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FINAL: She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it.

Not that I really mind, but fuck!"

She brought her lips to the tip of his bluing mushroom shaped head and released a thick, bubbly stream of saliva over it which she began working along the shaft with her other hand. "I guess I sort of am a nympho...you cock, you cum, hell your ass, it's all I've been able to think about!" she told him honestly as she contorted her neck down and began licking his perineum while she continued to stroke his thick rod.

He jumped at the sensation of the warm wetness on his sensitive underside, but he relished in it. "Oh fuck baby, you are being all kinds of naughty today aren't you?!"

"You like that huh?" she asked pausing long enough to look up at him. "Here, hold your legs back" she instructed as she pushed on his hamstrings, raising his legs into the area and giving her a perfect view of his tight rectal ring. She wasted now time and dove straight for it! Her tongue extended and hands helping part his muscular buttocks she found her mark. She looped circles around his tight ring before diving into the middle, feeling him spasm and loosen with each probe of her tongue. He held his legs back as far as he could to ease her access. She had only done this once before, on a drunken night returning home from a bar and he loved it! When he was loose enough she kept her tongue stiff as she probed in and out, all the while she pumped his spit slickened cock in her fist.

"Oh God, baby. That feels SO good! I love you licking my ass!"

Jessica pulled her face back from her rim job and looked at him, saliva coating her lips and chin. "I want to do this some more, but let's go to the bedroom."

"Okay" he replied as he lowered his legs and rolled off of the couch following behind her to the bedroom.

They stood next to the bed for a moment kissing each other. He liked the way her lips tasted with her sweet spit all over them. "Get on the bed" she instructed him. Eager to get back to what he was just enjoying Stephen flopped onto the bed on his back, his stiff member proudly standing at attention, and began lifting his legs. "No, no. All fours, in the middle" she flatly told him.

"Uhh, okay..." he replied quizzically as he turned over and got into his prescribed position. He was glad to feel her move in behind him and even happier when he felt her warm breath on his puckered hole. She again used her hands to spread him as she explored his bunghole with her ridged tongue. "Oh YES!" he hissed as he arched his back, lowering his head to the bed. "That feels fucking incredible!!"

She reached up between his legs and began stroking him in a milking motion, pumping up and twisting her first as she pulled down.

"Oh yeah, jack my dick baby! Make me cum again, please" he began to beg.

Jessica removed her tongue from his orifice and inserted a finger into her mouth, coating it with thick, deep throat saliva before inserting it fully into his anus.

"Oh shit!" Stephen almost yelped in enjoyment. Once he relaxed again she began pistoning her finger in and out of him as she continued to milk his cock. She got a good rhythm going as he began pushing back against her finger.

"Think you can take more?" she asked him.

"Like, another finger? Maybe."

She withdrew her finger and released a blob of saliva from her lips onto his slightly opened sphincter and pressed into him with the ring and middle finger of her right hand. As the tips slowly entered she paused for a second to let him get accustomed to their size and pressed on as she felt him relax more. When she reached the thicker second knuckles she stopped again before every so slightly increasing the pressure until finally his anus accepted them allowing her to insert them fully up to her palm. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, that feels good" he moaned back.

Knowing he was comfortable eased her mind as she began to press towards his stomach, curling her fingers as if saying "Come here" with her fingers.

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