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Encounter leads to hot kitchen sex between cousins.

ica doesn't want this to happen?"

"Then I'll just disappear."

"You'll risk loosing the opportunity of playing footsies with my daughter on the whim of her mother?"

"Frankly I don't think it's a risk. I think Veronica likes me, what little she saw of me at the wedding and Fonda would have already made the case for cohabitating with me. I figure the overriding thing on Veronica's mind will be having her daughter stable and happy again. She will see me as her best bet. The deal you'll have with me is if Veronica accepts it, you'll accept it and cease your feeling of hostility towards me and accept your wife and daughter know best."

Austin drank more coffee, staring at Clark. "You have guts and brains, you are not at all like your brother."

"That suggests you like me enough to accept the deal, convinced I won't be bad for your daughter in her vulnerable state."

"Yes. Tell me, have you slept with her?"

"That's none of your business."

"I expected that answer. I was just curious."

"I haven't had sexual relations with Fonda. But will soon."

"When I tell you Veronica and I approve of this relationship?"

Clark smiled and said, "After being advised Veronica and you approve of this relationship. I'll await your call. Now don't you have work to do at your office?"

"Good morning you confident asshole," Austin smiled and Clark showed him out.

Two minutes later Clark went out on a thirty-minute walk and returned to sit at the phone.

* * *

Austin walked from his car to the elevator shaking his head. That asshole would make a brilliant negotiating lawyer. Without doubt Fonda had married the wrong brother. He felt the need to call Veronica but conceded the guy was right: give Veronica an hour to sort everything out in her mind. He walked into his office thinking the difficulty Veronica faced in accepting Fonda's wish for this relationship to happen would be what would their friends would think and say. Some of the comments might be very hurtful.

"Toughen up Veronica, this young man could be good, even better than good."

Austin, as managing partner, called the partners together to convene their delayed meeting. An hour later he sent them out of his office again to make an important and confidential phone call.

"Hi Veronica."

"Oh hi darling, how are you coping with this shocker?"

"Fine, it's you I'm worried about."

"I'm fine. Austin it's not many times I plead with you. I plead to you now to let this happen."

"Okay. I'll invite them out to dine with us at the club on Saturday night as our guests."

"Oh darling, that's a really noble gesture. Fonda will love us for doing this."

"Good, I'll call Clark now and tell him he has our approval. He promised to disappear if you didn't approve."

"But what if you had over-ruled me?"

"The clever cuss didn't allow that option. He struck a deal that if you approved that was it. I agreed, thinking it would only create a row between us had I over-ruled you."

"And that makes you clever. Had you over-ruled me as you call it we would have fought for weeks."

Austin called Clark and said, "You have our approval to enter this relationship with our daughter. I would expect you to contribute to the rent. If you guys want a larger apartment then go find one and pay all the rent. I'll try to treat you like a new guy in Fonda's life Clark. It is desirable not to relive the past."

"Fair enough and thanks. We'll try to keep out of your hair."

Austin cut the call and sighed; life and relationships could be so complicated.

* * *

Clark met Fonda for lunch as they'd arranged earlier. She came rushing up to him, obviously bursting to tell him the news. He pretended he knew nothing. They kissed and she said, "I have some momentous news."

"That's great. Sit down."

"Mum and dad have agreed we can live together."

"Oh fantastic. I'll order a special occasion wine." He ordered two glasses of champagne.

"When will you take me to bed?"

Conversations at tables on both sides of them stopped.

Undeterred Clark said, "As soon as you drop your panties."


"If you like we can go home now?"

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