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A day at the mall turns hot.

Amanda was looking just as good close up as she did from far away. She was giving Pete the once over and didn't seem to be too disappointed. It ended up they were visiting from Indiana and were going to say for a few days.

Amanda had the long lean athletic look, so Pete asked her if she played any sports. She said she ran long distance on the track team. Pete mentioned that he might be able to show her the best places to run in Meriadoc. She accepted quickly saying she needed a run after the long car ride. Mr. Houston came back and said he was sorry, he couldn't find any screwdrivers that small. Pete wasn't to upset with that! Pete and Amanda met in the driveway 15 minutes later.

Pete had to restrain himself from grabbing her ass right there. It looked like Amanda was wearing a skimpy pair of panties under her tight shorts. She was doing warm up stretches and she was pretty limber. She was driving Pete crazy and Jimmy was taking notice as well. They headed out at an easy pace and chatted along the way. Pete thought she looked to be around 16 years old but she said she was in the 12th grade and had just turned 18. As she started to sweat her T Shirt started to get wet and Pete could see that her nipples were erect and she wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't have large breasts at all but Pete still wanted to get a better look at them. Pete commented that being as good looking as she was, she must not have any trouble attracting boyfriends. She said she was between boyfriends right now and she looked right at him when she said it. They started to head back and Pete asked her if she wanted to stop by his place for a drink. She accepted.

When they got in, Pete got a couple of Gatorades from the fridge. She had a sip or two and then said, "I need to run through my warm down." She started stretching and then bent down to touch her toes. Her ass was right in Pete's face. "Maybe I can help you" he said. He reached out and started massaging her cheeks. She turned around and put her arms around him. They started frenching and Jimmy was rubbing into her belly. Pete grabbed her shorts and started pulling. She said "Whoa, not so fast, I promised my dad I'd keep my panties on." She still was pushed up right against him so Pete grabbed one cheek with one hand and started rubbing the fabric of her shorts right at the pubic area with the other. Amanda gasped but didn't complain. Pete pressed the fabric right into her opening and kept the pressure on. "You never promised your dad about keeping your top on? Did You?" he asked. "Nooo," she replied. Pete grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started lifting. She raised her arms in the air. Once he got the shirt off he started licking her breasts and nibbling on her nipples. She started to moan. Her shorts were pressed pretty far up her cunt by now and she was starting to get real wet down there. "How about your shorts? Did you promise?" he asked. She shook her head. He pulled down her shorts making sure the panties were not moved. They started kissing again and Pete's fingers slid under the fabric of her panties and into her nest of pubic hair.

"Why don't you lay on your back on the couch and stretch your legs back towards your head as far as you can go?" He asked. When she did, her ankles were almost up to her ears. Pete got on his knees and started licking her legs, moving closer and closer to the honey pot. When he got there, he moved the panties off to one side and started lapping for all he was worth. He got quite a shower of aromatic liquid all over his nose for his trouble.

He stood up and took off his clothes quickly.

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