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Grown student gets revenge on former teacher.

"Ooh it's naughty alright!" She teased.

"Come on then spill the beans!" I enthused.

"I work as a Stripper at a club just around the corner" she smiled squeezing my thigh just a fraction harder.

"Well Suzi, you've always had the body for it and judging by how tight that skirt and top is, your awesome body has got a whole lot better!" I smiling laying the compliment on with a thick trowel.

"Well as you're here for a week, you must pop round one evening and maybe I'll give you a nice sexy lap dance!" She teased.

"I'm not sure I could keep my hands to myself!" I exclaimed.

"I'm not sure I'd want you to keep your hands to yourself!" She giggled.

"What about your husband?" I asked feeling my cock stirring as I did so.

"Jim is not in the slightest bit jealous and to be honest he gets off on me parading my naked shaved pussy to other guys. You should come round one night or maybe I should give you a preview now!" She smiled the sexiest smile ever.

"What if Jim walked in?"I enquired.

"He'll be fine with it. But if it makes you feel more comfortable I could do it for you in your bedroom. Come on bring your suitcase and I'll bring the drinks!" She replied efficiently, climbing sensually off the sofa.

I grabbed my case and dragged it on its wheels behind me. Suzi was about three paces in front, her fabulous ass swaying with her stupendous hips. I could clearly make out the garter straps beneath her tight skirt as she swayed her hips. The movement was beyond erotic and Suzi had definitely had breast enhancement, as I could clearly see her side boobs from the rear, her breasts were so pendulous yet firm. She opened my bedroom door and stood in the frame. I had to brush against her breathtaking body to enter the room. Her magnificent breasts brushed against my body and I clearly felt the hard metal rings of her nipple piercings.

She looked up at me, smiling as our bodies grazed each other's. A spark of sexual electricity passed between us and we both knew where this was heading, but first the dance of seduction must be danced.

I placed my case over by the large built in mirrored wardrobe. The bed was rather opulent for a guest room with a fine array of cushions. There was a large flat screen TV on the wall opposite the bed, two bedside tables And a large dresser come chest of drawers. I sat on the bed as Suzi joined me on the very comfortable memory foam mattress. She smiled at me again and teasingly questioned.

"Would you like to see my strip tease? You've not seen my new boobs or pierced nipples, but the rest should be as you remember it!" She giggled.

"Are you sure Jim will be ok with it?" I quizzed her.

"Of course he will. I fuck other men and he's fine with that. To prove it to you, I'll sleep in here with you tonight and you can fuck me all night just like we used too!" She smiled reassuringly "Perhaps we'll make enough noise to keep Jim awake. You always were a noisy fucker and if memory serves you used to like me talking dirty!"

This conversation just arrived from nowhere with Suzi discussing the possibility of me fucking her as though it was an everyday occurrence. I cannot describe how hard my cock was with her forthright conversation, but Suzi always was different from other girls.

"This not some sort of practical joke is it?" I questioned.

"Not at all. I saw the way you looked at me and I know you follow my alter ego on twitter so you know what I've been up to!" She smiled "Plus I do miss sitting on that large hard cock of yours, and you'll be pleased to know that fucking my ass is an option now!"

"So the Stripper slut wife stories are definitely you?" I questioned.

"Every single word is true. Maybe you could be the next chapter?" Suzi smiled the most wicked smile.

"So if your husband walked in to find me fucking you he wouldn't be phased in any way?" I asked with a hint of concern.

"After I do my little strip for you, I'm hoping you'll want to fuck me!" She laughed "Jim will be fine with it.

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