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Astrid looks for a man but gets a couple.


A little whimper escaped from her grin at the thought of his tongue tasting her most intimate juices. He looked up at her and leaning over put his hand softly on her thigh.

She tensed. Her foot carefully frozen on the gas pedal so as to not slam it down to the floor. His hand slowly slid to her inner thigh over her stockings. She stared ahead trying to consistently maintain distance from the car in front of her. She felt his finger tips as they slid above the top of her thigh highs brushing against the sensitive skin there ever so lightly. As she managed to brake at a red light, she let out a big sigh suddenly realizing she had been holding her breath. He reached her freshly shaven labia. Her flesh's sensitivity was heightened by the gentle stroking up and down of his slickened fingertips.

A small grunt escaped her as a wave of excitement and arousal surged through her creating an ooze of honey down below.

The light turned green and she sat mesmerized. A loud horn blew behind her just as one finger found her stiffly swollen clit. Her body jolted into mindless action, her foot down on the gas and her eyes looking robotically about at the traffic.

She heard him chuckle as he started to pull his hand away.

"No!" she couldn't help but crying out. The threat of ending this delightful caress of his was too great a tease to submit to. She impulsively made a plan of action.

There was an empty parking space next to the curb where she could slide the car quickly into place. Almost simultaneously, she shifted into park and turned her body toward him catching his elbow with her hand as his fingertips trailed down her thigh. She gripped him tightly pulling his hand back to its desired target. Glancing about briefly she saw no one near but a young couple engrossed in heated conversation near the door of the closest building.

"Can't wait, baby?" he raised an eyebrow as he asked with feigned seriousness.

"No, please, I want to feel you touch me," she spoke with a low voice.

"Even here? Where anybody can see?" his voice was tantalizing her with its questions but his hand was already obeying the pressure she was exerting on his arm.

"Nobody will see," it was all she could do to whisper back.

A low groan escaped her as his fingers wiggled their way between her sloppy labia. Her eyelids were heavy over her eyes as she looked up at him. He was watching her so intently it made her tremble with weakness and she laid back. Her position was awkward against the driver's door but she didn't care. All was oblivious to her except the vehemence of his stare and the pressure his fingers were now exerting as two of them slid between her swelling lips.

Her skirt slid up to her hips as her knees fell apart in front of him and he leaned toward her slightly to begin a slow stroking of her insides. With his other hand he raised the thong to his face and once again breathed deeply. She could tell he was enjoying this immensely, watching her, smelling her, knowing his own hardened desire would be relieved later.

His thumb found her clit and added wet little circles there. Her mouth dropped open as little grunts escaped with the quickened pace of his fingers fucking her deeply. Her eyes closed as she began little thrusts against him with her hips. She felt the heat rise as the flush of blood rushed to her sex. It was all she could do to push up as he pushed in and to tighten when he pulled out as if sucking those pleasurable digits back in. Her grunts became cries and her face twisted as her clit seemed to be finessed from the inside.

Her eyes opened and though they were glazed over with lust she became aware of the young couple now turned toward them. They stood close with their argument forgotten and all their attention to the goings on in her car.

Embarrassment tried to overcome her but the timing of his fingers could not call her away from her peak.

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