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A woman's longings are fulfilled.

That was the last straw. Michael couldn't take anymore, "Oh fuck, oh yah, uh, uh, uh, fuck yeah." He shot load, after load into his sister's mouth. Kaylee knew it was coming but she still couldn't prepare herself for the deluge of cum. She immediately started to gag and choke as some of it hit the back of her throat while most of it dribbled down her chin and on to her shirt.

Michael stood there, in shock. His bitch of a sister. The big-shot attorney. There she was. On her knees, covered in his cum with his massive dick hanging in her face. He couldn't believe it was happening. "Ok sis. You can go. Leave. Get the fuck out of here." In the back of his mind, Michael knew he wasn't letting Kaylee go. He would be fucking her in a matter of minutes. And she'd be loving it.

Kaylee gingerly stood up. Her entire life flashed before her eyes. The pricy condo in Philadelphia. The high-paying job. Her almost-millionaire boyfriend. This couldn't happen to her. She was Kaylee Sanchez. As she stood up, her brother noticed how hard her nipples were. They were nearly ripping through the tight white tshirt. Michael had an opening and he took it. "Whoa, wait a minute bitch. What's this? Looks like you liked this big dick more than you thought." Michael immediately began to rip at Kaylee's shirt. She was desperate to fight back but she couldn't. She was broken. She wasn't sure what it was. Maybe it was the simple act of sucking Michael's dick. But, deep down, Kaylee knew she had no fight left because at some level, she had enjoyed it.

It didn't take long before Michael had his sister's shirt off her. She was wearing a lacy white bra, her tanned tits ready to spill from the cups. Her nipples were nearly piercing through the fabric. Michael began to paw at her bra, desperately trying to free the monster tits. Kaylee cried and pleaded with him. She wasn't sure what she feared worse - having this continue or the fact that she wanted it to.

She was openly sobbing, "Michael, please. I'm begging you, stop now. Please, just stop." But it was no use. Her brother unclasped her bra and left the heavy hangers fall into view.

Michael licked his lips as he saw Kaylee's tits. They were huge without any sign of a sag. They were nearly perfect except for huge nipples and massive aereolas. Michael generally preferred pert little nipples but his sister's were gigantic. "Mmmmm, sis, look at these. Looks like you need these nipples sucked a little bit, huh?" Michael lowered his head down to the massive nipples and began to eagerly suck and flick them with his tongue. He was a pro at it and it showed. Kaylee was fighting with every ounce of self control she had but it was no use. Her brother, her own brother, was dominating her. Her body was losing the battle and beginning to respond. Her eyes were getting heavy and her breathing picked up. She slightly arched her back, allowing more of her tit into her brother's mouth.

Michael knew he had her. He had broken the will of his bitch sister. He began to taunt her, "Not so high and mighty now, huh bitch? That feels good, me sucking on these fat tits? You want it, you want it Kaylee?" She could only nod her head weakly and close her eyes. She was completely dominated.

Michael continued licking Kaylee's tits for several more minutes.

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