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A forty-something widow re-discovers her sexuality.


That got me a knee in my crotch and a sharp nip at my ear. "Listen, Romeo, your chances with me are zero until we get your sister straightened out. I think we made progress tonight. She laughed a lot, which we haven't seen since she arrived. How do we keep her laughing?"

Hugging tightly, I whispered, "I know the hardest problem, which is getting her past hangups over sex."

The tough body relaxed. "You're right. I was thinking during dinner maybe you have to use this big thing on her instead of me." Kelly's hand was busy helping him grow again.

"I thought you were saving this for yourself?" My hand was doing its own exploring.

Her pelvis bucked against me. "Yes, but I'm feeling generous. If you do her, I can watch."

The heat between us was rising. I was licking her boob and thrusting into her hand. We were about to have sex regardless of how generous she felt.

"Kevin!" she whispered loudly, "not now. We have to wait and make it special."

My cock demonstrated its lack of agreement by splashing a lot of come into Kelly's palm.

"Bad! Go get something to clean up with."

When I entered the bathroom, Marsha was there, peeing. She gave me a look and asked, "Do I need to come and supervise?"

I said in my huskiest voice, "Yes! Please come and deal with a terrible problem."

Kelly was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking guiltily at her wet hand. "Um..."

Marsha seized the hand and took a big lick. As she bent over, I ran my hands up under her pajama top and fondled the plump tits. "Hey, you are supposed to do that to her!"

Kelly wiped her hand on the towel I brought and in the process raised Marsha's top up and over her head so she could fasten her sharp teeth on the nearest nipple.

"Oh, you guys are so bad..." We rolled around, losing clothes. Three bodies in constant motion. It didn't take long before my cock was accidently up against Marsha's mound, and an instant later was lodged firmly in her sex. Before we had a conscious thought to stop, instinct had us coupled.

"Kevin, you shouldn't be in me!" Her voice lacked conviction, especially when Kelly leaned over to lick and suck.

"Stop, stop, stop." Each cry was fainter, and each thrust was answered more strongly. I was eager, and she was responding to being skewered by a big cock that insistently banged at her innermost depths.

Having come so recently, he was feeling just fine going back and forth, raising the temperature in the deprived body. Your first fuck, I told myself, is incestuous therapy for your sister.

I hissed in her ear, "Marsha, you are going to come! Repeat after me, 'Kevin's incredible cock is taking me! I am going to come!' "

It worked. Everything froze and then shuddered from top to bottom. The moans trailed off and she lay smiling, her eyes closed.

Kelly had said we had to wait. Waiting was over for me. I was hard and wanting her. Wanting to crush us together in the ultimate embrace. I raised her legs and gave them to Marsha. "Hold these."

Positioned inches from her pink and ready pussy, I kissed Kelly and asked, "No more waiting?"

She reached for him and guided the missile home with a loud groan. "No more waiting!"

Two or three careful lunges and the virgin cunt was mine. The sensation in my cock was unbelievable. Earthquake tremors went through me. I tried to hold back but it wasn't working. We were out of control with lust. Dimly, I heard clapping, and an incredible surge poured me into my lover.

Her hands pulled tight and were not letting go. I reached under and flipped us. She opened her eyes and tongued me. "That was very bad."

Marsha echoed, "That was very very bad."

They held hands and giggled. Kelly was bouncing, which kept him nice and hard. I heaved her off and put Marsha in her place, the hard shaft sliding home as though it belonged there.

I could tell by the trembling and urgent kisses that this was a seriously deprived woman and pushed forward until she was on her back and could be given a proper missionary fuck.

"Oh Kevin, yes!" She froze under me, but I

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