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Woman gets pulled over and taken by niece's husband.

She fell forward and before either of the boys could catch her, she hit the floor and was out cold. The frantic boys shook her gently but she did not stir.

The back of her skirt had slid up her thighs from the fall. The slit off center ended just below the curve of her left cheek and exposed the lacey tops of her stockings. Even though they were concerned for their teacher, neither of them could stop their eyes from straying to her exposed slender thighs.

Taka who was crouching by her shoulders reached across and rolled Leila over onto his lap. Her blouse pulled tight and through the gaps between the buttons he caught glimpses of her lacey white bra. He shook her gently again, she moaned softly through parted full lips but did not wake.

Masa knelt across from Taka and they both gazed down at the beautiful woman in their lap. After a few minutes they decided to take her to the health office. Taka carried her there and on the way they met no one. The school seemed almost deserted. When they arrived in the health office, Masa called out for the nurse but she was not there, so they laid Leila on bed and tried to make comfortable.

Taka said he would go check for a teacher but then Masa stopped him, pointing at her skirt that had risen even further up. If they looked at a lower angel they could see an outline of her panties. Masa slowly edged the skirt a little higher. Taka stood transfixed watching as the tops of her thighs were exposed. The first part of white cotton was exposed but skirt had reached its limit. Masa motioned Taka to help him lift her so they could pull the skirt up all the way. They both lifted and in one tug pulled the skirt to her waist. In full view were her cotton panties that turned to lace just an inch from her pussy. Both boys' eyes were glued to the lace. She had no hair they noticed.

Masa ran his fingers over the lace wondering if Leila would wake but she did not. Taka started to unbutton her blue blouse. Quickly he parted it and revealed her see-through white lace bra. They could clearly see her B/C cup breasts and small pink nipples that started to harden from the cool air. Masa took the left side and Taka took the right and they pulled the lace down exposing her breasts in all the glory. Her nipples hardened instantly, cautiously Masa ran his thumb over her nipple and waited for a reaction but none came. So more confidently both of them cupped her breasts. They fondled her nipples. Taka noticed that her breathing was getting heavier and smiled. He took her nipple in his mouth and rolled his tongue over her tight bud. A soft moan escaped her lips.

Masa moved backed to her panties and ran his finger under the elastic slowly until the back of his finger brushed over her bare pussy. He couldn't hold back any longer so he tugged off her underwear and opened her legs wide. Her pussy glistened under the light. She was completely hairless. Masa ran his finger over her slick hard clitoris and then with both hands spread her lips apart. He called Taka over they opened her legs wider and inspected her wet exposed pussy.

Her vagina quivered and dripped juices. Masa put in his index finger and Taka inserted his and the pulled gently in opposite directions. Widening her hole so they could see in. They pushed her legs up and spread them as far as they would go and spread her hole again. Masa pulled out his phone and took photos of her spread out pussy. Then moved the camera back and angled it to capture her pussy, her bare breasts and face. They then put another finger in each stretching her further until she moaned. Masa removed his fingers and took more photos. Taka put in three fingers and started pumping her slick tight pussy. He inserted a forth finger and Masa told him to try and put in his whole hand because she was so wet. Slowly Taka fit his whole hand in and Leila moaned. Masa took some many photos of Taka wrist coming out of her cunt.

Both boys were reaching their limits, their cocks were so hard in their pants.

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