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Brody's apology & Becky's blush.

"Tommy you want me don't you? You can have me if you want me bad enough. Just remember I left my pill at home if you say yes............. We may be making a baby." I told her she wasn't playing fair, I could feel her sweet nectar running down my cock and on her hand. She just kept rubbing my cock against her clit teasing me. I finally couldn't take it any more and raise my body up to meet her driving my cock into her sopping wet pussy. I had never felt her, this wet and so relaxed I was all the way in her with no resistance. She was, as a woman possessed bouncing on my hard cock. Up and down harder and harder she worked on my cock suddenly, she fell forward and started to cum I put my hand over her mouth to shut her up. I rolled her over put her legs over my shoulders and started banging her hard until I came. It felt like I came gallons I felt my cum running out of her pussy and down around my cock and I was still hard. She pulled me out of her and sucked me clean saying fuck me again and again.

"Tommy, I may be a little pregnant now but fuck me again so I am really.....really pregnant. We are getting married I can work until the baby comes you will be a great dad." I moved behind her grabbed her hips. I pushed my hard cock back in her wet cunt fucking her until I came again. We made love until three A.M. wow it was great but I had to wonder what I ... we had done. We or I thought we had planned to finish school, work get a house then start a family. The way most couples do but why did Robyn want to change everything?

The next morning we had brunch with her parents. Robyn mentioned we loved each other so much that she wished we could get marries sooner. Her mother looked at Robyn and winked. Robyn smiled back at her. The trip back to college was a quite one Robyn slept all the way back. When we got to the apartment, she said she took her three-month pill. We made gentle love Sunday night before class started again.

The next few weeks ware very busy Sara was in town. She was now a flight attendant and flew in to an airport close to college. This flight had a layover and she would not fly out until tomorrow so she was going to stay with us. Robyn had a doctors' appointment. Then she attended a meeting at her dads company. She could graduate at the end of this semester while I wanted to double major and had one more semester.

"Sara, you and Tommy have a nice visit and I have something important to tell you when I get home later," she said as she walked out the door. Soon as She left Sara wanted to sit down and talk.

"Tommy, how are things?" she ask."

"I guess ok, things were kind of shaky for a while and Robyn maybe pregnant but other that that I guess ok, why?

"Ok cousin, you know I could always tell when something is bothering you," she said.

"Sara I am not sure Robyn is being faithful to me. I have no proof at all but it's a feeling I have."

"Tommy, I can believe it. I think its just pre marriage jitters. You know big stud and ladies man Tommy being off the market. I think Robyn is the one for you. The day you marry the girls back home will be heartbroken.'

"So Sara how is Sally Jo?"

"Tommy, I didn't even mention her. Now that you ask, she met this guy that is boot camp now and they are dating but I know for a fact that they haven't yet because she still loves you. And probably always will, Tommy."

We talked a long time about home and family and were just thinking it was time for bed when Robyn came back. She stood in front of me and took my hands.

"Tommy we are pregnant, I kind of thought we were before we went to mom and dad's. I had told mom I thought I was but wanted to be sure, before I told you. We are going to have a baby in about six months. I know I didn't have my period but with that 3 month pill I didn't have one anyway."

"Tommy, Robyn I am so happy for you two, I guess you need to set that wedding date don't you," ask Sara.

"I guess your right Sara," I said.

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