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Some things in life are out of your control.

"Ouch," I say in surprised shock.

He laughs and tells me to slow down, he is enjoying the wiggle of my ass and the faster I go the less he can enjoy. I giggle and proceed to slowly crawl my way to our bedroom, knowing his eyes are feasting on me as I do. That thought brings a new wave of liquid silk cascading down my sex and I shudder as I imagine what my gift could be.

When I reach our bedroom I quickly rise and hurry over to the closet. Dressing for public is something my Master does not allow me to do very often. I am a slave that is kept hidden away from prying eyes, this does not bother me. I am here to serve Him and take care of His needs. Each excursion outside is an adventure. It is during those times my Master rewards me with naughty fantasies, I have shared with Him, desires we both have. I wonder now, what gift He has in store for me.

I dress in a blue navy skirt, one that is all business. I add a white blouse and navy pumps. My hair, red ripples of curls are piled on top of my head and secured by small butterfly tipped hair pins. A string of pearls drape across my waist and the only other item covering my flesh is the choker that proclaims "angle-slut." It is finely engraving, hidden behind the handcuff charm, that dangles against the center of my throat.

I walk back to the room, knowing crawling is not allowed when I am clothed unless He orders it. He tells me I am beautiful. I feel the knowing blush, that His words always provoke, rise over my fair skin.

"Thank you Master."

His fingers caress my cheek and I lean into Him. For a moment I do not wish to go out. I wish only to shed my clothes and be the slave I am, but I will not lie... my excitement is high as I walk outside with my Master and then we move to His car.

"You are driving," he tells me.

"Master?" I start to ask him why, but I stop. It is not my place to question. I take the keys and slip behind the wheel; he slips in beside me and then we leave.

The window is open and the wind tickles my hair. I am thankful for the pins. I feel His hand on my thigh and I whimper. "Master."

I know my place. I open my legs and feel his hand skate up my thigh, pushing my skirt out of the way. I tremble as honey slips from my pussy.

"Are you wet?" he asks.

"Yes, Master. I am always wet for you."

"Good," he says.

I feel his fingers pet my sex then I hear him whisper, "Do not close your eyes my pet. I would hate to have you damaged."

My thoughts focus on the road. My Master however has different plans. I feel his fingers slide up my leg and then back down again. Small feathery touches bring rushes of pleasure to my senses and I bite my lip, shift in my seat and open my legs further. The skirt rises higher and I hear him whisper to me that he can feel the heat of my cunt radiating from my pussy. I moan and my lips part in a gasp from his voice alone.

I continue driving, my speed slowing and he chuckles telling me we will never get there if I do not pay attention.

It is hard. I concentrate and then I feel his fingers slip over my slit. "Master," I cry out.

He asks me... "Can you handle it my pet?"

He asks me... "Can you drive while I fuck you?"

He asks me... "Can you come and still be the safe woman... or are you a slut lost in your need to be taken properly?"

"Master, I am weak," I tell him. A tear escapes my eyes and he licks it away.

"Weak... no my angel-slut, you are a slave. You need my touch... tell me... tell your Master what you need."

"I need only you. I need you to touch me. I need you to taste me. I need you to fuck me."

"Pull over and then come for me," he commands.

I do not waste a moment. The car is pulled to the side and parked. Two fingers slam into me and I scream out as the come explodes from my pussy. I feel the wet liquid splash against his hand and flow onto my skirt. I buck against him and my eyes clench tight inside their sockets. "Master.. Oh Master..."

His fingers move faster and I feel my pussy clench around him.

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