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A Drink in the countryside.

Until now.

"You look... good." He looked me up and down. "What are you doing now?"

"I live in New York, actually."

"Yeah? Got a good job, I always got the feeling you'd do something good?"

"I'm a Victoria's Secret model." I smiled when his eyes widened, it was he predictable reaction to my career.

"Really? That's... cool."

"I like it, there is so much variety and adventure involved."

"Adventure, huh?" He chuckled. "I'm not sure I want to know what that means."

"It isn't like you think." I laughed. "I'm not one of those models that sleeps with the photographer on every shoot, I'm talking about a different kind of adventure."

"Care to elaborate?" He leant on the bar with a small smile, after a glance that assured me the bar was covered I also leant forward.

"I once did this shoot where I wore this black lace slip, it had long sleeves and a high neck so it covered from my collarbone to mid thigh."

"Doesn't sound very Victoria's Secret."

"Let me finish." I admonished flirtatiously, I used to have a huge crush on Luke and from the interest gleaming in his blue eyes I might be in with a shot tonight so I was going to jump on it. Or him. "I wore it with nothing but a black thong, a tiny scrap of lace that barely left me covered. Through the lace you could see the thong and my skin but you could also catch a glimpse of my nipples." He gulped and I smiled knowingly. "It was a huge turn on knowing they could all see me, that they all wanted to see more, but that they wouldn't. Once the shoot was over I put on my robe and left."

"That was adventurous?" He gulped again.

"Very, some other shoots went similarly. Especially the ones where I was with another girl."

"Jesus." He muttered under his breath.

"I like being subtly adventurous." I leant forward so I could whisper in his ear, with my full lips against his ear. "Like tonight, I'm not wearing panties." It was true, I had no panties and no bra on tonight. When I pulled back Luke's eyes strayed to my chest where my nipples stood out against the tight fabric of my top, I really was very hot and bothered and the lust in his eyes wasn't helping. "So where are the bathrooms in here?"

"Down the hall." He pointed. "But those things are a dump, especially on a Friday night, why don't you use the one upstairs?"

"Show me?" I fluttered my eyelashes at him, he nodded and let me behind the bar so we could walk up the stairs together. No one noticed as we disappeared together.

His apartment was nice, all open plan apart from two doors at the back that presumably lead to the bedroom and bathroom, masculine and tidy.

"This is nice." I smiled and ran my hand over the back of the leather sofa. "It is a lot neater than my apartment."

"You're not neat?" He asked curiously.

"God no." I laughed. "There are bras and panties strewn about all over the place, my roommate Nicola is also a model, make up and skincare products have nearly swallowed the apartment."

"You live with another lingerie model?" He smiled.

"Yes, which many of our male friends love coming to visit." I laughed. "Where is this bathroom?"

"Just through there." He pointed, I slipped into the bathroom and examined my reflection in the mirror over the tidy sink. After touching up my make up and fluffing up my hair I stepped back out into the living room, Luke was leant back against the wall, his strong biceps straining the sleeves of his black t-shirt and his dark hair falling over his forehead.

"Everything ok?" He asked huskily.

"Perfect... except, well it's really loud downstairs and my ears are beginning to ring."

"You can stay up here for a while if you like." He offered. "I don't mind."

"Thank you." I sidled up to him until our chests brushed together. "I really appreciate it."

"You've really changed, grown up." He murmured quietly. "You were hot in high school but now you're really something."

"Want to see more?" I whispered by his ear, when he smiled I stepped back and pulled my shirt up over my head.

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