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Irene entertains her lover at Sunday Lunch.

than intended, "Uh, I'm sorry, but have we met before?"

The man just stood there, wrapped heavily in a thick black coat that ended inches from the floor, his collar stood tall around his neck, a scarf tied around his neck and a black flat cap that shadowed his entire face. Whether I knew him or not I couldn't possibly tell, but I his hulking figure made no resemblance to anyone I immediately recognized, and his shadowed face made it impossible. A chill ran up my spine, making my arms pull out in goose bump. I felt him stare at me and I fell away meekly, with which I saw a him smile.

Though I couldn't see the rest of his face, I didn't like his wolfish grin, it was unsettling, creeping me out. I was about to back away when his hand rose and cupped my cheek, his thumb lightly brushing a hair out of my face. I whimpered unintentionally as I saw his grin widen, a growl rumbling from deep within his chest. I quickly pulled away and what sounded like a chuckle slipped his lips. I felt another shiver run up and down my spine. I quickly turned, feeling him staring holes into my back, keeping on his chilling smile. I closed the partitioning door behind me and almost running up the stairs back to my apartment.

When I finally got there, I locked the door, leaned against it, and slumped to my knees, panting as though I had just run a marathon. Confusing thoughts reeled through my mind, I felt scared, panicked. Nothing had even happened and I didn't want to spend another second near that man. Something was terribly off with him, and I didn't want to stick around to find out. After a few minutes, I sat up and peeled myself away from the door, hanging up my dressing gown and settling down into bed. I tossed and turned restlessly for what felt like hours, thinking about the man downstairs before I finally fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning with the grace of a hippo in heels, and with a stretch, and a few minutes of sitting on the edge of the bed as the last few wisps of sleep faded away, I got up and groggily made my way into the kitchen, turned on the kettle and went to the toilet. After washing my hands and turning on the hot water tap for the bath, I returned to the kitchen and made my tea before jumping in the steamy hot bath.

After getting washed and cleaned, I got dressed in faded boot cut jeans, thick snow boots with a red t-shirt I quickly found before zipping it all in my thick white coat and leaving the apartment, making my way down to the grocery store a few blocks down the road. The thick hail of snow from last night had stopped, leaving a thick, crisp and even blanket of white down the street. I smiled inwardly, just barely containing myself from jumping into it like a child, before I heard the gentle scrunching of footsteps in the snow behind me.

I unzipped my coat and pulled out my phone, pressing the home button to show me the time. I was a little confused as to why anyone else would be out and about, considering it wasn't even 6am yet. The only reason I myself was out at the time was because I wanted to get a bit of shopping done before my favorite pastries were taken later on in the day. I paid it no more thought until I noticed I couldn't hear the footsteps anymore. I turned my head slightly to peak over my shoulder, to find no one there.

In fact, there wasn't anything. The snow lay untouched, other than my own set of small footprints, and I felt a similar chill run up my spine. I turned fully, looking out for anything that could be that man from last night, but with no avail, I turned back, before a large hand clasped over my mouth and around my waist, pulling me into the dark confines of a nearby valley.

I panicked and almost scream when the hands twirled me round, holding my arms above my head and against the wall with an iron grip, a few inches off the ground.

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