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The next afternoon Brian was waiting outside the club.

"Suck it you little whore, suck your husband's cock!"

The rest of the afternoon flashed by. Bernie sucked me to orgasm and I returned the favour, spreading her long legs and ripping her little cotton panties off before pressing my lips firmly against her stiff, protruding clit and bringing her to a crashing climax. We fucked twice more we me firing yet another load of hot cum over her large breasts. We ended up both exhausted, but still more than a little excited by the thought of our recently formed plans. While Bernie went to make us something to eat, I used the bedroom phone to call George. I just couldn't wait any longer!

"Hi George," I said lighting up a Marlboro and exhaling a lungful of smoke into the air, "Chris here. Yes, I asked her...Yes, honestly, she's cool about it...when? Um, well, what about tonight? You busy?...Great!...No, seriously, she wants to go for it...okay...okay...fine, 7pm then... see you then, George."

I replaced the receiver and smiled to myself. At last, I though excitedly...at long last!

Bernie was a little surprised at first that it was going to happen so fast, and I half wondered if she would back out. But all I had to do was to call her a "nasty whore" again and remind her of the size of George's prick and the look of lust returned to her face once more.

George arrived early and full of enthusiasm. We all sat in the lounge and shared a bottle of red wine while we exchanged small talk and pleasantries. Half an hour had passed before Bernie spoke. I had been watching her since George had arrived. She was finding it difficult to hide her excitement; crossing and uncrossing her long, stocking clad legs and generally not being able to sit still for more than a few seconds at a time.

"Look, guys," she finally said, rising from her arm chair, "We all know why we're here, so how about we get something going? George," she looked directly at my friend, "I'd love to see this penis that Chris has told me so much about!"

George flushed red for a brief moment, and smiled. Once he saw that Bernie was absolutely serious, however, he quickly unzipped his fly and hauled out his big dick. I watched Bernie's eyes light up as they fell to my friend's member. She licked her lips and immediately fell to her knees in front of him. Her long slender fingers wrapped seductively around his hard shaft as she began to play with his cock and balls. George sighed deeply as she began to work his foreskin up and over his large bulbous cock head and then slide all the way down again to the base. Tickling his balls briefly and grasping the shaft, she parted her lusciously painted lips and, forming an "O", she took the mushroom shaped head into her hot, wet mouth. As she began to suck hungrily on his dick, I started my verbal barrage once again.

"Suck him you little whore" I cried as I massaged my own solid erection through my pants. "Take his big cock in your hot little mouth. Feel the size of him. Go on, lick the shaft, roll your tongue around his glans like the slut you are!"

My wife was sucking on George's cock for all she was worth. She was kneeling in front of him with her ass in the air. The sight was too much for me and I quickly joined her on the floor, kneeling at her swaying bottom. George was moaning and groaning deeply as I lifted Bernie's skirt and flipped it onto her back. She had changed her panties from earlier and now wore a pair of sexy, lace thongs that revealed the smooth, creamy flesh of her buttocks. I pulled the single string that ran between her cheeks to one side and deftly thrust two fingers deep into her pussy. She was soaking wet down there and my fingers slipped in and out with ease as I began to finger fuck her hard and fast.

The harder I fingered her wet, cunt, the deeper she swallowed George's big cock.

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