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But you lied to me. That is obstructing an officer in the course of his duties and totally illegal."

"Well, what was I supposed to do?"

"Say nothing, of course. That way you don't toss poor Billy-Joe to the wolves and you don't lie to the police. That's all you had to do. Nothing. Gone inside and not answered the door. Nothing we could do in that case. Instead you stayed outside to deliberately mislead. A most reprehensible act."

"Ah, reprehensible means wrong," he added, seeing Sally's surprised look.

"I know what it means," she said sweetly. "I was just surprised that you not only knew what it meant but were able to use it correctly."

"Anyway," said Maurice with a grin, "it also means that I need to chastise you. Sort of give you an incentive not to mislead an officer of the law."

"Really? And just how do you propose to do that?"

His answer, to Sally's shocked surprise, was to simply take hold of her t-shirt and lift it up and off before she knew he was doing so. Red of face, her hands flew up to cover her breasts, which she then found was precisely the wrong thing to do. His hands dropped, snapped open the catch on her shorts and started tugging them down.

A frantic move backwards found Sally tripping and falling, only to be caught by a considerate Maurice and guided down onto some hay. Flat on her back she found him pulling her shorts up, kicking her legs in the air not stopping the shorts from being removed. Her panties, she belatedly realised, had gone along with her shorts, leaving her naked.

Maurice smiled down at her while she tried to cover herself.

"You know," Maurice said as he casually unbuckled his trousers, "if you fuck with the police then we are going to fuck with you, and I suspect that we'll enjoy our fucking more than you did yours. Of course, we'll also do our best to ensure that you enjoy our fucking as well."

"You wouldn't dare," gasped Sally, her eyes opening wide as she watched Maurice's trousers fall away. "Besides, Jase is here. He won't let you."

"Ah, didn't you hear me invite Jase to join us once he's tucked Billy-Joe safely away? The only thing he might object to is me going first, but I am senior so he doesn't get a choice."

Sally stared up at Maurice, wondering what she should do. She didn't really have very long to worry about it, she found. Maurice crouched down, took hold of her ankles and lifted her legs high and wide, bending her neatly double. Looking down at herself she could see everything she had. The trouble was that she could also see everything that Maurice had, and there seemed to be an awful lot of it.

"Now if I prop your legs against my shoulders can I trust you to leave then there? It will make it a lot easier for me to guide my cock where we want it to go. If, on the other hand, you move your legs off my shoulders and wriggle and squirm, it will make things a lot harder for me. I'd have to hold your ankles and just poke around with my little cock until I score the bullseye. Hmm? Going to keep it simple, are we?"

Sally glared up at him. While she'd love to make things awkward for him she'd also be making them awkward for herself. Better to let him have his way and get it over with. But she was certainly going to find some way of getting back at him.

Sally tensed waiting for Maurice's brutal assault to begin. She found herself feeling most put upon when he launched an insidious assault instead. Rather than his cock attacking her, demanding entry, his hand was on her mound, stroking and teasing. He was lightly massaging her, slowly but surely arousing her. She was starting to feel hot and flushed and restless as his fingers made free of her more sensitive parts.

She squirmed aimlessly when her lips were eased apart and a couple of fingers intruded inside her, still gently poking and stroking.

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