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Late blooming housewife finds pleasure in giving.

He stood up, walked around her desk and went behind her chair. Her expression faltered slightly. "You want one good reason? Fine...Turn your chair around..." he said angrily, unzipping his pants and dropping them and his boxers to the floor. As the chair turned slowly around he began stroking his rapidly hardening cock. She turned completely around and saw him standing there, with his pants around his ankles stroking the biggest cock she had ever seen.

"My word" she breathed, bringing a hand to her mouth. She had always admired his penis, always catching looks when she thought he wasn't looking, talking to her daughter about how big and satisfying it was. In fact, it was the one part of her plan that was difficult to work in. Missy didn't give much of a shit about the man whatsoever, but she did love the way he fucked her brains out. Deliliah had always subconsciously punished him for all of the satisfied looks on her daughters face when they would get together for dinners. Her husband Don, was hung like a raisin, but was brilliant. Together with his brains and her business savvy, they had built the company into a multi million dollar empire.

"I've seen you checking me out Del, see you watching me as I walk by, checking out my package. Yeah, I even know what these bullshit tirades are about. Missy told me she talks to you about everything, even where, how many times, and how well. You want one reason? It's right in front of you Del. Is this a good enough one for you?"

She sat mesmerized by the long, thick penis in front of her. Everything she had imagined paled in comparison to the real thing. The head was large and flushed red, with long ropy veins traveling from under the helmet all the way down to the thick bushy black hair around his balls. The two round globes hung under his shaft, large and inviting. Without meaning to, the hand that had been covering her mouth moved slowly towards him. He took a step forward, allowing her better access to it.

Her fingers gently touched the head, stroking lightly. He moaned softly as her hand slid around the head and moved down the thick shaft. Her mouth opened as she licked her lips, her hips scooting forward in her chair. She brought her other hand up to cup his warm balls, her fingernails teasing the underside of his sacs.

"So what do you think Deliliah? Did I give you a good enough reason?" Her eyes snapped up to his, her trance broken. He saw the look in her eyes and smiled, knowing he had guessed right. "Shall I show you how I please your daughter? Would you like me to give you that satisfied look?"

Her answer was to take the head of his cock in her mouth, running her tongue all around the underside of the shaft. She was a surprisingly good cock sucker, he thought to himself as she managed to cram more and more each time she went back down on him after taking a breath. Looking at her inhaling his cock, he realized that underneath all that bitchiness, she was actually pretty hot. Her silvery hair was shoulder length, a strand or two getting in her mouth from time to time, which she pulled away. He pushed her back in the chair. As he stood there with his dick hard and wet with her saliva, he smiled.

"Take off your clothes, and go lock the door." He began to unbutton his shirt as she spun halfway around, and pushed a button. He could hear the lock snap shut on the door. She turned back to him with an expectant look on his face, all hint of bitchy mother in law gone, replaced by a remarkably beautiful woman who wanted him very badly. He watched as she stood and began unbuttoning her blouse. As she exposed herself button by button, he saw the lacy white bra underneath.

"I heard you had the office sound proofed, is that true?" She nodded licking her lips as she pulled the shirt from her shoulders.

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