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Steve gets a gift from his uncle that will change his life.

I lean back onto my knees and hoist your legs up onto my shoulders, finally getting my glimpse of your sexy blossom, the moisture easily visible, the smell of sweet flowers, I ache to taste it. I dive my face into your groin, throwing aside all regard and giving into desire, instantly tasting the sweet juices you have to offer me, you begin immediately moaning and crying for me to lick you more, to make you cum. As my tongue dances in your cunt your body arches, pressing against me with each arch, your body uncontrollable all you can do is enjoy it, my tongue slipping across your clit, flicking it, stimulating your very essence. My knees weaken with each push, my balance slowly giving in to your forceful enjoyment of my tongue, until suddenly you push me right off balance and end up sitting on my face, concern is first on your mind but quickly dissipates as I continue to lick you with you right on top of me, suddenly realizing just how much I really want this your passion takes over completely.

You grind your pussy into my face, aching for me to pleasure you, your body arched to maximize your enjoyment. My hands drift up and start massaging your breasts, though you barely notice, so I decide that it is time to give you more than that, and I slowly let my hands slide down to your stomach, slipping under your shirt I start tracing designs across your stomach. This you notice, the very thing you need to give you climax, and you do, your body tightens, your legs grip my head tightly, your back stiffens and you let loose a loud moan, satisfied quickly from my intimate licks and touchings. You fall back, bliss too much in control of your mind to even keep you sitting up.

Intensely turned on by the way you took control I can no longer wait to fuck your pussy in which I which I had just been stimulating, and I pull myself out of my pants and place myself over top of you, your legs still spread from the fall. You look up at me still glassy eyed from the climax I had given you, I run my fingers through your hair and kiss you again, slowly, kindly, waiting for you to be ready for more. As your bliss winds down you kiss me more readily, your hands slowly starting to pull me closer, to ask for more. With one hand still running lightly through your hair I let the other travel to your chest, slowly unbuttoning your shirt, then easing it aside, I slip my hand in underneath you and release your bra, the thin lace slipping down to expose your breasts to me. I stop kissing you and allow my mouth to travel to your breasts, as I do I feel your hips grind against mine and know that you are ready, I slow my progress on your breasts and ease my hand down to your moist mound, cupping it with my hand, I run my hand across it, pressing against it, stimulating you, driving you nuts as you grind against it, moaning all along.

Finally seeing you as ready, I grip my swollen flesh and reposition myself so as to best pleasure you, I ease my head up to the moist opening of your tunnel, slowly I press inside of you, allowing the moisture to guide me inside. Your eyes instantly roll back in your head as reality twists, and your perception distorts, you have wanted this for a very long time and now realize it was well worth the wait. I slowly ease every bit of me I have inside of you, sensually sending chills up your spine. The feeling of my now moistened flesh filling you almost too much to bear.

Now finally joined, my attention turns to your nipples; slowly I lick and suck them, sensually pleasuring you while you blissfully enjoy being filled by my hardened flesh.

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