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Tale of love, sex, beliefs, salvation, and choices.

I put my head back and closed my eyes. I was re-looking at Peter's peter in my head. I'd only glanced at it but it had certainly made an impression. I wondered what it would look like if he were aroused...

Peter returned with fresh beers, leaned over and handed me one as he took a seat opposite me on the steps.

"So what kind of porn do you enjoy?" He asked.

I felt my cock twinge and realized that it was becoming aroused. I'd gotten a bit lost in thought and now I'm getting visions of my favorite porn scenes mixed in with my mental picture of Peter...I don't think I'll be denying my interest in any particular porn theme with my lie-detector springing up between my legs.

"It's your call, let's watch your favorite" I answered.

Just at that moment a voice called out musically "Honey! I'm ho-ome!"

On to the patio strides a beautiful woman in heels and a short, tight red dress. Her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and framing her perfect pixie face. Her eyes were bright and wide open and her smile beamed. Her breasts were perky and full as they strained against the fabric of her dress, nipples well defined through the soft fabric.

"Johnson, let me introduce you to my wife Kitty." Peter said as he rose to his feet to meet her.

I found myself stammering as I too raised up to greet the lovely lady.

Glancing again at Peter I could see I wasn't the only one with a budding hard-on and to my horror I realized that mine was now nearly a full blown woody sticking out from my body as if looking for a friend...

"I see you were true to your word," she said looking at Peter and giving him a smile.

Glancing back at me and looking me down from my eyes to my feet with a noticeable pause at my now towering cock, she crossed her arms and grasped the hem of her dress and in a single smooth motion raised it over her head tossing it aside. She stepped out of her heels and dove between us into the pool.

Her motion was that of a goddess. Every move she made was fluid and soft. I couldn't take my eyes off her beautiful full breasts. As she flipped and dove through the water I was given a show featuring her firm plump ass and hairless pussy as she swam.

"I invited you over for a swim and to watch some porn" Peter said. "We've had our swim, and now the porn has begun." He continued "I told Kitty that if she wanted to put on an erotic show, like the movies I enjoy, that I would bring her an audience."

"How do you like it so far?"

I couldn't tell a lie at this point because my cock was an obvious betrayal of my enjoyment. I told him I was glad to hear he's a man of his word and thanked him for choosing me to help him prove it!

He smiled as we turned our attention back to the show.

Kitty came up from under the water and looking Peter in the eye she slowly rose as she made her way toward us in the shallower water. First her face cleared with water running down across her cheeks and over her lovely ruby lips. Her neck and shoulders appeared followed by what seemed to be a slow-motion arrival of her plump perky breasts. She raised her arms as her breasts breached the surface and collected her hair into a bun. Through this process her breasts danced in and out of the water as she tied her hair slowly.

I stared at her nipples as they seemed to dance. They were very hard, poking straight out and pointing slightly upward. Her golden globes bounced as she leaned forward.

She moved closer towards us and soon her soft, hairless pussy was exposed and just a few feet from our faces.

As I focused my eyes on her smooth puffy pussy she brought her hands down slowly, sliding them along each side of her flat stomach until they met at the very top of her crack. Her fingers began to part her pussy lips. She giggled as she looked up at the two of us. She knew she was capturing every bit of our attention. Her fingers found her clit and she began to rub and pinch and twirl her pleasure button.

"God I'm wet" she said in a soft, sultry voice...

She continued masturbating and as she did she began to slowly twirl in the water

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