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Sandra and Julie party with two real estate agents.

n't you shout and let me know you were here?"

"Sorry darling, I only wanted to give you a surprise and to be here to watch you getting ready for tonight. God, you look stunning in the nude. May I help you prepare for your date, darling?"

"I don't think so sweetie, just sit there quietly and watch. I may ask for your opinion, if I think it necessary."

Robbie did as he was told and watched closely as Lisa slipped on a pair of his favourite sheer silk knickers before sitting at her dressing table to apply her make-up. He sat there quietly and imagined how another man would have the pleasure of removing these sexy knickers later that evening.

Lisa had already laid out the clothes she intended to wear and Robbie whistled his approval as she sexily did the opposite of a strip tease. God, she looked gorgeous, Robbie thought to himself. She looked stunning in a loose silk wrap around floral skirt and an almost sheer emerald green blouse, which complimented her long red hair.

Finally she sat down again to paint her lovely finger nails. While she was doing this she said to Robbie. "Be a sweetie Robbie and get me my new high heels which are in the lounge."

Robbie leapt to his feet and did as he was told. In the lounge he found the bag with her new shoes. He removed them from the bag and laid them on the table admiring the exquisite design of the almost ridiculously high heels. Unthinkingly, he leaned forward and kissed each shoe lovingly before taking them to his beautiful wife.

Sitting at her dressing table, Lisa slid round on her seat and sat with her legs extended towards Robbie.

"You like my heels, don't you, sweetie. Now be a good boy and kneel down and put them on for me. Robbie hastened to do as he was told and lovingly slipped the shoes onto her dainty feet. Then he kissed each shoe clad foot in worship.

Standing up, Lisa said, "It's almost seven o'clock, Alan will be here any minute now. Robbie, I want you to answer the door when Alan arrives, that way you will see who I am going to be with tonight."

Robbie was distraught. "But, but, won't he think it strange that your husband knows. What will he think of me? I mean, he's bound to know that I know that he is taking you out to fuck you, oh God, please don't make me answer the door, please!"

Too late, the doorbell chimed.

"Answer the door Robbie! Now! Then give me a shout that my date is here."

Tentatively, Robbie opened the front door. His mouth fell open when he saw the tall, handsome man standing on the doorstep. He was black! It was as if he heard it in the distance.

"Hi, I'm Alan, I've come for Mrs Kay."

Robbie heard himself trying to shout to Lisa but nothing came out except a high pitched croak. "Lisa, Lisa, someone for you."

Luckily for Robbie, Lisa appeared and immediately kissed the black man standing there. Then, she gave Robbie a quick peck on the cheek, saying, "See you later sweetie, don't worry, Alan will take care of me, won't you Alan, I'll try not to be too late, bye."

As they walked towards his big black gleaming BMW, Alan looked back over his shoulder and shouted. "Thank you Mr Kay, I promise to make this a very special occasion for your lovely wife, a very special occasion which she will never forget."

Robbie could only stand there, shaking with fear and anxiety. He watched helplessly as the car disappeared around the corner.

Sitting in the plush upholstery of Alan's huge car, Lisa enquired whether it was his car or had he borrowed it from Maurice.

Alan smiled broadly before replying.

"Well, it isn't really mine I suppose.

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