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He slinked back and waited in silence, willing his mother and Rob to go away.

"I'm sorry, Sam," apologised Rob, as he put his hand on her shoulder.

As his hand softly pulled away, Sebastian's mum rested her hand on the forearm of the guy who just punched him in the face, and replied, "I'm fine, you need to apologise to Sebastian."

"You're right... Sorry I got so heated buddy, I really didn't mean for this to happen. Hopefully I didn't bust up your lip too bad."

Samantha looked at her son, and Sebastian knew what she wanted him to say.

Unclenching his jaw, he reluctantly mumbled, "Sorry."

"That didn't feel as genuine as Rob's but it'll do for now, let's go to the car, I have some things in my bag to clean up this cut," she ordered, before turning to Rob, and in the same directive tone, continued, "You and your friends can go now, and I hope I can trust you to act like grown-ups."

"Yes, Sam," agreed Rob humbly, but then, he was almost sure of it, Rob smirked at him.


Sebastian was called downstairs by his mother, at around 11am on Saturday. He had spent Friday night alone as his mum had come home late after Friday's performance -- she was usually back around 11pm but he heard her come in around 1am -- and his dad was out with work for someone's leaving drinks so he didn't come back much earlier than her.

His dad looked a little groggy and had a pint of water sitting in front of him, as well as a packet pf paracetamol. His mum was cooking bacon, whilst swinging her hips to a beat she was humming. She added the bacon to a big dish that already included sausages and scrambled eggs, and then served the fry-up to Sebastian and his dad, whilst making herself a bowl of muesli and yoghurt. He had told his mum a few times to lighten up about her uber-healthy diet, but then maybe that's why she had the confidence to wear a form-fitting tank top and short-shorts around the kitchen and his dad wore a baggy t-shirt and cotton trousers over his 'softer' physique.

His dad took a few bites of his breakfast and began to perk up a little. A bit more with it, he looked at his son and his expression quickly turned to one of concern.

Leaning in towards Sebastian he asked, "What's wrong with your lip, is that a cut? It definitely looks swollen."

"Um... yeah..." muttered Sebastian, apprehensive about having another awkward conversation about Rob.

"What happened?" pressed his father.

"He got himself into a fight," sighed his mum, before Sebastian could respond.

"How? With whom?"

"Well, Rob and his friends were discussing the play amongst themselves, and Sebastian was being sensitive, and swore loudly and a took a punch at Rob," explained his mother.

"That doesn't sound like Sebastian," contested his father, looking at him for a second before turning back to Samantha, "and how do you know what happened?"

"I was there, it was just after I dropped him at school, I heard him shout the word..." she hesitated, before dropping to a whisper, "...cunt."

The three of them then launched into a heated discussion. It started with Jeremy taking his son's side and the revelation that he had been kept out of the loop about a previous fight had only antagonised him further.

However, as the conversation drew on, Jeremy softened to his wife's point-of-view, and his own personal positive experience with Rob, and by the end of it, though neither parent chastised their son, they were both convinced that he was acting out and starting confrontations with Rob. Whilst his father had originally, back in August, held reservations about his wife acting in an erotically-charged play with a teenage classmate of his son, it seemed that now he had come to terms with it and was keen to have his son relax about the issue, especially if it was causing him to get into physical tussles.

Feeling like he had just been humiliated by Rob again, but unwilling to continue talking about it, Sebastian conceded the discussion, and nothing more was mentioned about it after his mother assured her husband that Rob was as apologetic as he could be for la

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