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Slave's anklet leads to fun.

Indeed, much of this was new to me but what I didn't realize was that nothing about me was new to him. He had followed me in his own way for almost a year, having seen me in the club, spoken to many of those who had served me. His desire to have me had brought both of us to this crossroads and I had no idea how far he was willing to push my limits to insure the outcome would be in his favor.

By the time the vehicle stopped we were at a well-known restaurant and as the door was opened for me, he appeared. He gave his arm for me to take and I did so, keeping my eyes lowered as he walked me into the room, like some trophy for others to admire.

What confused me though was how he pulled my chair out for me, pushing it in, a touch of a gentleman against the touch of a dominant. A contradiction in terms of reality but at the moment, I was a bit lost, on quite unfamiliar ground and it continued as the waiter appeared. To my astonishment, I listened as I was treated as if I weren't even there, hearing as he ordered for me, once again oblivious to the fact that he ordered everything as I would have, having done his research in advance.

As we sat there, I held my hands in my lap, my eyes cast downward. He took a sip of his own wine before speaking calmly. "Tonight you will serve me as my submissive. Once dinner is completed I have made arrangements for a private room at the club. It has been prepared in advance with the items I require. I will leave no permanent marks on you but I will push your limits. This will be your one and only chance to tell me what those are but when you speak to me I would suggest you remember your proper place for any insolence or disrespect will cost you dearly. Now, speak girl."

As he listened closely and I softly spoke of the traditional taboos, he waited until after I had finished and the waiter to appear with our salads to speak. "Very well then I can fuck you in the ass, I can use your mouth for my pleasure, I can share you with anyone I deem worthy. I can cane, flog, whip you until you scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I can use your body until you scream for me to fuck you harder and faster, needing to be used like the submissive slut you are. Is that correct girl?"

My face again quickly grew crimson in color as I was at a loss for words, hearing him say such things as the waiter stood there but it wasn't over yet. "I asked you a question submissive. It requires an answer. Your failure to do so will already cost you a transgression. When I ask you a question, you will answer quickly, without hesitation, without pause. I warned you that I will not tolerate this sort of behavior yet you continue to test my patience. Very well, you were warned. Now you will find there are consequences to such actions." With that he nodded to the waiter who put down our plates, his eyes on me and I was helpless to sit there and just shiver.

Dinner was filled with silence, my food barely touched as he seemed to enjoy his immensely, unaware that in reality what he was enjoying was watching as I continued to embrace the submissive feelings which even now were threatening to overwhelm me. By the time he stood, walking over to pull the chair out for me, my legs almost buckled. I grasped the arm he offered me tightly as we left, the car waiting, the drive to the club feeling like the final steps of a condemned prisoner. As we entered the doorway to my surprise he dropped my arm and I was forced to enter, walking behind him, the proper place of a submissive and to all, I looked the part, completely.

It was a calculated move, one which I really hadn't given thought to when he stopped, reaching his hand out.

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