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A day at the mall turns hot.

It is perfect in every way. The more I spanked her, the more she liked it.

After about five minutes and my hand was beginning to sting - I told her to stand and strip slowly for me. I allowed Andrew to turn around and watch for the first time his wife undressing for another man. She played the part well, slowly unbuttoning each button, painstakingly slow. I could see a little perspiration forming above her cleavage line. She pulled the shirt off and threw on the ground. Her breasts were at eye level with me, her back to her husband as she undid her Victoria Secret bra revealing a perfect set of breast. Her nipples were like erasers and they were protruding with the stimulation. Then slowly she unzipped her school girl skirt and let it drop to the ground.

Looking at me as if she wanted that to be all, but knowing that was not enough. She grabbed the waist of the panties and pulled them slowly down to the ground. As she did, I noticed cum running down her beautiful silky legs. Before me, in just thigh highs and fuck me pumps was the most erotically sensual college aged wife you could imagine. She looked at me for direction but I just wanted to worship every inch of her body with my eyes, while her husband watched.

Her pussy was smooth and the labium was protruding along with the clitoris defining this heavenly designed mound of a pussy. It was glistening with moisture. Her breathing had become heavier. She was doubtful if this was OK. She wanted so much more, but she also loved her husband very much and did not want to wreck their marriage. For what seemed like an eternity, of me inspecting and worshiping her body I reached out for her lay back over my knee. All I could think about with this perfect ass and incredibly wet pussy on my legs and what it must taste like. She was freshly showered and her perfume was limited but noticeable. I began spanking her first with my hand, then the hair brush. I continued until her ass was completely read and her pussy was soaked. I think turned the brush over and slowly pulled it lightly across every inch of her beautiful, desirable body. Slowly I spread her legs and run the brush over her pussy using the handle to trace the outside of the swollen mound.

Just as she was ready to explode, I sent her back to the corner. I instructed Andrew to strip off those, pre-cum soaked briefs and come to me. When he got to me, I made him strip me slowly. He followed my instructions without hesitation. Once I was naked, he was placed back over my lap. I positioned him where I two raging hard cocks touched and with the brush I began to spank his tight, hot ass with no mercy. He was writhing with pain and begging me to stop. He said he would do anything if I would stop.

Very well, if he insisted, I instructed him to get on his knees and then had Abbie come join him. I then told her to teach her cuckold husband the proper way to suck a cock. Slowly, patiently, sensually she began working my cock like a seasoned pro. Abbie definitely had been studying and practicing the art of sucking cock. She gave him instructions and I could see on his face that this was a little too much for him. I gave him two options - return for more spanking or use his safe word and end the play immediately. With that, he joined her in worshiping my cock. They were feverish and sensual as they worked every inch of my cock and balls. His huge cock never flinched, nor did her dripping pussy.

After they had succeeded in edging me three times, I instructed him to move to the bed.

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