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Sarah Walker tries to recruit a new asset to the CIA.

..you need to be ready by 7pm."

"Oh, thank you, master. I'll do my best to please you!"

The fact that Lori was already naked made getting ready for sex a good bit easier than it might have been. William quickly removed his clothes and climbed into bed with his beautiful blonde slave, moving his mouth to service her nipples as he moved his fingers to gently service her clit.

After a while in that position, she climbed over him to take his penis into her mouth and he was presented with her vagina to kiss, lick, suck, and nibble gently on her labia and clitoris. He was rewarded with muffled moaning as she continued her fellatio. He also inserted a finger into her pussy and immediately found her g-spot, which he attended with the proper amount of attention to bring her to an extremely quick orgasm.

After her joyful cries and trembling had ended, he rolled her over on her back and watched as her natural breasts rolled off to either side of her chest. He mounted her and penetrated her womanhood in one sudden movement, and then he began a slow, in-and-out repetitive motion that had produced the muffled moans earlier. These moans, however, were not muffled...they began with a barely audible sound, and they gradually increased in volume, as did the words she began to utter.

"Oh my God, sweet master, please fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Oh, I love to feel your big cock in my tight little cunt! Yes, master, right there! Yes, yes, yes, Oh God, I'm going to come!"

She screamed in a body-wracking climax just as William erupted in a huge ejaculation which filled the young girl's womb. He rolled over to her side, and she immediately placed her blonde head on his shoulder and her large breasts up against his arm. Several minutes went by as they both enjoyed their afterglow. To Lori it was as if they were a newly married couple on their honeymoon, but she and the other girls were soon to find out that this blissful existence was not to have the least resemblance to a honeymoon.

Chapter 6

William had left her room, and Lori was exploring her closet to find just the right dress for what she thought was going to be a wonderful fun-filled night of dinner and dancing. She was completely awestruck at the diamond, ruby, and sapphire jewelry that she found in the box on the shelf above the dresses. At the same time, Anna and Gena were also joyfully getting ready for the same festivities. What none of them found in their closets were either bras or panties. They all contented themselves, however, with beautiful matching shoes. Each girl took special pains with her make-up so that she got the best natural look possible. Meanwhile a selected group of individuals, each of whom had cheerfully paid their usual $50,000 entry fee for the night, had gathered in the ballroom. These men and women all belonged to an elite club of very wealthy people who had particular sexual appetites. Those appetites included fulfilling sexual fetishes with tall, blonde, big-breasted, Swedish girls. The girls had been anticipating a special dinner for the night, but little did they know that they were the special dinner.

The list of attendees at this gathering included Philip, an internet billionaire; Donald, owner of a fleet of cargo ships; Elizabeth, heiress to a pharmaceutical fortune; Terrence, real estate mogul; Faisal, an international banker; Kristina, member of a royal family; Xavier, leader of a large drug cartel; Chloe, owner of a large Australian diamond mine; and Naoki, a Japanese industrialist.

Each girl was now completely dressed, ready, and waiting with eagerness in her room when her respective captor entered, holding a hypodermic needle and a glass of water.

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