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Journals of world-wide tour of sexual awakening.

"Well?" she asked.

"I think it's better, but I'm sure it doesn't meet your criteria."

"Okay," she said, and then surprised me. Not that I should have been surprised.

She slipped off the bra she was wearing and handed it to me, then started sorting through the rack. She picked one out, held it up and said "nah," then went back to looking through the rack. Eventually she found what I think she was looking for. A white lace shelf bra.

"Hang on," she told me. "I'll be back in a flash. Flash, get it?"

I actually snickered a little.

"How's this work?"

I turned and was startled. She had the bra on, which looked like it was doing what she wanted it to do, but she had taken off her skirt and had on a g-string and garter and hose.

"Holy fuck," I muttered. "If we get caught, getting banned will be the least of our problems!"

She laughed loud enough for the sales clerk to look our way, but then she looked back to her work.

"But does it do the trick?"

"I hope so. Yeah, I'm pretty certain it shows enough color."

"Okay, go that part then. Do the panties go with it?"

"Well," I said to myself, "I can say yes and maybe, but not likely, be done with this, or ..."

"Not really."

"Let's go check some out over here," she said to me, as she walked around the back (thank goodness) and went two aisles over to the panties.

"Nope. Nope. Nope. Hm, maybe," she muttered to herself, pulling out some white low cut bikinis. She continued down and then pulled out some hipsters. I knew neither were really her style, but maybe that would change.

Surprise again, not that I shouldn't have expected it by now. She slipped her g-string off.

"Can't try them on, but I can kind of look." She held the hipsters up in front of herself and then pulled the back to one side and held the front up against her crotch.

"These don't look right, but I can't tell for sure. Be a darling and grab my stuff," she said, pointing at the bra she had selected, as well as her recently doffed g-string. With that she headed back to the fitting rooms. There was a mirror out front and she repeated the procedure and then tossed them on to a chair.

We walked back over to the panties again and she pawed through them until she found a thin white thong.

"Yeah, this should be just about right."

I sighed with relief, but then she walked back to the mirror. She did the same thing as before and smiled.

"These are great. Be a sweetie and wait here for a sec."

With that she took her g-string and the new bra and went into the fitting rooms. I was relieved. Until she walked out again, still in only her garter belt and stockings.

"Let's find something for you, now."

I knew what was going to happen and resigned myself to my fate. Excitedly so.

We went back to the bras and my heart started beating faster and faster. She wandered around a little, just like before, going through the bras until she found one that was "just right." Yeah, I'm sure that was the case.

"Okay hon, let's just do it out here."

I almost fainted. Again I looked over at the check out counter. The girl was still busy, head down. So, I squatted down a little and slipped my dress off. I didn't want to seem obvious about it. Then went the bra. I tried on the one she handed me.

"Oh lordy! Looks like I'm a little small on that one. Guessed the wrong size."

Well, it was a little tight. But what it did do was give me some huge cleavage. But I also found it hard to breath.

The next bra was a barely there black. I knew I was on full display, and Jackie smiled in amusement, then handed me the other one. A white shelf much like, but not the same, as the one she bought.

"Not bad, but the other one looks better. But let's try it in white."

I slipped it off and she dug around looking for a white one. And here I am, standing in a mall department store in my panties and shoes. After way too long (I think she had found what she was looking for and went past it) she handed me the new bra.

"Much better.

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