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Mature hubby and younger wife go to Las Vegas for some fun.

"But here's what I know so far: I know that facing what you did drove you to attempt suicide. I know you're now in treatment. I know you get panic attacks just thinking of what you did. And I know you stopped us from taking things any further tonight because right here, right now, you're responsible and caring enough to do the right thing; because - as you told me yourself - you don't want to hurt me."

She pauses, her expression softening, a ghost of a smile showing briefly before it disappears again. "I told you back at the hospital that maybe you're not as bad as you think you are, Dan. I still feel that way. I think maybe that's why it's such a trauma for you."

She gets up and turns away, effectively preventing me from answering her, instead making her words echo in my ears, giving them a fighting chance against me inner demons. She picks up her backpack from behind the single chair and swings it over her shoulder, then turns and looks at me again.

"I like you, Dan. I really do. I don't know what it was exactly that drew me to you even back at the hospital, but maybe I sensed there was more in common between us than met the eye. And as for you not trusting yourself not to hurt me - I hope that at least you give yourself some major credit points for tonight. I know I do."

I just stare at her, not ready to acknowledge her words in any way. Sandra smiles faintly and turns towards the door. I wish there was something I could say to make her stay a little longer. Once she's out that door she'd be gone from my life. The thought slices my gut but I keep my mouth resolutely shut.

And then she stops as if remembering something else and turns to look at me, a renewed spark in her eyes.

"Hey, how about that new business of yours? Have you started on any projects yet?"

"I - what? Er, no, no I haven't started anything. Did some more planning but nothing beyond that. W-why?" Damn but she caught me off-guard again.

"Well, I actually have quite a long backlog of odd stuff that needs to be taken care of. Would you help me with it?"

I stare at her for a moment. "You serious, Sandra?" Why isn't she running out that door, dammit?

She turns back to face me fully. "Yeah, I'm serious. When can you swing by?"

I grimace, feeling a bit dizzy again, fighting to not sound like I've just got out of an emotional tornado. "As you can imagine I'm pretty much open these days... Wh - what kind of stuff do you need fixing? I - I need to make sure I've got all the tools I need."

Sandra ignores my stuttering and gives me a quick list. It's all pretty standard, and listening to her calms my nerves and allows me to gather my wits about me. I nod slowly as I contemplate the logistics.

"Yeah the workstation setup in your study and hanging the shelves in the bedroom is not a problem. Cleaning the solar panel should probably wait another week or two until I'm completely stable on my feet, and I can check the gutters at the same time if you'd like, too. As for the possible leak in the kitchen I can certainly take a look but if anything major needs doing I'd need to stock up on my plumbing equipment, so depending on the situation you may want to just call a plumber to fix it sooner rather than later."

Sandra smiles brightly at me. "Awesome! So, could you swing by tomorrow, say - 1pm or so?"

"I -"

Tomorrow?! Panic rises in my chest along with a disproportionate joy at the thought of seeing Sandra again, and so soon. Ignoring both I answer in what I hope is a friendly professional manner.

"Er, sure, ahm, tomorrow 1pm sounds good. Wanna give me your address?"

The unabashed excitement on her face is humbling. "Sure, I'll text it to you. Thanks Dan, you're a lifesaver! I'll see you tomorrow. Have a great night!"

She turns to leave and I scramble up to my feet, realizing belatedly that I should probably walk her to the door, when she stops again and smacks her forehead with her palm.

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