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They never expected this.

"Yes, I'm sure," Caren said laughing. "They're ready with him and I'm way behind on my work. Do you need me to assist you or is there anything that you need?" Caren asked seriously.

"No, I don't think so. I brought along my own medical bag. I even brought my own scrubs, just in case. If I need anything, I'll buzz you," Tammy replied.

"Ok, just call. I'll get whatever you need or help you," she answered.

"Oh, one other thing. I'm going to lock us in, once I get started. That way I'm not distracted since I'm in your clinic and not mine. I can concentrate more that way," Tammy said seriously.

"Sure, no problem. Do whatever you need," Dr Sherry said as she got up to leave. Tammy just smiled.

"Oh, don't worry. I definitely will," she said with a devious grin. Tammy was already coming up with a multitude of things that she wanted to do with the slave. She had worked on hundreds of males but none of them with testicles of this size. She was more than use to working on endowed males, but not the kind of endowment that lay beneath this slave's cock. With that, Dr Sherry left the room and continued with her rounds, checking on the many function going on around the facility. Tammy stood up and slowly finished her coffee. When Rachel walked in, Tammy followed her back to the private exam room where Ross was found to be still unconscious.

"What did you give him," Tammy asked as she surveyed the sheet covered male slave. Rachel retrieved the sedative vial from a cabinet and handed it to Tammy. "Ahh, this is good stuff for knocking out a horse. It should definitely keep him out of it for a while. That will give me plenty of time to do a thorough exam that would probably have been painful for him if he was awake," she said as she put the sedative back down on the counter.

"Do you need me to stick around? I can help if you need me. I've worked on Ross a few times in the past. He definitely is fun to play with," Rachel told the young doctor. Tammy looked up at her, seeing that Rachel was more than interested in the slave. She sensed that there might be more than just medical assistance in Rachel's mind.

"No, that's ok. I can take care of everything. You say that you've worked on Ross? I bet that was entertaining for both of you," Dr Lynn said, acknowledging the sexual appeal of the young security chief. Dr Lynn had absolutely no bi sexual tendencies but she could easily see how attractive and very sexually appealing Rachel was.

"Oh, I've done him, but he's never done me, if you know what I mean," the blushing Rachel said almost in a whisper, as if someone might hear her. "I've wanted to schedule an appointment for time alone with him, but in the short time that he's been here, it seems that he's usually scheduled for a rental or some of the doctor's special tasks," she said.

"Unfortunate. So if you had an appointment with him, then you could spend time alone with him, doing whatever? And what are the special tasks?" Tammy asked innocently without ever looking up. She had heard stories about Dr Sherry's facility, but wasn't exactly sure what went on here. Since Dr Sherry had male slaves, she only assumed that Dr Sherry would put the slaves to her own personal use, a very personal use.

"Definitely. An appointment means that the slave is yours, to do whatever you want with him. We don't even have to collect their sperm like they do during regular extractions or harvesting. And a special task is usually when the doctor's sperm supply is running low. We'll bring in a small or even large number of males and they'll be drained to build the supply back up. Usually the doctor hand picks, which slaves are to be drained. Ross hasn't really been drained since his arrival here. But I'm sure that he'd be on that list. It's always fun to watch," Rachel explained with obvious enthusiasm.

"Harvesting? Drained?" Tammy interjected with a smile as soon as she heard the words.

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