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Larissa gets cowed and milked.

But the two women merely smiled at her, sat back in their seats and used the vibrators to pleasure themselves. Laura looked on in sheer frustration as they parted their legs and set the vibes buzzing over their glistening pussies, teasing their lips open and rubbing their clits unashamedly in front of the crestfallen woman before them.

Laura gazed in awe at the sight of them masturbating in front of her. She was blushing furiously but was getting even more turned on at the sight of two women playing with their hot, wet pussies right in front of her eyes. Once again she writhed against the bonds, which held her in place, her hands desperate to be let loose, to be able to touch her own throbbing pussy and achieve the release her body demanded incessantly. Her hips gyrated in a vain attempt to gain enough pressure on her swollen clit and to move the balls inside her pussy to the point where she could cum. But it was to no avail. No matter what she did she could not cum. She almost screamed with frustration at her predicament, yet deep down she found the torment extremely erotic and quite exquisite. Her voice was hoarse as she pleaded with the women.

'Please,' she asked, 'Please let me cum, please'. One of the women looked up at her with lust filled eyes and locked her gaze with Laura's. 'Your Master has forbidden us to allow you release, now be quiet while we have our pleasure.' With that she turned her attention back to the vibrator which she now had buried deep inside her pussy, while her other hand was rubbing gently on her clit. Laura turned her head and saw the other woman in exactly the same situation, both were breathing heavily, their faces flushed, eyes glazing, obviously getting very close to their orgasms.

The atmosphere was electric now, the two women's cries of passion as they rushed towards orgasm excited Laura tremendously, she could feel her pulse racing and her breathing was coming in short ragged gasps. Her own orgasm was so, so close yet she knew she would not be able to cum until her Master allowed it. She loved that he controlled her so but at times like this she hated not being able to have her own way. A mixture of emotions ran through her tortured mind. Anger at her Master for denying her release. Jealousy of the two women who were now touching and stroking each others bodies to fever pitch, because they could have their cum. Love for her Master for being able to control her and bring out of her all that she desired. Frustration because she could not get loose to be able to pleasure herself as she needed.

With a cry, the woman on the left of the car exploded into her cum, closely followed, only seconds later by the other woman. Their bodies shook in the throes of their orgasms, their hands still stroking and teasing themselves, milking every last drop of pleasure from their smooth, lithe bodies. The hum of the vibrators became mingled with throaty mewlings as they quivered and shook together, enjoying their feelings to the maximum. Little aftershocks of pleasure made them jerk spasmodically as they each touched the other in sensitive parts, where the merest brush of a hand could cause the other to react as though an electric shock had passed through them.

Laura was enthralled by all of this. Her eyes were glued to the scene before her. She watched helplessly as the two brought each other to new heights of ecstasy with their tongues, their bodies now in a 69 position on the lush carpet at Laura's feet. Every so often she would feel one of them stroking her legs, a hand moving slowly up her thigh towards her pussy, but the hand never got there, it always stopped short leaving Laura hopelessly frustrated.

Within a couple of minutes they had both exploded into another deeply fulfilling orgasm, both of them crying out in passion.

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