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Finally she had him stand and used a hand-held shower head to rinse him off from head to toes.

Rose handed Kenny a bath towel that would have made three of any he had ever used. He again felt like he was in luxury as he rubbed the soft terrycloth over his body and dried his hair. Leading him back into the bedroom, she had him climb into one side of the big bed. She said that his clothes wouldn't be dry for a while longer and she wouldn't be able to go to bed yet, since some of her clients were still coming and going. Kenny didn't even hear the last of her words; he was already asleep.

Several hours after midnight, Kenny awoke when Rose tried to gently climb into bed on the other side.

"Rose?" he called.

"Yes, honey?"

"Why did you ... do those things for me?"

"Oh, baby. You and I are a lot more alike than you know. We need to care for each other."


"Yes, honey?"

"Could I ... have a hug?"

"Yes, baby," Rose replied, putting her arms around the young man and molding her body against his. They lay like that for seconds ... or minutes ... until both of them drifted off to sleep.

It wasn't until the next morning when Kenny awoke in the soft bed ... beside the soft body of Rose ... that he realized that she was as naked as he was. It felt so good to be snuggled up to the round softness of her broad bottom, his arms around her loosely holding her chest ... Kenny realized it was the first time he had ever touched ... in his memory, at least ... the breasts of a woman. It affected him like nothing had ever before. Oh, he had experienced erections before, but not this hard, this demanding.

Carefully he extracted himself from his position and sat on the side of the bed, not wanting to let Rose know of his reaction to her body. Looking around the room in the haze of early morning light, he saw where she had brought his clothes and laid them on a chair by the bed. They were clean and smelled good for the first time in ... he couldn't remember when. He started to step into his shorts when he noticed Rose smiling at him.

"Come here, baby," she called, holding the covers back for him to climb back into bed with her.

He went back to the bed and climbed in. She spread her arms and gave him another tight hug, pressing her breasts into his chest. He tried to keep his erection away from her but she ran a hand down his back and tugged him close until his penis stabbed her belly.

She smiled and whispered, "Baby, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm flattered that you find a woman like me attractive enough to do that." She began planting gentle kisses all over his face, never relinquishing the pressure of her lower hand that held them together.

It felt so good for Kenny to be in the arms of this woman. She smelled sweet, like some of the spring flower beds he occasionally walked near. She felt soft, unlike anything he could think of to compare her with. He began to return her kisses and found that she tasted better than anything he could remember. His erection grew even harder, like steel but throbbing, almost painful.

Rose drew back a bit and smiled at him for a few moments, then tugged at him. With one hand around his shaft, she whispered, "Come on, baby. Let's take care of this."

Together they rolled until Rose was laying on her back, her legs spread outside of his. She guided him into her warm wet core and he slowly sank into her depths. Kenny's eyes closed as the most delicious sensations came over him. He bent to kiss her and her tongue slipped into his mouth. He had no clue what to do, although he had an urge to slam himself into her. Instead Rose quietly and gently taught Kenny how to love and make love.

When he was finally exhausted and his penis hung limply against his thigh as they lay side by side, Kenny was ready to die, certain that he would never experience anything better than what Rose had just yielded to him.

A few minutes later, both of them having dressed, Rose led him back to the kitchen, which had become a beehive of

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