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His sister gets out of hand.

I was overwhelmed by the need to let this man have his way with my mouth.

He suddenly came hard and without any warning, I gasped as gooey jazz shot out onto my tongue and quickly onto my cheek and face. Startled I quickly liked as high as I could and left the rest.

He waited surprisingly for a moment, I quickly got the unspoken notion and knelt forward and sacking the head of his chubby softening dick into my mouth before swirling it around his hole to clean it of the sticky substance.

I sat back, sad at how quickly he had come. I took the opportunity to dab the cum off my cheeks and hair and slide it into my mouth, savoring my hard earned cream. How could anybody live without this?

It wasn't a moment before my next visitor came. And this time I was surely surprised again. This was no old man looking for some side action, he was, as far ands I could tell fairly young and built like a human machine. I put my eye up to the hole as he used the same one as the last man and almost drooled.

He undressed and I moved away just as his cock came through the hole. It was...undeniably the best cock I had ever had the pleasure of pleasuring. My eyes widened, how lucky was I.

It was long and veiny, thicker at the end, uncut and dripping, without hesitation my raw instincts forced me to bring my head close, slipping my lips all over the underside, begging for his willing to let me serve him. I moaned into his cock against my own will.

"Fuck-" he grunted, and I knew in that moment I was the luckiest little slut to have ever been graced with his cock.

I spared no expense in drooling over his amazing tool, he suddenly thrust at just the right angle that it slid all the way down my throat. I clawed at the flimsy wall and prayed I had enough experience not to gag, out of pure will I didnt.

His cock shuddered and my throat contracted. I heard his audible breaths quicken and I moaned incoherently into the skin of his thick juicy prick how much I fucking needed his cum. It was better than LSD I didn't need to hallucinate to know this was what heaven tasted like.

He pulled out and I cried out.

All at once my heaven fell from the sky.

"Please!" I moaned, not caring about the rule of not asking or speaking much.

I finally heard that laugh, the short, deep, all knowing laugh of a dominant man.

I swallowed my saliva.

Suddenly I heard his shuffling, the door opened and tears almost brimmed at my eyes with the realization he was leaving me unfinished.

-But no, there was a short knock at my door. I froze.

He knocked a second time and a very small, almost unnoticeable tap of his shoe and I knew as a good submissive that making him wait any longer would be only pain for me.

The door creaked open with me still on my knees, spread out with my shorts opened and slid down to my thighs. My mouth hung open, hair tousled and unkempt. I knew I was a mess, did he?

He was beautiful in the way I thought he had been carved out and planned like an art project. He was like what ever girl wanted to Fuck and every guy wanted to be, dark black hair shaved on one side and not the other, piercing all knowing eyes. He was drop dead gorgeous. I could barely look at him without feeling the need to drop and kiss his feet. His pants were down, that familiar cock drooling at me. I shuddered.

"Well fuck me, aren't you the prettiest little kitty I've ever set my eyes on." His voice softened, with that undertone of secretly grinning that 'I'm going to fuck you into oblivion' grin.

He presented a hand and helped me stand. I knew my blushing probably turned me red as a tomato but he didn't stop staring at me as we walked to the small open section of the waiting room. There wasn't a door, anyone could easily walk in and see us, especially the interested store clerk. It made my raw tits burn with desire.

I was lost in thought as he slammed me against the wall.

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