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Dan and Claire's fun continues.

They certainly spent more time with the pretty young woman than digging stones in the quarry but they had returned triumphantly like warriors after a total victory!

In fact the wall was already achieved and the reservoir was ready to accumulate water for the benefice of the local population and of the guests of the hotel who could try to catch some fish or enjoy the freshness around the small lake. Jenny's mission that day was officially to plant trees and various plants on the bank; That would not be very long but the Dalits wanted to offer the gods some sacrifice and Jenny's will to accompany the group of workers had designated her as the victim of this sacrifice : the group would be joined by their colleagues working in the hotel premises in the early afternoon and there would be a long orgy with Jenny being fucked non stop by the forty Dalits. A gangbang with so many participants would be quite long for the inexperienced girl but Daleep and Kira had considered her resilient enough to withstand that demanding test!

Jenny understood what the team wanted to do when she was led to a podium with a large bed decorated with flowers and covered with petal roses. Daleep was already waiting there. He had just his loincloth on. It was barely covering his tumescent cock. God! He had fucked her not twenty minutes before and he was already that hard! It was impossible : no man she ha heard of had such sexual stamina! He made her on her four on the edge of the bed. Jenny was unable to resist. She allowed Daleep to steer her into the position he wanted with her buttocks high and a puffy cushion under her belly. Gopta ceremoniously presented to Daleep a jar filled with a white pungent cream. He smeared a good quantity on her ass hole.

There was no question there! She was about to lose her anal virginity just as she had anticipated it on the truck, half fearing and half desiring it! Daleep's probing then had just been a way to see whether she was still a virgin there! Her only regret would be that Mark wouldn't see her buggered by these burly and sweaty hard workers... But there was something wrong : what would they have done if she hadn't been a virgin! She remembered in a flash some Hollywood films of the thirties with some dark evil Indian men with piercing eyes pushing a white girl in some cardboard temple, placing a string - she remembered it was a rhumal - around the girl neck and strangling her in front of the camera. It was just a very bad film but it had impressed her and it may be at the origin of her interest for India!

The cream must be very active as Jenny felt her anal sphincter relax and her pussy becoming quite moist. Unless it was a reaction to so many eyes leering at her, she seemed not to be able to wait to be buggered. She moaned in fervent anticipation and arched her back like a she cat in heat, offering her buttocks to Daleep! He pried open her tender cheeks and her ass hole obligingly gaped open nicely : a dark hole was clearly visible at the center of her rosette. Daleep pushed aside his loincloth and he carefully pointed his cock toward that new mouth she offered him.

He had no difficulties entering her to her intense surprise. She had expected some intense pain when he would have entered her but the pain might be ahead for her : the cream seemed to have a very short effect and her anal sphincter was returning already to normal but there was a big log wedged into it now. As sensation gradually returned back there, she felt initially a growing uneasiness then actual pain as her anus tried to squeeze the intruder in her ass. She was clamping and clenching around him. Most men would have exited her hole to escape the terrible contractions but Daleep was really experienced and as hard as a rock, a statue of triumphant sex as can be seen in some Indian temples.

Jenny was screaming in pain.

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