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Louise and Nathan get closer.

Funny thing, about two months later, an attorney called and I was granted one half of his estate.

Part two

Saturday morning was my day to grocery shop, do errands and take care of family stuff. One rainy Saturday, while upstairs getting ready, Big K yelled that he was going to go with me and that left me totally shocked. Other then his fear of chick flicks, Big K hated shopping more then anything. So after getting out of the shower, looking my body over, checking out my recently trimmed pussy and adding lotion all over my legs , I put on an old pair of painting shorts and a T shirt, I headed out the backdoor while grabbing my son's rain coat.

Big k had all ready pulled up his truck; I guess he didn't want me to point out the fact that after 14 years, an attached garage with a door would make the walk to the truck much more enjoyable then running through the rain. Our first stop was to exchange a few tops that my daughter had bought to go to high school. I thought that the tops were not appropriate for a high school sophomore, and decided that I would make the decision on what she could wear. Grabbing a few tops that coved more flesh then the ones she bought; I headed to the changing room to try them on. The first two covered more then half of my boobs and my belly button so I thought that those would work, the third one fit, but as I leaned forward, my tit fell out and that changed my mind on that one. When I headed back out to the racks , Big K handed me a top and said he thought that I would look good in it. I held it up; of course, see through, few buttons, low cut and way too slutty for any wear in public. To reward BIG k for coming and helping today, I went back into the dressing room, took off my top and bra. Put on the top, where I had to tie the bottom up above my pierced belly button to keep some modesty and could only button two buttons. Looking in the mirror, I saw that there were two perky nipples sticking straight out at me, ready to poke out some guys eyes if the got to close. So,to complete his reward for coming and helping today, I peaked out the dressing room door to make sure no one was around and was going to give Big K a thrill and stand in the store and let him see his wife almost topless.

Big K was leaning against a rack and I waved at him to come over and kind of tip-toed and slid up the side of the hall to the sales floor to show him what a dumb idea it was for me to wear this top. As I exited the privacy of the dressing room and dropped my hands to show him the top, two college guys walked right past me, turned and at the same time said, "nice tits". Well that immediately changed my mind but on the other hand, that made Big K's mind up, the top was sold. He said wear it and I went back into the dressing room, gathered my daughter's new tops, and put on my raincoat to cover up my bare tits.

Next stop was the old high school, it was the last day for trading in old school uniforms and my daughter needed a couple more skirts for this fall. We stopped at the rectory and got the key and Big K and I headed up the stairs to the old lab on the second floor to go through the tables of uniforms. Big K was going to wander down the halls and look at the sport trophies and I was going to do a bit of clothes searching. After about ten minutes I had two that I thought would fit Margot, but wanted to try them on for their fit. Looking around I went back into the coat room, took off my raincoat, then took off my shorts and tried on both of the skirts. Whoever wore these skirts last year must have had very short legs as it was more of a mini skirt on me then a school skirt. I twirled around in front to the coat room mirror and chuckled as my new tanned sleek body looked pretty damn hot in a mini skirt for an old lady plus the top I had on made me feel very daring

I went back out to the tables, looking for size 3 skirts that were a bit longer in length.

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