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Holidaying at the Dungeon...

Oh, those lips... So pink, so full and soft looking... I had to force myself to look away. Usually, I hate doing my makeup. I have pale gray eyes and pale skin, dark hair- nothing special. My boobs are quite small too, but I've never really have any problems with them. Tonight, though- I put makeup on. Eyeliner does suit me, and I wanted to look good tonight.

'Erm.. hi.' I turned to see Helen in her full glory, smiling at me. 'You're Maria, right? Since we're sharing a room tonight, I thought I should talk to you.'

'Oh... hey!' I smiled back. There was a slight pause, and then her friends called her back. I didn't mind though, this was the first time I had talked to her. Driving through Paris in the coach was hell. I was surrounded by rowdy boys smelling of sweat, and Helen was only a few seats away- I didn't think I could take it anymore. Once, our eyes made contact and she gave me a small smile, but that was all. I couldn't take being so near to her, yet being unable to talk to her. The way she tossed her silky hair, and laid her hand softly on her breast... It made me crazy. I found myself licking my lips just thinking about tonight! I had to console myself by looking out into the darkened streets of Paris, with its tall buildings and trees. It was very beautiful, but my mind was occupied by a very different kind of beauty...

Finally, we stopped outside the hotel. 'Hotel Lyons' the sign said, and it suited it. The building was tall and made of white stone. Golden light flooded out of the doorway and the windows, and I revelled in the smell of the night in a warm country- the smell of leaves and sun baked tarmac.

'Right!' called a teacher. 'If you could all make your way to your rooms and settle down for the night. It's very late, so don't stay up and talk too long! Breakfast is at eight in the morning- we'll see you then, ready for a long day, ok?'

'Ok!' we yelled back, and then started making our way up the stairs. The main hall was lovely, all golds and blues- I found our room- 8- on the first floor. When I got in, Helen was already there. My heart pounding in my mouth, I set my suitcase against the wall.

'Hello' I said, clearing my throat. She was pulling some pyjamas out of her pink suitcase, along with her toothbrush and towel. She turned and smiled.

'Hi Maria. I'm just about to take a shower, don't worry, I won't take long.' And then she walked off into the bathroom and shut the door. I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I could collect my thoughts. Sitting down on the bed, I closed my eyes. I was glad that I had washed at the airport- at least now I didn't smell. The sound of Helen in the shower set the hairs on my arms up and my mouth watering. Heavy scents of flowers and fruits floated into the room. Suddenly, the shower stopped and I heard her get out of it. A few minutes later, the door opened and she appeared smiling, her long hair dripping wet.

'Pfiou, nothing like a nice hot shower, eh?'

'Yes,' I nodded.

She set all her things down, and sat on her bed. There was a long pause, and then she drew out a magazine she had bought. Catching me staring at it, she smiled.

'Would you like to read it with me?' I stared into her light brown eyes. She was patting the space beside her. Hell, did I?

'Yeah sure' I said, and walked over to her bed. My legs were trembling, and my heart was beating faster than ever before. This is it, I kept thinking- this is it!

I sat down next to her, and shifted slightly so that our legs and arms were touching. The smell of her shampoo was overpowering, but not in the bad sense- I can tell you that I definitely wasn't paying attention to 'which the new dress from vogue was'.

'Look,' she said, pointing to a skinny girl model in a skimpy summer dress. 'Look how pretty she is- I wish I could look like her.' I looked at the model. Her legs were sticks, her face thin and colourless, her hair lustreless and pale. I couldn't understand why she would trade her body for that one, when she had the body of a goddess!

'Don't be ridiculous!

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