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She tries out the merchandise with female employee.

Now don't get any ideas. Just put it on my back. I can handle my legs and ass, and I don't need any help my front. Understood?"

"Got it, chief," he replied with a smile. She handed him the bottle of lotion, and he squirted a generous amount across her shoulders and proceeded to rub it in. Meanwhile, Lisa went to work on her face and chest. Gary politely stopped at her waist and handed the sunscreen back to her.

"Thanks, Gary," she replied.

"Nah," he said, "thank you. I appreciate you trusting me with a sensitive mission like that," he said with a laugh.

She completed lathering herself with the sunscreen and then stepped out of the locker room where she was rejoined by Gayle, who looked a little surprised to see the reporter totally naked. Together they headed out the back door and into a shaded path. Lisa's first sensation was one of feeling cold, the morning air still somewhat chilly. The second was one of relief that there was no else around -- no one, that is, except Gary and Gayle.

"Come in for a close-up," she directed. "I'm going to follow this path for a while, then head over to the volleyball court." She pretended not to notice that Gary had been staring intently at her butt as she walked in front of him. Instead, she simply waited for him and Gayle to catch up, then turned to the camera and microphone and began talking.

"My first thought is that I hadn't realized how chilly it is this morning. For our hometown viewers, it's only 68 degrees....brrrr. I have goose bumps all over," she smiled. My second thought is I'm already feeling a sense of freedom - I can feel a light breeze across my stomach and legs, and I can feel the leaves brushing against me. And my third thought is I sure hope those leaves aren't poison ivy."

They approached a bend in the path, and suddenly Lisa gulped. A group of three men were approaching, and she instinctively checked out the varying sizes of their cocks. "Oh my god," she thought to herself, "Do you think they noticed?"

Forcing herself to keep her eyes raised, she approached them and waved hello. "Good morning," the oldest of the three replied. "You must be the reporter we were told to expect."

"I am. I'm Lisa Marvell. Do you mind if we talk on camera for just a few minutes?" They readily agreed, so she began by asking if men tended to hang out separately at the camp (and immediately starting blushing at her choice of words) or do guys mix with the female naturists.

"Just like anywhere else, I guess," one of them replied. "A lot of the time the girls tend to sit by themselves talking about god knows what. We just left our wives with a group of their friends, over in the Garden of Natural Harmony," he said, pointing to a path that went off to the left.

"Thanks," said Lisa, "I think I'll head over there. A special focus of my report is how women deal with nudity, so I'm especially eager to interview them." With that, she resumed her walk, branching off to the left as the guys had indicated.

Over the next half hour, Lisa felt she got a lot of great material, so much so that she could lighten up on the interviews and simply focus on filming the various camp activities to give her audience a sense of just went on at a nudist camp.

The first stop was the volleyball court, where she was quickly invited to join the coed game already in progress.

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