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Peter Quill receives comfort after the loss of his dad.

She digs around in the pack for a moment and comes out with a condom and some silicone lubricant.

"Remember that homework assignment you gave me a while back? You told me to put a finger or two in my ass while I showered? Well, I was being serious about the whole homework thing. I want you to fuck me in the ass."

I can't help the smile that spreads across my face. For a moment I'm speechless.

"Well, tell me. Tell me. . . you want. . . to fuck. . . your dirty. . . little. . . slut. . . in the ass. . . right her on the stairs."

I look at her for a moment longer before making up my mind.

"My dirty little slut, I'm going to give you the best damn ass fucking of your entire dirty little life right here on these stairs." I cut her off as she begins to hand me the lubricant. "But first, I have a little surprise for you too." Her head cocks to the side for a second. "I want you to take this lubricant and start getting that pretty ass of yours ready., I'll be back in a second."

I walk by her as she begins to squirt the lubricant on her fingers and go up the stairs and into my room. I unzip the large duffle and pull out a brown paper bag. This is going even better than I could have hoped. Her little surprise is working perfectly with my own. I walk back down the stairs and on to the landing. She's on her knees, her left hand planted on the ground to stead herself while the two fingers on her right hand are slowly massaging the lube into her crack of her ass. She looks up at me and then the bag.

"I don't know if you're quite dirty enough for me to fuck you in the ass yet, my little slut," I say reaching into the bag. "Don't worry though, we can fix that pretty easily."

With that I pull out a small black rubber object. Her brown eyes widen as she realizes what it is. "I didn't know you were doing your homework, so I went ahead and bought you this little butt plug. It's a little bigger than your fingers and I think it'll help stretch that little ass of yours so that I can get my dick in there."

"Oh really, is that what you think?"

"Yes," I say, moving behind her and kneeling down, "that is what I think. Now please spread your ass cheeks for me."

With a squint of the eyes and shake of the head, all meant to hide the little smile I see crawling across her lips, she reaches back and complies. I take a second to look at the little rosebud of her anus all shiny with lubricant before bringing the butt plug up to her ass. Slowly I push the tip of it up against her sphincter. At first there's a little resistance, but I can see her take a deep breath and it slides in. I stand up and walk in front of her.

Lying in bed I begin to stroke my cock a little faster. I bring my left hand from massaging my balls to caress my nipples.

"Oohh, it feels kind of weird," she says.

"Does it make you feel dirtier?"

"Mmmm. . . yeah, it does. You like it when I'm dirty don't you," she says, looking from my eyes to my cock.

"Fuck yeah I do."

Since she's still on her knees, my cock is right at eye level, and she licks her lips. She reaches out to touch my hard cock, moving her hand up and down the length. She begins to kiss the head of my penis as it gets fully hard, and then slowly kisses her way down to the base. She runs her tongue down my shaft, slowly lapping back and forth and swirling her tongue before tracing her way down the veins running the length of my cock.

It's hard to imagine, but I think she's gotten better since I last saw her. For a second I wonder how many other cocks she's had in her mouth to practice with, but as her tongue flicks across the head of my cock again, I let go of the thought. I smile and look down into her eyes. She smiles in response before parting her lips to suck on my shaven balls, alternating between them while her hand is twisting and pulling on my heated cock.

She moves her lips back to my penis to take it further in her mouth as she continues to slide the skin up and down the length of my shaft.

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