting.

"I think It's now my turn to make sure I got you good and clean." I said after finally catching my breath.

Dave just grinned and said, "Yeah, you probably should."

I quickly had him turned around with his legs apart as far as he could get them. I got on my knees and spread his sexy muscular ass open and man, what a sight! He had the cutest little butt-hole I think I've ever seen. It was completely hairless and perfect and I wasted no time diving in.

I rimmed him like a madman, relishing every flick of my tongue.

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