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A normal housewife visits her lover.

He closes it behind me, and pushes me against it. It takes me a second to figure out that we're now in the restroom.

I look around the room and freeze when I process that we're both in the same restroom. I see no urinals, women's! As I'm thinking through this, I don't notice him get on his knees, lift up my dress and burying his face between my legs. The feeling of his lips on my thighs brings my attention back to him. He slowly kisses his way up my legs, nibbling and licking along. I moan deeply.

He slows down when his mouth reaches the edges of my underwear and to my surprise takes a fleshy bite off it. I barely hold in a yelp. Simultaneously, I get shivers from his fingers creeping up my legs. He keeps licking his way around my thighs and ignores my now damp slit. He chuckles. I assume that he noticed that wet spot slowly expanding yet still doesn't touch it. The bastard!

His hands that have been taking an excruciating trip up my legs finally come to rest on my butt. I sigh. He firmly holds each buttcheek and yanks my whole body forward finally landing his mouth on my cloth clad pussy. Yes! His hands hold me in place as he seemingly devours me. Under his relentless assault, my labias pop out of their last barrier and are at his mercy. He hungrily starts feasting upon them. His tongues flat against my flesh licks the entirety of my pussy and with every passage pushes my underwear deeper into it.

For a moment, I don't feel him anymore. His hands and mouth are off of me. I look down just in time to see his face. He winks at me and moving back a bit, spins me around. I'm now facing the door, hands against it for support. Facing that door, the reality of where we are rushes at me. What if someone came in? What if there was already someone in here? He never checked the stalls. My mind starts racing at the notion. It's scary but also terrifying.

He must've noticed that I wasn't focused on us anymore. He brings me back with a loud slap on my right butt cheek. I can't hold it in this time and just loudly grunt. The sound of my pleasure reverberates on the empty walls. I look over my shoulder and look at him. He has closed his eyes and is licking and kissing my aching flesh. I purr! He repeats the same treatment on my left cheek. First the slap, then the care. The cycle is repeated, he doesn't seem in a rush. I try not to think about how long we've been in here. How the odds of us getting caught increase every moment we spend here. I want to be here. I want him on his knees. Everything else be damned.

I openly moan and push my ass in his direction. I slowly gyrate it for him, not caring anymore. He must've been waiting for this. He pulls my underwear down in one fell swoop leaving my lower body totally exposed. Bent at the waist as I am, I know that I'm fully opened to him. He confirm it by softly blowing on my soaked genitals. The air on my vagina tickles and my anus twitches at the new feeling.

Not giving me time to think about it, with a hand on each cheek, he opens me up and buries his face in my pussy. His tongue probes at my hole while his nose softly nudges at the fleshy ends of my cunt. I give in. I push back against him, letting his tongue deeper into me and allowing myself to just soak in the pleasure.

He very slowly massages my ass, allowing it every now and then to close on him making his box munching an airless one. He doesn't seem to mind. In a matter of minutes I'm panting. A breath on my clit and I'm a goner. But he hasn't even come close to touching it. Pleasure without deliverance. This is hell, albeit a delicious one. Unable to take it anymore, I bang on the door.

He takes it as some type of signal. He pulls his face out and take a couple quick breaths. Hearing his erratic breathing I'm about to ask him if he needs a break when without warning he once again spins me and with my back once again against the door, put his hands on my ass and lift my pussy to his face. I'm shocked.

He doesn't lose a moment and immediately dive on my engorged clit and licks for everything

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