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The Aftermath and New Beginnings .

He wasn't wearing his fireman outfit now, but he had on a pair of tight black pants and a mesh shirt. His muscular chest and arms were easily visible and enticing. He came over and said, "You're Marissa, right? You are very pretty, and it was fun to dance for you up there."

I blushed and smiled at the compliment. Seeing him now in front of me, not up on a stage, I could see how handsome he was. He had chiseled features, a strong jaw, but a soft and sweet smile. His eyes were large and dark and really drew me in. He reached out to take my hand and said, "I understand that today is your birthday. Won't you accompany me to a private room to celebrate? I would like to spend some time alone with just you."

I felt an immense rush between my legs when he said that last line. I stood up next to him. He said, "Wow, you are not just beautiful, but you are also tall! I like that!" Although I was over six feet tall in my high wedges, Damon was still another six inches taller than me. I was impressed by his size and athletic physique. He continued to hold my hand and said, "Come on, Marissa," and he led me through the crowd.

We went far back into the building and into a back room. It must have been sound-proofed because once the door was shut I could barely hear the heavy beat of the dance music from the stage where another male dancer was now entertaining my friends. Our private room was cozy and warm. The d__cor was deep reds and grays. There was a large deep sofa, almost a bed it was so large, and it was covered with many plush pillows. The lighting in the room was soft and low and there was a pleasant aroma; masculine but sweet.
Damon led me to the sofa and sat me down and then he went to the wall and turned a knob that brought some soft and sexy music. This was not the same driving dance music as the stage, but more of a sultry rhythm and blues sound. Everything in the room was helping me to relax and raising my state of arousal. I needed the relaxation, because my heart was still racing from the excitement.

Damon asked if I would like a drink; he said that a bottle of champagne was included with the room. I agreed, and he selected a bottle from a small built-in wine fridge. He opened the bottle and poured us each a glass, and then he proposed a toast, "Here's to Marissa on her birthday. I hope you like your gift." We drank the champagne and I could feel it help me relax almost immediately.

Damon put down his glass and turned the music up a little. He said, "Now I am going to give you your own private show. Please tell me if you want me to do anything special." He reached down and said, "Why don't you dance with me for a minute?" Damon helped me up and then he moved in close and wrapped his arms around me and we began to sway to the rhythmic music.

I loved the sensation of being held in the arms of this beautiful black man. I had always dreamed of a moment like this but didn't think it would ever happen. I could feel his strong shoulders and back as I held him. Damon's hands were moving on my body, on my back, my hips, lightly brushing my ass just a little.

As the first song changed to the second Damon led me back to the sofa and said, "Let me dance for you now." He poured me some more champagne and then I sat back to watch him. He began to dance slowly and seductively. I could see that he was very athletic, but also lithe and coordinated in his movements. He began to remove the mesh shirt and my heart fluttered a little. His upper body was so well-toned and muscular, but not overly so. His skin was smooth and dark brown.

Damon moved close to me and was swaying and moving. He gently took my hands and moved them to his torso indicating he wanted me to touch him while he danced. I eagerly started to rub his stomach, chest and back as he danced just a few inches in front of me. I could hear Damon purring just a little from my touches and I felt a tingle at this. I reached down and began to feel around his waist and the top of his pants. Damon took the cue and he said, "Go ahead. Undo them."

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