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Book Two: Diary of an Underdog - Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart.

"Oooohhhhh Aaaaaahhhhh"

Katarina started bucking back at me. She was starting to get into it. I kept the same pace for a while but I pushed in a little further every other stroke.

"Ohhhh my god Don."

I finally was balls deep in Katarina's ass and she was still bucking back at me. I grabbed onto her firm butt cheeks and started pulling her into me forcefully as we fucked.

"Ohhh god Yessssss. Fuck me harder Don."

I stopped worrying about being gentle and I started to fuck the living shit out of her ass.

"Ooooooh, Aaaaagghhhhh."

Carolyn appeared from under Katarina. She watched with her mouth open as I pounded into Katarina's ass.

Then I looked in the mirror. Katarina's large breasts were bouncing around like crazy as we thrashed at each other.

I couldn't hold out much longer. I slammed into her with all my might.


My cock erupted and my jism filled up her rectum. I collapsed.

Carolyn swooped in to tongue Katarina's butthole. Katarina's body was still quivering as she came back to earth.

Katarina flopped onto her back and then we kissed tenderly.

"Don honey, that was amazing."

Carolyn came to join us and we had a passionate three way kissing session.

I slid down and tongued Carolyn's pussy for a while. Katarina came and joined me. Katarina was concentrating on her ass. I kept licking her pussy. Carolyn mashed my head into her as she came hard.

We all kissed each other again and cuddled and fondled each other lovingly.

"Holy shit guys. I've never experienced anything remotely as awesome as this before."

Carolyn smiled at Katarina and kissed her tenderly.

"You begin to see why it's not a problem for me to share my man with my sister, huh?"

Katarina smiled. "I definitely understand much better Carolyn. I must admit I never thought I could do it, but now I see the advantages."

They kissed each other passionately. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom.


I crossed over to the spare room where Ellen was sleeping. I poked my head in. Ellen was lying down but her eyes were open.

I slid in next to her and kissed her. She kissed me back fervently.

"How are you holding up honey?"

She stared at me with an intense look.

"Oh Don, I know it was my idea, but I'm struggling with it."

"Just a sec honey. I'm going to let Carolyn know what's up. I'll be right back OK?"

"OK Don." She kissed me passionately.

I entered the master bedroom again. Carolyn and Katarina were cuddling. Carolyn gave me a questioning look.

"Carolyn honey. Ellen needs me."

Carolyn looked surprised and then she popped out of bed.

"Is she OK Don?"

"She's just feeling lonely honey. You stay here with Katie. I'll sleep the rest of the night with Ellen OK?"

"Let me talk to her for a bit first OK?"

"Sure hun."

Carolyn and I kissed passionately and then she left. I slid in next to Katarina and kissed her.

"I should go Don."

"No Katie, please stay. Everything will be fine. Would you mind a foursome tomorrow?"

"A foursome? You mean Ellen will join us?"

"I think so honey."

"But Crystal said that she never got along with Ellen."

"I know Katie, but you're not Crystal. I think it will be fine."

"Well I'll stay if you want me to. I'll keep my mind open to a foursome OK?"

"That's all I'm asking Katie."

We kissed again tenderly. Carolyn returned.

"OK Don, show her that you still love her."

"That was the plan honey."

We kissed briefly and then Carolyn slid into bed with Katarina.

I headed back to the spare room.


Ellen had a sexy nightie on. I was planning on a tender loving session, but it looked like Ellen wanted the hard and fast version first.

She turned and presented her ass for me.

"See anything you like?" she asked in a throaty voice.

I may have mentioned this before, but when Ellen wants to be, she is the sexiest woman in the world, at least to me. Nobody else can compete.

I just pulled her to me roughly and pushed my rock hard member up against her.

"What do you think Ellen?"

She reached out and stroked my cock.

"Hmmm, you've been working hard all night,

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