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Unjustified sympathy for his choice of co-delegate.

"Anna that's it. Get out of the fuckin' car right now or else Mom and Dad will know where your little black thong went off to." While saying that, he motioned to Justin's feet. I looked down, and saw my cum-covered black thong on the floor, next to Justin's black shoes. "Shit." I muttered, under my breath. I gave Justin a quick kiss good night and opened the door to the Mustang. I climbed out, and walked briskly over to Andrew's beat up old Volvo. I waited as Andrew walked over to the car too, Justin had already sped off by this time, and Andrew sat down just as I did.

"I can't believe you Anna. What did you think you were doing with him?" my brother asked me.

"Andrew, I haven't the slightest what you're talking about. I've been seeing Just, for over, like, um.. a month or so." I tried hard to protect my rep, as I applied a little lipstick, using the rearview mirror. I didn't see it, but Andrew told me later, that his eyes were glued to my long, tan legs. He knew I didn't have panties on, and could smell my sex oozing out from inbetween my taught thighs.

"I called up Chrissy," Chrissy was my BEST friend of all time, but couldn't lie to save herself, "..she told me that you were out with Justin tonight at the club. I figured he had dragged you out here so he could dance the night away with you. Anna, he's such a rat, I knew that he'd have you in the car by 12, and he'd most likely be forcing you to suck him off or some stupid shit."

I glared at my brother, mainly because his language was so coarse, but also because I couldn't believe he was saying the things he was. Did he think I was some little slut and I couldn't take care of myself? He started the car, and began to drive down the highway back towards home. It was dead silent for a few moments. I began to ask, "Are mom and dad at home?" They weren't, he mumbled. About five minutes later, we pulled into the driveway, and Andrew toppled out of the car faster than I could. I didn't know why he was being so quiet, and so stand-offish. But he avoided me, practically the entire night after he picked me up. He sat on the sofa, watching TV, without so much as uttering a word to me. His face looked a little unnerved, and it almost looked like he blushed when I ran downstairs in a thin white nighty to tell him goodnight.

It was 3am by the time I had crawled into bed. I started to think about how Justin's strong hands felt on my warm, sloppy wet cunt earlier. They felt so good, and I kept imagining how his huge prick would stretch out my tight little box while he fucked me hard. I thought about how his semen might feel splashing around inside of me. Mm, it was good. I dropped my hands down underneath the sheets, and I spread my lips open. I placed my pointer finger on my clit and frigged it to and fro a bit. I began to lose myself in the heat of my lovebox, and then another interruption.

"Anna....." the whisper came from the crakced door.

I opened up my eyes sharply, and knew it was Andrew again.

"What?" I asked, without moving my hands.

"Anna...I...are you mad at me? I don't want you to be," Andrew moved across the floor, dragging his feet a bit, "I just didn't want to see you make some sort of stupid mistake with Justin tonight."

I moved my hands from my pussy just as he sat down on the side of my bed.

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