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A relaxing massage turns into more.

I would like you no matter what. Nothing mattered to me. Who the hell am I to judge a person.?"

This time it was Lucy who kissed Joseph. They felt each others lips brushed against each other, their tongues roamed each other's mouths. When they broke from each other they both laughed and smiled.

"I've been waiting a long time to tell you that," Lucy told him. "And if I were to lose my virginity to anyone, I'd want it to be you."

They kissed again and than held each other while they waited for Pedro and Kitty.

"You don't mind losing your virginity on camera," Joseph asked her.

"Nope, you're here with me."

Three minutes later Kitty and Pedro came barging though the door. Pedro held his camera. Kitty was naked. Her hair was no longer grass green, but now blood red. So were her pubic hairs.

"This should be interesting," Kitty said. "Our first member. Lucy I'm glad it's you. A young, very attractive beauty like yourself. I was the first to fuck for the sake of the sight, but I'm the founder of the company. People like you and Joseph are what will make or break this website."

The two teenagers paid close attention to what Kitty was saying. Joseph had his arm around Lucy.

"The second shoot will be done in my bedroom. The movies of this site will be essential to the site during our first couple of months. As months go by I will hire someone to make pictures from these movies. It can be done. Horny men will be able download our movies and eventually are pictures off the net, Lucy. This is a special day for you. For all of us."

Joseph found himself wondering how important he and Lucy actually were to Kitty. He wondered if maybe she using him to make money. That didn't make since though. She could have any guy out there to do this job. But she picked him? But why did she pick him? Figuring out that question would solve the whole crazy puzzle.

"Now I need you to step off the bed, Joseph. And Lucy dear, I need you to lay on the bed and pose for the camera when I say action." Kitty turned to Joseph as he got off the bed. "I'll point to you when it's your time to enter the shoot," she told Joseph.

Lucy Zadwell lay on the bed looking more stunning than ever. Joseph could see this from the way Pedro looked at her, and from he was beginning to feel. Kitty had made him really hard that time at the library, but Lucy was driving crazy with lust he'd never felt for a woman before.

"Action," Kitty shouted.

Pedro aimed the camera at Lucy. He licked his lips and fingers his black mustache.

The three of them watched Lucy do all different poses for the camera. At the same time she worked her white shirt off. Her breasts were big and more plump than Joseph had realized. In awe he watched Lucy squeeze her titties, then push them up to her juicy lips and suck on her own nipples. Kitty herself couldn't help but too be turned on. Only two minutes into the shoot she was fingering her pussy like a middle age woman gone mad.

Lucy carefully slid her red shorts down her legs. She exposed her shaved pussy for the three of them to admire. She sucked on two of her fingers, and took them deep into her mouth. When her fingers came out of her mouth they sank deep into her pussy. Nobody's eyes could leave this scene. The exotic teenage beauty finger fucked herself with so much passion she gave herself the first orgasm of her life.

It was after this display that Kitty called in Joseph. He slowly made his way to the bed. Lucy stretched his legs far apart for him. Joseph spread her pussy lips with his fingers and began eating out the prettiest girl who ever talked to him. He tasted her juices and flavored them. His tongue swirled around and around.

Pedro moved the camera closer to the action on the bed. Joseph was laying down on the bed and Lucy was pulling down his pants. Lucy gasped at the size of Joseph's penis. In her wildest dreams she could not imagine in being as big as it was.

Lucy Zadwell took the cock deep into her mouth and gave him the best blow job her virgin mouth could give.

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