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Loving son and mother, home from dinner out.

"Are you relaxed, Alexa?" she questioned.

"Oh, yes....I mean yes," Alexa responded as she realized her response was tainted with sexual excitement.

It was evident now to Sylvia that Alexa was turned on. And she could feel her own wetness between her legs. She struggled to keep control as she desired to touch Alexa's body. Something had to give before Sylvia collapsed to the floor with anticipation.

"OK Alexa. Now I want you to take your workout that you missed today at lunch, shower, and come back up so we can finish this spreadsheet," Sylvia said to break up the tension.

Alexa's mind was swimming and her eyes shot open. She quickly agreed and grabbed her workout bag and headed downstairs to the company gym. She sat blankly in the deserted gym and thought over what just happened. Her eyes weld up and she decided not to workout but take the shower to appease her boss's instruction. She couldn't believe just how close she came to having her first lesbian experience and how disappointed she was that Sylvia rejected her. She wanted to show Sylvia just how much she was turned on by her. Alexa walked to the shower, undressed and stepped into the warm water. The water felt good tracing her body, but she was careful not to get her hair wet. She desperately wanted Sylvia to know how she felt and decided to react with stronger suggestions. As she washed her body she contemplated if Sylvia would ever touch her like that again and if her boss had any of the same feelings about her.

As soon as Sylvia heard the main entrance door's electronic lock latch she sat down in her chair and studied the computer. She tried to take her mind off what just happened. It wasn't long before she found several errors in the formulas and corrected the spreadsheet. It wasn't long enough to distract her from the encounter that just concluded and the fact that her pussy was sobbing wet. She leaned back into her chair and smelled Alexa's scent still fresh on the leather. Her mind pictured Alexa's breasts as she touched her neck. The thoughts were too much. She stood up and pulled down her panties from under her skirt, then removed her bra but kept on her shirt. She slid her hand under her skirt to her pussy and gently eased a finger into her slit. She moved her finger out and moved upward onto her clit. Her other hand squeezed her breasts, kneading them and pulling them. Her eyes closed and she circled her finger over her clit once more. Her mind transcended to Alexa's innocence and her incredibly beautiful body. She started to pinch her swollen clit with two fingers as she squirmed on the chair. Sylvia's hips grinded into her hand as she plunged two fingers inside her pussy. She was ready to orgasm with pent up emotion. Moans escaped from her lips and she was lost that she was in her office. Her body felt the climax coming and it would only be a second or two more before she would cum. Then as if to torture her body as she finally gave way in her mind, she heard the main door open. Sylvia gulped and almost cried as she quickly withdrew her hand and straightened up in the chair. Her body shook and screamed for her to climax but it was too late. Alexa came bouncing into Sylvia's office. "Sorry I took so long," she said.

"Ahhh, no problem dear. I think I solved the problem," Sylvia searched for words.

"Let me see," Alexa demanded.

Alexa came towards her boss and Sylvia got up. Alexa gazed into Sylvia's eyes and eased down into Sylvia's chair. This time it was Alexa who smelled Sylvia's scent deep into the air. She also placed her foot on something soft. It was Sylvia's panties and it was now that Alexa knew that her boss had those same feelings.

Sylvia again moved behind Alexa and placed her hands on her shoulders. And this time when Sylvia leaned forward to catch another glimpse of Alexa's well rounded breasts she noticed that Alexa had pulled back her hair and that she had removed her bra. "See I corrected the formula there," said Sylvia.

"Yes, I see," replied Alexa, "I think you're right about taking a brea

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