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Younger brother dominates snobby sister.

Faith started to walk out of the condo when she spotted the telephone on the table and picked it up and dialed Hank's cell phone. She waited knowing that he would see his home phone number flash on the window of his phone and knew he would answer it wondering what was going on.

Hank finally answered and Faith could hear Hank saying hello repeatedly as she slammed the phone down on the table. She could still hear his voice trying to get a response as she walked out the door and left. She drove home with a smile on her face that night.

Mark was waiting for her when she returned home that night and helped her carry her things into the house. Faith seemed happy as they went to bed that night. Mark was woken in the middle of the night and heard Faith in the bathroom crying.

Hank called the next day and left several message on her cell phone but she ignored his calls until he finally gave up. Faith laughed as someone finished telling a joke. Her and Mark were on their way to Key West on a charted yacht that their real estate company had leased for the weekend. It was a special weekend that was arranged for the agents who sold more than five million dollars worth of property over the past six months.

Mark was talking to a group of men inside the cabin as she sipped on her drink and saw the dock as the boat approached their destination.

Mark saw his wife standing at the stern of the boat and walked out to see if everything was fine. Mark walked up behind her and put his arm around her waist as they kissed.

"Is everything OK, Faith?"

"I'm fine, Honey. I just wanted to come out here for a little fresh air before we dock and go into the club."

The boat docked and everyone was stepping off and walking up the long narrow dock. Faith couldn't help but notice that Hank's boat was tied up along the same dock which made her stop in her tracks.

"What's wrong Faith?"

Mark saw her starring at a boat and saw the name on the back and remembered the name of Hank's boat. He quickly put his arm around her shoulder as they continued walking along the narrow dock.

Faith didn't saw anything until they were inside the club and were waiting to be seated with their group.

"I wouldn't have come here if I knew that bastard was going to be here this weekend!"

"Try not to think about him, it's been five months since you saw him last. I'm sure he's here with someone new that he met from his ad."

There wasn't anything else mentioned about Hank as they sat with their group for dinner then moved into the lounge later that evening where they had a band playing and people were dancing. Faith lost count of how many drinks she had and could barely see straight as she made her way to the bathroom.

Faith was able to freshen herself a little before walking back into the lounge as the music blared away. Faith saw Mark dancing with one of the woman in their group and decided to stop at the bar and ordered herself another drink.

Faith stood sipping out of the glass when she felt someone put their arm around her waist and turned around with a smile as she thought it was Mark. It was Hank!

"You look as beautiful as ever tonight!"

Faith lost her smile as she reached down and grabbed his arm and pulled him away as she started to walk away Hank grabbed her arm again.

"Give me a moment to explain everything!"

Faith quickly turned around but almost lost her balance. She was drunk but slurred her words as she yelled at Hank.

"Leave me alone and go back to whomever you're fucking here tonight!"

Hank was still holding her arm as he pleaded with her. "I'm not here with anyone. I'm here on business this weekend. Why don't you join me for a drink?"

Faith drank the remainder of her drink down and pulled her arm away from Hank and staggered toward the bar and ordered another one.

Faith ordered her drink and leaned against the bar as Hank began talking.

"I've missed you so much since you left! Why didn't you call me and I could have explained everything?"

The bar tender gave her the drink as F

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